Kobold Funtimes Ch.1

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  2. Two amber eyes emerged from a crate within a cart, staring down a masculine lizardfolk who began unloading a few crates filled to the brim with fruit. Crate after crate was unloaded until the lizardfolk reached the suspect crate, yet he did seem all too unconcerned with this. He reached a blue scaled arm into the crate and dug through the fruits until he grasped a scaly arm. As he leisurely began to pull up it revealed a black scaled kobold, covered in tribal marks with white paint. The lizardfolk sat her down on the ground and began to address her.
  4. “Alright, time for the other half of the payment Nix- I got you into the city as requested.” The lizardfolk stared at the kobold as she answered, she tilted her head up to meet the lizard folks intense yet colourless eyes. “I don’t have any more Vick, so-uh. I will be going for now. I can pay the rest later” Nix walks into the lizardfolk who steps in front of the kobold. Her head collides with the lizardfolk, her eyes level with his crotch as she recoils back a step.
  6. “It doesn’t in fact work like that” Vick’s deep voice emanates throughout the wagon, his face contorted and his brow furrowed as his stare burned into the kobolds form. The words scarcely had time to formulate before the kobold found a clawed hand around her throat that rend the air from her lungs and she was forced against the wall of the cart with a dull thud then lifted off the ground. Her dangling legs kicking out in an intense struggle that caused but a weak yet rhythmic ‘thump thump’ against the lizardfolks dense build.
  8. The small lizards maw opened to scream that was quickly silenced by another large hang shot up and held it closed, reducing screams to mumbles.
  10. “You’re just hurting yourself if you keep struggling- dumb kobold” The kicks became weaker by the second with struggled breaths were forced through her closed snout. Her struggle became but a weak mumble with pathetic attempts to undo the vice-like grip pinning her against the wall.
  12. The dilated fearful eyes stared at dull slits scanning over her own compact body; looking over the crude white paint covering Nix’s pitch black scales, alchemist robes wrapped around her waist and like most lizards, the distinct lack of undergarments. His eyes focused on the slit at her groin and a forked tongue peaked from his shut maw in silent contemplation. While staring at his pathetically struggling prey within his grasp, his pants grew tighter around his waist, an outline of his knotted member making itself prevalent.
  14. With a violent thump, Nix hit the ground and a weak welp echoed throughout the cart followed by pained breaths. Her head cocked up to meet her aggressor eye to eye, tears forming flowing from the corners of her own. In her stunned haze, his speech was all but muffled thumping  only clearing with every ragged breath. The inquisitive slitted eyes of the lizardfolk staring at the kobold in contemplation as he moved a hand to the waistband of his pants.
  16. Nix’s pained voice echoed throughout the cart as she weakly cried for him to stop in broken common. Cries that were met with metallic sounds of a large belt buckle unlatching. The same clawed hand moving to the waistband then with a harsh yank pulled his pants down to his thighs to reveal a large draconic rod that lands on Nix’s head with a flop. A drop of pre-cum rubbing down the pitch black scales that covered her cheek.
  18. Terrified eyes were the first to greet the pulsating rod placed atop her, the ribbed mass with a knot of flesh at the base of the near forearm tapered length.
  20.  A clawed hand ran across Nix’s face with a lovers touch, dragging his claw down her cheek then to the lip across her gentle features. With a twist and a pivot he began prying her mouth open with two clawed fingers
  22. Her hands shot from her sides pressing against his hands to no avail, with her maw pulled gaping wide then with a pivot of the hips Vick lodged the tip of his tapered member followed by a harsh thrust pushing her against the wall of the cart with a loud thump. His long member pressing kobolds throat, stretching it to unknown lengths with a noticeable bulge across her throat.
  24. The knot at the base of his rod desperately pushes against her jaw, yet unable to fit. With one hand Vick wrapped a hand around a horn and began holding her head still as wild thrust pulled his ribbed rod in and out of his kobolds bruised throat with the periodic grunt of pleasure escaping his lips. The hands of the kobold that were once struggling had begun hanging at her side as the panicked eyes sit in their oxygen deprived haze, her legs just barely keeping her body afloat.
  26. “Just like that. . .”
  28. With every thrust the back of the kobolds head made a light thump against the side of the cart, her ‘efforts’ rewarded with spurts of pre-cum coating her taste buds in copious amounts. His dick twitched in her mouth as he pounded the kobold against the wall. Nix’s knees giving out beneath her as she drops to the floor, pinned against the wall with the sheer force of the thrust as the lizardfolk leans over the kobold with each thrust. With a deep moan Vick pulled himself out of her mouth to let his kobold drop to the ground. The once panicked gasps for air the kobold once had become but unfocused dormant breaths.  She looked loosely to Vick, only seeing a prideful stare observe her body in its full. A giddy, malicious grin across his features. The lizardfolk was thinking, planning his next move.
  30. Seconds passed before impatience got the better of him and in a simple movement he bent over and picked the kobold up by their body before pinning Nix against the wall. Vick’s draconic rod sitting just above her slit with slick, warm pre practically spilling from the tip onto the kobolds toned stomach with the only reaction being her eyes loosely staring into the deep black nothingness behind the lizardfolk. Hoping her mind goes to another place, anywhere but pressed against a wall about to be violated. Yet nowhere else could be found, she was to watch it all happen with tears forming at the corner of her eyes.
  32. Dominant arms held her steady as the cart went quite a she could feel the warm, firm tip of his cock stroke up and down her slit. All Nix could do was weakly whimper involuntarily, softly as she observed him drive his hips forward in one thrust plunging his reptilian member into Nix’s virginal pussy. All the kobold could do was whine, and arch her head back to press against the cart wall as she felt stretched wide and filled to the brim with a burning sensation within her chest.
  34. Vick groaned in pleasure as the ribs rubbed against her folds with each perfect second, his hands tightening their grip on the kobold as he pressed himself as far as he could go to savor the warm walls that so tightly hug his rod. He could feel her body adjust to him and allow him to savor the moment he lay hilted within such a small creature. All he did next was lean in and place his head not but inches from his prey as he put his body weight into the thrust, grinding his tapered tip deep into her violated cunt. The knot at the base pressing against the edges of her folds.
  36. Nix was stunned, unable to speak as Vick began fucking her with wild abandon with no regard for her pleasure. Pounding in and out of her with wild, deep thrust that left her in a state that allowed her only a whimper as her once pure pussy was stuffed, abused and stretched to its absolute limit.
  38. “So tight” grunted Vick, as he began pulling her deeper into his thrusts in a primal, animalistic manner. He wasted no time pounding the kobold into submission, his knot pressing against her at the apex of each thrust causing her body jerking with each lunge forward. It was all so primal, no foreplay, no slowing down for her pleasure but instead ruthless pleasure for himself. All Nix could do was watch in horror as her own body was bent against her will and used without permission. Her voice but a worn out whimper, holding in any noise in fear she may receive worse punishment if she attempts any struggle.
  40. Every second seemed to only increase in speed, the breaths of the lizardfolk becoming more course with each powerful thrust. With each pivot of his hips the tapered tip stretched her wide anew, the burning sensation sending shockwaves through the kobold, her toes curled, fingers clenched into a clenched fist with her own claws digging into her own scales. Every inch of effort went into his thrust, putting his back into each thrust as he slams the kobold against the cart wall with each thrust.
  42. With one final thrust, the knot slammed against her slit, then with stout arms Nix was gradually pushed onto the twitching member. Her body shaking in pain as the tip of his member pushed against her womb. With a light pop, he forced her onto the knot and fiery streams of cum followed in its wake. His hips wildly moving back and forth as he flings his head back in the zenith of his orgasm.
  44. Vick moved his hips back and forth as the shivering kobold beneath him continued going limp in his grasp as from the tip of his tapered member round after round of potent cum was pumped into Nix. Her womb filling to the brim, and her once well-toned stomach taking on a slight round curve. “You did well- maybe I should keep you here to entertain me on slow days… nrgh. . . you would like that wouldn’t you?” The lizardfolk whispers into her ears, all while slowly pumping in and out what rest of his length remains, with his knot thoroughly embedded within and swelled to full size to hold every drop of precious reptilian life.
  46. He kept one arm wrapped around her body while holding her against him, then running the other across Nix’s face with the lightest touch. His face placed an inch away from hers, and her mouth wide open it was but the smallest movement for their muzzles. His tongue slipping into her open maw, locking with hers, all the while giving the lightest thrust. They sat for what felt like minutes as she was slowly thrust into, with consistent spurts of cum painting her walls with an alabaster tint.
  48. Before long he was able to pull out of her, a post-orgasmic groan accompanying the wet sound that followed. Nix’s entire body shook as the tip withdrew from her slit, leaving her slit gaping open. The head of her rapist's draconic member giving a last weak twitch leaving a stream of white alabaster in its wake across her spread lips. The world seemed to come back to Nix as she observed as a passenger in her own body, him setting her down on the ground and laying blanket over Nix almost lovingly before closing up the cart. Lying down next to Nix, the warmth on his body comforting the kobold into an exhaustion induced hazy rest.
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