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  2. Githyanki
  3. =========
  5.     The githyanki plunder countless worlds from the decks of their astral vessels and the backs of red dragons. Feathers, beads, gems, and precious metals decorate their armor and weapons—the legendary silver swords with which they cut through their foes. Since winning their freedom from the mind flayers, the githyanki have become ruthless conquerors under the rulership of their dread lich-queen, Vlaakith.
  7. Githzerai
  8. =========
  9.     Focused philosophers and austere ascetics, the githzerai pursue lives of rigid order. Lean and muscular, they wear unadorned clothing free of ornamentation, keeping their own counsel and trusting few creatures outside of their own kind. Having turned their backs on their warlike githyanki kin, the githzerai maintain a strict monastic lifestyle, dwelling on islands of order in the vast sea of chaos that is the plane of Limbo.
  11. Sha'sal Khou
  12. ============
  13.     The Sha’sal Khou are githyanki and githzerai radicals working toward the reunification of their respective peoples. They labor to create a unified nation of gith. Members of the Sha’sal Khou work secretly within their respective societies, subtly discouraging attacks on the other gith race while carefully recruiting like-minded individuals. They maintain a secret redoubt on the Sword Coast as well.
  15.     The characters participating in this adventure are members of this fortification, and work with the other races of the Realms to further their goals. While in the pursuit of their objectives or even simply as training to pursue them, they find themselves participating in all sorts of expeditions and adventures alongside the factions.
  17.     As a general note, the Sha’sal Khou aren’t a faction in the same sense as the Harpers or Zhentarim. They are a background element only and meant to be a unifying element for gith characters in this campaign.
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