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  1. [10:07] <krispykrackers> heyu
  2. [10:07] <@daskoon> hi KK
  3. [10:07] <krispykrackers> I can't really chat now but in a bit perhaps
  4. [10:07] <@daskoon> that's cool, no one else can right now either...
  5. [10:07] <@daskoon> in fact some people haven't heard we've been talking
  6. [10:07] <@daskoon> so i'm trying to let them know to be civil
  7. [10:08] <krispykrackers> it's okay. I don't take anything personally and I can underderstand why they're pissed
  8. [10:08] <@daskoon> good, good
  9. [10:08] <@daskoon> an example of what i'm working with...
  10. [10:09] <@daskoon> I just would have said. "Do ye rub yer cunny hole with a dirty finger everytime you unban us for a few hours like a dog you pretend to take the leash off of and laugh as it runs off at full speed only to be choked when it reaches the end of the chain?"
  11. [10:09] <@daskoon> so, yeah... trying to calm some of them down
  12. [10:09] <@daskoon> let them know you didn't reban us and etc.
  13. [10:09] <krispykrackers> and I would say "No, not normally.  Obviously Erik and I have different opinions, and we're working those out at the moment."
  14. [10:09] <@daskoon> right
  15. [10:09] <krispykrackers> Yeah, I didn't reban...
  16. [10:10] <@daskoon> not normally
  17. [10:10] <@daskoon> lmfao
  18. [10:10] <krispykrackers> :)
  19. [10:10] <@daskoon> well, what's in a bit?
  20. [10:10] <@daskoon> you said you couldn't chat now, but in a bit...
  21. [10:15] <@daskoon> krispykrackers shall we set a time? do you have time at lunch or late tonight? or wat?
  22. [10:16] <krispykrackers> i'm getting ready to have a talk with Erik, gotta do some actual work, so maybe like around 1 or 2 ish?
  23. [10:16] <@daskoon> i'll gather the fleet.
  24. [10:17] <@daskoon> thanks!
  25. [10:25] == prosh [3b64ebf7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.redacted] has joined #CJKERS
  26. [10:25] <@daskoon> sup
  27. [10:25] <prosh> Hello
  28. [10:25] <@daskoon> she's not here right now...
  29. [10:25] <prosh> I just clicked on a blue link before reading the rest of your comment.
  30. [10:25] <@daskoon> did you see my thecircleofjerkers post?
  31. [10:26] <@daskoon> ok she's gonna be here at like one or two she said
  32. [10:26] <prosh> Yes, the one with the big blue link to here.
  33. [10:26] <@daskoon> yeah that's the one.
  34. [10:26] <@daskoon> lol
  35. [10:26] <prosh> One or two in what timezone?
  36. [10:26] <@daskoon> oh. shit i never asked
  37. [10:26] <prosh> It is 10:26pm here...
  38. [10:27] <@daskoon> hold on lemme see something real quick
  39. [10:27] <prosh> Where's reddit HQ, or does KK telecommute?
  40. [10:27] <@daskoon> krispykrackers what timezone dear?
  41. [10:27] <@daskoon> i think it's in cali...
  42. [10:27] <@daskoon> but she's in fl
  43. [10:27] <@daskoon> maybe
  44. [10:28] <@daskoon> hold on i'll check up on her twitter
  45. [10:28] <@daskoon> @krispykrackers Orlando, FL
  46. [10:29] <@daskoon> so i think one or two our time
  47. [10:29] <@daskoon> cuz it's 10:30 here too
  48. [10:29] <krispykrackers> EST
  49. [10:29] <@daskoon> thought so thanks!
  50. [10:29] <krispykrackers> np
  51. [10:29] <krispykrackers> hey prosh
  52. [10:29] <prosh> Eek
  53. [10:29] <@daskoon> i forgot it was the internet
  54. [10:29] <prosh> Hello!
  55. [10:29] <prosh> So wait, timezones are hard
  56. [10:30] <prosh> Brb
  57. [10:30] <@daskoon> timezonez is srsz bsnz
  58. [10:30] <prosh> 1 or 2 pm is 1 or 2 am for me...
  59. [10:30] <prosh> Looks like you'll be fielding this one
  60. [10:30] <krispykrackers> I might be done earlier
  61. [10:30] <@daskoon> night owl eh?
  62. [10:30] <krispykrackers> would 12 work?
  63. [10:31] <@daskoon> i'll be here all day if i have to
  64. [10:31] <@daskoon> ;)
  65. [10:31] <prosh> Sure, if that's alright with you.
  66. [10:32] <prosh> My input really isn't that important so you can have it later if you like, I was just hoping to counterbalance whatever Ickisthekiller says...
  67. [10:32] == end3r [5fa86bf9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.redacted] has joined #CJKERS
  68. [10:32] <@daskoon> hi end3r
  69. [10:33] <prosh> Hi there end3r
  70. [10:33] <@daskoon> your input... lol
  71. [10:33] <end3r> oh hai, sup?
  72. [10:33] <prosh> my speakings of my pinions
  73. [10:34] <@daskoon> yea i know
  74. [10:34] <@daskoon> never mind
  75. [10:34] <@daskoon> in the gutter
  76. [10:34] <@daskoon> don't mind me
  77. [10:34] <prosh> que?
  78. [10:34] <end3r> what are we waiting for KKK now?
  79. [10:34] <end3r> woops, *KK
  80. [10:34] <prosh> Looool
  81. [10:35] <@daskoon> wow.   freudian
  82. [10:35] <prosh> They're here at the moment, just busy.
  83. [10:35] <@daskoon> KK is conversing with the queen bee. you know... Erik....
  84. [10:36] <prosh> Apparently she's ready for srs bsns Deep and Meaningful at lunch, 'Murika time.
  85. [10:36] <end3r> Erik rejected me :(  I was so sad.
  86. [10:36] <@daskoon> and doing "real work" but she'll be back around at noonish EST
  87. [10:36] <@daskoon> i'd love for p4 and TYIP to get their asses in here
  88. [10:36] <end3r> what's up with you prosh? haven't seen much of you lately.
  89. [10:36] <prosh> Been busy eh
  90. [10:36] <prosh> But I have spent this week furiously procrastinating
  91. [10:37] <@daskoon> *masturbating
  92. [10:37] <end3r> we missed you!  
  93. [10:38] <prosh> Sorry for not meeting my circular jerking commitments
  94. [10:38] <end3r> hm... p4 should really be here if we're gonna talk srs bsns
  95. [10:38] <prosh> I came back a few times but didn't know where to go after the banination of cjkers...
  96. [10:38] <@daskoon> yeah i'm gonna pm him
  97. [10:39] <end3r> you're forgiven, but just because you're so likable.
  98. [10:39] <@daskoon> i did pm tyip already
  99. [10:39] <prosh> Hopefully they're not drunk
  100. [10:40] <@daskoon> lol
  101. [10:40] <@daskoon> where the fuck did that thing go... oh here it is. brb
  102. [10:40] <prosh> Wat
  103. [10:40] == kyuubee_ [320e4645@gateway/web/freenode/ip.redacted] has joined #CJKERS
  104. [10:41] <@daskoon> was looking for link
  105. [10:41] <@daskoon> hi kyuubee
  106. [10:41] <kyuubee_> hola
  107. [10:41] <end3r> lol lurker!
  108. [10:41] <@daskoon> lurkers are welcome.
  109. [10:42] == missmurrr [4a5c86c1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.redacted] has joined #CJKERS
  110. [10:42] <@daskoon> hi missmurrr
  111. [10:42] <prosh> What's a kyuubee?
  112. [10:42] == fake_ [18b614ad@gateway/web/freenode/ip.redacted] has joined #CJKERS
  113. [10:42] == fake_ [18b614ad@gateway/web/freenode/ip.redacted] has quit [Client Quit]
  114. [10:42] <@daskoon> fake_?
  115. [10:42] <@daskoon> ok..
  116. [10:42] <prosh> Reveal your real names!
  117. [10:42] <end3r> until they evolve to hydralisks...
  118. [10:43] <kyuubee_> a troll character from an anime
  119. [10:43] <end3r> no wait, it's the other way around. fuck
  120. [10:43] <prosh> Wat
  121. [10:43] <@daskoon> so, to the newcomers.... KK isn't here, she's just got the window open. in about an hour she'll be back to talk.
  122. [10:44] <end3r> well fuck, I'll be out in an hour... gotta stuff
  123. [10:44]  * daskoon is trying to start a civil dialouge
  124. [10:44] <prosh> Enjoy said ...stuff
  125. [10:44] <@daskoon> if you must go, then go. leave me some questions to ask her if you want
  126. [10:45] <@daskoon> or points to hit
  127. [10:45] <prosh> *** wants to know how to *make asterisks****
  128. [10:45] <missmurrr> hi
  129. [10:45] <end3r> I always do. so, what's the plan here, anyway?
  130. [10:45]  * prosh kjlsd
  131. [10:45] <@daskoon> type ./me something something something with out the "."
  132. [10:45]  * prosh I win
  133. [10:45]  * prosh But thanks anyway
  134. [10:46] <@daskoon> plan is for disscussion of why we were banned before the rebanning and if we can get circlejerkers back
  135. [10:46]  * end3r slaps people around the room with a trout
  136. [10:46] <@daskoon> maybe on private or something
  137. [10:46] <end3r> haven't dona that in such a long tiem...
  138. [10:46] <end3r> *done
  139. [10:46] == fake_ [18b614ad@gateway/web/freenode/ip.redacted] has joined #CJKERS
  140. [10:46]  * daskoon loves the way trout feels against my skin
  141. [10:46] <fake_> I'm fake because it's not real.
  142. [10:47] <@daskoon> whateves
  143. [10:47] <prosh> What's not real?
  144. [10:47] <@daskoon> at least you're here
  145. [10:47] <end3r> someone is being paranoid
  146. [10:47] <fake_> Just about everything at this point.
  147. [10:47] <@daskoon> this disscusion, i'm sure
  148. [10:47] <prosh> Who's fake_?
  149. [10:47] <fake_> I'm fake.
  150. [10:47] <fake_> The guy on acid.
  151. [10:48] <prosh> .
  152. [10:48]  * daskoon facepalms
  153. [10:48] <fake_> What the fuck?
  154. [10:48]  * prosh ?
  155. [10:49] <prosh> Oh, as in daskoon is making the whole thing up?
  156. [10:49] <prosh> Twist
  157. [10:49] <@daskoon> i guess so.
  158. [10:49] <@daskoon> i'm just the one who's on acid then?
  159. [10:50] <fake_> Yes.
  160. [10:50] <fake_> and me.
  161. [10:50] <@daskoon> so KK loves me. i have tweets to prove it. she says she's low woman on the totem pole, like i said... but she is an admin, and has their ear
  162. [10:51] <@daskoon> i think it's bullshit we cant get circlejerkers back (even on private)
  163. [10:51] <end3r> yeah, we never did anything (seriously) wrong
  164. [10:51] <end3r> just having fun
  165. [10:51] <prosh> I want to know why it was even banned before KK temporarily rebanned
  166. [10:51] <@daskoon> no no no
  167. [10:51] <@daskoon> she didn't reban
  168. [10:51] <end3r> not like we stole ppls monies or kicked puppies
  169. [10:51] <prosh> kleinbl00 finding some tiny technicality or something?
  170. [10:52] <@daskoon> she unbanned without knowing the backstory HP rebanned and came down on her
  171. [10:52] <prosh> Ah
  172. [10:52] <prosh> Well I'd like to know what the ban/reban was actually for
  173. [10:52] <@daskoon> i'm not sayin she's on our side...
  174. [10:53] <end3r> HP sucks, I used to think he was cute,  but I take it back.
  175. [10:53] <@daskoon> but she got into trouble over it too, so like... she's kinda on our raft up this shit river
  176. [10:53] <prosh> As I said in modsext, If the only reason we were banned was for some shitty kleinbl00-TOS-gustapo discovery... we should be unbanned, as f7u12 and all others were
  177. [10:53] <prosh> It's completely unfair to apply rules differently depending on how much you like the subreddit
  178. [10:54] <@daskoon> fake_ are you my penis?
  179. [10:54] <prosh> We also need to find a way to make HP less butthurt and less likely to continue using his secret list of unvafourable redditors on which he bases the banning of subreddits which haven't violated TOS in any way...
  180. [10:54] <prosh> I feel bad for VA
  181. [10:54] <@daskoon> i know he got sucked into this shit storm too
  182. [10:54] <fake_> So....are we just looking for reasons to get people to attack reddit on the content we put out then turn around and shame reddit for the censorship?
  183. [10:54] <prosh> Even though he says he doesn't care, creepyteenagefapmaterial was his baby...
  184. [10:55] <@daskoon> lmfao
  185. [10:55] <prosh> Who's fake and why aren't they making any sense?
  186. [10:55] <prosh> Smells like ickisthekiller
  187. [10:56] <fake_> I'm miso, I figured out what you guys were talking about and I'm on acid.
  188. [10:56] <@daskoon> miso horney
  189. [10:57] <prosh> Lewl
  190. [10:57] <fake_> This was a very productive meeting.
  191. [10:57] <prosh> Bye
  192. [10:57] <end3r> I got a new found respect for VA in all of this, I used to think he was just a douchy suckup... but now I see he's a douche with principals
  193. [10:57] <@daskoon> bye?
  194. [10:57] <prosh> I thought fake_ was leaving
  195. [10:57] <fake_> Sorry.
  196. [10:58] == fake_ [18b614ad@gateway/web/freenode/ip.redacted] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
  197. [10:58] <prosh> Sorry.
  198. [10:58] <@daskoon> end3r VA stuck up for his values for sure
  199. [10:58] <prosh> Lelelel
  200. [10:59] <prosh> I'm also not so confident in HP's leadership/judgement anymore
  201. [10:59] <prosh> Am I correct in assuming they're the Top Gun now that everyone else has left?
  202. [10:59] <@daskoon> prosh thanks for the points and questions. i'll copypasta them to KK if you don't make it to noon/midnight
  203. [10:59] <@daskoon> i duno
  204. [10:59] <@daskoon> maybe
  205. [10:59] <prosh> Sure, thanks
  206. [10:59] <@daskoon> yup
  207. [11:00] <@daskoon> krispykrackers prosh had some questions and i'll send them to you if you don't feel like reading the whole chat log when you get back... ok?
  208. [11:01] <@daskoon> in the meantime...
  209. [11:01] <@daskoon> lets see if we can get anyone else in here for noon?
  210. [11:02] <end3r> platinum4 is the most important one to have here for this
  211. [11:02] <end3r> TIYP as well
  212. [11:02] <@daskoon> 48 readers. pitiful
  213. [11:03] <@daskoon> the way tyip isn't writing me back i dont' think he cares anymore
  214. [11:03] <end3r> he's got his own shit to deal with irl probably
  215. [11:03] <@daskoon> his last post to reddit was an hour ago
  216. [11:04] <@daskoon> i know he saw my PM
  217. [11:04] <end3r> his wireless sucks as far as I know, logs in/logs out
  218. [11:04] <@daskoon> well i don't... know for sure
  219. [11:04] <@daskoon> but i PMed him over an hour ago
  220. [11:04] <end3r> he sadi so the last I talked to him on convore
  221. [11:05] <@daskoon> my poor penis!
  222. [11:05] <end3r> he moved and his new place doesn't have good internet acces
  223. [11:05] <@daskoon> needs to stop stealing his neighbor's and start paying for his own
  224. [11:05] <end3r> why?
  225. [11:06] <@daskoon> well...
  226. [11:06] <@daskoon> he doesn't have to
  227. [11:06] <@daskoon> but if he wants reliable service it would help to pay for it lol
  228. [11:06] <end3r> he just needs to crack a better wireless lololol
  229. [11:07] <@daskoon> maybe he and p4 are still butthurt about the unban reban
  230. [11:07] <@daskoon> and thinks KK was behind it
  231. [11:07] <@daskoon> or something
  232. [11:07] <@daskoon> i dunno
  233. [11:10] <@daskoon> missmurrr you're awful quiet
  234. [11:11] <@daskoon> B&
  235. [11:11] <prosh> Back
  236. [11:11] <@daskoon> hey
  237. [11:11] <@daskoon> you left?
  238. [11:12] <prosh> I did
  239. [11:12] <@daskoon> welcome back then
  240. [11:12] <prosh> Clearly that was noticed and I was missed
  241. [11:12] <@daskoon> indeed
  242. [11:12] <@daskoon> how many readers did circlejerkers have? like 500?
  243. [11:13] == thedevilsdiction [2e74289f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.redacted] has joined #CJKERS
  244. [11:13] <@daskoon> hey devil
  245. [11:13] <thedevilsdiction> well hello dar
  246. [11:13] <@daskoon> ur name got cut off to something that is also a word
  247. [11:13] <prosh> Hello
  248. [11:13] <@daskoon> wait.
  249. [11:13] <thedevilsdiction> yea that's weird
  250. [11:13] <@daskoon> is diction a word?
  251. [11:13] <thedevilsdiction> yeah
  252. [11:13] <@daskoon> it'd worked if you left of "the"
  253. [11:14] <prosh> dic·tionNoun/ˈdikSHən/ 1. The choice and use of words and phrases in speech or writing.
  254. [11:14] <thedevilsdiction> thanks for learnin us prosh
  255. [11:14] <thedevilsdiction> you learned us gud
  256. [11:14] <@daskoon> i feel smater already
  257. [11:14] <thedevilsdiction> my beef is strong!
  258. [11:14] <@daskoon> and long
  259. [11:15] <@daskoon> KK isn't here just yet
  260. [11:15] <thedevilsdiction> so how the hell is an actual admin in your irc channel?
  261. [11:15] <thedevilsdiction> i have to go in a bit
  262. [11:15] <@daskoon> like a boss
  263. [11:15] <thedevilsdiction> but the topic that is of interest to me
  264. [11:15] <@daskoon> ok well type some shit yeah
  265. [11:15] <thedevilsdiction> is how they use the CSS excuse to ban us
  266. [11:16] <thedevilsdiction> when F7U12 swapped out their up and downvote arrows
  267. [11:16] <thedevilsdiction> i'm meeting with the guy who did it IRL shortly
  268. [11:16] <thedevilsdiction> and we did nothing as bold
  269. [11:16] <thedevilsdiction> we aren't that smart, otherwise i'm sure we would have
  270. [11:16] <prosh> Ikr
  271. [11:16] <prosh> OMGLOL
  272. [11:16] <@daskoon> very true
  273. [11:16] <prosh> Breaking news from here in Aus
  274. [11:16] <prosh> View immediately
  275. [11:16] <prosh>
  276. [11:17] <@daskoon> 30 kilos you say?
  277. [11:17] <prosh> "The extra rolls of fat are enveloping his eyes"
  278. [11:18] <@daskoon> sounds like reddit
  279. [11:18] <prosh> It is a perfect analogy
  280. [11:19] <@daskoon> wow. i'll never have that time back in my life
  281. [11:19] <thedevilsdiction> fucking australians
  282. [11:19] <prosh> Ikr
  283. [11:19] <thedevilsdiction> some of you are soooo rude to americans
  284. [11:20] <prosh> Who cares about Libyan war or African famine... Porky the pig is losing weight!
  285. [11:20] <thedevilsdiction> it's fucked up
  286. [11:20] <@daskoon> you guys that can't stay... wanna comment here with your questions and i'll redirect her to them?
  287. [11:20] <@daskoon>
  288. [11:20] <thedevilsdiction> waaaaah
  289. [11:20] <thedevilsdiction> and you whine about how your video games are all censored
  290. [11:21] <thedevilsdiction> portly piggy
  291. [11:21] <krispykrackers> okay guys
  292. [11:21] <krispykrackers> sorry
  293. [11:21] <krispykrackers> i'm available now
  294. [11:21] <prosh> Ahaha
  295. [11:21] <@daskoon> oh my
  296. [11:21] <@daskoon> hi KK
  297. [11:21] <prosh> Awkward time to join the conversation
  298. [11:21] <krispykrackers> sorry
  299. [11:21] <krispykrackers> I haven't been following
  300. [11:21] <@daskoon> don't worry about it
  301. [11:22] <thedevilsdiction> whew
  302. [11:22] <@daskoon> we were talking fat aussie pigs
  303. [11:22] <krispykrackers> nice
  304. [11:22] <krispykrackers> so first things first
  305. [11:22] <krispykrackers> I talked to Erik.  I told him we were having this discussion.
  306. [11:22] <@daskoon> ok
  307. [11:22] <@daskoon> and he fired u
  308. [11:22] <@daskoon> right?
  309. [11:22] <@daskoon> i knew it
  310. [11:22] <krispykrackers> lol! no :)
  311. [11:22] <@daskoon> sorry KK
  312. [11:22] <@daskoon> o good
  313. [11:23] <@daskoon> please, go on then
  314. [11:23] <krispykrackers> I told him that I would ask you all if he could be here, but made it clear that it might be better if he weren't
  315. [11:23] <@daskoon> yeah that might not be the best thing on the first meeting
  316. [11:23] <krispykrackers> that's totally fine
  317. [11:23] <@daskoon> we're all pretty pissed the fuck off at him
  318. [11:23] <prosh> I don't have a problem with him being here.
  319. [11:23] <krispykrackers> And me, I'm sure.
  320. [11:24] <@daskoon> and it would de-evolve fast
  321. [11:24] <prosh> It isn't your fault KK, we know that
  322. [11:24] <thedevilsdiction> me neither
  323. [11:24] <@daskoon> i'm not mad at you KK, you're the one wanting this open disscussion
  324. [11:24] <krispykrackers> I just don't want his presence making any sort of effect on the feedback I want to get here.
  325. [11:24] <@daskoon> exactly
  326. [11:24] <thedevilsdiction> just got off the phone with his other favorite reddit css visionary synth3t1c lol
  327. [11:25] <krispykrackers> I think I"ll just go ahead and make the decision not to have him here for the time being.
  328. [11:25] <@daskoon> i wish p4 or TYIP were here, but that just might go the same way
  329. [11:25] <@daskoon> now that i think about it
  330. [11:25] <krispykrackers> If you want to wait until more people are here, that's okay with me
  331. [11:25] <@daskoon> i made PMs no one showed
  332. [11:25] <@daskoon> lets do this
  333. [11:25] <thedevilsdiction> i have a reddit meetup in an hour
  334. [11:25] <prosh> Sure, I think if more prominent Circlejerkers like TIYP, Ick or p4 were here, it would devolve quickly in his presence.
  335. [11:25] <thedevilsdiction> so can actually only be in here a half hour before i shower etc
  336. [11:26] <krispykrackers> So tell me, why do you guys think CJers got banned?
  337. [11:26] <@daskoon> that's cool lets just get some questions answered if we can
  338. [11:26] <@daskoon> CSS i heard
  339. [11:26] <end3r> I have no idea why
  340. [11:26] <thedevilsdiction> css
  341. [11:26] <@daskoon> was the reason that they give...
  342. [11:26] <krispykrackers> What specifically went on with the CSS?  What changes were made?
  343. [11:26] <@daskoon> mods to look like admins i think
  344. [11:26] <krispykrackers> other than that
  345. [11:26] <thedevilsdiction> i have no idea actually
  346. [11:27] <prosh> Why was Circlejerkers banned prior to your unbanning of it?
  347. [11:27] <prosh> I think we can start from there
  348. [11:27] <@daskoon> like we don't really know WHY
  349. [11:27] <@daskoon> no one tells us. they just ban us
  350. [11:27] <thedevilsdiction> i blame end3r
  351. [11:27] <prosh> HP never elaborated or replied to any messages, and while that seems to be his modus operand for all subreddits, we need to know in order for this discussion to be of any real impact
  352. [11:27] <@daskoon> its kinda funny an admin asking us why...
  353. [11:27] <thedevilsdiction> she's the perfect scapegoat
  354. [11:28] <krispykrackers> Well I didn't know the whole story, and I'm wondering if you guys know what actually happened, because we can't tell who fucks with CSS specifically, and when something happens that's unacceptable, it's impossible to know who did what, and unfortunately everyone gets blamed for it
  355. [11:28] <@daskoon> well what if in the CSS we sign our code?
  356. [11:28] <prosh> I don't understand why we were banned...
  357. [11:28] <end3r> Y U BLAME ME?
  358. [11:28] <krispykrackers> Okay
  359. [11:28] <prosh> The CSS modifications I've heard about were responsible for the subreddit's first ban.
  360. [11:29] <thedevilsdiction> that was a long time ago
  361. [11:29] <prosh> The reason for the most recent one, which you became involved in, is unclear to us.
  362. [11:29] <krispykrackers> we don't want to discourage anyone from messing with the CSS
  363. [11:29] <@daskoon> and what of the question about getting it back under private? so one sees us jerking, no problems
  364. [11:29] <krispykrackers> some of the best CSS hacks we've gotten are from users
  365. [11:29] <krispykrackers> hang on!
  366. [11:29] <krispykrackers> i'm getting there
  367. [11:29] <@daskoon> ok
  368. [11:29] <krispykrackers> Like I said, CSS modifications, for the most part, are hugely beneficial to reddit as a whole
  369. [11:30] <krispykrackers> But apparently, some of the stuff that went on in CJ was actually detrimental to the site
  370. [11:30] <@daskoon> they are neat
  371. [11:30] <prosh> User kleinbl00 has mentioned that his was trawling Cjkers for technical TOS infractions, which other subreddits aren't held accountable for
  372. [11:30] <krispykrackers> don't worry about TOS
  373. [11:30] <prosh> Such as F7U12's modifications
  374. [11:30] <krispykrackers> yes yes I'm getting there
  375. [11:30] <prosh> I think it's unfair to justify banning us on TOS grounds while being lenient to other subreddits
  376. [11:30] <prosh> The rules need to be applied equally
  377. [11:30] <@daskoon> lol let her talk
  378. [11:30] <thedevilsdiction> kk has the conch! let her speak
  379. [11:30] <krispykrackers> don't worry about kleinbl00 either, he's just very vocal
  380. [11:30] <end3r> stfu guys and let her talk
  381. [11:31] <@daskoon> u have the mic KK
  382. [11:31] <krispykrackers> The problem with your specific CSS hacks was that it was malicious and misleading to users.
  383. [11:31] <krispykrackers> Such as
  384. [11:31] <krispykrackers> someone changed certain links to subscribe people automatically to questionable subreddits
  385. [11:31] <@daskoon> oh really?
  386. [11:32] <prosh> What?
  387. [11:32] <end3r> huh I didn't know we were capable of that lol
  388. [11:32] <@daskoon> i didn't even know you could do that
  389. [11:32] <prosh> How is that even possible?
  390. [11:32] <thedevilsdiction> me neither
  391. [11:32] <prosh> Was that the reason for the most recent ban?
  392. [11:32] <@daskoon> copy the subscribe button link address maybe
  393. [11:32] <krispykrackers> nor did I
  394. [11:32] <prosh> And it was from Circlejerkers... to where?
  395. [11:33] <krispykrackers> And unfortunately, we can't tell who did it exactly.  So it looks bad on everyone.
  396. [11:33] <prosh> In the form of a submission to Circklejerkers?
  397. [11:33] <prosh> Or the CSS Stylesheet?
  398. [11:33] <krispykrackers> The stylesheet I presume
  399. [11:33] <@daskoon> so essentially, we showed you a bug you didn't know about?
  400. [11:33] <prosh> So placing a link to another subreddit, in the sidebar?
  401. [11:33] <thedevilsdiction> this sounds like a frame job, if someone did that they would also have to report it or brag about it for it to be caught faster than we could even know it happened
  402. [11:33] <thedevilsdiction> and without our knowledge
  403. [11:33] <krispykrackers> no
  404. [11:33] <prosh> That's the only scenario I can see that working in?
  405. [11:34] <krispykrackers> Changing links that people think are going to take them to one place, actually taking them to another.
  406. [11:34] <prosh> Do you have the specifics of the malicious CSS? I have no idea what you're referring too
  407. [11:34] <krispykrackers> Within a post perhaps
  408. [11:34] <@daskoon> i heard the term click jacking?
  409. [11:34] <thedevilsdiction> none of us are capable of that
  410. [11:34] <prosh> So not the CSS Stylesheet?
  411. [11:34] <end3r> I don't get what's the problem with clickjacking if no money is involed? it's just a prank
  412. [11:35] <krispykrackers> Umm. I'm kind of technologically retarded.  So I'll just give you a specific example.
  413. [11:35] <prosh> End3r, do you have knowledge of it occurring? If not, don't defend it.
  414. [11:35] <thedevilsdiction> we aren't smart enough either
  415. [11:35] <@daskoon> yeah it sounds like a scummy thing to do, even for us
  416. [11:35] <prosh> A specific example would help a lot, preferably one pertaining to us if HP will share it.
  417. [11:36] <krispykrackers> Let's say you click on the "permalink" button, thinking that would take you to where it's supposed to go, but it actually applied malware to your computer or something.  That's malicious and unacceptable.
  418. [11:36] <krispykrackers> I'm not even sure if you could do that, but it's an example of what I'm talking about
  419. [11:36] <prosh> I'm pretty confident such a thing never occured
  420. [11:36] <@daskoon> oh fuck that, we're not out to fuck up the machine. we're just out to fuck with peoples heads
  421. [11:36] <thedevilsdiction> i as well
  422. [11:37] <krispykrackers> Well things like that happened, whether you are aware or not.
  423. [11:37] <prosh> If HP can't provide a recount of what actually happened, I'm not confident int hat explanation.
  424. [11:37] <@daskoon> on circlejerkers?
  425. [11:37] <prosh> If someone were to do that, they'd brag about it or at least share it through modmail
  426. [11:37] <krispykrackers> That's what makes it tough for him.
  427. [11:37] <thedevilsdiction> yeah, it would be in modmail
  428. [11:37] <@daskoon> there are a lot of mods on circlejerkers
  429. [11:37] <thedevilsdiction> which you and we can see
  430. [11:38] <krispykrackers> If he were to go on and on citing specific examples, it would only end up with people doing worse than that hacking.  At least, looking forward, I can see where it would.
  431. [11:38] <@daskoon> the bragging could be done thru emails or some shit
  432. [11:38] <krispykrackers> And we can see your mod mail.  Nothing was said about who did what.
  433. [11:38] <prosh> Would you mind asking him if he found it himself? Or if he relied on some form of program or a report from another user.
  434. [11:38] <@daskoon> i would say it was a report, no?
  435. [11:39] <krispykrackers> No, he knows for sure himself.  That's why this was really difficult for him.
  436. [11:39] <thedevilsdiction> css should have an ip stamp like wikipedia does
  437. [11:39] <krispykrackers> I'm not here to justify his actions.
  438. [11:39] == end3r [5fa86bf9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.redacted] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
  439. [11:39] <prosh> I don't see how this conversation can progress without him detailing the specifics of the situation
  440. [11:39] <thedevilsdiction> we probably added someone who was out to get us
  441. [11:39] <prosh> This is all news to me
  442. [11:39] <krispykrackers> you're right, thedevilsdiction
  443. [11:39] <krispykrackers> but unfortunately we don't have those types of tools
  444. [11:39] <krispykrackers> which is another problem with reddit
  445. [11:39] <@daskoon> 60+ mods, someone was out to get us
  446. [11:39] <krispykrackers> we are very, very limited in what we can and can't do
  447. [11:39] <prosh> So is this malicious CSS the reason behind the most recent ban?
  448. [11:40] <krispykrackers> The most recent ban was my fault.
  449. [11:40] <prosh> There weren't many Mods then, were there?
  450. [11:40] <prosh> Sorry, the most recent ban prior to your rebanning
  451. [11:40] <krispykrackers> I read the unban request in redditrequest, and a very, very good argument was made
  452. [11:40] <@daskoon> everyone was a mod
  453. [11:40] <krispykrackers> I didn't know the whole back story, and I agreed with the argument (the f7u12 argument)
  454. [11:40] <krispykrackers> so I unbanned you guys.  then I got in trouble.  and now, here we are.
  455. [11:40] <@daskoon> yea thats what i thought
  456. [11:41] <@daskoon> what of the private thing tho. if nobody else can see our malicious code, its only malious to us
  457. [11:41] <krispykrackers> well
  458. [11:41] <krispykrackers> That would be fine in my eyes.
  459. [11:41] <prosh> I don't think it's fair to plead for unbanning just yet
  460. [11:41] <krispykrackers> In fact, I almost suggested it
  461. [11:41] <prosh> We need to uncover what occured
  462. [11:41] <prosh> And what HueyPriest's issues were
  463. [11:42] <krispykrackers> I emailed daskoon the CSS code the other week
  464. [11:42] <thedevilsdiction> well krispykrackers  you lay with dogs you get fleas, to quote a notable redditor
  465. [11:42] <thedevilsdiction> sorry we gave you fleas
  466. [11:42] <krispykrackers> But the malicious stuff was probably already deleted
  467. [11:42] <krispykrackers> lol!
  468. [11:42] <prosh> So HP deleted the Malicious CSS?
  469. [11:42] <prosh> Without recording what it was or what it did?
  470. [11:42] <prosh> ...
  471. [11:42] <krispykrackers> I don't know if he did, or if the person who did it did, or anything
  472. [11:43] <prosh> Is this supposed malicious CSS responsible for the ban that you removed? I'd appreciate it if you could clarify that important point.
  473. [11:43] <krispykrackers> and he didn't say that he did, so I'm going plead ignorance.
  474. [11:43] <krispykrackers> I don't know.
  475. [11:43] <thedevilsdiction> now i'm embarassed that krispykrackers even has to deal with this lol, i mean.. silly drama
  476. [11:43] <krispykrackers> It's okay
  477. [11:43] <thedevilsdiction> over some text code someone typed
  478. [11:43] <@daskoon> well look, lets just say... hypothectically... HP or someone who had it out for us and got a sockpuppet account to befreind us.
  479. [11:44] <prosh> Daskoon, that's pretty unlikely
  480. [11:44] <krispykrackers> HP has more important things to do than that
  481. [11:44] <thedevilsdiction> it was the zionists!
  482. [11:44] <@daskoon> then they got modded because we hand them out like candy
  483. [11:44] <prosh> Without any specifics on the issue I don't see how the ban can possibly be maintained
  484. [11:44] <@daskoon> eh. i dunno
  485. [11:44] <krispykrackers> trust me, he doesn't like this situation either, and admits that he could have handled it better
  486. [11:44] <@daskoon> well then do it
  487. [11:44] <@daskoon> lol
  488. [11:45] <prosh> Your argument, or HP's which you are repeating, has thus far been nothing more than "there was malicious css or something, it could have possibly done x, but it's deleted now"
  489. [11:45] <krispykrackers> No
  490. [11:45] <krispykrackers> This conversation isn't over
  491. [11:45] <prosh> Of course not
  492. [11:45] <krispykrackers> and will probably result in some community management changes for reddit as a whole
  493. [11:45] <@daskoon> look, if we're on private, what harm can it do
  494. [11:45] <thedevilsdiction> we're beta testers!
  495. [11:45] <prosh> But from what you've said, I don't see how it justifies the ban.
  496. [11:46] <thedevilsdiction> very very naughty beta testers
  497. [11:46] <@daskoon> fuck that
  498. [11:46] <@daskoon> we're alpha testers
  499. [11:46] <@daskoon> we're testing the alphas
  500. [11:46] <@daskoon> that's for sure
  501. [11:46] <krispykrackers> Why do you think it isn't justified?  Someone in your group was threatening the integrity of the site, and we don't know who it was.  I'm not saying I would have made the same move Erik did, but *something* had to be done.
  502. [11:47] <@daskoon> i think he's saying its to vague
  503. [11:47] <krispykrackers> And this is a completely unprecedented circumstance.
  504. [11:47] <@daskoon> something something something dark side
  505. [11:47] <prosh> I'm sure you understand that I can't just take this vague recollection of evil CSS as an appropriate reason
  506. [11:47] <thedevilsdiction> so that's point #1, is there more, as you eluded to?
  507. [11:47] <krispykrackers> He has to be vague.  Because the next steps are unclear for everyone.
  508. [11:47] <prosh> I'm sorry, I don't understand.
  509. [11:47] <@daskoon> yes, lets move on to other points
  510. [11:48] <thedevilsdiction> well look KK, i just said i am friends IRL with synth3t1c
  511. [11:48] <@daskoon> we're getting nowehre here
  512. [11:48] <thedevilsdiction> and i know what he did to get F7U12 banned
  513. [11:48] <krispykrackers> There was voting cheating going on as well.
  514. [11:48] <prosh> Why Circlejerkers is currently banned is probably the most important point of all
  515. [11:48] <thedevilsdiction> and i am not copying that anywhere on my subreddits
  516. [11:48] <krispykrackers> Which we take very, very, very seriously
  517. [11:48] <thedevilsdiction> we learn our lesson, TIYP forbade us from doing teh same mistakes twice
  518. [11:48] <prosh> Vote cheating?
  519. [11:48] <krispykrackers> I don't care who you're friends with IRL honestly.
  520. [11:48] <prosh> As in "karma parties" and the like?
  521. [11:48] <thedevilsdiction> they flipped the up and down arrows around on that site i told you
  522. [11:48] <krispykrackers> Sure that's one
  523. [11:49] <prosh> That is what kleinbl00 was reporting?
  524. [11:49] <@daskoon> precious karma
  525. [11:49] <krispykrackers> Well, that's not so much an issue (the flipping votes things)
  526. [11:49] <thedevilsdiction> krispykrackers  my point is, if i wanted malicious CSS code i can get it from the source, but nobody wants a ban
  527. [11:49] <prosh> It's hard to maintain several conversations with the one person at once, perhaps we should take turns?
  528. [11:49] <krispykrackers> Well apparently it happened a few times
  529. [11:49] <thedevilsdiction> even dogs learn not to go outside the invisble fencing
  530. [11:49] <krispykrackers> prosh I think you're right
  531. [11:49] <krispykrackers> Are we still discussing the CSS hacks?
  532. [11:50] <@daskoon> if you have no more info on it
  533. [11:50] <@daskoon> then i guess not
  534. [11:50] <prosh> If you can't go into any more detail than just stating "they happened, therefore ban" I don't see how we can move forward on that issue
  535. [11:50] <krispykrackers> Not really.  I'm just letting you know that that's one of the bigger reasons.
  536. [11:50] <prosh> So it's best to move on to the "karma party" issue
  537. [11:50] <@daskoon> ok moving on then
  538. [11:50] <krispykrackers> okay
  539. [11:50] <krispykrackers> Yes, so voting fraud was also happening
  540. [11:51] <krispykrackers> Which is certainly a reason for a user ban
  541. [11:51] <thedevilsdiction> i don't believe it, i believe HP has better things to do but.. anyhow... it can't be helped.. but nobody is that smart to comit vote fraud
  542. [11:51] <prosh> Are you able to expand on that?
  543. [11:51] <@daskoon> fraud
  544. [11:51] <prosh> How would a subreddit be able to participate in vote fraud?
  545. [11:51] <@daskoon> we all upvote eachother's derps?
  546. [11:51] <prosh> Is that not the work of individual users and external networks?
  547. [11:51] <krispykrackers> Honestly, no, because that goes into our spamming security, which can't be publicly discussed
  548. [11:51] <@daskoon> wait wait wait we're going all at once again
  549. [11:52] <prosh> So is it or is it not possible for a Subreddit, as a construct, to be responsible for vote fraud?
  550. [11:52] <krispykrackers> lol daskoon... I know they're just "derps" to you, but when cheating is happening there, it can happen in other places as well
  551. [11:52] <@daskoon> KK, explain this fraud shit please
  552. [11:52] <krispykrackers> We have to be very very careful when it comes to votes
  553. [11:53] <prosh> Individuals, either working alone or with networks formed outside of Reddit, execute vote fraud
  554. [11:53] <krispykrackers> Because that is the very foundation reddit was laid on
  555. [11:53] <@daskoon> karma is serious bsnz
  556. [11:53] <prosh> The CSS Sylesheet in r/Circlejerkers wasn't committing voter fraud
  557. [11:53] <krispykrackers> I know it seems silly, but it's more important than it sounds.
  558. [11:53] <prosh> So I don't see why that would justify banning the subreddit
  559. [11:53] <thedevilsdiction> WAIT, does this have anything to do with /r/4chan and their script that would let you downvote an entire page of comments?
  560. [11:53] <krispykrackers> no, the vote shills had nothing to do with the CSS hacks.
  561. [11:53] <krispykrackers> I don't know
  562. [11:53] <thedevilsdiction> i hope nobody was stupid enough to try that
  563. [11:53] <@daskoon> ikr
  564. [11:54] <@daskoon> it does sound silly. what's so important about karma?
  565. [11:54] <thedevilsdiction> i agree karma is important, the spam filter attacks you if you lose enough
  566. [11:54] <@daskoon> i'd love to know this
  567. [11:54] <@daskoon> o
  568. [11:54] <prosh> So KK, are you saying that vote fraud executed by individual users is why the entire subreddit is banned?
  569. [11:54] <thedevilsdiction> t's like the matrix
  570. [11:54] <@daskoon> no i think we're going over many reasons
  571. [11:54] <prosh> If so, why aren't every other subreddits those users subscribe too also banned?
  572. [11:55] <krispykrackers> Well and if people feel cheated as far as votes are concerned, they'll stop voting, which can lead to a spam-laden site
  573. [11:55] <krispykrackers> and pretty much the end of the community
  574. [11:55] <prosh> Sorry, are you responding to me?
  575. [11:55] <krispykrackers> no, thedevilsdiction
  576. [11:55] <prosh> Okay, would you be able to also address the points I've made?
  577. [11:56] <krispykrackers> prosh, the fraud was coming from mods as well, not just users
  578. [11:56] <prosh> The subreddit had over 150 moderators at one point
  579. [11:56] <@daskoon> ok, so the real issue here is reddit's stability as a whole. interesting. didn't know we had it in us.
  580. [11:56] <krispykrackers> because *sometimes* it had CSS hackery involved
  581. [11:56] <prosh> And if moderators were responsible, why not remove the moderators?
  582. [11:56] <thedevilsdiction> i have to leave but prosh's question is key here, let me know the answer later, thanks kk
  583. [11:57] <@daskoon> bye devils
  584. [11:57] <prosh> Was this *sometimes* involvement present in the Cjkers case in any way?
  585. [11:57] <prosh> Potential violations are even less of a reason to ban a subreddit
  586. [11:57] == thedevilsdiction [2e74289f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.redacted] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
  587. [11:57] <krispykrackers> prosh because there were only a couple of ways that Erik had to deal with this, and he chose X instead of Y
  588. [11:57] <@daskoon> wonder what y was
  589. [11:57] <prosh> So what is the point of this conversation?
  590. [11:58] <@daskoon> answer questions. open dialouge... the like
  591. [11:58] <krispykrackers> I wanted you guys to know the story, and voice your opinion, and let you know that we do listen and we do care.
  592. [11:58] <prosh> But we don't know the story
  593. [11:58] <krispykrackers> This is a really touchy situation, and I'd like to know all sides of the story.  To be fair to everyone.
  594. [11:58] <krispykrackers> I don't either, hence why I'm talking to you guys
  595. [11:58] <prosh> I appreciate that this may deal with sensitive areas
  596. [11:58] <@daskoon> ok then get HP in here fuck it
  597. [11:58] <@daskoon> eh maybe not
  598. [11:59] <prosh> But so far you've really only said "Hueypriest chose option Y"
  599. [11:59] <@daskoon> X
  600. [11:59] <@daskoon> he chose X
  601. [11:59] <prosh> No explanation of why that was chosen, nor any ways in which that could be changed
  602. [11:59] <prosh> Or reasons why change is not possible
  603. [11:59] <@daskoon> can we get to the private thing maybe?
  604. [11:59] <krispykrackers> Well I'm not telepathic, and like I said, he understands that he might not have made the perfect decision
  605. [11:59] <@daskoon> still the issue of karma in private subs i suppose
  606. [12:00] <prosh> So it's "My decision was flawed, deal with it"? That seems even less appropriate.
  607. [12:00] <krispykrackers> and we're working on a solution
  608. [12:00] <krispykrackers> No
  609. [12:00] <krispykrackers> Nothing is permanent
  610. [12:00] <@daskoon> prosh calm down
  611. [12:00] == tiyp [4716f264@gateway/web/freenode/ip.redacted] has joined #CJKERS
  612. [12:00] <prosh> I'm calm
  613. [12:00] <krispykrackers> But making another knee-jerk decision might not be the best way to go about it either
  614. [12:00] <@daskoon> oh shit
  615. [12:00] <prosh> HI TIYP
  616. [12:00] <@daskoon> my leige
  617. [12:00] <prosh> Lol
  618. [12:00] <prosh> Ho hum, do we need to cover the same ground again now?
  619. [12:00] <tiyp> u may kiss my ring
  620. [12:00] <krispykrackers> Does that make sense?
  621. [12:01]  * daskoon kissing the ring
  622. [12:01] <krispykrackers> Anyone want to tl;dr?
  623. [12:01] <krispykrackers> for tiyp?
  624. [12:01] <tiyp> um no, i catch on prety quick
  625. [12:01] <tiyp> Hello KK
  626. [12:01] <krispykrackers> hi there
  627. [12:01] <@daskoon> HP chose x instead of y
  628. [12:01] <prosh> the end
  629. [12:01] <krispykrackers> And I chose B for some reason
  630. [12:01] <tiyp> or not
  631. [12:02] <krispykrackers> daskoon Were you serious about getting him in here?
  632. [12:02] <prosh> Tiyp, would you be able to contain yourself if HP joined this conversation?
  633. [12:02] <@daskoon> CSS malicous karma partying bastards we all are
  634. [12:02] <tiyp> it was like a remake of 48 Hours but not funny
  635. [12:02] <prosh> lel
  636. [12:02] <@daskoon> krispykrackers yeah he's the bauce i figured he knows the most about it
  637. [12:03] <tiyp> i have no problem other than calling him a motherfucker a couple of days ago in the heat of passion
  638. [12:03] <prosh> He would probably be in a position to explain the issues, not just restate that they occurred. No offence to you, you're working with what you know.
  639. [12:03] <tiyp> where is doublespace?
  640. [12:03] <krispykrackers> daskoon If his presence starts getting the conversation retarded, will you just boot him and apologize?  I don't want to waste anyone's time here.
  641. [12:03] <@daskoon> civility is what i want in here
  642. [12:03] <prosh> Agreed
  643. [12:03] <@daskoon> i'll boot whoever the fuck starts shit
  644. [12:04] <@daskoon> i have no prob with that
  645. [12:04] <@daskoon> us or ya'll
  646. [12:04] <krispykrackers> No. I want you people here.
  647. [12:04] <@daskoon> you people?
  648. [12:04] <krispykrackers> The only reason I'm here is to talk to y'all
  649. [12:04] <@daskoon> wtf do you mean you people
  650. [12:04] <krispykrackers> You circlejerkers :)
  651. [12:04] <@daskoon> lol
  652. [12:04] <@daskoon> jk
  653. [12:04] <prosh> "you people"
  654. [12:04] <krispykrackers> hehe
  655. [12:04] <prosh> We should litigate
  656. [12:04] <@daskoon> ok look, if he's gonna be chill, i think it'd be good
  657. [12:05] <krispykrackers> Anyway.  Erik: yay or nay?
  658. [12:05] <@daskoon> i vote yay
  659. [12:05] <prosh> Bring in HP, he can leave if someone goes kleinbl00-rant on him
  660. [12:05] <@daskoon> get to the bottom of this shit
  661. [12:05] <tiyp> sorry i blacked out
  662. [12:05] <prosh> Are you over BAC 0.8?
  663. [12:05] <@daskoon> erik, yay or nay tiyp
  664. [12:05] == hueypriest1 [~hueypries@] has joined #CJKERS
  665. [12:06] <@daskoon> yay it is
  666. [12:06] <hueypriest1> sup
  667. [12:06] <krispykrackers> Hey Erik!
  668. [12:06] <prosh> Hi
  669. [12:06] <prosh> I can has concise explanation of why Circlejerkers is currently banned?
  670. [12:06] <tiyp> hey Erik
  671. [12:06] <hueypriest1> i gotta run in a few
  672. [12:06] <@daskoon> hey hp thanks for coming
  673. [12:06] <krispykrackers> I understand
  674. [12:06] <hueypriest1> sure
  675. [12:06] <tiyp> sorry about the up yours
  676. [12:06] <hueypriest1> one sec
  677. [12:06] <@daskoon> HP has the mic guys.
  678. [12:06] <hueypriest1> so
  679. [12:06] <tiyp> well
  680. [12:06] <hueypriest1> cjerkers is a special case
  681. [12:07] <@daskoon> short bus special
  682. [12:07] <hueypriest1> because 1) you have a lot of mods
  683. [12:07] <tiyp> please no heckling
  684. [12:07] <prosh> 150+ at one point, IIRC
  685. [12:07] <hueypriest1> 2) we can't tell (without a lot of work) who was doing what in css
  686. [12:07] <hueypriest1> we'll add better tools there eventually
  687. [12:08] <hueypriest1> a few of the cjerkers were banned from reddit repeatedly for things that had to do w cjerkers and things that didnt
  688. [12:08] <hueypriest1> i cant go into detail but we;re talking about cheating votes etc category of stuff
  689. [12:08] <hueypriest1> also the karma party raids, the css link jacking on "read More"
  690. [12:09] <hueypriest1> that's the kind of stuff that made me ban you guys permenantly
  691. [12:09] <@daskoon> permantly?
  692. [12:09] <hueypriest1> if we had better tools to scapel out the offenders we would
  693. [12:09] <prosh> So the entire subreddit is banned due to the actions of individuals?
  694. [12:09] <tiyp> but not
  695. [12:09] <hueypriest1> but we dont
  696. [12:09] <hueypriest1> it's a bit unfair to punish the sub reddit colelctively I know
  697. [12:09] <prosh> Very
  698. [12:10] <prosh> Probably the most unfair way of approaching the issue to be honest
  699. [12:10] <hueypriest1> but if you keep modding people who use the sub as a way to undermine reddit, what else are we supposed to do
  700. [12:10] <krispykrackers> prosh but like I said before, he had to do something.  And there's only option X or Y, and since X couldn't be done, he chose Y
  701. [12:10] <hueypriest1> i believe I unbanned cjerkers at least 3 times
  702. [12:10] <tiyp> whoa, undermine reddit?
  703. [12:10] <@daskoon> what about the question of a private sub?
  704. [12:10] <hueypriest1> after various css or raid issues
  705. [12:11] <prosh> I don't think private is appropriate or fair, nor does it prevent Hueypriest's issues from reoccurring
  706. [12:11] <hueypriest1> tricking users into subscribing to your reddit by making a link look like site navigation = undermining reddit
  707. [12:11] <hueypriest1> csslink jacking to get upvotes = undermining reddit
  708. [12:11] <@daskoon> prosh oh yeah  i guess not
  709. [12:11] <prosh> Could you detail the specifics of that linkjacking?
  710. [12:11] <hueypriest1> i am opne to unbanning it
  711. [12:11] <@daskoon> if?
  712. [12:11] <hueypriest1> *open
  713. [12:12] <tiyp> another button undoes the 'damage'
  714. [12:12] <prosh> I think I have a solution
  715. [12:12] <hueypriest1> and I believe there IS a place for circlejerkers at reddit
  716. [12:12] <prosh> What if we agreed TIYP were to be the only moderator?
  717. [12:12] <@daskoon> lmfao
  718. [12:12] <tiyp> omfg
  719. [12:12] <prosh> That would prevent others from doing the naughty with CSS, right?
  720. [12:12] <prosh> And the special ones could have a place on the sidebar or be approved submitters
  721. [12:12] <krispykrackers> what is it prosh?
  722. [12:12] <tiyp> but i would be lonely
  723. [12:13] <prosh> While making the actual subreddit and the areas you have issues with in the safe hands of one dictator
  724. [12:13] <krispykrackers> That's a step in the right direction, imo
  725. [12:13] <hueypriest1> i think that's reasonable
  726. [12:13] <prosh> For lack of a better word
  727. [12:13] <prosh> And you could simply ban us if TIYP gets drunk and adds 150 moderators again.
  728. [12:13] <krispykrackers> but what's to stop you from modding someone for an hour or so, then they do something bad, then you get blamed for it?
  729. [12:13] <tiyp> The original CSS admin thing was all me n P4 bombed late one night, I claimed full bad on that one
  730. [12:14] <prosh> I'm not sure, it would probably have to be a trust thing between you and TIYP
  731. [12:14] <@daskoon> CSS the add a mod button out
  732. [12:14] <hueypriest1> well soon we will have better tools to tell exactly who did what in css without digging into logs
  733. [12:14] <prosh> Unless you could disable it
  734. [12:15] <@daskoon> yeah i can see this progressing towards something
  735. [12:15] <hueypriest1> we could do it by css
  736. [12:15] <hueypriest1> same as you
  737. [12:15] <prosh> Are you referring to limiting moderators?
  738. [12:15] <prosh> Or something similar
  739. [12:15] <hueypriest1> yeah, we don't have any special tools there
  740. [12:16] <hueypriest1> same ones you have
  741. [12:16] <@daskoon> but the fun (and major problem, apparently) of cjerkers was everyday it was different because every day because of the 150+ mods
  742. [12:16] <prosh> It would be a shame if CSS modification were completely disabled, I think custom styles are a key part of Circlejerkers
  743. [12:16] <hueypriest1> yeah
  744. [12:16] <hueypriest1> and I like that
  745. [12:16] <krispykrackers> Erik is right, our code is still very threadbare as far as moderation is concerned
  746. [12:16] <tiyp> did we have the most mods evar?
  747. [12:16] <hueypriest1> we want mods to play w the css
  748. [12:16] <hueypriest1> and the format/rules etc
  749. [12:16] <prosh> Just not maliciously
  750. [12:16] <hueypriest1> right
  751. [12:16] <krispykrackers> exactly
  752. [12:17] <hueypriest1> and I don't want to make a list of rules
  753. [12:17] <krispykrackers> and it's hard to have a hard definition of "malicious"
  754. [12:17] <@daskoon> ikr
  755. [12:17] <hueypriest1> bc for example /r/f7u12 uses zhsare or whatever to make the reddit a redirect
  756. [12:17] <hueypriest1> awesome hack
  757. [12:17] <prosh> I suppose it depends on the individual circumstance, so a definitive set of rules wouldn't work
  758. [12:17] <hueypriest1> but the same technical tool was used to spoof reddit being down the other day.
  759. [12:17] <hueypriest1> not cool
  760. [12:18] <@daskoon> that was me sorry.
  761. [12:18] <@daskoon> jk
  762. [12:18] <tiyp> is it true that most of the bans came directly as a result of reader complaints?
  763. [12:18] <prosh> Right, which resulted in their brief ban, which was used to argue the cast for Circlejerkers also being unbanned
  764. [12:18] <@daskoon> i have no idea how to do that
  765. [12:18] <prosh> *the case
  766. [12:18] <krispykrackers> tiyp Not at all
  767. [12:18] <prosh> Which KrispyKrackers felt was compelling, though you obviously didn't
  768. [12:19] <prosh> Would you mind explaining that?
  769. [12:20]  * daskoon is waiting on baited breath
  770. [12:20]  * prosh is slowly turning blue
  771. [12:20] <prosh> Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned it
  772. [12:20] <prosh> I know there was some admin tension going on there, If you don't want to address it that's fine
  773. [12:21] <hueypriest1> sorry i was busy unbanning /r/circlejerkers
  774. [12:21] <krispykrackers> :)
  775. [12:21] <hueypriest1> i have to run
  776. [12:21] <hueypriest1> it's unbanned
  777. [12:21] <prosh> Though hopefully you can see why we saw the 30 so hours of being unbanned confusing
  778. [12:21] <prosh> Ohlol
  779. [12:21] <hueypriest1> please remove the rest of the mods besides tiyp
  780. [12:21] <@daskoon> i just got chills
  781. [12:21] <krispykrackers> yeah prosh that was my fault
  782. [12:21] <krispykrackers> I unbanned without consulting Erik first, which was a mistake on my part
  783. [12:22] <@daskoon> if you need help with making some CSS tools that can help you...
  784. [12:22] <prosh> Right, TIYP Dictator gogogogo
  785. [12:22] <@daskoon> i'm not the one to talk to
  786. [12:22] <hueypriest1> time for lunch. gotta run. have fun, FAGS!
  787. ________________
  790. [12:22] <prosh> Lol
  791. [12:22] <prosh> Bye!
  792. [12:22] <prosh> Printscreensforposterity
  793. [12:23] <krispykrackers> LOLOL
  794. [12:23] <@daskoon> copy entire chatlog for submission
  795. [12:23] <krispykrackers> That's fine
  796. [12:23] <@daskoon> prob too long
  797. [12:23] <krispykrackers> def
  798. [12:23] <krispykrackers> I'm glad that this conversation actually went somewhere though
  799. [12:24] <@daskoon> thanks again KK. see you tomorow when we get re banned
  800. [12:24] <prosh> Me too
  801. [12:24] <prosh> Loldaskoon
  802. [12:24] <prosh> So we remove all but TIYP and go from there?
  803. [12:24] <hueypriest1> if you guys can stay out of trouble for a while you can ad more mods
  804. [12:24] <@daskoon> i guess
  805. [12:24] <@daskoon> probation
  806. [12:24] <prosh> With whatever CSS or future moderation tools?
  807. [12:24] <hueypriest1> but for now, TIYP is dictater
  808. [12:24] <prosh> Sounds good!
  809. [12:24] <hueypriest1> something like that
  810. [12:24] <@daskoon> i'll take it
  811. [12:24] == hueypriest1 [~hueypries@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
  812. [12:24] <prosh> I will take full credit for this resolution
  813. [12:24] <prosh> Lelele
  814. [12:24] <krispykrackers> LOL daskoon
  815. [12:25] <@daskoon> i take no credit. it was just my idea and all
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