Yes Mistress

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  1. → Shane
  2. head tilted as he dropped to his knees, lips pressing to the tops of her feet. Good thing she had a recent shower, hmm? When his head bobbed up, fingers would take grip of his hair to tug his head back just enough to be uncomfortable. "In the future, unless I give you permission.. no pants," hazel lightly narrowed, but internally grinning like an idiot. Walked him forward enough to permit the shut of door and locking.. He was then released. "Strip," moving over to the edge of bed to take a seat, obviously to watch him.
  3. ← Shane
  4.       was lowkey stroking that cock through his sweatpants, excitedly waiting for her to open the door. And when she did he lost all sense of pride. "No ma'am, you didn't." Knelt down and kissed her feet. "Forgive me."
  5. → Shane
  6. and this bitch, this bitch right here? Made him stand there for an awkward minute before opening the door. Thumb hitching over shoulder wordlessly for him to get inside. "Did I tell you to put on pants?" it was difficult to tell if she was joking or not.
  7. ← Shane
  8.       rushed to open the drawers in his room, each of them slammed open. No rubber band here. No rubber band there. Looked to the right. Nate's hair band................... good enough. Wrapped it around his cock. Hold on Cal, daddy's coming. Puts on sweat pants for decency and rushes over. Knocks at her door wildly.
  9. → Shane
  10. now this was getting more interesting.. Cal could appreciate the amount of effort he was putting in. "I want you to stop. And put a rubber band around that disgusting cock of yours, make it tight, and then come over."
  11. → Shane
  12. [message deleted]
  13. ← Shane
  14.       was stroking himself. And soon she'd get a video of that. Slow, moderate strokes. Each highlighting the sight of his cock. "I won't cum", she'd hear from the video. But it was very hard not to, because fuck it, Shane was horny.
  15. → Shane
  16. grinned as the pics came through, fairly confident that he was getting steadily turned on the more abusive she was. And shocker? Cal was turned on by his reaction. "That's an improvement 🤔," made him wait a moment, "Don't you dare fucking cum."
  17. ← Shane
  18.       shuddered at her text. And soon enough he'd be sending more. There was a progression, people. Soon his shaft, at least on the image. Would look a little bigger than previous. Veins popping slightly at it's sides. "I want it. SO fucking bad."
  19. → Shane
  20. it was roughly twenty minutes later when her phone chimed again. a glance was given to the dick pic that danced in line of vision. "you call that an erection?" texting back with a smirk. "if you want in this pussy, i want to see how bad you want it."
  21. ← Shane
  22.       sends a picture of his dick. Yeah. His actual dick.
  23. → Shane
  24. text: ...
  25. ← Shane
  26.       give him like. A few minutes. Has to make it do that growing thing first.
  27. → Shane
  28. text: "you're the one trying to get your dick wet. you send nudes."
  29. ← Shane
  30.       "FUCK YOU. I CAN FUCK."
  31. ← Shane
  32.       "And while we're on the topic. Send nudes."
  33. ← Shane
  34.       "And eventually you'll let me. Right?"
  35. → Shane
  36. text: "beginning to think you're all talk shane"
  37. → Shane
  38. text: "yeah, my literal panties. not this pussy."
  39. ← Shane
  40.       "Bitch I ate your panties like it was cinnamon toast crunch."
  41. → Shane
  42. texts: "juro is up by three, you're at negative zero."
  43. ← Shane
  44.       "That's not explaining anything."
  45. → Shane
  46. texts: "3 > 0."
  47. ← Shane
  48.       "EXPLAIN, woman."
  49. → Shane
  50. texts: "you're falling behind."
  51. ← Shane
  52.       stutters. Replies. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, I'M SLACKING?"
  53. → Shane
  54. texts: "coffee date number three, you're slacking."
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