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News24 – Mufamadi meets Orania representatives

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Apr 9th, 2015
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  6. News24
  7. Mufamadi meets Orania representatives
  8. 2001-03-12 05:39
  10. Johannesburg - Provincial and Local Government Minister Sydney Mufamadi will meet with Orania representatives on Monday for the first time since the court ruled that the town's transitional representative council (TRC) retain it's status indefinitely.
  12. Orania's TRC, elected in 1995, was officially abolished by the provincial government just before the local government elections in December last year. It then fell into a single municipality with the neighbouring towns of Strydenburg and Hopetown.
  14. The town lodged an urgent application in the Kimberley High Court to have the government's abolishment of its council overturned, pending future negotiations on the topic of self-determination.
  16. The court granted an indefinite postponement, and ruled that the council should remain in force until the court case had been finalised.
  18. The Orania council retained all its powers, and was allowed to exercise its competencies as long as these did not interfere with the work of the new combined council.
  20. "Although Orania is the only community which had any success in the courts before the elections, we believe that a voluntary and mutually accepted agreement will offer a more permanent solution," an Orania statement said at the weekend. - Sapa
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