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Output of unity --replace

yusufhm Jun 1st, 2012 58 Never
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  1. unity-panel-service: no process found
  2. Checking if settings need to be migrated ...no
  3. Checking if internal files need to be migrated ...no
  4. Backend     : gconf
  5. Integration : true
  6. Profile     : unity
  7. Adding plugins
  8. Initializing core options...done
  9. Initializing composite options...done
  10. Initializing opengl options...done
  11. Initializing decor options...done
  12. Initializing vpswitch options...done
  13. Initializing snap options...done
  14. Initializing mousepoll options...done
  15. Initializing resize options...done
  16. Initializing place options...done
  17. Initializing move options...done
  18. Initializing wall options...done
  19. Initializing grid options...done
  20. Initializing session options...done
  21. Initializing gnomecompat options...done
  22. Initializing animation options...done
  23. Initializing fade options...done
  24. Initializing unitymtgrabhandles options...done
  25. Initializing workarounds options...done
  26. Initializing scale options...done
  27. compiz (expo) - Warn: failed to bind image to texture
  28. Initializing expo options...done
  29. Initializing ezoom options...done
  31. (compiz:2811): GConf-CRITICAL **: gconf_client_add_dir: assertion `gconf_valid_key (dirname, NULL)' failed
  32. ERROR 2012-06-01 20:21:24 unity.launcher.trashlaunchericon TrashLauncherIcon.cpp:62 Could not create file monitor for trash uri: Operation not supported
  33. Initializing unityshell options...done
  34. WARN  2012-06-01 20:21:25 unity.screeneffectframebufferobject ScreenEffectFramebufferObject.cpp:167 unsupported internal format
  35. Segmentation fault (core dumped)
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