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How to DOX & gather OnlineDate Site's Scammer Info :-)

MalwareMustDie Jun 21st, 2014 1,283 Never
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  1. // #MalwareMustDie! D0X-ing the Ukraine online date site's attempt to SCAM.
  2. // Mission is helping a friend's request in DOX-ing for scammer ID data..
  3. // Mission was accomplished after 41hrs operation, scammer was appointed to arranged "spot".
  4. // Please read & study how the "scammer" try to squeeze victim's pocket.
  5. // See his MO tried to be unreached & brainstorming the victims after -
  6. //  - being "libido-up" by pictures & etc media
  7. // Rule is: NEVER pay anything to someone you don't know.
  8. // This case's scammer is using gmail: nadegda09vk@gmail.com
  9. // Too many cases like this is HAPPENING now. Be careful in sing those sites!!
  10. // Tips to grab all stuff w/o giving anything: Be smarter, they ain't that smart actually :-)
  13. // The first touch was coming from this scammer..
  15. hi, i send you more my fotos, please tell me what woman you looking? you be merried? you have kids? where you work? and please send me more your fotos.
  17. // deleting profile in dating sites to avoid investigation trace...
  19. i delete my profile because i think in mail be normal. and in site more very strange
  20. peoples. i have 39 year old, i live in ukraine in small village with my parents now, i no
  21. have kids, now I work as a  nurse at an old persons home, i looking serious and good man
  22. for married i hope this you. i now have visa to your country and now i have vacation 1
  23. week, my next holidays be only 1 year later, i looking man who want meet this my holidays what i have now,   i think we can have milion email or chat but know each other and love only in really life, what you think?
  25. // no skype...
  27. yes i have visa. sorry i not have skype. i send you now my video file. my holidays be
  28. start today and be 10 days , yes we can meet next week but where? in ukraine i live small village with my parents
  30. // no mobile phone...
  32. 2 weks before when small daughter my sister visit me she play with my phone and my phone
  33. be in water i can not pay my new phone now sorry but this my life my salary very small and i help parents too pecause they pensioners. sorry my english not so good, i very like you i send you now more my fotos , in fotos i am with kids my sister, i not have kids
  35. // no home phone....
  37. i not have phone at home sorry
  39. // but powerful internet connection...lol
  41. yes internet from tv cabel i not know how this in english
  43. // Can not talk with PC...
  45. sorry i not have money pay microphone so i can not download
  47. // I didnt tell where I am but she claimed to have VISA to my country,
  48. // a paranormal scammer :-))
  50. my hospital where i work help me open my visa before , my visa work category. but go from my work other woman and my holidays pay she trip. so now i have visa and holidays 10 days so we can meet
  52. // Avoiding us visiting to confirm...
  54. i can not pay my trip come to you sorry, in ukraine i live small vilage with my parents
  55. sorry i live with parents we not have hotel my vilagge i live 12 hour from airport
  57. // Pretending to come..
  59. can you buy etickets i come ?
  60. in site your travel company
  62. // using other persons lol video from internet..
  64. look dear , if you really serious and can send me e-tickets and travel money i can come to you this weekend and i can be 1 week so we can good know each other. i live 12 hour from my airport , and my visa work category so passport control can ask me if i have travel money with me. i can send you my all info + copy my passport. i can too send you my home address.you have my small video file  so you be sure i serious woman. i not have time play games and not want play with me too i looking only serious man for married , like you.
  66. // No instant photograph...
  68. i not have camera have foto now. you need trust me if you really want start love and
  69. famaly with me. my visa work category so passport control can ask me if i have travel money with me and i need pay my trip to my airport i live 12 hour from. so if you book now my etickets in site your travel company online and send me copy on my email and send me 550 doll travel money i promise i come . i can write you my name , surname, home adress and send you copy my passpost i have copy in my computer, i can too write you number my visa so you can call to embassy and you be sure i have my visa. i have 39 y.old i not have time play games, i like you, i need know you better in really life and i promise i can come to you this sunday if you can send me all what i need to trip now. kiss,
  71. // But got a "stolen" passport...
  73. i have in my computer copy passport so i can send to you now. i not have copy paper visa but if you want i write number my visa. book now online my fly tickets your credit card in site your travel company and send me etickets on my email. my name airport Kiev, Borispol country Ukraine . travel money you can send www.westernunion.com
  75. // No scanner...
  77. i not have copy visa now, because i not have scan . i live dear very small village. i sen
  78.  you now all my info and my copy passport. tell me you want only meet or may be more in future i mean married? you have house or apartment? send me please fotos your home now i be like to see. i have 39 y.old this normal for you or you looking young woman? how we meet
  79. your airport if i not have telefon i really not have money pay new phone , can you write in paper my name xxxxx(see passport is match ) when you be wait me in your airport so dear we meet 100% ???
  81. // Testing whether he is safe...
  83. dear one guestion....how we can trust each other...we meet in dating site...in dating site more not serious woman who want only money , i have 39 y.old i really looking love husband but how you trust me ? how you can give me this chance? sorry i tell you this all but for me very impotant trust and love
  86. // pressure start....
  88. dear book please my fly now and send me travel money so i be in my morning book train and bus tickets and be plan my trip. better for me if fly be in monday xxth and back 14 days
  89. later.
  91. // he know he is crazy...
  93. yes i know this crazy...but i not young stupid (sorry) woman and i really need love husband and not have time play games i like you and i be happy come visit you and may be more in future i man married. please dear book now my fly and send travel money and give me all info i promise in sunday i start go to my airport and i come monday and tomorrow if you send all now i be book my trip to kiev to airport
  95. // Wow..he likes a photo I sent from internet...from a police station....
  96. // This prick didnt even see our photo.
  98. i like fotos your home , love i not receive fotos your car, you need woman in your home all be good i hope your woman be me. what this money gram love? book now my fly and send to me
  101. // Very resourceful about western union...
  103. my dear because i live small village my bank have only western union and unistream transfer sistem, i look now in site and you can send online now
  104. http://www.westernunion.com/
  105. love i not know how this work really you need read in site your western union i think
  108. // raising the fee to 850...
  110. love, i can fly xxth but only if you go to western union and send now or in agent or online in site . if i not be have travel money i can not come because dear i need pay my trip to airport and i need have travel money with me because my visa work category so passport control can ask me if i have travel money with me. i really not have passport control not give me come and i not sure 550 this be normal i think i need minimum 850 dollar so i be
  111. 100% sure i can come your country love
  113. // bullshit...
  115. ok my love thanks. i too very want have married soon how this be possible. i very like you and i promise  i come and we be talk about our future in really life. love i go to sleap now. good night kiss you bye
  117. // more bullshits..
  119. dear give me chance, i good woman and i promise i come . i look now my bank have this sistem what you tell money gram.. book now my fly on xxth and send me travel money money gram i promise love i come and give you all my love
  121. // starting making pressure stands for tomorrows date...
  123. dear book fly on xxth please. because train to kiev from my village be only xxth and not
  124. before .
  126. // again, this prick didnt even know where I really live...
  127. // Amazing..paranormal activity!
  129. love...i read now site western union your country you can call now to western union this
  130. free and ask if you can go to agent western union and send cash i think this be work.
  131. because in weekend in my bank work only western union and money gram not work . love i need you send me etickets and travel money western union only so i be 100% sure i can come . i copy from site
  134. // planning (bullshit) 4 days travel to half globe....
  136. dear in weekend work only western union so i can receive travel money and i can come xxth to you. money gram in weekend not work. please try now call your western union and ask if you can go to agent now and send cash to ukraine if yes so book fly on xxth and back yyth
  138. // always say "western union".."western union".. like brain washing... :-)))
  140. i not want you now book fly and i cant receive travel money and i tell you i can not come . i want be sure 100% so if you really want i come call to western union now so if you can go to agent and send so book my fly xxth and back yyth
  142. // Uh..oh.. seems another fake trouble..
  144. lovei write you before but may be you not read email because my visa work category so passport control can ask me if i have travel money with me i really not want have problem in airport and all what i want this come to you normal. and ineed pay my trip to my airport too but i give you part this money back in airport when i come . love please book now fly on xxth and send to me
  146. // yeah.. that raise of price..
  148. love i need be sure passport control give me come 100%, please send me fly and 850 doll travel money i promise i come and i give you part this money back in airport when we meet.
  150. // fake bullshit hope on ticket...
  152. love i wait tickets now from you please  i trust God give meet and we can be happy
  153. together
  155. // so I sent this prick a fake ticket....
  157. love i need print or how? when i try chek confirmed tickets not open i not know how this
  158. work
  160. // I made a very smooth arrangement to push the schedule MORE faster :-P)))
  162. i need be 3 hour before fly start registration right? love when you can send me travel money , what i need receive this travel money? now my time 1.40 am night and i need sleap in morning i hope receive all info from you so i be receive travel money and go to pay my trip to kiev love i promise i give you this travel money back when icome good night kiss you and thanks you give me this chance
  164. // Looks tired??
  166. ok love i understand. love i need sleap now. what time you send me all info about tranfer travel money? i go my morning pay trip to my airport
  168. // This prick can not confirm the ticket... he started panic..
  169. // thinking that I am on scheme..
  171. love i promise i come . tell me please i look now status my fly and see this  -
  172. Status  On Hold
  173.   why love? you not confirmed fly?
  174. you mean in passport control visa in your airport i need tell i be stop hotel right? love i now look status my fly in site aeroflot why - status ON hold , love what this?
  176. // Assuring this scum with the fake page snapshot "prepared".
  178. Ok love thanks. You send trsvel money?
  180. // back to main course.."western union".."western union"..
  182. dear give me chance, i good woman and i promise i come . i look now my bank have this sistem what you tell money gram.. book now my fly on xxth and send me travel money money gram i promise love i come and give you all my love
  184. // pushy...he forgot he said 500 in teh beginning??
  186. love i need be sure passport control give me come 100%, please send me fly and 850 doll
  187. travel money i promise i come and i give you part this money back in airport when we meet.
  189. // checking how much he can snag MOAR from us...
  191. my love how much you pay my fly?
  193. // the brainstorming continues.."western union".."western union"..
  195. my love thannks for all informations i be print and have with me. love my morning now 7.40 am i need pay trip to airport, love you send western union travel money?
  197. // Suddenly he realizes he didnt know about me.. OMG.. I laugh to death!!
  199. what name your city where you now? call now to western union and ask where you can send
  200. now.
  202. // Wow suddenly, we have the.......Super Price Up!!!!!!!!!! 2500 now! wow!
  204. i talk today in morning with Borispol airprot passport control they look in sistem my
  205. passport info and they give me come only if i be have 2500 because i have contrakt with
  206. hospital. you have love now 1.5 hour send this travel money and i go to airport
  208. // "western union".."western union".."western union"..
  210. western union open now look in site western union. if you can not send i can not come
  211. because passport control give me come only if i be have 2500 with me.  you can call now to airport and ask so you be sure! i tell you this more hour before but you only write me
  212. email. call now to western union and ask how you can send . or stop write me and if you not trust me look woman in your country! i not have time play games!
  214. // What game was it, again??
  216. i too not play games. i very like you and i want come and see you in really life! dear call now to western union and ask how you can send so i go to my airport !
  218. // wait..wait.. he said before 2500!! now 2000?? I got a discount o.O?
  220. my parents pensioner not possible borrow money! only one chance..i go to kiev now and be in kiev in 9 am my morning , you go to send me your morning 2000 in western union to my name but to kiev city because i be in kiev. but we need look what this time be i need be sure we have time i go to fly so i promise  i come !
  222. // pressure :-)) yeah! Game on!
  224. love i need go to kiev 12 hour ! love remember i not have money back home from kiev i only have train and bus tickts ! this dollar in special bank card so i can receive and give you back only in your country when i come . love tell me what your time you write me code
  225. western union this 2000 dollar, i try have my laptope with me and have wi fi in kiev
  227. // Do we have to care what time is it in his place?
  229. love my time now 13.50 pm aftennon. we have more hour different time , i need know my love what time you give me detalis transfer because you know in evening tomorrow my fly and i need start registration 3 hour before! love you not cancel my fly ?
  231. // Geographic lesson started...
  233. love but how i can be sure you send me this 2000? love i live 870 km from kiev...and i not have money back to home if you now send love, i need only come to you. airport borispol this 40-50 km from kiev love, kiev this capital of ukraine . tell me your answer so i go to have my bagage now and tell me if you want i back to ukraine or not? you not cansel my fly tickets?
  235. // So does the religion lesson....
  237. love i trust God and i need you give me time (ukraine time ) when you send me info about this transfer)
  238. give answer love so i start go
  240. // I made pending 13 hirs to see the reaction ;-)))
  242. 13 hour from now love? love i try have wi fi in kiev. you send to my name to kiev ok love?i receive in morning love online in card love i can receive back this 2000 dollar with this card when i be your country. so you want i go to bus now yes or not? how you send to my name western union money?
  244. // In this point, start to look like an extorion than scam :D))
  246. love 30 min later be bus, so give me now answer how you send in morning this 2000 western union?
  248. // I asked looks like "he" doesnt want to go back home,
  249. // so who will take care of family (parents) ?
  251. love i be work and you be my husband may be we can help some time send money my parents they pensioners my love. i can be very good wife for you i am sure. love please soon be bus i need you go to send 2000. love when i come i give you back 2000
  254. // I gave exact instruction...
  255. // You must go to this Western UNION place in Kiev in 13 hours.
  256. // Address is:
  257. // ACCORD BANK
  258. // Boryspilska St 11a Kyiv, Kyivska 02093
  259. // Phone: +38-044-5947572
  260. //
  261. // My friend XXXX  will wait for you in there.
  262. // I attached his photo. he knows me, so you will be safe.
  263. // I sent him your photos and your passport. He will look for you too.
  264. //
  265. // If you arrived in ACCORD BANK, and talk to XXXX, and then use your wifi and I will send
  267. // the code.
  269. // Suddenly the value went up again into 2500!!! #w000t!!! o.O lol!
  271. I can not be on this bank. I can only receive to card this and give card passport control so they be see i have 2500 and give me come. My train come train station to airport borispol not to kiev look!!! I can not have other train now because i pay before! If you not trust me your problem so! I not play games! You need send to my name to kiev city so i receive and come. If not i not go to bus now! So answer
  273. // pitty attempt to press me back...
  275. Train come borispol after sky bus to airport. All tickets i pay morning and i can not take now new tickets. So or you send to my name in 10 am morning and give me code or i not go now. So answer now?! And i go
  277. // the price is becoming 2500 now :D))) I luv this prick!
  279. My fly evening i need start registration in 18 pm. Tomorrow sunday and western union work only in my morning and i need time give info my card so they be sure i have 2500 and give me come. So or you give me in 10 morning your time code and i come and you see me in airport God know this or i not go to bus now, so????
  281. // he started to rant...I love whena scum lost their patients..:D
  283. Borispol airport not have western union. I can not come airport and after go to other city receive money and go again to airport. Because airport this 50-60 from! And remember western union work only morning because sunday. So or you give me last chance send in 10 your time code and meet me in airport or i not go now.
  284. Your XXXXX stupid open site western union or borispol airport never not have western
  285. union. So i ask you last time or you send code in 10 am your time and God know i come or
  286. look other woman? So? Bus now!
  288. // Why he not "Wifi" XXXXX :D
  290. I not have telefon call him. If you not trust me your problem. Buy i not go
  291. wait your friend come my home only after i go airport if you not trust me. I not go airport because you not trust me and i am sure your friend not come airport and i not have phone call him. So better if you come with money my home or your friend and we go to airport
  292. together. Or give me chance send email with cod and i start go now
  293. I not have telefon so i cant meet him in airport because terminal d very big very more peoples love i not play games i want have life with you really. Love may be better you send
  294. money to XXXX and ask him come my home so you be trust me love i real woman
  296. // I started to use magic words [CENSORED]
  297. // And modify the plot to make XXXXX will seek her.as per suggested :-D
  298. // and magically she / he follow the plot ..OMG..lol..
  300. I not bich. I now i. Bus station so how we meet you send cod in morning?
  301. Ok i be in airport in 9 am my time. Be wait him with money. I hope him come. I go. Kiss bye I be in airport 9 am my time. I be wait him terminal D. I be wait him 1 hour tell him now. If him not come i go back to home! Remember love! I good woman! Bye i go bus.
  302. Ask him where we meet and what time and tell me now
  304. // Making as short as possible to wait...
  306. Love i be wait him where open door terminal d. In 9 am not later because in 10.30 am be my back train to home. So if him not come o go back. Remember this and talk now with him
  308. // Doubting my agent XXXXX to come...:D
  310. I not trust him come. Send me now him copy passport so i be go and meet him. If you trust stupid dmitriy him not lie borispol airport have western union open now official site
  311. airport so you be see airport not have wu so him only lie
  313. // starting to wonder what if XXXXX dont come...
  314. // And since when she started to rode the bus???
  316. I want come i not looking money. So how we be if your XXXXX not come
  317. I be wait him where open door terminal D. 9-9.30 am. After if him not come and you not send me money i back home. Kiss bye i am i. Bus
  319. // With keep on online???
  321. Big station bus have wi fi. I ask somebody foto me i airport and send you in 9 my time so you can trust me. Now bus go again. In 21.00 i be train station and 21.15 be train.
  322. Kiss bye
  324. // Silly "I am innocent" attempt...
  326. i not play games ! you not want call to borispol airport passport control or UUUU hospital in SSSSSS city where i have contrakt
  327. i not scam love look my name in google i not scam love! i only need love husband i need you. love pleae go to send now and i go to airport
  329. // Now the price DROPPED again to 2000!!! Unbelievable..
  331. i mean i not scam love. love please if you want i come go to send now 2000 and i go to my airport i live 870 km from
  333. // This crook is on the way to Borispol
  334. // Airport where hopefully the reported police are waiting for him/her :-))
  336. Love i am in train station. I want ask in airport foto me so i send to you so you be sure i am in airport love i hope you send in 10 am morning and give code to me   Love i come
  338. "Thou shalt not scam honest people searching partners!"
  339. #MalwareMustDie!!
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