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  1. <14:23:06> "Beevers": are you here
  2. <14:23:32> "Corey Spencer": yh I am
  3. <14:24:30> "Beevers": I wanna talk about Pickle's application and the response you gave him if we can.
  4. <14:25:02> "Corey Spencer": He can talk to me if he feels like the decision I made wasn't of good judgement.
  5. <14:25:51> "Beevers": I wanna talk about it though i don't quite understand the reason why you denied him. You put still managed to break a rule which affects a lot of gangs regarding uniformity.
  6. <14:29:09> "Beevers": If that is regarding the Reapers incident Pickle had left reapers prior to this even being a thing.
  7. <14:37:33> "Corey Spencer": My reply says everything from conduct when on our servers and other servers.
  8. " I misinterpreted who he was initiating on. I then ran around the building and killed him, without the same clothing. I understand what I did wrong."
  9. - Gangs need to wear the same clothing, if you do not you need to initiate separately.
  11. He was banned less than a month ago for a rule that has been around since before I can remember.
  13. Activity log.
  14. "enjoy your ban xd" // If someone is not a staff member then they shouldn't be making decisions like that.
  15. "You're an idiot." //
  16. "LMAO my video says otherwise, goodluck with that one bud." // There are help desk channels for a reason. People should sort issues out there, in private, not using in-game chat.
  17. "we dead" + "REVIVE US" + "cops/medics on us" // Should I need to comment on this?
  18. <14:38:39> "Beevers": There has been way worse said by current staff members tbh. I don
  19. <14:39:00> "Beevers": I dont  know i dont agree with the decision but your head of support but just my opinion
  20. <14:39:23> "Beevers": Ive seen pickle do some excellent work thus why hes been getting promoted and moving into a leader role in pd.
  21. <14:42:34> "Corey Spencer": I'm not reviewing an application for staff. If you don't agree with some staff members conduct then you may speak to them about it if you haven't already.
  22. PD is different to Staff. No doubt, he is probably a really good officer but that doesn't mean I should show favouritism towards him.
  23. It's not just about doing work, staff more than that and he admits his weaknesses and he needs to work on them. I would have denied him for the ban alone but then he shows that his weaknesses are a real issue.
  24. If i saw chat logs and a ban like that from someone else then I would deny them instantly. You're an asset to the commmunity but if you think a good cop makes a good staff member then I don't want your opinions.
  25. <14:49:31> "Beevers": I dont agree with the way you are talking to me or adressing me as I am lower than you. I gave you opinion because I knew Pickle and I know he would do well in staff even like I said you are head of staff so its up to you. Denying poeple just for a simple ban is not what I think staff should be about. Furthermore being able to admit to a weakness is a good thing I dont see that as week or a vulnerability. The way you talked to me is a differently problem it its own. Not wanting my opinions proves even further that it is exactly who you guys want its the people you like that get into support. Enjoy your day Corey.
  27. <14:55:49> "Corey Spencer": You don't like the way I'm talking to you when I say:
  28. "You're an asset to the commmunity but if you think a good cop makes a good staff member then I don't want your opinions."
  30. I barely said anything about you, it was mostly about Pickle. I think you're in your feelings to be honest.
  31. You shouldn't be commenting on the staff applications anyway so the fact you want to speak to me about it annoys me.
  33. You seem to have difficulty understand what I said earlier.
  34. If there was a way every staff member could add their input to an application then I would certainly discuss with the AHOS's about that.
  35. Also, staff is not about bans for simple rules? If someone cannot follow simple and well-known rules after being in the community for so long then I don't think they are ready for staff.
  36. There are many staff who haven't yet broken a rule
  37. <14:56:57> "Corey Spencer": Like I said, if Pickle wants to speak to me in private then he can. Why do you need to speak to me about it?
  38. That's like Clemmings, Define, or another Staff/Helper speaking to me about it. There's no need (apart from the applicant).
  39. <14:58:23> "Corey Spencer": You seem to want to voice your opinions in every direction but when I voice mine and back up my decisions, trying not to disrespect your at all, you seem to have an issue. You were the one talking about having a "business relationship" with people but you bring your feelings into a situation which doesn't even involve you. Evaluate what you're doing. It seems rediculous to me.
  40. <15:25:05> "Beevers": Alright cool corey glad to see how you really feel about me.
  43. <15:32:01> "Corey Spencer": You say I am pickign and choosing and me not wanting you opinion proves it. Well, if I went with the opinions I had, which is only yours, then one could argue you would be picking and choose/only endorsing the ones you want to endorse.
  45. You seem to think anyone who disagrees with you dislikes you.
  46. All I want is for you to listen to me when I ask you to stop the first time, I shouldn't have needed to ask you to stop again.
  47. It's really that simple. You're making the issue and making it seem like you're the victim.
  48. I don't have any [bad] "feelings". But you can believe what you want.
  49. I don't get how it gotto this point with a situation you weren't involved in.
  50. <15:33:18> "Beevers": Pickle talked to me about it and expressed his concern to me so I wanted to look into it. Whiich I can do.
  51. <15:33:56> "Corey Spencer": Anyone can do it. So can he. You should tell him to talk to me. You don't need to be a middle man
  52. <15:34:43> "Corey Spencer": If anything, you talking for him makes it worse because I can't speak to him directly and resolve any underlying issues.
  53. <15:35:36> "Beevers": Then attempt to talk to him.
  55. >>>More After But Didn’t Save<<<
  56. 20:33:56> "Corey Spencer": Lol how tf is "OK. Makes sense. Kl." rude? lol Stop acting like a bitch lol honestly you amaze me sometimes. Just because I didn't accept your friend into the helper team.
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