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  1. Game 1
  2. In-Game
  3. Outsaniti: remake?
  4. Outsaniti: why not just stay gone
  5. Outsaniti: just farm bot
  6. Outsaniti: ill gank hen i can
  7. Outsaniti: jkust dont feed
  8. Outsaniti: care ez
  9. Outsaniti: nice
  10. Outsaniti: imagine losing to a mid leona
  11. Outsaniti: big yikes
  12. Outsaniti: dudese
  13. Outsaniti: just fucking
  14. Outsaniti: sit
  15. Outsaniti: under ur tower
  16. Outsaniti: recall when ur low
  17. Outsaniti: this is literally so basic
  18. Outsaniti: stop fucking feeding
  19. Outsaniti: ur both dying
  20. Outsaniti: land ur binds
  21. Outsaniti: ow
  22. Outsaniti: are u dumb
  23. Outsaniti: auto
  24. Outsaniti: u literally landed ur w
  25. Outsaniti: how are u going to tell me
  26. Outsaniti: you couldnt auto
  27. Outsaniti: the bitch was stunned
  28. Outsaniti: how do u miss the auto
  29. Outsaniti: please explain
  30. Outsaniti: come mid
  31. Outsaniti: retards
  32. Outsaniti: useless
  33. Outsaniti: ive literally killed ur laner 2 times
  34. Outsaniti: my bot lane struggles with the thinking part of human function
  35. Outsaniti: theyll get it eventually
  36. Outsaniti: would have been better for everyone if ud stayed that way since the beginning
  37. Outsaniti: report the troll thanks
  38. Outsaniti: literally a team of trolls
  39. Outsaniti: im not convinced ez has his monitor plugged in
  40. Outsaniti: and has anyone seen lux hit a bind
  41. Outsaniti: ye
  43. Game 2
  44. Pre-Game
  45. Outsaniti: now we hav eno tank
  46. Outsaniti: omegalul
  47. Outsaniti: probs gotta go tank sup
  48. In-Game
  49. Outsaniti: neither is the dying
  50. Outsaniti: your getting so outjungled its insane
  51. Outsaniti: being told the other jungler is better than you is too much to handle
  52. Outsaniti: ouch
  53. Outsaniti: hes better because he has a brain
  54. Outsaniti: that was ur call
  55. Outsaniti: get me out
  56. Outsaniti: of this game
  57. Outsaniti: its aight
  58. Outsaniti: theyll end soon enough
  59. Outsaniti: i fuck that idiot
  60. Outsaniti: u know
  61. Outsaniti: sometimes
  62. Outsaniti: its actually true
  63. Outsaniti: well
  64. Outsaniti: malz lost his lane
  65. Outsaniti: thats for sure
  66. Outsaniti: u got solo killed twice
  67. Outsaniti: lol
  68. Outsaniti: its actually crazy we can still win this game lol
  69. Outsaniti: ye
  70. Outsaniti: the greed chase for 10s too long
  71. Outsaniti: sucide
  72. Outsaniti: ye prob
  73. Outsaniti: but he recalled so
  74. Outsaniti: MALZ
  75. Outsaniti: is your r key
  76. Outsaniti: bound
  77. Outsaniti: or are you retarded
  78. Outsaniti: literally could have ulted
  79. Outsaniti: ANY PERSON
  80. Outsaniti: on their team
  81. Outsaniti: and wed have won the fight
  82. Outsaniti: you're actually braindead
  83. Outsaniti: how about the
  84. Outsaniti: gp
  85. Outsaniti: that was eating my ass
  86. Outsaniti: ??
  87. Outsaniti: u ult him
  88. Outsaniti: he cleansed my w
  89. Outsaniti: Malz is a medical wonder
  90. Outsaniti: imagine living  life without a brain
  91. Post-Game
  92. Outsaniti: Malz please report to the nearest hospital for medical observation
  93. Outsaniti: you need to be checked out
  94. Outsaniti: how does a person live life
  95. Outsaniti: with no brain
  96. Outsaniti: or hands
  97. Outsaniti: or eyes
  98. Outsaniti: actually incredible
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