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  1. hi everybody today we will talk about our gap year. during this gap year  we will go to turkey because it's a beautifull country with a lot of activities to do and a lot of cultural places to visit like the rupestre museum or the great bazar of istambul.To this gap year we will take like 2000$ and go there by plane because it's  faster than take the car or the train but they when we are in turkey we will take the car or the public transports.
  2. during this gap year we will travel a lot to discover the country and the culture ,do a lot of activities to discover the country, have fun and rest . The activities we will
  3. do during this gap year could be like skydiving to see the landscape better and for the adrenaline , some jet ski to see the Black sea and
  4. have fun and finally some shopping like in the great bazar of istambul to buy some reminders from this trip/ gap year.
  5. To sleep we will take a hostel not necessarily a good hotel but not a shitty hotel.
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