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  1. [2019/08/25]Kabriel squeeze.
  2. [2019/08/25]Evelien gave a little squirm, feeling arms around her, looking over her shoulder a little as a telltale grey-furred square on a handsome chin nudge up against her jawline and over her shoulder, feeling the lean of a chest of a man much taller curl down against her shoulders, putting two and two together as she let out a happy "Kabriel~"
  3. [2019/08/25]Kabriel ran those arms of his up along the female's body, his hands pushing right under her shirt and parting her fur as they graced along. His smooth hardened fingertips glided along smoothly, but pointed nails traced along close enough to leave behind a lingering bite. Finally they reached her breast, cupping one hand over each while the male nosed along the right side of Evelien's neck. "Evelien."
  4. [2019/08/25]Evelien Her toes curled to the intimate touch, one toe pointing and causing her hips to squew and her body to nudge back a little, arch in the lower back causing a nice sweeping run from hip to underbust as her loose attire was bunched up over his rising wrist. Letting off a soft and happy groan as fingers found their mark and pressed up into that erogenous grope "Rhh, I was wondering when I'd get a fun booty-call off you~" she remarked.
  5. [2019/08/25]Kabriel nudged gently along his companion's neck slowly, his calm exhale through his nostrils tickling her fur while his hands squeezed each breast firmly. "I find that letting meat age makes it taste all the more better when you finally indulge. It aches, to stand by for so long..." The unicorn's hands move away from her beast, and one arm remained hooked around her while the other came up. It moved over her neck, and up to her lower jaw where it cupped around and angled her face up to leave his eyes staring down into Evelien's. "... but it's well worth the wait." Kabriel closed the distance between their lips and passionately kissed her, and kept his hand over her neck in place where it slowly squeezed.
  6. [2019/08/25]Evelien Gave a little slow breath in as her body crackled with an almost electrical tingle, goosebumps at his casual referral to her as aged meat. Voreacious teasing was one of her true delights, but always nervous to rub shoulders with those with intent, less it shortened her lifespan, but here she was seduced. It was obvious he had the body and the attitude to do so, she felt like a teenager once more in the arms of someone so experienced and tender, and the kiss just had her melting in his grasp, the confident grasp around her neck just making her more inclined to arch and press into him, wanton and lustful to be at his mercy in this sexual manner, he was setting her needs ablaze.
  7. [2019/08/25]Kabriel 's tongue crept forward and pushed into Evelien's parted lips. It wasn't much at first, but it suddenly grew quite broad and thick, like he was part giraffe. It didn't just stop with a mouthful as it went right down her throat as the two exchanged saliva and bated breath. The hand at the female's throat turned slightly so his long elegant fingers could wrap around her neck, keeping a hold while his other arm began to dip down. Just like he had when he first touched her, those smooth fingertips pushed through her fur as they journeyed lower until they reached the hem of Evelien's pants. There was a brief pause, but what followed was rather quick and fluid-like as that hand dipped right in right under the elastic of her undergarments. Two fingers dipped right into her and basked in the warmth of her groin.
  8. [2019/08/25]Evelien The tongue was accepted so quickly, almost expecting it sooner and letting of a little soft grunt of delight, almost catharsis in a little release of her expectations. Meeting it with her own but so quickly and arousingly out-classed as it just rolled with hers for a few moments, before diving down her throat. Her body reacted as it would, gagging gently as a hand so defensively came up to cup at her own neck, finding his fingers layered on over them in such pleasurable control, almost as if finding him so in control was relaxing to her as her grasping fingertips relented and instead stroked softly from chin, to his wrist and down a little in a trace of his tongue's antics.
  9. All of this made her quite warm to the touch, when hands flowed down and allowed her bunched up shirt to drop, and down underneath her underwear hem to dive in-between her legs, squeezing thighs around that invading hand. (Mmhn, you're a delight)
  10. [2019/08/25]Kabriel continued to passionately kiss Evelien all while his tongue remained lodged down her throat. It was thick enough that it blocked off her airways, leaving the female with only a lungful of air to keep her up. He didn't know how long she could hold out, but he watched her body language closely, and it was on the verge of her first struggle that his broad tongue retracted back into his mouth and he broke the kiss. Thin strands of saliva bridged between their mouths, but the weight of gravity broke them, leaving the quickly cooling spit to tingle over Evelien's lips. At the same time, the twin fingers he had plunged into her womb pulled right out, carrying with them the female's scent and taste. With that hand at her throat keeping her head angled upward, his other hand came right up and dipped those fingers in, smearing right across her tongue. "Aged to perfection, but I think we could do with a little... tenderizing. Undress for me when you're done cleaning my fingers."
  11. [2019/08/25]Evelien That deep tonguing kiss continued right up to the point where she was starting to squirm for a breath, those eyes lidding softly. Darkening corners of vision causing her to struggle lightly and with the most gentle of submission taps against his clasping hand, that tongue relented followed by the light bit of throat-slime and saliva mix, making for a thick little bridge of spittle that split, and fell down against her chin. Lips parted as his fingers came up, obedient and in earnest, expecting her own taste but as that flavour sweetened her tongue she couldn't help but 'mlem' in a little muffled and mouthed comment over or more around his fingers. Urged to clean, her lips closed over them, a hand taking hold of his wrist and keeping him nice and steady for her gliding tongue, before letting him go, fingers cleaned of all but her now matted saliva, so thoroughly applied.
  12. eagerly she slipped by him, hip-bumping her door closed as hands rushed to her shirt hem, brushing bast his right side in a full circle around him as she just walked away, shirt flying off in a light lead and follow to her bedroom. Expecting him to understand the little green-lighting, especially as ass was flashed as she dipped around the door ahead of him. Clothes just left in a breadcrumb trail.
  13. [2019/08/25]Kabriel 's demeanor was calm and controlled, keeping a tight lead on his feelings in the moment. Was he enjoying the interaction, was he becoming aroused by the attention and sensation around his fingers? He was very hard to read, but given that he had not outright denied the female any interaction meant that he did want these things. Finally his hand was free, and Evelien was out of his grasp as she skipped along, leading Kabriel to her bedroom. He'd also undress, but unlike the fox he was more delicate with his clothes. He'd fold each piece neatly, setting it on a surface along the way, leaving a more organized trail of breadcrumbs. He was completely nude once he reached the threshold of Evelien's bedroom door, and was sporting a semi-erection that hung low. He was an equine after all. He observed the interior and took note of the bathroom door which he motioned towards with a hand. "I'm gunna go freshen up really quick. If you have any lubrication, I'd recommend preparing yourself. I don't want to bruise my meal." The unicorn turned and head into the bathroom.
  14. [2019/08/25]Evelien the bedroom was spacious, her most doted over room in the house. The queen sized bed was so cozy for one, and a nice close night for two. It was centre of the room and back against the back wall with a pretty headboard that'd make quite the hammer against said wall if he wasn't too careful. The rest of the rooms floor-space was in a broad 'U' around that bed, on the left was the en-suite, the bathroom. And it was kitted out with all the bits needed for a freshen up, sink with a glass shelf and an array of scents and soaps, and a shower tucked into the corner. The opposite little room on the right must have been a walk in wardrobe with symmetrical dimensions to this little bedroom-bathroom.
  15. She was naked too at this point, the last article, her pretty black lace underwear hung on the door-handle, clearly just habit of hers, used to sharing a house perhaps. And she seemed to be just as practiced and habitual under the scope of his request. As he moved into the room she was already crawling up, hands and knees onto the bed, and to his suggestion simply pushed her chest down into the quilt, reaching out awkwardly to the nightstand draw, two down she pulled it open with the handle, ass up in the air and wiggling as she awkwardly shuffled past a few toys to find her bottle of water-based lubricant.
  16. "Mnh, Its been to long since a man's been in this bedroom, I'll have you over nightly if you'd let me" she cooed, feeling him pass behind her perked up bottom into the en-suite
  17. [2019/08/25]Kabriel quickly splashed water over his face before running his hands back and through his hair to tie it back with a quick and casual braid and knot. He'd also start stroking himself, waking his endowment up further until it stood up at full mass, though it sagged down with an upward arch under it's own weight. "If you make it through the night, I'll be by as many times as you want." The unicorn continued to stroke himself as he approached the bed, his golden gaze resting on the body of the female presenting herself to him. His prize, his rightful claim, a piece of meat for him to enjoy. It wasn't the sexual gratification that aroused him, but rather the control, and physical hierarchy he could establish with his body. From the base of the bed, Kabriel mounted the plush surface on his knees, and upon reaching the girl with her rump up in the air he'd take her by her hips and give her a firm twist to force her onto her back. The hold on her legs remained as he'd pull her right up to him by her ankles, leaving his heady spire of a dick to rest across her abdomen. This time he looked down at her, loomed over her to establish his presence as the dominant figure.
  18. [2019/08/25]Evelien as he came around the corner, she'd be in an awkward position, if someone were to get some sort of snapshot of the two of them, it might just convey their entire character in that moment. His grace, his posture and his confidence as he moved with purpose, no wasted movements and with such rightful superiority. And her, a contorted award twist on the bed, a dopey smile and plenty of -just happy to be here- energy that could fill the room, having a hard time reaching to lube up herself taking great delight in drooling the stuff from under her tail, down that presented and high-held rear down to her labia below. Face-down, ass up at a diagonal on the bed. Although she was using the dresser-mirror to get the angle of the bottle right.
  19. She bit down on her lip in clear lust however as he came into view in said mirror. That golden gaze, that figure so masculine and well shaped and of course, that equine shaft she'd been so eager to see, standing at full mast and demanding attention from everything else, drawing her gaze like some hypnotists watch. "Mhh... d-damn you know, nice of you to come down to my league for the night" she cooed in compliment.
  20. "Can you spot me? I just can't quite reach to see~"
  21. [2019/08/25]Kabriel slowly ground his hips to allow his ebony length to rub up between Evelien's labia, smearing whatever she had managed to squirt out from the bottle through her fur. Back and forth he went while he kept her legs up in a V shape up against him. He looked down at the predicament and shook his head slowly in a disapproving fashion, but he took the bottle of lubrication that the female had been struggling with and instead of applying it directly to her he'd squeeze out a copious line across the black flesh of his dick. The unicorn didn't use his hands to rub it in, and instead reached down to guide Evelien's own to his throbbing manhood. "Go ahead and rub it in, and when you feel ready line it up."
  22. [2019/08/25]Evelien gave a little smile, biting her lip as his weight shifted the mattress underneath her, causing it to rock and sink as he drew closer. Taking charge of her hips and the bottle as he drizzled his manhood with that lubricant, copiously enough that she felt the warm trickle of excess against herself. Her ass bumping up against firm hips made her pant, all that stored sexual tension suddenly beginning to brim over with his presence. With a little happy obedience, she let her face press nice and flat against the quilt, reaching down and through her legs as fingertips walked up the underside of his pretty dick, one walked back a little further their hips snug enough that the woman toyed with the idea and the sensation of having her own pair of hanging fruit, her fingertips toying with them just so as the other reached up. Fingerips and thumb around that shaft, she pulled that ebony rod down her cleft until it eased past that point, slipped beneath and with his throb, clapped up against the side of her mons between mound and thigh. Right underneath her and rested against her stomach somewhat, the perfect place to reach and massage in that slick substance, the hand starting to sweep in a slow, firm handjob, getting that thumb over the tip and around the medial ring as she explored her partner in depth, soon the whole length glistened in a layer of slick lube, warmed by the hand and heat of his shaft, she rocked her hips to get him up and over
  23. "Mh. Which prize?" she asked openly.
  24. [23:49] Kabriel: (Ah, sorry about that! I'm back! This head is making a mess of the electrical and I had a brief blackout. I'm back now.)
  25. [23:56] Kabriel used his hold on the female to roll her over as soon as his hands were clear of the bottle of lubricant. With her on his back, he'd lean down so they were nearly chest to chest, trapping her underneath him where she could feel the heat of his body. He took a deep breath after leaning his snout in close, rubbing the side of his muzzle up along Evelien's neck. "The front one, of course." The unicorn said while grinding firmly into her, his flesh throbbing hard and radiating his overwhelming scent. He had an otherwise clean smell, but with his musk starting to grow more present it betrayed his elegant appearance. It was offensive in an overwhelming way, only growing more dense with the heat of their bodies.
  26. [23:57] Evelien (No worries, thanks for getting back to me, I'm always good for a raincheck too if you ever need one ~ heart emote)
  27. [00:02] Evelien She gave a soft little 'ouuh' as his hands worked around her, getting a firm grip and rocking her over on her bed, she assisted, but it just made his job easier as he quite capably rolled her right on over, a little closer to the edge but he was all over her, pressing her deeper into the mattress as he just went ahead and moved up ontop of her. Those little eager eyes softening up with a little laden lust. Not having expected such tender treatment, but appreciated the look down that strapping, toned chest that made her heart sing, to really get a good look at that hot, ebbing and radiating third leg as it nudged up against her front. The smell of sex already seeming to perforate the room, the walls even. That chest to chest press cutting off her little glance, and she let her head fall back. Her hips rocked side to side, getting comfortable, getting cozy, and parting her legs underneath his hips, opening up for him.
  28. [00:13] Kabriel raised his hips and allowed the weight of his dick to drag across Evelien's front before it slipped down between his legs. He then ground down firmly, sliding it across the female's mons a few times to spread that slick lubricant against those lips. He didn't penetrate her just yet, wanting to take his time and saver the girl's presence, so he began kissing her again like before. He was passionate, one hand propping himself up while the other went to her chest and squeezed at her breast. Even Kabriel's broad tongue came back out and plunged into her throat, pushing in and out a few times almost like he was face fucking her. Finally the time came, and the unicorn's exploring hand went down to angle the flared head, and began to push it between Evelien's mons.
  29. [00:23] Evelien reached around to cuddling him close, the tight chest to chest interaction stepping up a notch with the heavy handed kiss, that tongue once again managing to find it's way down past her own, and to softly and sensually tongue-fuck her throat. Round two of such make out seeming to hit the girl harder than previous. The lust, musk and less-curiosity, more concentration on the pleasure made for a deeper appreciation of it all. How it felt like he was bumping out that throat of hers with the lightest bit of distention, a pair of fingertips sneaking a light touch of her neck just to see, delighted to feel his tongue's movements against them.
  30. The line up of that flare was also wildly arousing, the building anticipation and desires of the woman all coming to focus with the simple act of that flared tip, nudging, pressing and having to be almost nooked into her spreading folds, the width of it just so immediate, and so frontal. Like trying to pry in a coke can. Her head falling back with a strained groan at that initial, pleasurable stretch. The flared tip finally popping in with minimal pinch, mhh, she could do this
  31. [00:30] Kabriel: (Can I take that rain check~ I'm getting a little sleepy and I want to roleplay at my best. <3)
  32. [00:30] Evelien (Of course you can heart emote I'm always good for it~)
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