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  1. Awstruct! Thank you for the heads up on where we stand with the guild although we already knew the moment you demoted us to vet before you raided after what I assume was a big leader and officer meeting in discord to discuss about our one night lack of attendance.
  3. Prior to Tuesday, I believe that our attendance was more or less impeccable. We kept our discontent to a minimal for being sat out without a notice or the chance to do something productive during that time. Participated in various activities with the guild with happiness.
  4. Again, besides Tuesday, Im not aware of our performance as a raider, guildy or discord member to indicate anything for us to be benched. All of those raid nights where are participation and attendance was there yet due to lack of numbers we called it meant nothing? I tried to give you and others an advance warning that I will not be attending Tuesdays raid out of curiosity since everyone seems to not want to use calendar attendance.
  6. If that's how you would like to run your raid group that's is perfectly fine. We were not aware that raiders have a one life chance policy. We understand the difference between missing raid and not being online and missing raid while you're online 🐍🐍🐍
  10. In truth, we simply did not feel welcomed in the guild anymore prior to Tuesday. Or at least on the mythic raiding team. I am in no position to tell you guys how to run a guild or a raid but I do believe benching us for missing one attendance at the end of the season is justifiable considering our past record. I've heard many comments concerning the atmosphere you guys emmit during raids. There's a fine line between tension and stress including clear Coms for a progression while staying professional compared to high tension and stress, yelling at each other and that atmosphere never dropping or letting up. If that's how the officers and leaders of this guild like to chat with each other or joke around, again that's non of my business it just prevents a lot of shy or nervous people to feel welcomed into a nice and friendly environment.
  12. On the other hand, we would like to formally thank you guys and the guild for taking us in, giving us a community to socialize and progress together. Helping us, specifically me, to become a better hunter by gearing me, being patient and to help me feel comfortable enough to start caring about my parses.
  14. With all of that being said, we would like no hard feelings towards you or the guild but I think the best option for your raid team and our growth would be for Positive and I to leave the guild. Thank you for everything and our best wishes for you and the guild for BoD :)
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