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  1. In Stock: Level ball ra growlithe Jolly, Bold Pokeball Shellos, Quiet Dream Ball Honedge, Jolly 4ems Scorbunny, Timid Dream Ball Deino, DB HA/RA 4ems Jolly Riolu, HA Modest Duraludon, HA Jolly Drilbur, Heavy Ball Adamant Larvitar, HA/ RA Heavy Ball 4ems Durant, Sassy 4ems Heavy Ball Ferroseed, DBHA Bold Hatenna,
  2. Needs Breeding: Level Ball HA Adamant 4ems farfetch'd, HA/RA Premier/ Luxury Ball Darumaka Jolly, Pokeball HA Rufflet, HA Dusk Ball Recover Sableye Impish, DBHA Sassy 4ems Gothita, DB HA/RA Timburr, HA Heavy Ball Meowth, HA 4ems Dusk Ball Scraggy, Moon Ball HA 4ems Bold Corsola, DBHA Bold Corsola, 3ems Dream Ball Eiscue, Moon Ball HA Timid 4ems Indeedee
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