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  1. //Accessing bionics analysis
  2. //...
  3. //...25% complete
  4. //...
  5. //...50% complete
  6. //...
  7. //...75% complete
  8. //...
  9. //...100% complete
  13. // HEAD //
  14. -+ MILITARY VOX CASTER: Ability to silence or increase volume with a cylindrical adjustable level that ranges from 0 to 10. By accessing the Cogitatii database the user can reproduce conversations and sounds almost to perfection. Can send and receive radio data and encrypt or decrypt intelligence. +-
  16. -+ METALLIC ALLOY CRANIUM: The users cranium is scanned and then Digiforged into a metallic replica. After a really long and delicate operation the user will have its skull’s bone tissue exchanged with metal. This will make some movements and bulkier but will protect him against damage, psychic attacks and also increase the performance of its Head bionics as there isn’t any rejection chance now and the metal helps with the electricity and data transmissions. +-
  18. -+ VOX DATACOMMAND: Allows you to speak orders using the Lingua-Technis to control machines from a distance by directly contacting with their machinery and circuits. Some machines can only be turned on and off or do basic stuff or even none at all. If upgraded again it might function with Xenos machinery. +-
  20. -+ SOUND DAMPENER: An upgrade to the vox caster. It can create a small silence bubble around your body, effectively making all your movements silent. While using it you cannot talk nor listen to the vox messages you receive. Activation/Deactivation generates a sharp noise +-
  22. -+ WARPSTEEL FACIAL COVERING: A mask that can be placed on your face automatically using a small and easy mechanism placed on the sides of your head. The mask gives a little bit of protection, it is polished enough to let people see their reflection on it, as it is made from Warpsteel the reflection they see isn't the material one but their own souls and sins. It can be used as a psychological weapon as it infuses terror in most sentient beings +-
  24. -+ SCOPE/LENS LINKING: A small circular plug located behind Heracor’s right ear. It can connect a cable to the scope of some of its guns and see what the scope is pointing at directly. Heracor cannot perceive his surroundings while doing this. +-
  26. -+ NEURAL PORTS: Used to connect to all kinds of interfaces or energy currents. Can be used to access to live feed from cameras or to a remote computer +-
  28. -+ MILITARY RETINAL LENSES: Able to see a wide spectrum of vision including Night Vision and X-ray. They have a small zoom and autofocus functions. Can be used in conjunction with the Cogitatii to record a video. Has a autofocus to detecting and aiming towards enemies, this autofocus might shut down if too many enemies appear at once +-
  30. -+ VITALIS INDICATIO: A special lens equipped with a scanner that can be installed into bionic eyes or in some special cases into google frames. This scanner is able to study organics, mechanics or architecture and using counting software calculate its total Vitalis points and its current one. Having all the Vitalis points indicates a perfect health and reaching zero means death.
  31. -+ UPGRADED AUDITORY CHANNELS: Capable of hearing a wider spectrum of sound when activated. It also makes him become more susceptible to sonic weaponry. +-
  33. -+ COMPLEMENTARY CEREBRAL COGITATII: A complementary brain that works alongside the other hardware and the own user's brain. It generates a HUD for the user and lets him write messages by oral commands or thoughts along other many things. +-
  37. // BODY //
  38. -+ ELECTOOS: Metallic filaments installed under the skin. They are able to channel energy and then unleash, the unleashing releases more energy. Works well with the sword +-
  40. -+ PORTABLE SOLAR GENERATORIUM: A cross shaped and reflective crystal covered solar energy gatherer that can convert natural and artificial light into energy to recharge his lasgun or any other gadget +-
  42. -+ INTERNAL GYROSTABILIZERS: Several metallic spheres with small connectors on them. Each one has a Gyroscope inside that will stay stable and continue spinning while the user continues moving. They can be of different dimensions and designs but they are usually the size of a small coin. In most cases they are installed on the knees, shoulders and center of gravity its design permits its installation in almost any place of the human body. If active the user will be able to maintain an almost perfect balance as long as he continues in movement, the more Gyrostabilizers the greater this balancing effect becomes. +-
  44. // DENDRITES //
  45. -+ UPGRADED MECHADENDRITES: All purpose tentacle like arms that can be fitted with an infinite amount of tools for various tasks +-
  47. -+-+  DENDRITE 1 - Proxy Drone: A tool that lets the user transform any undamaged, untainted and unmutated human skull into a small drone if the materials around are available. The drone can be controlled by the user or any other person if the permits are changed.
  49. The drone has the ability to magnetically attach itself to any imperial vehicle and control it for a period of five minutes unless there is any pilot inside who is controlling it beforehand. After that period of time the servoskull will explode so it’s advisable to detach it and fly it away so its radius doesn't affects the integrity of the vehicle.
  51. It can be mag-locked into enemy vehicles but due to the xenos interfaces and the lack of proper machine spirits those cannot be controlled. It might be used to sabotage enemy transports.
  53. It looks like a hand with clawed, knife-tipped fingers.
  55. -+-+ DENDRITE 2 - Biologis advanced tool: Cutting laser, Different optics, Vital signs analyzer.
  57. It is composed of a metallic box with two needles that can analyze biological matter. On one side of the box there is a small cogitator that shows different data from the analysis, there is also a small printer to print the results. On top of the box there is a small laser that can be used to cut cloth and skin, it isn't strong enough to cut bone or metal. It also has several round augmentic lenses to more closely analyze the material.
  59. -+-+ DENDRITE 3 - Flamer.
  61. A normal looking Imperial Flamer attached to a dendrite instead of having a grip. The dendrite is thermically reinforced and in its interior has a flexible tube were the promethium is pumped.
  63. -+-+ DENDRITE 4 - Explorator advanced tool: Lux-caster. Depth scanner, Tracker signal.
  65. A rectangular box that ends in a small satellite dish. On the center of the dish there is the lux caster lantern. The dish also has a small harmless laser that can be shot, which will then ricochet back to the dish, measuring the time it needed to travel and return and producing a distance from its calculations.
  67. It also carries a small tracker signal that can be triangulated in case the user gets lost.
  69. -+-+ DENDRITE 5 - Psykana advanced tool: Psyker energy reader and analyzer.
  71. Takes the form of a regular icosahedron made from a crystalline material. It has eerily glowing arcane symbols that glow brighter or blink depending on the kind of energy that it is detecting. It is very hard to correctly understand what it exactly means.
  73. -+-+ DENDRITE 6 - Plasma Cutter:
  75. Instead of a regular dendrite this is more of an articulated arm that has the Plasma torch at the end of it. It looks bulky and clumsy but his appearance is deceiving as it is lightweight and can reach any angle. Among techpriests it is said that this deceivement is nothing but a reminder of the Machine God of the true nature of the plasma; Bright and Beautiful but Strong and Fierce.
  77. -+-+ DENDRITE 7 & 8 - Claw Dendrite:
  79. Works as both as a manipulator end and as a somewhat powerful weapon. With training it can also be used to grab weapons. As it is weaker than a human arm its aim won’t be as perfect as one would desire.
  81. -+-+ DENDRITE 9 - Drill Dendrite:
  83. A tool used for mining that has gained notoriety as an useful and vicious weapon. If used as a piercing weapon it is harder to land an impact onto an enemy but being successful at it guaranties a great damage input. It can destroy and render unusable almost all targets, specially effective against armor and vehicles.
  85. -+-+ DENDRITE 10 - Cerebrus Advanced tool: Mental illness detector, brain scanner.
  87. An oddly shaped scanner that can scan brains and in case of human scans detect mental illnesses or tumors. If used with a xenos mind it will store the scan in an internal memory but not be able to detect problems, if used on an extremely mutated or corrupted brain an error warning will appear and be unable to scan it.
  89. -+-+ DENDRITE 11 - Flamer.
  91. A normal looking Imperial Flamer attached to a dendrite instead of having a grip. The dendrite is thermically reinforced and in its interior has a flexible tube were the promethium is pumped.
  93. -+-+ DENDRITE 12 Lexmechanicus Advanced tool: Applied Mathematics.
  95. This dendrite looks like a small sphere filled with reflective crystals. It is really delicate and is able to analyze its surroundings and send the information to the brain or the cogitator for a faster processing, basically works as an small bionic brain.
  97. // ARMS //
  98. -+ ORNAMENTED BIONIC ARMS (LEFT & RIGHT): An arm that has the same movement range and capabilities has a regular baseline arm. It has been decorated with the gold, red and black color scheme of the Skitarii temple and filled with inscriptions and chants dedicated to the Omnissiah +-
  100. -+ VIBROWRISTS: A couple of magnetic circular rings that are placed on the wrist bones and phalanges. They vibrate at a high speed and increase the effectiveness of any bladed weapon at least threefold. Users with organic arms have to be careful as an extended use might debilitate the structure of its bones. After its use it will continue vibrating for about ten minutes as it has to stop slowly or one risks the sudden break of its fingers and wrists, this vibration makes the use of tools or aiming a weapon impossible. It is mostly used by noble duelists or close combat specialists. +-
  102. -+ MAG FINGERTIPS: Made from a copper looking heavy and greatly metal those magnetized fingertips are mostly used to work with machines that need to be repaired and whose pieces cannot be reached by normal means. +-
  104. -+ MAG HOOKS: This piece is built under the forearms and thus doesn’t affect any weaponry already installed on the interior. It is a long and unique strand of aluminum based flexible cable with a magnetic hook end. It can be fired from both arms but since it shares the cable if fired at the same time their reach will be drastically reduced from 30 meters to 15. Users who become really adept with this bionic can leap great distances swinging from the ceilings and walls and using momentum to recoil the cable in one arm and shoot it from the other while still in mid-air. It also has combat purposes and if grabbed it can be used like a whip of some sort, this is discouraged thought because even if it is flexible and durable it isn’t impervious to damage and can be easily broken. +-
  106. -+- LEFT ARM:
  107. -+-+ HAND FLAMER: Installed on his forearm, this small flamer has reduced range but the same potency than a regular one. It is suited for assault and close-combat purposes incinerating foes at short range.
  109. -+- RIGHT HAND:
  110. -+-+ HIDDEN POWERBLADE: A small blade that has both the features of a taser and a power weapon. It has a short range but can be used in sneak attacks. If a electrical machine is stabbed it can be used to drain it of energy It was destroyed and rebuilt with different using different materials and techniques. It retains its original properties but now its blade looks rainbow like and has a warcry inscribed on it.
  112. -+-+ MICRO VOID SHIELD: A half sphere shaped device installed on the elbow that when activated generates an almost invisible shield able to deflect most impacts from both kinetic and energetic nature. It could also be used as a way of freeing oneself if entangled. Generates a lot of heat and requires a lot of energy so constant so its use should be limited.
  114. // LEGS //
  115. -+ ORNAMENTED PISTON POWERED LEGS: Legs sturdy and strong enough to survive a 30 feet fall.  They have been built at knee level. They have been upgraded to have magnetic soles on them. They were destroyed and rebuilt with decorations and a new gold, red and black color scheme. +-
  117. -+ HIDDEN FEET DAGGERS: A pair of five inch daggers situated on the soles and activated via a neural order, those blades aren't long enough to kill someone on their own but they can act as a diversion or as a way to deliver a final blow +-
  119. -+ TALONSPHERES:  A couple of small magnetic spheres situated on the talons that permit some sliding after gaining some momentum and quick turning. They don’t have an engine on their own so they can only advance for a small distance depending on the initial acceleration +-
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