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Mar 9th, 2014
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  2. Perhaps this comment will start a good discussion, or maybe people won't like it because I'm one of the thieves mentioned. I'm the owner of the 1brain7kAZxPagLt2HRLxqyc3VgGSa1GR address.
  4. First, for those curious, the passphrases of the wallets taken from so far:
  6. 19JsLFDRxuTsAjapE79FgoVNdNdB2hNU5M - "alfanumerico" (0.36875 BTC)
  7. 1PQiixL1SyytXoUGFBGA5ptW9uTjsBrdhX - "emergency" (0.00085 BTC)
  8. 1CqRJYoztkWifUYadFg13MHdmECx6uEdy7 - "butterfly" (0.00025 BTC)
  9. 16ga2uqnF1NqpAuQeeg7sTCAdtDUwDyJav - "password" (0.00085 BTC)
  10. 1HZwkjkeaoZfTSaJxDw6aKkxp45agDiEzN - "" (0.474972 BTC)
  11. 1HoSFymoqteYrmmr7s3jDDqmggoxacbk37 - "hello" (0.000555 BTC)
  12. 1C7zdTfnkzmr13HfA2vNm5SJYRK6nEKyq8 - "correct horse battery staple" (0.243762 BTC)
  13. 1JwSSubhmg6iPtRjtyqhUYYH7bZg3Lfy1T - "correct horse battery staple" (0.000079 BTC)
  15. The implementation isn't particularly exciting. I have a PostgreSQL database containing a single `address' table storing (address, privKey, passphrase). Of course, the passphrase doesn't actually need to be stored, but I kept it around to satisfy my own curiosity. I run a modified bitcoind client that checks each transaction it hears about (in CTxMemPool::accept) to see if any of the outputs are in my database. If they are, a transaction is created, signed and broadcast to send the same number of BTC (minus fees) to 1brain7kAZxPagLt2HRLxqyc3VgGSa1GR.
  17. I just wanted to point out that, when I started this, it was not for financial gain. I simply saw it as a fun and interesting exercise about the Bitcoin protocol. I wanted to see if I was capable to "winning the race" -- trust me when I say there are loads of people out there "mining" brainwallets, and whosever transaction is included in a block first tends to win and get the Bitcoin. I never expected to gain over 1 BTC, I think I got rather lucky. My database contains 19,412,020 passphrases (mostly single passwords, actually) which all came from various wordlists I found online. I consider this to be a fairly small dictionary, based on what I've read about other people doing the same thing. I originally had plans to make the database much bigger, however I've since moved onto other projects.
  19. I'm happy to answer questions if people have any. I've signed this entire message, which you can verify (rather ironically) at
  20. -----BEGIN SIGNATURE-----
  21. 1brain7kAZxPagLt2HRLxqyc3VgGSa1GR
  22. Gy44Hx/iNufvGyVzk2SzR3O5CmAYK7+s7xTQ+sIQS0O68K8aGrLtGrKufb8YVbP0kxTt3xCApz/mVKUs8YrWlic=
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