The Eternal War, Session 08

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  1. Session Time: Sat Jun 23 00:00:00 2012
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  10. 01[19:23] <Staffen> After a few days of lazing following your harrowing attack on van Schoorl's estate, you have not left Scintilla. In the vastness of the Valkyrie, you have quickly realized that any attempt to find the Inquisitors is fruitless; this warship is over twice the length of the transport you had previously been on, and much less modest about its status.
  11. 06[19:26] * Ezekiah finds the spartan accomodations to be most fitting! Those who wage war are less... disturbed by the Rites and Rituals of the Red Redemption! Plenty of God-Emperor fearing souls surrounding them.
  12. 01[19:27] <Staffen> Finally, on the fifth day after your arrival aboard the Valkyrie, you are summoned to a vast observation dome on the vessel's underbelly. It seems the Inquisitors wish to send you to your next assignment.
  13. 06[19:28] * Varian spends a good deal of time during their stay trying to find a 'entrepreneur' in the lower decks that can provide him both with a armourer who can miniaturize his new hellgun and provide access to a rich dry red to whet his appetite.
  14. 06[19:29] * Petruswork spends his time getting to know his new rifle
  15. 06[19:30] * Ezekiah would proudly be there, wearing the red robes the redemption, having stitched, painstakingly, a fire trime amongst the hem, his eagle nosed mask polished to a sparkling shine, purity seals adorning his newest acquisition. A chainsword as long as he is tall. "Inquisitors! What sinners would you have this Emperor's servant sniff out and kill in rightheous bloodshed!?" He's even clean shaven!
  16. 01[19:34] <Staffen> The Lady Inquisitor sits, looking out at the Calixian capital. Inquisitor Kith, however, is sitting turned towards you. By her stands a man in flak armor.
  17. 01[19:35] <Staffen> The medicae you met on arrival is also present, standing straight yet apparently supporting one leg with his cane.
  18. 01[19:37] <Staffen> "You've done well," Kith calls to you, raising a glass of golden amasec. "Sibellan news is just on fire with the reports. A lot of censorship is already in place, but even the most accurate reports say that van Schoorl is dead."
  19. 06[19:37] * Varian stands politely, waiting for instructions while smiling pleasantly.
  20. [19:37] <Ezekiah> "... and they did not know that we did it?"
  21. 01[19:38] <Staffen> "It's being called a terrorist attack," Kith says. "Bombs were supposedly laced through his structure. The Arbites have arrested several of his staffers who were out off shift dat the time."
  22. [19:39] <Ezekiah> "So we did well, then?"
  23. [19:39] <Petruswork> "Who were the hired guns we ran into?"
  24. 01[19:40] <Staffen> "Minions," the Lady Inquisitor speaks up, still staring at Scintilla through the dome beneath your platform. "I imagine they were well-armed, weren't they?"
  25. 06[19:41] * Horace holds up his new hellgun
  26. 06[19:41] * Horace also taps his new Ministratum carapace
  27. [19:41] <Petruswork> "Nothing we couldnt handle"
  28. [19:42] <Horace> "M'Lady, they were well armored to the teeth.  They had stormtrooper carapace.  Had enough thrones after selling it to get this 'White Hands' armor."
  29. [19:42] <Varian> "Yes, indeed. Schrool seemed to think they were sent by this 'Master' fellow."
  30. 01[19:43] <Staffen> "That confirms it." The Lady sighs and shifts about, turning her body to you. She pushes out a vox-recorder on the table. "First off, gentlemen, I wish you to meet Mister Kainn here. He'll be accompanying you hereafter."
  31. 06[19:43] * Jericus nods his head at you.
  32. [19:43] <Jericus> "Hello there, comrades."
  33. [19:44] <Jericus> Jericus gives an imposing figure, though not hulking he stands several inches over most. His trusty flak armor is dented and has seen much action, but he's kept it in great condition considering all the action it's seen, and it even sports a new grey paint job! His face is dominated by a bushy, somewhat kept, beard that covers who knows how many tiny scars. His hair is cut short and appears...
  34. [19:44] <Jericus> ...tidy. A dark blue tattoo of the Aquila covers much of his right forearm.
  35. [19:44] <Varian> "Hello sir."
  36. [19:44] <Horace> "A guardsman.  Well armed as well."
  37. [19:44] <Petruswork> "Indeed"
  38. [19:44] <Ezekiah> The wiry redemptionist approaches Mister Kainn... and starts to sniff him. "He stinks of SIN!" He snarls at the man. "Try and keep your sinful ways to a minimum, Mister Kain. I will not have you spoiling my soul."
  39. [19:45] <Jericus> "I try to be, I like the work of whoever blew that manse to bits? I'm a fan."
  40. 06[19:45] * Jericus gives this Ezekiah a look down.
  41. [19:45] <Jericus> "Hey! We had someone like you back in the regiment!"
  42. [19:46] <Jericus> "First one to volunteer for suicide missions. Never came back, poor bastard. Could drink like a mutant."
  43. [19:46] <Jericus> for a suicide mission*
  44. [19:47] <Ezekiah> "Then I highly doubt he was one of my brothers! We do not tolerate the sinful pleasures of the flesh!"
  45. 01[19:50] <Staffen> The Lady Inquisitor crosses her legs, and wraps her hands around her knee. "Are any of you familiar with what happened at Hilarion, in the Hazeroth Sub-Sector, just about two years ago?"
  46. [19:52] <Ezekiah> "No. The Hazeroth Sub-Sector? What's that?"
  47. [19:52] <Horace> "I went to Hilarion once.  It was awful."
  48. [19:54] <Jericus> "Heard about it, was the butt-end of a joke once."
  49. 06[19:55] * Varian keeps his knowledge of the planet to himself, listening intently to figure out where this line of thought it leading.
  50. [19:55] <Varian> is leading*
  51. 06[19:57] * Petruswork is not really paying attention and more concerned with the stain on his pants
  52. [20:00] <Horace> "It was a large problem for the Diviso to deal with after Savage Dawn."
  53. 01[20:02] <Staffen> Lamortes enters the room, cradling a matte-black weapon in his arms.
  54. 06[20:03] * Horace steps aside for the man to pass, giving an acknowledging nod goodnaturedly
  55. 01[20:04] <Staffen> "The Hazeroth Sub is the coreward corner of the Sector, bordering on the Ixaniad. Two years ago I was coming back from hunting a daemonhost -- a daemon ritually bound to a human's body -- out there, and on my way back I stopped at Hilarion." The Lady taps the vox-recorder, her finger itching over the play-back rune.
  56. 06[20:05] * Jericus eyes the weapon as it comes into his view. He gives it silent adoration.
  57. 01[20:05] <Staffen> "I was attacked at a resort there and this ship was rendered a floating husk by an enormous warship. Whatever you heard about the Savage Dawn Atrocity is false."
  58. 01[20:06] <Staffen> Lamortes approaches, and hands Varian the hellgun. "My fault, really. I noticed some funny shipping documents that didn't add up. When we got back to Scintilla we started investigating the Turas-Hie for the incident, and..."
  59. 01[20:07] <Staffen> The Lady Inquisitor nods. "You'll recall Niels Ludorf, the Executor of Turas-Hie? This recorder contains a fragment from my wire-tap. His death, incidentally. Care to listen?"
  60. 06[20:07] * Varian takes the weapon with a warm smile and an oddly human but awkward pat on Lamortes arm.
  61. 06[20:08] * Jericus gets serious at the mention of wire-tapping and death, he nods and edges closer to hear better.
  62. 01[20:10] <Staffen> The Lady presses the rune, and the recording begins.
  63. 01[20:10] <Staffen> You hear what sounds like an object hitting a table. Objects rattle and a whimpering voice cries out in pain.
  64. 01[20:10] <Staffen> "Now go on. Say it loud and clear. Say my name that all may know," calls a voice in the recording, deep and trembling as though vibrating through metal. "Say it. Say it!"
  65. 01[20:10] <Staffen> "Yrtzen... Vok..."
  66. 01[20:10] <Staffen> Another slam.
  67. 01[20:10] <Staffen> "Again!"
  68. 01[20:10] <Staffen> "Yrtzen Vok..."
  69. 01[20:10] <Staffen> Yet another.
  70. 01[20:10] <Staffen> "Again!" the voice commands.
  71. 01[20:10] <Staffen> "Yrtzen Vok!"
  72. 01[20:10] <Staffen> The terrible snap of bone now accompanies the rattling.
  73. 01[20:10] <Staffen> "Keep saying it! Keep saying it!"
  74. 01[20:10] <Staffen> "Yrtzen Vok!"
  75. 01[20:10] <Staffen> A wet splurting warbles out of the vox-recorder.
  76. 01[20:10] <Staffen> "Yrtzen Vok!"
  77. 01[20:10] <Staffen> "Yrtzen Vok!"
  78. 01[20:10] <Staffen> "Yrtzen Vok!"
  79. 01[20:11] <Staffen> Lamortes coughs. "I don't think that has quite the emotional effect for them, my Lady."
  80. 06[20:12] * Varian shrugs, not knowing the man in question.
  81. 01[20:12] <Staffen> The Lady stops the vox-recorder. "Two squads of Arbites enforcers ended up dead trying to catch this man that night. I've been hunting him ever since."
  82. [20:12] <Jericus> "Who the feck is he? Sounds rather fond of his own name."
  83. [20:13] <Petruswork> "I love a good hunt"
  84. 01[20:13] <Staffen> "Six months ago," Kith speaks up, "I was chasing down a daemon-cult on Malfi and got jumped by a couple of daemonhosts. Unbound, yet coherent. That's impossible, I might add. I came to the Lady for assistance on the case, and we found these to be the work of this Yrtzen Vok fellow."
  85. 01[20:15] <Staffen> "Yrtzen Vok is, for lack of a better word," the Lady's fingers curl around the table-edge. "A monster. A heretic, a traitor, and a xenophile. I can't name a single offense he has not likely committed."
  86. [20:16] <Petruswork> "I assume you want him dead?"
  87. 06[20:17] * Horace seethes at the mention of demons, and looks to the ceilings
  88. 06[20:17] * Horace traces something on his chest with his finger
  89. 06[20:17] * Varian is also uncomfortable with the term due to recent... encounters.
  90. 01[20:18] <Staffen> "Yes, Petrus. I want him dead."
  91. [20:19] <Horace> "Impossible...  He's existed since...since the Long War..."
  92. [20:19] <Jericus> "Must be a big problem if he's got the Inquisition spooked," Jericus thinks aloud. Scratching his hairy cheek while doing so.
  93. 01[20:19] <Staffen> "Vok has caused us a great amount of anguish, understand," Lamortes explains.
  94. 06[20:20] * Jericus holds his hands up in understanding. Jericus knows the pain of losing comrades.
  95. 01[20:22] <Staffen> "I almost had him," the Lady assures you. "You've seen the... Deathless. He was one of my agents on Scintilla. After he found info on where Vok was basing himself out of, Vok's henchmen dropped a burning building on him. After we saved him and used his intelligence on the matter, we found the planet had been recently abandoned. Vok's still out there, and he's got the means to destroy this Sector a hundred times over."
  96. 06[20:22] * Varian lets out a whistle of how impressed/worried he is at that level of power.
  97. 01[20:23] <Staffen> She stands up. "I can't describe to you the number of things that link back to him. Dark eldar raids that strategically hit undefended worlds, improved weaponry facing the Halo Stars Crusade, cults in every corner of the Sector. He supplies them, he funds them, he supports them."
  98. [20:23] <Petruswork> "I have yet to meet a being that I can't kill, Horace"
  99. 02[20:23] * Horace ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  100. [20:24] <Jericus> Jericus turns to Petrus and says, "there's always the first time. Believe me."
  101. [20:24] <Petruswork> "We'll see about that."
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  104. 01[20:25] <Staffen> "I'm grateful to the lot of you for the work you've done, and there is now a chance Vok may not know about you if none of his men survived the attack on van Schoorl's residence. You've all impressed me greatly, and I look forward to whatever you may accomplish after this," the Lady tells you. "But now, you have a couple options as to what you'll do next."
  105. 01[20:27] <Staffen> She looks to the medicae with faint disgust. "Severus?"
  106. 01[20:29] <Staffen> The physician steps forward, tapping his cane against the decking. "Funs van Schoorl expired roughly forty minutes ago. It took much effort, but I managed to pry a few interesting things from him. Apparently, Turas-Hie and Mandus-Kormon were planning to ship an enormous amount of strontium, brass and titanium, as well as large quantities of ceramite-mix out of the Sector. I assume none of you understand what any of that is used for?"
  107. 06[20:32] * Varian keeps a straight face, trying to appear less ignorant that he is on such a subject.
  108. [20:32] <Varian> than he*
  109. 06[20:34] * Jericus pinches his face in thought, but comes up with nothing, though it sounds familiar...maybe?
  110. [20:35] <Jericus> "It's a popular substamce in weaponry and electronics, I believe."
  111. 01[20:36] <Staffen> The medicae rolls his eyes . "Strontium is a primary material in the production of cybernetica, and is also used in creating the focusing arrays of lasguns. Brass is a common casing type for solid-projectile weaponry, and titanium is utilized in everything from ship-building to weaponry. Ceramite, however... that is, among other things, the primary substance used in Astartes war plate."
  112. 01[20:36] <Staffen> "The two companies are shipping war materiel out of the sector as contraband, without the purview of the Munitorum."
  113. 01[20:37] <Staffen> "To what end, Severus?" the Lady asks, almost rhetorically.
  114. 06[20:37] * Jericus tuts. Knowing how anal the Munitorum is about the most mundane of things.
  115. 01[20:38] <Staffen> "Yrtzen Vok's will," Severus says, simply. "As they are apparently passing through the Ixaniad sector, it seems they're heading for none other than the Eye of Terror."
  116. [20:39] <Horace> "Can we let them go?"
  117. [20:39] <Horace> "The Eye is full of...terror."
  118. [20:40] <Varian> "That is not good. Can't the Navy spare a proper fleet to intercept them though?"
  119. [20:40] <Horace> "They'll probably waste in heretic squabbles, as they often do."
  120. [20:40] <Horace> "...We could possibly even hire pirates to harangue them along the way."
  121. 01[20:41] <Staffen> "Absolutely not," the Lady says. "But here's the thing: apparently this shipment is still in the planning stages. I need someone to hunt down the coordinators and stop them before they can contact whoever Vok means to give those goods to."
  122. 01[20:42] <Staffen> She shifts. "So there's that. Additionally, A few contacts of mine are reporting some troubling information regarding the Beast House on Solomon. I need someone to investigate matters there and crack down on both the Cold Trade and also xenos-trade. I've no doubt Vok is responsible there as well, as from the sounds of it they mean to set hrud loose in the Markayn Marches."
  123. [20:42] <Jericus> "Planning stages, eh?" That's the best stage for a fireworks show.
  124. [20:43] <Horace> "Cold Traders, eh?  Sounds like good Diviso work."
  125. [20:44] <Varian> "I don't like the sound of these.. Hrrued? though. Sound dangerous."
  126. 06[20:44] * Horace nods with Varian
  127. [20:44] <Horace> "Cold Traders are one thing.  Investigating them in their den /with/ xenos abound is damn near impossible."
  128. [20:45] <Jericus> "Uglier the sound of the name, means uglier combat."
  129. [20:56] <Jericus> "Whatever is heading towards the Eye, sounds like ugly news for the Cadians. Let's go destroy ourselves a shipment."
  130. 06[20:57] * Varian nods in agreement
  131. 01[21:00] <Staffen> Kith chuckles. "Pretty brave of you lot. Alright, my Lady, let's get them up to pace."
  132. 01[21:02] <Staffen> The Lady Inquisitor lifts an arm, and points out the dome, to an frigate close by the Valkyrie. "Look out there, please. See that ship? That belonged to my friend, Inquisitor Freia. Vok threw her out an airlock and left me with that vessel. It's yours to use for this venture."
  133. 06[21:04] * Jericus never cared much for the Navy, but the prospect of having a ship to use, really lights his fuse.
  134. [21:04] <Jericus> "Much appreciated, M'lady." He grins.
  135. [21:05] <Horace> "...We're not Rogue Traders.  Are we to masquerade as them?"
  136. 06[21:06] * Varian lights up at that, "Yes, being Rogue Traders would work very well."
  137. 01[21:06] <Staffen> "That ship is as well-armed as my damn cruiser. You could easily pass off as Rogue Traders, but with a ship like that, don't expect to get away with saying you're peaceful traders."
  138. [21:06] <Horace> "...Wait...What was the Inquisitor's given name?  Was it 'Roslindis,' the Arbitrator?"
  139. 01[21:07] <Staffen> The Lady frowns. "Rosie... yes, her name was Roslindis Freia."
  140. [21:08] <Jericus> "She a well-known Arbite, or something?" Jericus asks.
  141. 06[21:13] * Ezekiah has been shaking with fury the entire time. "My lady!" He whips out his massive chainblade. "I have heard all that I need to hear! Upon this blade, with Sinner Vok's blood spill and any foulness that resides within his filthy den! Redemption will not come for him, but Redemption comes for his victims!"
  142. 01[21:14] <Staffen> The Lady casts a dark look at Ezekiah. "I hope you can manage that, Redemptionist, because that is a list which runs for over a thousand years..."
  143. [21:14] <Jericus> Jericus leans over to Horace and whispers, "is he always like that?"
  144. [21:14] <Horace> "Yes."
  145. 01[21:14] <Staffen> Lamortes claps his hands and smiles. "Right! I'll see the lot of you to your quarters so you can pack your things. We need to get you aboard the Wrath of Justice and underway."
  146. 06[21:15] * Horace suppresses a groan
  147. [21:16] <Jericus> "They sure do like their Justice." He comments to himself at the mention of the name.
  148. 03[21:17] * Petrus ( has joined #eternalwar
  149. [21:20] <Ezekiah> "This is a good day! The Wrath of Justice shall spread the purifying flame of REDEMPTION! Quite poetic, is it not?"
  150. 06[21:27] * Horace raises his hand
  151. [21:27] <Horace> "If we're going to masquerade as Rogue Traders, can we have money?"
  152. [21:27] <Horace> "Lots of it?"
  153. [21:27] <Horace> "I can only hit so many people with my hammer so that they do what I say."
  154. [21:27] <Varian> "Or equivalent value in wine?"
  155. [21:28] <Jericus> "Or as much military equipment as we can carry?"
  156. [21:28] <Jericus> "Preferably Fyceline and Melta bombs."
  157. 01[21:29] <Staffen> The Lady rubs her chin. "I've got things I need to invest my resources in, but sure. I can give you some money to get you started..."
  158. 01[21:30] <Staffen> "If you need to get anything while we're still aboard, we can take a look at the munitorium," Lamortes says.
  159. 01[21:31] <Staffen> The magos bows, and gestures to the exit. "Shall we?"
  160. [21:32] <Ezekiah> "Yes, for once we find ourselves in agreement, Tech-Heathen!"
  161. 06[21:43] * Varian prepares to take his leave, bowing to the Lady.
  162. 01[21:43] <Staffen> The Lady nods courteously.
  163. 06[21:43] * Petrus stands and bows
  164. 06[21:44] * Ezekiah would sheathe his chainblade and follow the tech-heathen out... but making sure to stay by Jerichus. "Tell me, Kainn... do you love the Emperor... or do you love to sin?"
  165. 06[21:45] * Jericus nods to the Inquisitors before following Lamortes.
  166. 01[21:46] <Staffen> A few hours later, you meet together in the hangar you arrived in. The light freighter is still present.
  167. 01[21:46] <Staffen> Lamortes arrives soon with Chaplain Moerchen in-tow.
  168. 06[21:46] * Horace gives him a nod
  169. [21:47] <Ezekiah> "... is the Chaplain to join us? If one of our Lord's angels is with us, then NO DEFEAT IS POSSIBLE!"
  170. 01[21:48] <Staffen> The Space Marine chuckles. "No, I apologize. My duty is to the Lady Inquisitor. I wish to see you all off with the blessings of Him on Earth, however."
  171. 06[21:49] * Petrus bows to the space marine
  172. 06[21:49] * Horace makes the sign of the aquilia, and hands a lho stick to Moerchen before heading off tot he munitorium
  173. 06[21:49] * Jericus comes to attention, at the sight of the hulking Astartes. He's so used to the instinct it carries through to the great demi-gods of battle.
  174. [21:49] <Jericus> "M'lord." He nods to the Chaplain.
  175. 01[21:50] <Staffen> "Young Kainn." The Chaplain nods. "You must be brave. You will all encounter great horrors."
  176. [21:50] <Ezekiah> "Good enough for me!" He would take a knee. "Bless me, oh mighty one! Bless me so that I may bring purity to His foes, Redemption to His children, and Death to the Sinner!" His arms would be up and his head would be bowed.
  177. 06[21:51] * Varian bows, a little worried out now that he knows that the giant is a space marine. The Chaplains comments not helping his demeanor.
  178. 01[21:51] <Staffen> "Just as we did," Lamortes comments. "Roslindis Freia was kidnapped by Vok, you know. Her and the Lady. But Freia, she wasn't particularly cooperative, hence why she is dead. Understand that you cannot directly face off with Yrtzen Vok, so try to keep a bit of subtlety."
  179. [21:53] <Jericus> "As the Commissar's said back in the Regiment, Bravery wins the day..."
  180. 06[21:53] * Jericus and leaves a lot of dead friends he muses to himself.
  181. 01[21:55] <Staffen> The Chaplain gently taps Ezekiah's shoulder with his crozius. "Walk in His light, child, and know no fear. You must all work together to circumvent your doom. Only by standing as comrades will you live to see the end of this nightmare. It has plagued my Lady greatly. If you would help rid her and this galaxy of Vok, you would all have my gratitude."
  182. [21:56] <Ezekiah> "I will personally bring the Lady back Vok's head! He will die alone, and SCREAMING!"
  183. 01[21:58] <Staffen> "You have a few options," Lamortes says. "First and foremost, the Lathes are naturally the top producers of numerous materials Mandus-Kormon means to ship out. You could look there for a money-trail. More immediately, however, you may wish to hunt down Mandus-Kormon's surviving executives. As it is right now, van Schoorl's successor, Yurgen Hardinger, is vacationing on Quaddis. He is likely to be targeted for assassination next."
  184. 01[21:58] <Staffen> "And Sepheris Secundus," Moerchen growls.
  185. 01[21:59] <Staffen> "Yes," Lamortes nods. "Sepheris Secundus is one of the main mining worlds in the Sector. Turas-Hie and Mandus-Kormon both operate offices there, so you may wish to go poking around as well."
  186. 06[22:01] * Varian is unconvinced that going after an assassination target that will likely have more gunships around is a good idea.
  187. [22:01] <Ezekiah> "Tell me who you want me to kill first, and I will kill them!"
  188. 01[22:03] <Staffen> "Subterfuge, young Ezekiah," Moerchen warns. "But you may encounter deeds that need doing along the way. Do not forget that, in spite of the greater picture, there are smaller things that you can do in your journey as well. Save a life today, and that life may return the kindness tomorrow."
  189. [22:04] <Ezekiah> "Subterfuge is not the way of Redemption, o great and mighty angel. The Redemption brings fire and fury and blade to His enemies!"
  190. 01[22:04] <Staffen> The Chaplain grumbles to himself.
  191. [22:04] <Petrus> "He's right though."
  192. [22:05] <Petrus> "They will see us coming a kilometer away if we run in screaming about fire and brimstone."
  193. [22:05] <Jericus> "I don't think he takes to suggestion, very well. Could always use him as support."
  194. [22:07] <Ezekiah> "I was raised a certain way, Jericus. Raised within the loving bosom of the Redemption. Everything that I have learned has worked so far, especially in the mansion of the dead, fat sinner. I see no reason to change. Faith and Fury serve me well, they shall continue to serve me."
  195. 06[22:08] * Jericus shrugs indifferently.
  196. 01[22:10] <Staffen> Lamortes bows. "Be cautious. Vok works closely with Traitor Astartes. I suspect that this war-materiel business may involve a warband of them."
  197. 01[22:10] <Staffen> He bows. "Go now. The freighter is yours, incidentally. Sorry we didn't get you an Aquila Lander."
  198. 06[22:11] * Varian shrugs, unwilling to quibble over a lander when they were getting a proper voidship.
  199. 01[22:25] <Staffen> You set underway.
  200. 01[22:25] <Staffen> As soon as you arrive aboard the heavily-modified bulldog of a frigate, the Wrath of Justice, you encounter one very prominent problem:
  201. 01[22:26] <Staffen> The Navigator is a young, spindly creature, fresh from her House, and this happens to be her first tour of duty.
  202. 01[22:29] <Staffen> After two months in the warp, the ship emerges outside an asteroid field orbitting a trio of menacingly bright, flashing white stars. Your Navigator is baffled, but one of the helmsmen identifies it as the Diogenes System after noting a warning beacon for a nearby research station.
  203. 01[22:32] <Staffen> The ship takes to the warp again, and this time your journey heads is much better-off. A month later you emerge now into a field of what seems to be hundreds of thousands of ships of various sizes, packed into tight lanes of traffic close above a world glowing with the light of vast cities.
  204. 06[22:47] * Petrus looks through his state room for an outfit fitting of his cover
  205. 06[22:47] * Jericus has a look see in the armory, for anything with some extra punch.
  206. 06[22:49] * Horace continues his new workout to bulk on steroid-viruses he browbeats the ship medicae into giving him
  207. 06[22:49] * Ezekiah needs a better shotgun for the killing of sinners.
  208. 06[22:49] * Varian manages a more lax routine that slowly builds some resistance to the high gravity.
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