sweetrolls wooo

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  1. Sweetrolls!
  3. 5 dl milk (works pretty well with almond milk as well, as I found out yesterday since I forgot to buy actual milk. You can probably also use water if you want to disappoint me and my ancestors.)
  4. 50 g yeast (this is fresh yeast, you get it in a cube. If using dry yeast, use... uh, lemme go check the package. Two bags??? The bags are 11 grams each so use 22 grams I guess??? If both of these types of yeast sound super bizarre to you due to different products available in your area, just use twice the amount of yeast you'd use for a savoury roll dough with half a liter of liquid)
  5. 1,5 ts salt
  6. 1 egg
  7. 2 dl sugar
  8. ~15 dl the most basicest wheat flour (that's _about_ 15 dl, add more or less based on what the dough actually looks like because everything is magic and who even knows /shrug)
  9. 200 g butter or whatever fat you use for cooking in your mystical country of weird yeasts
  10. 1 tbsp ground cardamom (I usually put two tubes (yeah it's sold in tubes over here) so that's prolly about like... 4 tbsp. You probably can't put too much cardamom into these. Imho they're supposed to taste like cardamom  and cinnamon. Speaking of which, if you're not going to roll them into cinnamon rolls, add lots of cinnamon in the dough as well!)
  11. Another egg for anointing the eggs for their holy position of being delicious baked goods
  12. Pearl sugar (I hope this exists over there under some name, it looks like seasalt (but isn't) to sprinkle on top of the thingummies
  14. 1. Okay so first warm up the milk! It should be the correct temperature for the yeast used, so hand temperature-ish for fresh yeast and about 42 degrees centigrade for dried yeast. If you're using some other yeast, you're on your own, sorry.
  15. 2. If using fresh yeast, crumble that into the milk now. If using some other kind, use it as appropriate for your kind. (Dried yeast gets mixed in with the flour so do that before adding the flour in the mixture in a later step) Add the egg. Mix.
  16. 3. Add the salt, sugar and cardamom (and possible cinnamon).
  17. 4. Add the flour bit by bit, mixing as you go. When it gets too hard to mix with a whisk or whatever implement you're using, just get your hands in there. Mmm, dough hands.
  18. 5. Add the soft fat (I hope you melted it before you got your hands in the mixture, sorry) after you've used like pretty much all the flour you'll be using maybe sorta??? Keep mixing the thing! The dough can be very soft and the softer and liquidier-er it is, the better rolls you'll be getting, but it should still keep to a form enough that you can actually roll it later. When it's not longer sticking to the edges of the bowl, you're probably about ready.
  19. 6. Let prove under a kitchen towel or plastic wrap or some other similar thing in a warm place (I use a sink filled with hot water, just watch out so that it doesn't escape from the bowl) for "15-20 minutes" according to the recipe but I usually just let it do its thing for like an hour or so 'cause I pretty much forget about it oops.
  20. 7. Knead (fun fact: the finnish for "to knead" is a homonym with the finnish for "to bother". Please don't bother your dough) the dough after proving it, adding more flour if necessary. You should probably flour your counter or whatever you're doing this on as well 'cause otherwise you'll just have a messy counter instead of a dough-y thing.
  21. 8. Now you can form your dough into whatever you want! Individual rolls or braids or whatever you can think of! You can also make cinnamon rolls by cutting the dough in half, rolling each half into a flat square, spreading butter, sugar and cinnamon (lots of each) on the square and then like turning it into a swirly thing like a swiss roll or something. Then just cut slices out of it and tadah, cinnamon rolls!
  22. 9. After you've formed the dough into the desired shape, prove them again in a warm place. (I put a baking sheet with the rolls on it on top of the sink I mentioned earlier)
  23. 10. Brush the rolls or whatever with butter, sprinkle pearl sugar on top of them. Or whatever you want to decorate them with.
  24. 11. If making a braid, bake in 200 centigrade on the lowest level of the oven for 15-20 minutes. If making rolls of any kind, bake in 225 centigrade on the middle level for 8-10 minutes.
  25. 12. Eat all of them in one sitting with milk because you can't control yourself and they're too good.
  26. 13. Feel proud of yourself for mastering a traditional Finnish recipe stolen off the side of a bag of flour.
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