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  1. Second Life pedophile sex scandals CONTINUE!  May 22 2017
  3. Phylo Thespian - Staff at "Little Playground" likes to play with little girls and 'perv' them as an animal.  (Simulated beast sex with kids admitted and ongoing)
  5. This report was witnessed and documented by this reporter for public awareness regarding the blatant hypocrisy of 'child safe' areas and most of the staff involved in Second Life and other related digital locations over many years.  Other reports can be found through basic public searches on this subject.
  7. First report: 3/17/17
  9. Is this guy really this daft and dangerous about himself and actions in SL?  He doesn't even know me at all and is in a position of power here.  He sure admits an awful lot to total strangers!
  11. [21:01]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): You have a problem ?
  12. [21:01]  TM: Just jerk guests at your place.  It's nothing uncommon anywhere, just fed up with it, ya know?
  13. [21:02]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): no need to shout in local
  14. [21:02]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): just ignore , block and go on
  15. [21:02]  TM: No need.  I did though.  Excuse my emotions.  I shall be more robot and obedient.
  16. [21:02]  TM: Thank-you for correcting me.
  17. [21:03]  TM: The problem is purely mine.  (Is my sarcasm showing?)
  18. [21:03]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): it was not a correction...but I learn by experience that the block button does wonder
  19. [21:03]  TM: Yes I never thought of that before, I shall try that next time.  I guess it took me 11 years to learn that lesson.  (Still showing and you have no clue, you retard?)
  21. *** Time to see if this stranger can go into confession mode with some positive encouragement.  He seems the type to do so through boasting over his fake digital power position on some sub-culture of the internet - a common enough trait. ***
  23. [21:04]  TM: So what do you do here generally?  :)
  24. [21:04]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): best way to deal with drama.......just don't
  25. [21:04]  TM: Yes, indeed.  Do nothing.  Always the best answer to any kind of attack.  (Run, hide, obey false authority, never trust your friends, yes)
  26. [21:05]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): what I do here ....simple.  I'm playground staff!
  27. [21:05]  TM: No, what do you do.  Not your title.
  28. [21:05]  TM: lol
  29. [21:05]  TM: :D
  30. [21:06]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): I perv people.
  31. [21:06]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): that is what I do.
  32. [21:06]  TM: Is it fun?
  33. [21:06]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): I have some laugh.
  34. [21:07]  TM: So you enjoy some profiles do ya?  What kind?  :)
  35. [21:07]  TM: What specific perversions?
  36. [21:07]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): not the profile that matters iswhat ppl put in it ...some can be pretty original.
  37. [21:07]  TM: Ahhhh.  I see, yes.
  38. [21:08]  TM: Well, as long as you're happy, right?  ^^
  39. [21:08]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): yep.
  40. [21:08]  TM: They pay ya well?
  41. [21:08]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): I help keeping this place open ...and that is a plus.
  42. [21:08]  TM: Plus?  For you?
  43. [21:08]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): payback.
  44. [21:09]  TM: What's payback?
  45. [21:09]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): I have enjoyed this place for months ....Im giving it back some.
  46. [21:09]  TM: What do you like besides 'perving' other people?
  47. [21:10]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): changing shape and spooking ppl.
  48. [21:10]  TM: So it's the position plus the perviness.  Cool.  I see.
  49. [21:10]  TM: heheh.
  50. [21:10]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): the "wtf " face is priceless.
  51. [21:10]  TM: Oh you get people on camera?
  52. [21:10]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): in sure you can relate.
  53. [21:11]  TM: Oh you mean emote typing haha I see.
  54. [21:11]  TM: No I'm not into shocking people.
  55. [21:12]  TM: I'm pretty awesome and a benefit to many, they just need to learn that, some do, some never leaarn.  :)
  56. [21:12]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): voila
  57. [21:12]  TM: What's 'voila'?
  58. [21:13]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): french for ...there you go.
  59. [21:13]  TM: Oh I see.
  60. [21:13]  TM: Are you French?
  61. [21:13]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): yes.
  62. [21:13]  TM: Ahhh.  Paris?
  63. [21:13]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): no no.  I'm canadian.
  64. [21:13]  TM: Ohhhhhh.  Hmm.
  65. [21:15]  TM: So they don't pay you to be here, you do it for free... and mostly just perv people who come by, and sometimes charge avatars for some shock value.  Heh.  Ever do that anywhere else without being staff at some place, for free?  :)
  66. [21:15]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): I happens to be here a lot anyways.
  67. [21:16]  TM: You dislike the rest of SL?  No other interests?  :/
  68. [21:16]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): and the owner is a friend.
  69. [21:16]  TM: Ahhh, so it's a family thing, right.
  70. [21:16]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): no no  I've been around  did many things  and one day landed here.
  71. [21:17]  TM: So more like.... the place to be... for now.  :)
  72. [21:18]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): yes.
  73. [21:18]  TM: Kinda like a pirate ship in deep water, isn't it?  People arrive, no one can say or do much without an issue happening, and all we can ever do is mute and meet less and less people until either someone boots us without a reason or the place closes down or we simply move on.  What a ride hm?  :D
  74. [21:19]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): I made many friends here.
  75. [21:19]  TM: perhaps my standards are different than most other users.  :)
  76. [21:19]  TM: I've met maybe..... 3 people here..... 1 was OK.  The others..... boring as fuck!  :D
  77. [21:20]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): then maybe the place is not for you.
  78. [21:20]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): who knows.
  79. [21:20]  TM: Yeah, I think I'm not really 'the type' for such a place.  But I collect experiences just the same and report to friends and family what assorted places are like.  Ya never know.  ;)
  80. [21:20]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): and yes  you will encounter the assholes ..plenty o that here ....but that too I find it entertaining.
  81. [21:21]  TM: Ohhh, I thought you disliked 'drama'... so, you are actually amused by it?
  82. [21:21]  TM: I hear that a lot from people once they open up to me.  :)
  83. [21:22]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): one has 2 choice ....get  frustrated or get amused.
  84. [21:22]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): heh.
  85. [21:22]  TM: So your IMing me to engage me was not because you were annoyed, or were you amused by me as temporary entertainment for you while here and bored from perving others?
  86. [21:23]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): life is to short to get frustrated all the time.
  87. [21:23]  TM: So, amusement, ahh, yes, I see now.
  88. [21:23]  TM: Glad I was the one to make your evening less dull.  ;)
  89. [21:23]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): nope ...because shouting in local is bothering to others ....
  90. [21:23]  TM: Oh?  So you were annoyed.... hmmmm...
  91. [21:23]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): and Im a nice guy and don,t like to throw ppl out.
  92. [21:24]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): did not say me.
  93. [21:24]  TM: Oh so you're saying you could have just banned me without a word... but you spared me the drama?
  94. [21:24]  TM :/
  95. [21:24]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): nope not that either.
  96. [21:24]  TM: What then?
  97. [21:24]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): banning for some shouting.
  98. [21:25]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): that is rude and not the role of a moderator.
  99. [21:25]  TM: Would you have the nerve to speak with me first?  Or... why did you mention that anyway?
  100. [21:25]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): I speak to anyone.
  101. [21:26]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): and everyone.
  102. [21:26]  TM: So what attracted you to an all ages hang out in the first place?  And then made this your occupation as moderator here?  :)
  103. [21:27]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): well the all age  thing ...most here are either young or old ...depending on their mood.
  104. [21:27]  TM: You like the age differences?
  105. [21:28]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): I see  a cute young girl  walk by and then the next day she is 40 and 6 feet tall.
  106. [21:28]  TM: Ahhhh, that kind of perv yes HAHAHA I get it.   :D  Amusing indeed.
  107. [21:29]  TM: I saw you as a little tiny kitty once I think.
  108. [21:29]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): kitty
  109. [21:29]  TM: So you like the play of forms, yes.
  110. [21:29]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): marmot , mink ..bulldog.
  111. [21:29]  TM: Well it was a tiny little kiddy thing of some kind.  :D
  112. [21:29]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): ya.
  113. [21:30]  TM: Are you sad about all the other places like this being removed from SL by the Lindens?
  114. [21:30]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): Im sometimes a pervy marmot.
  115. [21:30]  TM: heheh, I see.
  116. [21:30]  TM: :)
  117. [21:31]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): and this was a title given.
  118. [21:31]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): I never actually never did something pervy.
  119. [21:31]  TM: You just watch, ahh, OK.
  120. [21:31]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): ppl have a wide range of imagination.
  121. [21:32]  TM: Indeed.  So you get all small and cute and just perv what others do, heheh.
  122. [21:32]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): just  because im standing there I get  someone to ask me if I like  peeking under   xyz  skirt ....
  123. [21:33]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): all this time Im in market place.
  124. [21:33]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): lol
  125. [21:33]  TM: Ohhhh, fun to have others get pervy in that way about the little people here as you're buying shit, yes hahah.  :D  Then you engage them further.
  126. [21:33]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): some want to adopt me.
  127. [21:34]  TM: Do you enjoy mind-sucking people who want to do things with you?
  128. [21:34]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): one even ask me if I would get into a bath  with her and make bubbles.
  129. [21:34]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): some are  just  weird.
  130. [21:35]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): but some are pretty darn good.
  131. [21:35]  TM: Some would call this entire effort on your part the same "weird"  :D
  132. [21:35]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): I had some fantastic rp   from here.
  133. [21:35]  TM: Ohhhh, sneaky bugger.  :P  heheheh.
  134. [21:37]  TM: OK well...  :)  ...This has been a fun random interview.  Thanks.  Beats being bored in total silence except for the occasional insult from assholes.  :)
  135. [21:37]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): I take full advantage of being a polymorph.
  136. [21:37]  TM: Sweet.  ;)
  137. [21:37]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): I adapt to the rp and evolve with it.
  138. [21:37]  TM: Right, of course.  :P
  139. [21:39]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): you change shape ?
  140. [21:39]  TM: Are not all males 'shape-shifters'?  :D  hahaha.
  141. [21:39]  TM: No, I do not, not by avatar means.
  142. [21:40]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): nope I have  seen  more females shape shifters.
  143. [21:40]  TM: It was a joke that you missed. :D
  144. [21:40]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): just about every lil girl you see here has other forms.
  145. [21:41]  TM: And they 'go with the RP' as much as you do?  :)
  146. [21:41]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): yes.
  147. [21:41]  TM: Yes, I see why you stay here and became staff and hang out a lot.
  148. [21:41]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): if I rp with a lil one ...Im an animal of some kind.
  149. [21:41]  TM: heheh.  Cute  ^^
  150. [21:42]  TM: I'm too tall for many things... but that's OK.  I live the part 11 years now, this spring.
  151. [21:42]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): many here are pixies , fairies ...and can be adult with a finger snap.
  152. [21:43]  TM: I'll bet the little ones really like you as that animal form when you play.  :)
  153. [21:43]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): lil and older.
  154. [21:44]  TM: Nice.  :)
  155. [21:44]  TM: Which do you prefer more?
  156. [21:45]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): the best rp'er are little ...and guess they have the mindset for it.
  157. [21:46]  TM: Ahh, yes.  Dedicated to being radically different and wild.  :)
  158. [21:47]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): and you never  what  else they might change  into.
  159. [21:48]  TM: hahaha kinky.
  160. [21:48]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): once there was this lil girl ...fat chubby ugly badly dress and all
  161. [21:48]  TM nods listening.
  162. [21:49]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): I rp the whole Little Prince chapter about the fox.
  163. [21:49]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): it lasted  several   hours.
  164. [21:50]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): the surprise is that she was actually testing me ....morph her role  into a pixie...and pixies do magic.
  165. [21:50]  TM nods
  166. [21:51]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): and then one day ..she revealed her true form.
  167. [21:51]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): the most beautiful avi I ever seen.
  168. [21:52]  TM:  :)  Cute.
  169. [21:52]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): ya it was  and still is.
  170. [21:52]  TM ^^
  171. [21:53]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): the lil ugly girl thing was a lure ....
  172. [21:54]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): she was tired of ppl talking to her because her adult form was attractive.
  173. [21:54]  TM nods
  174. [21:55]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): which comes from rl ....because rl she is even more beautiful   than her avi.
  175. [21:55]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): and that is rare.
  176. [21:56]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): so ya never know who you meet in this park.
  177. [21:57]  TM: Exactly.  :)
  178. [22:00]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): I have to let you go ...rl is pulling.
  179. [22:00]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): was nice talking to you.
  180. [22:01]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): take care.
  181. [22:08]  TM: You also.  :)
  183. Second report: 5/22/2017
  185. [00:46]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): You do that again and you will never be seen  at the Playground.
  186. [00:47]  TM: Er, what did I say?  That other person before who was promoting Islam and I told them no religious crap here?
  187. [00:48]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): it is not what you said is what you did.
  189. *** Yes when you lock on to me for 15 minutes and stare like a freak, what you expect?  I'll say what I want to you, asshole.  So if you want to try to play the "I'm more powerful than you" armchair high-school game, guess what's coming YOUR way?! ***
  191. [00:51]  TM: The NSA (etc) have access to the dialogue that goes on here that's on file on every connected computer, everyone will be in more trouble than any Linden could ever engineer.  :)  You don't want that to happen do you?   It'll be a GLOBAL scandal once the media gets a copy of the data.  Worse than the first time it happened.  So there's no need to make random threats to people you have admitted so much to already and that's on military databases globally.  Not the best decision, someone who's ISP has 7 YEARS of their data on file as well, ready for the courts.  :)  Now... what's the problem before there's an even bigger problem for everyone involved?  Any guesses who and what I am RL?
  192. [00:53]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): Dont play games with me.  I'll ban you.
  194. *** Either he's REALLY STUPID, or has a death wish.  Probably the former. ***
  196. [00:53]  TM: OK then, you shall become FAMOUS in a short period of time.  ;)  And stop calling BS on people you HYPOCRITE!  The logs are recorded by the military and your ISP, not just the Lindens.  There's zero encryption taking place anywhere at all.
  197. [00:54]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): who you are ...I don't know and don,t care ...that is not the point ...Do what ever you like, play it as you wish ...but be clever enough to do it behind privy doors.
  198. [00:55]  TM: You just sunk this whole place as well.... Unless...... you APOLOGIZE IMMEDIATELY to me.
  199. [00:55]  Inventory item offered  *** Copy of his own admissions as a reminder ***
  200. [00:56]  TM: How famous do you want your ISP to make you along with the Lindens and the military?  Your choice.
  201. [00:57]  TM: Believe me, I have NOTHING to worry about.  I have national security.
  202. [00:57]  TM: I have intel on the Lindens from former Lindens as well.  They have plenty to say regarding hypocrisy.  One slip and SL ends.
  203. [00:58]  TM: You gonna be nice now?  I've had people arrested within a WEEK after pissing me off.
  204. [00:58]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): shrugs ...this a a notecard that can be fake anytime by anyone ...I really did not say anything wrong want to play tht game ...ok
  205. [00:59]  TM: Nope, you're a retard if you think you can GAME the military and your own ISP by typing on the SL server and being a dick about your own activities here.
  206. [00:59]  TM: ;)
  207. [00:59]  TM: It's not fake when they have a copy already.
  208. [00:59]  TM: You'd DIE in court.  Wanna?  ;)
  209. [00:59]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): Is that your wish to be ban from Playground ....yes or no ?
  210. [01:00]  TM: You're a Cannuck.  You think I don't know CSIS or CSE?
  211. [01:00]  TM: "Ban" me and this whole SIM is GONE!  Your account included... and then the police are at your door.
  212. [01:00]  TM: DARE YOU!  ;)  "Anonymous" will be he least of your worries.  Back down like a good boy, Cannuck.
  213. [01:01]  TM: RCMP are just a call away.  ISP has your files.  I just start the process and you're finished.
  214. [01:02]  TM: So just stop being stupid.  ;)  You're just jealous... a very typical human trait.  No need to be jealous.  Just enjoy yourself.
  215. [01:03]  Phylo thespian (phylo.thespian): goodbye.....
  217. *** This reporter was banned for not submitting to fear tactics by a person who dresses up like an animal to pretend rape little girls - that makes sense ***
  219. [01:04]  TM: Oh you just destroyed your 'Little Playground' and your personal account and access with Linden Labs and got the whole location removed from SL, plus global media attention and RCMP on their way after your ISP shares the data with them by law.  You're tracked worse than you could ever imagine now.  Anything else you've been up to?  That'll go public as well.  You really should not have shared all your ADMISSIONS with me in public chat before.  BAD IDEA.  Several ISPs have that now.  You are scared and jealous and now you have the karma of what shall befall you as a result of your stupidity.
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