It Kain't Have Been There All This Time... Kain It Have?

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  1. [22:08:11] <Kain> Yeah, this can happen the next 'morning' even though there's no sun to shine outside. The owls hoot 24/7 anyway, so it's pretty clear to see why they're not normally found in most of Treno.
  2. [22:08:38] <Kain> God your sense of time is so screwed up.
  3. [22:10:04] <Amaryllis> Looks like Ammy's been drinking again. You can partly blame the weird fucked up time I guess! Seems like in her sleep she's knocked over her bag too, scattering some of the contents all over the floor. Hungover and slightly drunk still, she crawls out of her bed and grumbles as she packs things back in - but stops at a certain compass that's spilled out.
  4. [22:11:14] <Kain> Spinspinspinspinspin
  5. [22:11:36] <Kain> This compass has been spinning since you put it together. Either you fucked up somehow or you've been carrying a Tantarian this entire time.
  6. [22:13:14] <Amaryllis> All that spinning is making her head hurt even more. One upside of Treno's eternal darkness though is that there's no sun to aggravate her hangover, so she finds it mostly manageable for now. Some more grumbling, then a glance around to make sure she isn't disturbing Nat - oh guess the catgirl wandered off to be moe with the maidbot or something - and she snatches up the compass to squint at it.
  7. [22:13:32] <Amaryllis> She grabs one of the scattered potion bottles of whiskey around the room with her other hand and takes a sip.
  8. [22:13:48] <Kain> Seems like it spins faster or slower depending on proximity to your bag.
  9. [22:15:25] <Amaryllis> "Seriously. Really." Ammy stares between her bag and the compass.
  10. [22:16:25] <Amaryllis> With a few muttered choice words about the muses and their sense of humor, Ammy shuffles back to her bag with the compass. She snatches her blanket from her bed and wraps it around herself first as she stoops down in front of her bag and sets the compass on top.
  11. [22:16:52] <Kain> Truly, if there is a god of destiny, he is fond of plot twists.
  12. [22:17:12] <Kain> The needle is spinning quite fast now.
  13. [22:17:22] <Kain> You can barely see it for the blur.
  14. [22:18:08] <Amaryllis> After a moment, Ammy scratches her head and sighs, then reaches into her bag for the collection of books there. She sets them out in a pile, then rummages through, squinting to see the titles through the blur of her hangover, then snatches the book about the Tantarian and sets it alone in front of her, placing the compass on the cover.
  15. [22:18:16] <Kain> The needle stops dead.
  16. [22:18:17] * Amaryllis crosses her arms inside the blanket.
  17. [22:19:35] * Amaryllis brushes the compass off, then opens the book and flips to page 150. She holds her place there with one hand as she turns to 200. Then she grabs the book holding page all the pages except the ones in that range, and she slowly stands up, still wrapped in her blanket.
  18. [22:19:39] <Amaryllis> And then she shakes the book furiously.
  19. [22:19:51] <Kain> "Aaaaaaaaaaaah!"
  20. [22:20:08] <Amaryllis> Shake shake shake.
  21. [22:20:32] <Kain> After a moment, the head of a little blue devil pokes out of the pages, a terrified expression on its face. "I've been found!" it squeaks.
  22. [22:21:13] <Kain> The book then jerks out of your hands, rapidly growing in size.
  23. [22:21:18] * Amaryllis stares with an unamused expression on her face, probably made worse by the hangover.
  24. [22:21:28] <Amaryllis> She reaches for her whiskey.
  25. [22:21:57] <Amaryllis> She sips at it, one eyebrow twitching as she watches the book grow.
  26. [22:22:55] <Kain> It grows and grows, eventually reaching a size of around 7x3 feet
  27. [22:23:22] <Kain> The tantarian inside has grown with it, looking nervously at you as the book uprights. It seems prepared to fight you off.
  28. [22:23:36] * Amaryllis exhales audibly and wipes at her mouth as she finishes another gulp of whiskey. "...You've been in this bloody book the whole sodding time?!"
  29. [22:23:57] <Kain> "...It was a good hiding spot while it lasted!" the demon defends itself.
  30. [22:24:23] <Kain> "Honestly there's only so much you can read about catching one of us, no one read to page 150..."
  31. [22:25:01] <Amaryllis> "Cheeky little bastard, are you? Hiding in a book about your kind..." Ammy grumbles as she stands up and pulls the blanket closer, walking up to the book. "I did! You must have hidden yourself well."
  32. [22:25:24] <Kain> (You never mentioned doing so :V)
  33. [22:25:47] <Kain> (I would have initiated the encounter then and there if you had mentioned it~)
  34. [22:25:50] <Amaryllis> (you can generally assume if Ammy picks up a book to take with her, she reads it from cover to cover over the course of a few reading sessions)
  35. [22:26:03] <Amaryllis> (no. matter. how. boring.)
  36. [22:26:48] <Kain> "Oh, there was an obfuscation curse on the book, that helped too~"
  37. [22:27:06] <Kain> "But I don't intend to kick the bucket, so you better back off!"
  38. [22:27:32] <Amaryllis> "Right, I wanted to ask Lenore about book curses." Ammy mutters.
  39. [22:28:29] <Amaryllis> "Calm yourself, I do not intend to harvest your blood for ink or whatever craven things scholars usually do with your kind." Ammy squirms a hand out of her blanket wrapping to wave dismissively.
  40. [22:28:50] <Kain> "Oh yeah, then what?"
  41. [22:30:11] <Amaryllis> "I seek, pet would be disrespectful." Ammy hadn't really considered the whole sapience thing that seriously until now. She reaches for the whiskey and takes another sip. "A companion."
  42. [22:30:44] <Kain> "Huh... you're an odd one, aren't you? I don't mean that in a bad way."
  43. [22:31:03] <Kain> "But I've never heard of anyone that would want a demon as a companion... least not among respectible people."
  44. [22:31:16] <Kain> The tantarian relaxes a bit, shifting more to curiosity.
  45. [22:31:18] <Amaryllis> "I am quite respectable, thank you very much."
  46. [22:31:49] <Amaryllis> "And are you not odd as well? I would have thought a Tantarian would strike first, ask questions never if their hiding spot were found."
  47. [22:32:17] <Kain> "We usually HAVE to!"
  48. [22:32:31] <Amaryllis> "Why not this time?"
  49. [22:32:42] <Kain> "It's what keeps us alive, you know... that and hiding. Though some oddjobs go out of their way to challenge people out of boredom..."
  50. [22:33:00] <Kain> "Hmm..."
  51. [22:33:37] <Kain> "Yeah, you're right~ I should probably defend myself, out of principle! Enguarde!"
  52. [22:33:49] <Kain> The tantarian prepares itself for combat!
  53. [22:33:59] <Amaryllis> "Oh bloody hell, why do I ask?" Ammy sighs.
  54. [22:34:55] <Kain> Ammy turn!
  55. [22:36:20] * Amaryllis pulls her switchblade out of nowhere and concentrates her magic through it as she holds it out to the side, looking over the Tantarian. Quick Cast! Scan!
  56. [22:36:34] <Kain> Beepbeep...
  57. [22:36:44] <Kain> You get a good look at its power.
  58. [22:39:13] <Kain> 2000/2000 HP. 350/350 MP. Weak to Fire. Vulnerable to Slow. Controlled Defense.
  59. [22:40:10] * Amaryllis looks around the room. "...can't set a fire here..." She mumbles to herself.
  60. [22:40:36] <Kain> "Let's see how you like this, huh?" It begins charging up an attack... it doesn't look like a spell, and loose pages are flying around it.
  61. [22:41:27] <Kain> Ammy's turn again!
  62. [22:42:21] * Amaryllis glances around some more. "Really, this is going to make quite the mess in here, you realize, and it is not even my house. Can we just forget I asked about the self-defense?"
  63. [22:42:45] <Kain> (Aren't you forgetting something)
  64. [22:42:52] <Amaryllis> Equipment quick swap! Ammy shuffles over to the bed and reaches under it, grabbing a comically large pair of scissors from it. She steps back and stands it up, leaning on it. Defend!
  65. [22:42:57] <Amaryllis> "Really."
  66. [22:43:05] <Amaryllis> (am I? :V)
  67. [22:43:58] <Kain> "Well, I've got a reputation to uphold, y'know... You want me to be your companion and you won't even give me-" it then notices you pull out the scissors. "...bollocks. PANIC TIME."
  68. [22:44:54] <Kain> It flips open its pages and unleashes a powerful flurry of flying paper at you!
  69. [22:45:01] <Kain> 2d6+4 Paper Storm
  70. [22:45:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Paper Storm: 10 [2d6=1,5]
  71. [22:45:07] <Amaryllis> lol what am avd
  72. [22:46:25] <Kain> 160 M.Arm damage!
  73. [22:46:45] <Kain> That's AFTER Defending.
  74. [22:47:45] <Amaryllis> Oww! She's braced herself for an attack, but with having just woken up and not having anything of her armor on, that hurts. And a blanket isn't much help. She winces as the paper cuts into her.
  75. [22:47:57] <Kain> Sheets of paper go everywhere!
  76. [22:48:08] <Amaryllis> "Okay fine, we'll do it your way! Sodding..." She mutters as she lifts the scissors and...
  77. [22:48:20] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5
  78. [22:48:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+5: 9 [2d6=3,1]
  79. [22:48:58] <Kain> That is just barely a hit!
  80. [22:49:06] <Amaryllis> Snip snip
  81. [22:49:26] <Kain> Your scissors tear into the Tantarian! Paper Slayer!
  82. [22:50:00] <Kain> More pages go flying everywhere, suddenly exploding from the tantarian, until all that's left when the mess settles is the regular sized Tantarian book with the little creature's head poking out.
  83. [22:50:06] <Kain> "Owowowow.... Okay, I give!"
  84. [22:50:33] <Kain> "I think I used up a good bit of my power, too... I'm not very strong." :<
  85. [22:52:00] <Kain> It peeks up at you from the pages, cowering a bit. "...I wasn't trying to give you a hard time, y'know. It's just... something that's never been done before. You seem plenty strong, though, and really resourceful~"
  86. [22:52:15] <Amaryllis> "That stung quite enough as is." Ammy sighs and slides the scissors back under the bed. She grabs the remnants of the blanket and wraps it around herself again, wincing as it brushes against papercuts. "So what say you? We have gone through the according ritual and ceremony here, proven strength, et cetera."
  87. [22:52:22] <Amaryllis> "Never?"
  88. [22:52:35] <Kain> "Never! At least not that I've heard of."
  89. [22:52:50] <Kain> "Then again I've been stuck in that castle with that moldy ghost for quite some time..."
  90. [22:53:04] <Kain> "Never talked to him, don't think he knew I was there."
  91. [22:53:13] <Kain> "Better that way, probably."
  92. [22:54:06] <Amaryllis> "I mean no offense, but...why ever not? It is not as if you all are particularly...threatening or devious demons." She stoops down in front of the book again. "No bargains with twisted wishes, no soul eating..."
  93. [22:54:07] <Kain> "But yeah! You've proven yourself... You got a better home in mind for me? This one's chafing a bit now."
  94. [22:55:44] <Kain> "Oh, it's some cock and bull about misfortune, and the fact that we tend to hang out with other demons and in places like libraries with cursed books... The people dumb enough to listen to that stuff hunt us out to 'help', and the ones smart enough to usually just want our parts for reagents or something."
  95. [22:55:52] <Amaryllis> "Yes, well..." Ammy rubs her head. "I have been meaning to place a curse on my own journal, but it is...rather personal. I do not know if it would make a good home..." She taps her cheek with a finger as she thinks.
  96. [22:56:21] <Kain> "Oh, that doesn't matter so much, any good book you have in mind should do. You can always place a curse on it later to make it more homey~"
  97. [22:57:18] <Kain> The little demon seems friendly enough now.
  98. [22:58:48] <Amaryllis> "I have been assembling a scrapbook of sorts for just this purpose in fact, from the miscellania and er less personal entries of my journal." Ammy shuffles to her bag and removes a mostly blank bound book from it...then stops and grabs the Gran Grimoire too. "...I also have a tome I took from the basement of a cranky immortal wizard. Take your pick."
  99. [22:59:13] <Amaryllis> The scrapbook has stuff in it like the charming chocobo recipe, a copy of the Moogle Manifest, and other assorted things~
  100. [22:59:34] <Kain> The tantarian leans back from the Grimoire. "Whoa nelly, not that thing. I'm getting some bad vibes from it."
  101. [22:59:46] <Kain> "I'll take the scrapbook, thanks."
  102. [22:59:49] <Amaryllis> "You don't say."
  103. [23:00:13] <Kain> The tantarian wiggles...
  104. [23:00:20] * Amaryllis gives the Gran Grimoire a little shake as well, in case it's hiding its own demons, then tosses it back to her bag.
  105. [23:00:59] <Amaryllis> "It is rather incomplete at the moment, I'm afraid."
  106. [23:01:49] <Amaryllis> "I have been busy as of late. Drinking, throwing dragons at tiresome mercenaries, investigating ancient ruins. You know how it is."
  107. [23:01:57] <Kain> "That shouldn't be a problem~" And the book slams shut a moment, starts shaking...
  108. [23:02:24] <Amaryllis> "What would you like to see in your home anyhow?" Ammy scoots back a step as the shaking starts.
  109. [23:02:24] <Kain> And then it bursts open as a dark blue spark of magic jumps from the Tantarian book to the scrapbook.
  110. [23:02:41] <Kain> As the old book loses its demon, a fragment of crystal falls out...
  111. [23:02:46] <Kain> Received Learning Fragment!
  112. [23:03:30] <Kain> "Shucks, I'm not that picky. Maybe a- whoa this is lewd."
  113. [23:03:55] <Kain> He's speaking from the book but you don't see his head poke out.
  114. [23:04:09] <Kain> "Let's just stay away from this recipe thing."
  115. [23:04:13] * Amaryllis makes a note to herself to give the fragment to Theta later. "...What is?!" Ammy darts faster than she'd normally ever move and flips open the book, making sure she didn't copy the wrong entries from her journal.
  116. [23:04:37] <Amaryllis> "...Oh just that. The others may not be so bad." She sits back with a sigh and drops the book again.
  117. [23:04:45] <Kain> "Oof."
  118. [23:05:31] <Kain> "Let's see... moogles, huh?" A lump forms under the page it was open to, like a piece of cloth over a kitten as the Tantarian moves around.
  119. [23:05:56] <Kain> "Yeah, maybe a few adventures in here, I could see myself settling down."
  120. [23:06:23] <Kain> "Maybe put in a nice, quiet short story."
  121. [23:07:20] <Amaryllis> "So short stories, then?" Ammy wraps herself up in the blanket again and sets her head on her hands. "A quiet, calming tale of idyllic existence? Or a tale of men struggling with lives of quiet desperation?"
  122. [23:07:45] <Amaryllis> "Quiet can take on so many qualities when given proper form."
  123. [23:08:51] <Kain> "Whatever you think's best. You seem like a fairly good storyteller."
  124. [23:09:27] <Kain> The pages flop open and the tantarian pokes its head out, the book levitating a bit.
  125. [23:09:37] <Amaryllis> "Both then, perhaps. Do you like maps? Arcane rituals?" Ammy scoots again to give it space.
  126. [23:09:48] <Amaryllis> "Drawings and art?"
  127. [23:10:04] <Kain> "You're totally going to spoil me, aren't you? Yes, yes, all of that!"
  128. [23:10:05] <Amaryllis> "Musical scores perhaps." Ammy tilts her head.
  129. [23:10:12] <Kain> The tantarian seems excited.
  130. [23:10:35] <Kain> "By the way, what's your name?"
  131. [23:10:55] <Amaryllis> "Amaryllis Middleton. And yours?"
  132. [23:11:44] <Kain> "Don't got one~ Call me what you please."
  133. [23:12:41] * Amaryllis slumps back against the side of her bed and reaches for the whiskey again. "Trust me, you shall want to wait until I have finished with my hangover for that."
  134. [23:16:57] <Kain> "Gotcha. So, I've been hanging with you guys a while but that doesn't necessarily mean I've been able to follow everything. I don't know your names or what you're doing, just got a vague idea of where you've been and all."
  135. [23:17:08] <Kain> The tantarian flops onto the floor and waddles over.
  136. [23:18:48] <Amaryllis> "Oh dear. Where shall I even begin?" Ammy scratches her head.
  137. [23:21:41] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps I shall write a quick primer for you in the scrapbook for later." Ammy shuffles over and grabs it. (it's getting late so if you wanna wrap up now/soon, feel free~)
  138. [23:24:01] <Kain> (Yeah, we should)
  139. [23:24:06] <Kain> "Sounds good to me."
  140. [23:24:11] <Kain> Aaaaaaaand </>
  141. [23:24:15] <Amaryllis> "Meanwhile, would you like to share a drink?"
  142. [23:24:30] <Kain> "Uh, sure!"
  143. [23:24:45] <Kain> It's clear from his reaction that he's never tried boozeahol before.
  144. [23:25:18] * Amaryllis offers it some whiskey as she starts writing in the scrapbook! And so the adventure of life goes on?
  145. [23:26:52] <Kain> And so it does indeed.
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