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  1. Light, one of the most sudden sensations in human life.  One of the quickest sensations to withdraw in human life as well.  Many things in life are just like a quick and sudden flash of light.  The amount of time Kim Kardashian can remain married; a whopping 72 days.  The amount of time you own the latest piece of technology, such as a smartphone and so forth.  The amount of time that new sweater or other piece of clothing feels brand new and untouched.  The amount of time that delicious looking steak remains on your plate before you devour it.  The amount of time those new flowers you got from your dear friend or loved one look freshly picked.  The amount of time that new razor blade feels sharp enough to cut the earth into two clean pieces.  In Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” two star crossed lovers promptly fall in love and share their desire to get married.  They soon get married but many other obstacles get in the way of a happy ending.  These obstacles render the situation grave enough for the Friar to hatch a scheme that ends up making things worse.  In the end both Roemo and Juliet take their lives and are reunited again in death.  All good things must come to an end; all great flashes of light must be extinguished at some point.
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