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Oct 6th, 2016
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  1. Mind the Vase of unending thirst, dust over the chameleonic cloak, adjust the picture of Joris and Mr. Crespin, there, perfect! Simone had dutifully gone about her day like any other, well there was the stray Arachnee that gave her a fright, but other than that it was going splendidly. Stepping down from her small step-stool she adjusted her apron with the little broken heart, her favorite for cleaning, though now that she thought about it she didn't have many other work clothes. That could wait for her time off, maybe Julie could pick something out extremely cute, Simone thought over the imaginary shopping with a smile, closing her eyes and letting out a pleased sigh, the fictional store had a mirror for her to twirl around in- bump. Simone opened her eyes to find an oblong shape clattering to the floor, a pitch black rod of sorts that sheened in the light, she bent over to pick it up. The rod was devoid of anything on it, turning it over in her hands Simone couldn't find a single marking, oh well, it can just go back on the shelf.
  2. "Ah Simone! What's that there?" Joris squeaked from a doorway, the maid had never met a thing so curious and persistent but she couldn't help but smile at his constant questions. The little hooded figure rushed to Simone's side to utter more questions. Deciding to not be asked questions she would never have the knowledge to answer, she cut the child short.
  3. "Not a clue Joris, I'm sure Mr. Crespin would have an answer." she said with her smile
  4. "Of course!" Joris barely finished speaking those words before grabbing it and dashing off to bug his storyteller. A few moments later the telltale sounds of a story was beginning from an Ecaflip with too much honor. Simone could hear bits and pieces of the story amongst "Oohs" and "Ahs" from Joris.
  5. "Yes my dear Joris, this is exactly what saved me from certain doom!"
  6. "How did you do it Papycha, tell me, tell me!"
  7. Curiosity was getting the better of the Osamodas, so she peered around the doorway to see how such a thing could possibly help anyone in any situation.
  8. "Like this!" The withered Ecaflip held it with one hand and pushed down on the end of the object with the other hand. Simone could only look on in awe as she prepared for whatever magical effect was about to occur. It didn't come. Instead the shape had seemed to only jitter in hand.
  9. "Is that all it does?" Joris said, tilting his head in slight disappointment.
  10. "It's very useful when trapped in a cavern with no digging tools!" Kerubim produced a rock which led to more questions but his audience kept watching, captivated. Pushing it against the pebble, it soon turned to dust.
  11. "You dug out!" Joris shouted in awe.
  12. "I dug out." replied Kerubim smugly.
  13. A long exasperated "Wow!" came from the smaller of the observers, Simone returned to her duties, mulling over how much of what she heard was actually true. The Maid then dutifully retrieved the object from the room after everyone else had left, placing it upon its rightful place on the shelf. Slight interest crept over her again however. Picking it back up she tried to mimic the motions she saw before. The rod then buzzed to life, Simone noted the vibrations made a nice sensation against the skin that gave her slight shivers. Actually it was beginning to remind her of Julie, her soft touch was ever so pleasing. The pleasant humming returned, mixed in with small giddy laughs.
  15. Thoughts of Julie gushed through Simone's mind while other portions of her began to copy the same "gushing". More intimate times of her lover came to her, reminding her of that one particular time where she reached down with one hand to... Oh dear. A slight urging had begun to make its presence, in mind and in underwear. Simone resisted the temptation of even the slightest bit of prodding against her nether regions, but the thought of roaming fingers probing and entering left her with no choice. In a hushed quickness she headed for the restroom, one of the few places without a prying eye, literally. A quick hand through Simone's undergarments later she was in bliss. Pushing between her folds in desperation for pleasure, repeatedly shoving a finger into herself with wet squishes accompanying each one. In embarrassment she moved quicker, hoping to finish up before anyone had to use the restroom themselves. She came, with no real enjoyment other than a slight twinge of delight.
  17. Breathing out a sigh of relief, Simone washed her hands... or hand as it were. In her hurry to the bathroom for release, she carried along the digging tool, or whatever it was. Still vibrating pleasantly. If it felt good in the hand, she reasoned, then it would feel just as good in the- She stifled a gasp as she pushed the tool against her clitoris. Leaning against the wall she caught her breath, going for another jolt of pleasure. Her legs nearly buckled as she struggled to keep her free hand on the sink. It was merely too much, she let go of the sink and drooped to the floor, bent legs spread. She kept pushing the tapered end against her button, moans still escaped from her despite best efforts. Nudging back and forth was quite enough, she pushed downwards to open her folds again. It went in without much effort, the entrance was lubed with her fluids. Simone went limp as the device buzzed happily along, rapidly breathing she attempted to muster some energy to pull it out. Grasping it with one hand she managed to pull it out, rubbing her insides as it went eliciting another struggled moan. Simone sat against the wall, a miniscule puddle forming between her thighs.
  19. Collecting herself from pleasured delirium, picking up her new toy she paused for a few moments to mentally prepare herself for another insertion. She plunged in again gasping desperately, she swallowed, gripping the object's sides tighter. Something depressed into the phallic machine without Simone's notice, but she soon realized a change. It was growing, both in length and width, stopping just before stretching point. Simone's eyes widened in shock and pleasure, again she cut herself short of a noise while gritting her teeth but another noise made itself present. Someone was knocking at the door.
  21. Dread barely registered in her mind but it was there. Shakily she got up, but the rod did not move. The knocking came slightly louder this time, with her best attempt she covered herself back up to open the door. It was a small endeavor to open the door as it rapidly rattled under the unease of her hand. Opening the door revealed Joris, as he went on about something Simone couldn't quite understand. He rushed in and started doing something over the sink. Simone couldn't really put her thoughts together, only just barely being able to proper herself against the wall. Joris then rushed out while saying something, it might've been a thank you but it fell on deaf, pleasured ears. With the bathroom vacant again, the maiden hobbled back in making sure at least to close the door behind her.
  23. It was too much. She keeled forward, collapsing onto the floor, ass in the air. Her release was nearing and she could feel it. Desperately she clawed at the hastily placed clothing, attempting to get it off as best she could. At first she had wanted to get the rod out, but the climax had begun to rear its head. Instead she rubbed at her clitoris, she needed more of this feeling that clouded her mind. With her right hand she pinched at her nipple, twisting and pulling in thirst of cumming. She stopped masturbating herself and opted to push the object as far into herself as she could . She came. Hard. Multiple times. Eyes rolling back, she clutched the floor. Every climax caused her to try and push her ass out more to capture that sweet pleasure she wrought, legs twitching with ecstasy.
  25. Simone could barely breathe, even still the object was pleasuring her. With some coercion she willed her hands to remove the object, moving more of her fluids to escape from her pleasured hole.
  27. A mop and a scrub later, none of this had happened. No one was the wiser, and the magnificient object had returned to its spot, albeit slightly larger.
  29. Elsewhere, a sink turned on and the floors creaked.
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