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  1. [04:19] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: A smart and well executed concept. I love it. n.n )
  2. [04:22] [user]Deranged[/user]: Mm?
  3. [04:22] [user]Deranged[/user]: What a surprise to hear from you Demi.
  4. [04:23] *[user]Lady Lissandra[/user] Volp?
  5. [04:24] [user]Deranged[/user]: Indeed.
  6. [04:25] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: I've been out and doing life-things. New job and all of that jazz, I still occasionally bum around here.
  7. [04:25] *[user]Lady Lissandra[/user] I just- don't end up talking to most anyone.
  8. [04:25] [user]Deranged[/user]: You never really talked to me much to begin with.
  9. [04:28] *[user]Lady Lissandra[/user] Did something happen to further sour our relations since the last time we spoke?
  10. [04:28] [user]Deranged[/user]: I generally didn't expect anything, so not much to sour.
  11. [04:30] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: Well, I more or less backed off most of the time when you were with Damon, then the thing with Graham, and every time we tried to roleplay you typed 'achhshfhspfn' and stopped replying.
  12. [04:30] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: Granted I was also guilty of talking too much about drama because it was driving me batty, and I was looking for outlets to vent.
  13. [04:32] [user]Deranged[/user]: Then we supposedly made up or cleared the air and since then, nary a word aside from a singular ping or 2 in the server. Unsurprising.
  14. [04:33] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: We did, and I went back to doing IRL things. I barely look at Discord, playing vidya and going out to do more of the aforementioned IRL things.
  15. [04:34] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: I didn't exactly want to be over smothering either, constantly bugging you.
  16. [04:37] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: If you were offended by my lack of communication I apologize, but I've largely been focused on IRL for I don't know how many months now. 3-49
  17. [04:37] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: *?
  18. [04:43] [user]Deranged[/user]: Not really. Justa surprise to hear from you.
  19. [04:43] [user]Deranged[/user]: As usual, reading far too deep Demi.
  20. [04:46] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: Thanks for the diagnosis, you're not a psychologist. I provided a deeper description because of your choice of wording. 'supposedly' implies that we haven't really made up, coupled with 'unsurprising.' You're being overly passive aggressive, and you're bad at hiding it.
  21. [04:46] [user]Deranged[/user]: I wasn't ever trying to hide it dear.
  22. [04:47] [user]Deranged[/user]: I was very up front, and not really hiding anything to begin with
  23. [04:47] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: I said hello and offered a compliment on your character, not to pick a fight with you.
  24. [04:47] [user]Deranged[/user]: And I said - What a surprise to hear from you.
  25. [04:47] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: That's fine, but why the passive aggressive snips?
  26. [04:47] [user]Deranged[/user]: Not passive aggressive, just most people would react I'd imagine.
  27. [04:48] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: If that makes sense to you in your neck of the woods, more power to you.
  28. [04:49] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: Also isn't it like. Early in the morning for you.
  29. [04:49] [user]Deranged[/user]: [04:28] [user]Deranged[/user]: I generally didn't expect anything, so not much to sour.
  30. This is to the point. So id "What a surprise." The most passive aggressive thing is "we supposedly" made up
  31. [04:49] [user]Deranged[/user]: Honestly.
  32. [04:49] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: That is to the point, so is this.
  33. [04:49] [user]Deranged[/user]: And yes, when have I ever kept a normal sleep schedule.
  34. [04:50] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: ":43] Deranged: As usual, reading far too deep Demi." This isn't necessary and you're doing it to be mean. I call you on it, doesn't mean that I'm reading too deep into anything.
  35. [04:51] [user]Deranged[/user]: To the point, not subtle or passive aggressive. pretty uh. In your face, and calling you on your shit
  36. [04:51] [user]Deranged[/user]: Chinprop.
  37. [04:51] [user]Deranged[/user]: Only cool when you do it?
  38. [04:52] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: To who, and when?
  39. [04:53] [user]Deranged[/user]: Well generally s'how it works when someone doesn't seem to understand what passive aggressive is, and to be 'called out' with the classic ' You're not a psychiatrist'
  40. [04:53] [user]Deranged[/user]: Heavens above.
  41. [04:53] [user]Deranged[/user]: Would you look at the time it's time for me to do literally anything but engage further into this asinine conversation.
  42. [04:53] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: So let me get this straight. This is your illustrated logic. I say hello, you decide it necessary to be overtly forward and pointed and then mock me for asking you why.
  43. [04:54] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: I'll remember to call you when I need life advice from someone who can't keep custody of their kid because their life is such an 'I can't even' shitshow.
  44. [04:54] [user]Lady Lissandra[/user]: Have a nice day.
  45. [04:55] [user]Deranged[/user]: Such a low blow Demui
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