I Kain't Believe I Picked Route C

Oct 7th, 2012
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  1. [12:09:52] <Kaingaskhan> DAWN OF THE FIFTEENTH DAY (did I really count? No I didn't)
  2. [12:11:06] <Kaingaskhan> Theta and Lenore awaken from their drunken and totally innocent stupor to discover a number of their things have been taken, though a letter left by the thief promises their safe return if they visit the rear deck. No ransom? Well, they took the money too, so...
  3. [12:11:41] <Theta> "Suppose we have little choice but to comply in this matter..."
  4. [12:12:35] <Kaingaskhan> Checking around the room, it doesn't appear to have been broken into. Did you really leave it unlocked last night? Ugh, hurts to remember.
  5. [12:13:28] <Kaingaskhan> wat do
  6. [12:13:53] * Theta is unarmed pansyman so follows Lenore's choice here.
  7. [12:14:15] * @Lenore stumbles off the bed, clutching her head. "Owwwwwwwwwwww...ow it even hurts to hear me"
  8. [12:15:35] <@Lenore> "Let's...let's go to the deck..." She winces a bit, talking a bit more quietly than usual.
  9. [12:16:01] * Theta opens his mouth to say 'alright,' decides that's a poor choice, so just nods and opens the door for her, following along.
  10. [12:17:39] <Kaingaskhan> You rouse yourselves enough to get up on deck. The letter said to meet on the 'rear deck', so I guess you just go towards the back of the ship?
  11. [12:17:57] <Theta> Indeed.
  12. [12:18:15] * @Lenore shields her eyes from the sunlight as she surveys the deck. "Where is he...?"
  13. [12:18:29] <Kaingaskhan> The other occupants of the flying ship carry about their morning exercise or get some early tanning done, oblivious to your plight at the moment.
  14. [12:18:33] <Kaingaskhan> Roll me some awareness.
  15. [12:19:00] <Theta> 2d6+4
  16. [12:19:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+4: 13 [2d6=5,4]
  17. [12:19:03] <@Lenore> 2d6+4 "Wheeeere..."
  18. [12:19:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, "Wheeeere...": 10 [2d6=1,5]
  19. [12:21:10] <Kaingaskhan> As you head towards the back of the ship, you both notice a figure leaning out from behind the scenery and looking directly at the two of you. Theta can see it's a girl, a couple of years younger than Lenore, with brown hair and wearing traveler's clothes. As you approach, she leans back behind cover, then pokes her head out from something else further down the ship.
  20. [12:22:17] * Theta halts. Rubs his eyes. "I say, I am either still tipsy or..."
  21. [12:22:21] <Kaingaskhan> She doesn't seem at all remarkable from this distance aside from her definitely not inconspicuous behavior.
  22. [12:22:29] <Theta> "That way, either way."
  23. [12:22:42] <@Lenore> "Mmmhmm..." She tries to ignore how painful the sunlight is.
  24. [12:23:35] * Theta approaches this potentially slinkynecked girl
  25. [12:24:10] <Kaingaskhan> She keeps ducking behind things as you approach.
  26. [12:24:33] * @Lenore blinks a few times. "She's really good at that..." Keeps following.
  27. [12:25:15] <Theta> (OOOOH I MISREAD IT)
  28. [12:25:17] <Theta> (I THOUGHT LIKE)
  30. [12:25:43] <Kaingaskhan> (She is though)
  31. [12:25:56] <Kaingaskhan> (Oh)
  32. [12:26:01] <Anise> (theta meant 'without moving her body' though)
  33. [12:26:06] <Kaingaskhan> (oh I seeee)
  34. [12:26:12] <@Lenore> (pfffffffffffff)
  35. [12:26:18] <@castfromhp> (that would be so creepy)
  36. [12:26:22] <@Lenore> (Giraffegirls, no sense of right or wrong)
  37. [12:26:23] <Theta> (I KNOW RIGHT)
  38. [12:26:24] <@castfromhp> (I'm saving that for a horror campaign)
  39. [12:28:01] <Theta> "Well, either way she's guiding us somewhere..."
  40. [12:29:20] <Kaingaskhan> You approach the back, which seems to have an open-air VIP cabin built into it. The girl from earlier pops out from behind a person walking by, waves, and passes through the door leading in. The door's open, leading to a separated part of the deck with a balcony overlooking the scenery behind the ship. A number of tables and chairs dot the area, and there aren't very many people seated back
  41. [12:29:20] <Kaingaskhan> here. In fact, the few back are fairly noteworthy. The girl you saw on the way waves, grinning cheerfully, from one seat. You notice a pair of wings as an ornament adorning her hair. There's a boy around the same age she is, hanging above you from the 'rafters' of the open air cabin with his arms. He seems to have bleached his hair blonde and is wearing a blue jacket over a white shirt, and
  42. [12:29:21] <Kaingaskhan> a pair of baggy jeans. The other two are adult men, and going to need a bit more description.
  43. [12:30:59] * @Lenore finds somewhere to sit and does so immediately. Hoo. That's better.
  44. [12:35:10] <Kaingaskhan> The men both look like they're in their late twenties or early thirties. One has rather orc-like features to his face, not that you know what an orc is, mind you, but his square jaw, two fangs justting up from the lower corners of his mouth, two pointy ears, and the large bandanna on top of his head give the guy a menacing sort of appearance. Tattoos or markings of some sort line his arms in
  45. [12:35:10] <Kaingaskhan> blue ink, and his clothes suggest something of a mix between some traveling performer and a brigand. The other guy is wearing an outfit made entirely of belts, covering the entirety of his body except his face. A large belt circles around, shielding his eyes from view, and long, red hair flows past on either side. A pair of fur-lined boots and gloves briefly make you wonder what winter this
  46. [12:35:10] <Kaingaskhan> guy thinks it is.
  47. [12:35:46] <Kaingaskhan> Pugjaw: "So these are them, Sparrow? Right then. Give'em their stuff back."
  48. [12:36:24] <Theta> (I-is it literally all belts.)
  49. [12:36:32] <@Lenore> (Nomura)
  50. [12:36:44] <@Lenore> (he's caught the disease.)
  51. [12:37:01] <@Lenore> (He's a terminal case of Nomura syndrome)
  52. [12:37:11] * Theta takes a seat next to Lenore, thinking this might take a while.
  53. [12:37:43] <Kaingaskhan> (brb a moment)
  54. [12:38:47] <@Lenore> "That's...a lot of belts..."
  55. [12:48:44] <Kain> Literally.
  56. [12:48:46] <Kain> All belts.
  57. [12:49:01] <Kain> Which is better than the alternative. His fashion style has improved in the last ten years at least.
  58. [12:49:14] <Kain> The young girl hops back up and spins around. "Y'okay!" She produces a bag of things from seeming nowhere and PLUNKS it down on Theta and Lenore's table.
  59. [12:49:18] <Kain> Regained your inventory!
  60. [12:49:58] <Kain> Belts: "...alright. So we've got your attention. We got something to say to you.
  61. [12:50:01] <Kain> "
  62. [12:50:25] <Kain> The boy drops down from the ceiling and joins the girl at your table. "Hi!"
  63. [12:50:30] <Theta> "...Alright..."
  64. [12:50:53] * @Lenore puts on her hairclip, then winces at the really loud greeting. "A...a little quieter please..."
  65. [12:50:59] <Theta> "Well, and hello."
  66. [12:52:25] <Kain> Pugjaw: "My name's Marcus, and this here's Blank, Bunce, and Lucella." The young boy looks offended. "Call us by our code names, Marcuuus!" Pugjaw sighs. "FINE. Trick Sparrow, and Sly Eagle. Y'happy kid? Anyway, we're members of the infamous band of thieves, Tantalus."
  67. [12:52:31] <Kain>
  68. [12:53:13] <Kain> Blank: "...You two are friends with the Cleyran and the spoiled-looking noble girl, right?"
  69. [12:53:55] <@Lenore> "Celly and Natty?, can I get a drink of water?"
  70. [12:54:26] <Theta> "Uhm. Yes, I suppose we know people who fit that description."
  71. [12:54:28] <Kain> Marcus gestures and the young boy hops up to fetch it. He brings back a glass of water for both of you, with ice cubes, even. Fancy.
  72. [12:54:43] <Kain> Blank: "You guys caused more of a stir in Durandal than you thought. Someone could teach them a thing or two about SILENT infiltration. And the rest of you? Let's just say you weren't inconspicuous."
  73. [12:55:08] * @Lenore siiiip.
  74. [12:56:25] <Kain> Blank: "We're trying to warn you goofball kids that the Glutton is on to you, and he's got men on this airship RIGHT NOW, tailing you. We represent the interests of a couple of individuals who very much want to see that guy get taken down, and from what we can tell you want the same thing."
  75. [12:58:05] <Theta> "Well, uhm."
  76. [12:58:10] <Theta> "That is certaintly handy to know."
  77. [12:58:13] <Kain> Trick Sparrow: "It was pretty easy getting into their room, Blank! They coulda been assassinated!"
  78. [12:58:39] <@Lenore> "Thanks for the warning..." Lenore's a lot more feeble than usual.
  79. [12:59:29] <Kain> Marcus: "Yeah, about that. Sorry about having to get your attention this way, but you two were out harder than Cinna after one of our boss's famous Tantalus Punches."
  80. [13:00:26] <Theta> "Well, let us ignore the fact we completely botched matters in Durandal, apparantly. Where do we go from here?"
  81. [13:00:26] <Kain> Sly Eagle: "You think these guys will be really be able to pull it off, Marcus? Zidane's counting on us to do something, is it really alright to leave it to them?"
  82. [13:04:40] * @Lenore siiiip. "You're all a bunch of sneaky types, right?" She looks a little less pained than before.
  83. [13:04:44] <Kain> Blank: "You tell me. I'm not your nanny, I'm not going to tell you what you can or can't do. All that needs to be said is that your group needs to draw less attention." The pugjawed man looks over, frowning. "Blank. Well, anyway. We have no idea what you guys are trying to do or how you're going about it, but the boss says we should be helping you out anyway we can. If you need a place to
  84. [13:04:45] <Kain> stay, keep a low profile, then you're welcome to crash at the Tantalus Theatre Troupe's HQ in Lindblum's Theatre district."
  85. [13:05:34] * @Lenore nearly drops her glass. "Lindblum!? That's where we're going! That's exact- ow."
  86. [13:05:42] * @Lenore winces.
  87. [13:05:50] <Kain> Sly Eagle: "Yeah! But we're the good kind of sneaky types!" he rocks back and forth in his seat. "Big bro Zidane was the best among us, too!"
  88. [13:05:59] <Kain> Marcus: "Yeah, I figured. That's where this airship is going."
  89. [13:07:32] <Kain> Trick Sparrow: "You say that like Eiko's not one of us too, Bunce." She baps him on the head. "Give the girl some respect! She was fighting all kinds of monsters when we were just chasing birds around."
  90. [13:08:04] <Theta> "I see no reason to refuse your offer given circumstances. Cannot speak for the others not with us, however."
  91. [13:08:26] <Kain> Marcus: "It probably seems nosy of us to get involved with you and your friends like this, but trust me, we got good intentions here."
  92. [13:08:59] * @Lenore takes deeep breaths in and out for a bit to get her to ignore her headache. "I appreciate it...thank you."
  93. [13:09:32] <Kain> Bunce/Sly Eagle notices something, and peeks under Theta's robes.
  94. [13:09:45] <Kain> Bunce: "Hey! You've got a tail, too! Just like big bro!"
  95. [13:10:33] <Kain> Lucella: "Really? Let ME see, Bunce!" "Call me Sly Eagle, sis!" "More like Dumb Turkey! Outta the way!"
  96. [13:11:03] <Theta> "Uh."
  97. [13:11:13] <Kain> The kids scuffle a moment and Marcus sighs.
  98. [13:11:21] * Theta gets up, takes off the overcoat, then. "Yes, I am a Genome, if that's what you mean."
  99. [13:12:41] <Kain> Marcus: "Sorry about them. Yeah, I can see that. They're talking about another Genome. Zidane Tribal. Guy was one of us, raised here on Gaia, instead of whatever blue light world you people came from. Now he's king of Alexandria. Kind of figures..."
  100. [13:12:54] <Kain> Blank: "At least he doesn't act like he's better than us."
  101. [13:13:28] <Theta> "Know of the name, but have never met him," shrugs and sits back down.
  102. [13:13:37] <@Lenore> "Uh...what he said..."
  103. [13:16:10] <Kain> Blank: "Yeah, didn't think so. But practically everyone's heard of him." You think he just rolled his eyes, but you can't be sure. "Goddamn show-off. Well, what do we care. Having a high profile's bad for a thief anyway. ...So you got the message, right? Our place is your place, until the boss says otherwise."
  104. [13:16:43] <Kain> Marcus: "If your friends are wonky about shacking up with thieves, could always just mention we're a theater troupe with connections. That part's true, too."
  105. [13:17:54] <Theta> "I have a feeling that would work rather well."
  106. [13:17:56] <Kain> The younger thieves have abandoned their interest of Theta's tail and are now hanging around the door out.
  107. [13:19:34] <Kain> Blank: "...Hey, lady, what's your story, anyway? You look familiar."
  108. [13:20:12] <Kain> Blank: "No, wait, that was a guy. Same color hair, though..."
  109. [13:20:18] <@Lenore> "Me?" She blinks a few times. "Um...I'm..." She stumbles over her words a bit, trying to decide how much to tell would be appro-
  110. [13:20:48] <@Lenore> "What? Where!?" Fuck the headache! She sets down her glass pretty hard, not hard enough to smash it, though, thankfully.
  111. [13:21:14] <Kain> Blank shifts back like three feet with his chair. "Whoa, keep your panties on, what's your deal?"
  112. [13:21:38] <Kain> Blank: "You looking for someone like that?"
  113. [13:21:44] <@Lenore> "Y-yes...I am..."
  114. [13:24:21] <Kain> Blank: "Didn't really care for the guy, he was pretty full of himself. We crossed blades after a job and I'm only sitting here because Marcus here bailed me out. Black magic and cursed sword arts. His seemed different, somehow."
  115. [13:24:49] * @Lenore nods. "Yeah, that's him..."
  116. [13:25:29] <Kain> Blank: "Last word we had on the guy said he was heading to Treno." he shrugs. "That was a few months ago, so don't expect the trail to still be all that hot. But maybe it'll help."
  117. [13:26:22] * @Lenore 's eyes widen a bit. "Oh...that..."
  118. [13:27:43] <@Lenore> "That's...not good." She's sort of staring into space now.
  119. [13:27:55] <Kain> Blank: "Family or something? Well, that's all I know."
  120. [13:28:11] <Kain> Bunce: "Hey, Marcus! I think we got trouble!"
  121. [13:28:27] <Kain> Pugjaw frowns, getting up. "What is it, now?"
  122. [13:29:00] <Kain> Bunce: "We got coots in suits! Big, fat ugly ones!"
  123. [13:29:22] <Kain> The two are looking out of the little window on the door.
  124. [13:29:30] * @Lenore snaps out of it. "The Glutton's Qu!?"
  125. [13:30:32] <Kain> Marcus: "Sounds like it..." he stands up. "Didn't think they'd have balls brass enough to try and pull anything out of their territory in broad daylight."
  126. [13:30:55] <Theta> "It IS a rather bold statement of power, yes."
  127. [13:31:44] <Kain> Blank: "It's about goddamn time we had some action." He stands, unsheathing a blade. "Sparrow, Eagle, get back for now. You two good for a fight?"
  128. [13:32:20] * @Lenore closes her eyes reeeally tight for a bit, then blinks a few times, and then nods. "I'll be okay."
  129. [13:32:51] * Theta starts digging through the bag, pulling his gear back out. "In a second...yes."
  130. [13:33:25] <Kain> Marcus goes and stands by the door. "Lemme know when you're ready." He peers through the little porthole. "Seems like they're just waiting for now."
  131. [13:33:55] * @Lenore takes her hairclip, reverts it to a hat, pulls out her Lightning Rod, and then turns it back into a hairclip, then puts the hairclip back in her hair. "I'm good!"
  132. [13:35:25] * Theta takes out a wooden hammer and approaches the door. "Well, good enough a time as ever to put it to use..."
  133. [13:36:01] <Kain> Marcus: "Alright. Blank, let's do this Tantalus style! Listen, you two... what're your names, anyway?"
  134. [13:38:01] <Theta> "Theta."
  135. [13:39:11] <@Lenore> "Lenore."
  136. [13:39:57] <Kain> Pugjaw nods. "Alright then, Theta, Lenore. You two head out that door. Me and Blank will cover you. Just have some trust in us, alright?" Even as he says this, Blank rushes for the back and jumps off the balcony, apparently into the skies below.
  137. [13:40:09] <Kain> Marcus takes off and leaps after.
  138. [13:40:51] <@Lenore> "All right!" She runs in through the door!
  139. [13:41:00] * Theta pauses for a second. "WHy would - oh whatever." he follows.
  140. [13:41:02] <Kain> The kids hang back, finding a safe place to hide.
  141. [13:41:21] <Kain> You exit back onto the main deck of the ship, where a group of six black-suited Qu are waiting for you.
  142. [13:41:47] <Kain> They're all carrying battle-forks, though these glow with a yellow tinge and occasionally crackle with electricity.
  143. [13:42:17] <Kain> One of them steps forward. "You! By order of Glutton Quosis Quar, surrender tailed boy! We let girl go."
  144. [13:43:38] <@Lenore> "Why don't you want me?" She puts a finger to her chin and seems to be trying to figure out why.
  145. [13:44:11] <Theta> "I think I am quite fine without surrendering, thank you very much. Curious, though, I have had nothing to do with your master's plottings."
  146. [13:44:47] <Kain> The qu rapidly stamps the ground in frustration. "We no need say why! Just do! Glutton want genome! So he get. We not hurt either if come along."
  147. [13:45:19] <Kain> From either side of the ship, a ways behind the group of Qu, Marcus and Blank climb back onto the deck.
  148. [13:45:49] <@Lenore> "Maybe he thinks Theta tastes good? Does that mean I taste bad...?"
  149. [13:45:50] <Kain> They each pull out some sort of little ball.
  150. [13:46:31] <Theta> (...are they red and white?)
  151. [13:46:33] <Kain> AND THEY RELEASE THEIR POKEMON
  152. [13:46:37] <Kain> no just kidding
  153. [13:46:39] <Kain> they're smoke balls
  154. [13:47:03] <Theta> "I believe you'll end up hurt either way."
  155. [13:47:03] <Kain> The thieves dash them to the ground just behind the Qu, throwing the group into disarray!
  156. [13:47:10] <Theta> "I must say you have poor choice in employers."
  157. [13:47:23] <Kain> The confused Qu that was talking to you whirls around! "What happen? Ambush?!"
  158. [13:47:28] <@Lenore> "You're really easily distracted!" Wink.
  159. [13:48:00] <Kain> WHOOSH
  160. [13:48:15] <Kain> Marcus and Blank seem to be fighting their back line...
  161. [13:48:31] <Kain> Glutton's Mafioso x2
  162. [13:48:51] <Kain> Player turns!
  163. [13:49:49] <Theta> (Let's see.)
  164. [13:50:03] <Kain>
  165. [13:50:07] <Theta> (safe to say I could use plains terrain on an airship?)
  166. [13:50:13] <Theta> (It is wind damage afterall)
  167. [13:50:15] <Kain> Hmmm
  168. [13:50:15] <Kain> Sure
  169. [13:50:49] * @Lenore begins chanting up a spell...
  170. [13:51:19] * Theta holds his hammer as one normally would with such a weapon, and concentrates. Wind gathers above the Qu's, forming a gusty hammer. He swings down, and the hammer mimics the motion onto the Qu's head.
  171. [13:51:25] <Theta> 2d6+2 bonk
  172. [13:51:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, bonk: 9 [2d6=5,2]
  173. [13:51:42] <Kain> Hit!
  174. [13:51:47] <Theta> 55 wind damage.
  175. [13:51:56] <Kain> The Qu is airblasted!
  176. [13:51:58] <Kain> Enemy turns
  177. [13:52:18] <Kain> One of the black-suited Qu steps forward, pulling out a short wave radio, and jabbers into it.
  178. [13:52:43] <Kain> A small airship, VERY small, like, car-sized, zooms overhead, dropping explosives.
  179. [13:52:55] <Kain> 2d6+3 Airstrike on both of you
  180. [13:52:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Airstrike on both of you: 7 [2d6=1,3]
  181. [13:53:08] <@Lenore> lol what am avd
  182. [13:53:21] <Theta> Doesn't hit Theta, at least
  183. [13:53:44] <Kain> 26 arm damage, Lenore.
  184. [13:53:57] <Kain> The other Qu leaps at Theta, bringing his battle fork down!
  185. [13:54:01] <Kain> 2d6+3
  186. [13:54:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+3: 8 [2d6=2,3]
  187. [13:54:11] <Theta> hits
  188. [13:54:57] <Kain> 38 lightning arm damage! Zzzap.
  189. [13:55:08] <Kain> Player turns
  190. [13:55:14] * @Lenore does her best to ignore the pain from her headache and from the airstrike, continuing to chant...until...
  191. [13:56:32] <@Lenore> 2d6+72 "Ye who would challenge me, feel the strength of the heavens!" Thunder on the one that did the airstrike!
  192. [13:56:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, "Ye who would challenge me, feel the strength of the heavens!" Thunder on the one that did the airstrike!: 75 [2d6=2,1]
  193. [13:56:51] <Kain> POW
  194. [13:57:32] <Kain> The bolt of lightning seems to overload his battlefork, and there's a loud POP as it short circuits, losing its electric charge. The qu seems badly hurt from that too.
  195. [13:57:57] * Theta swings the hammer at that same one. "Just run back to your master's haven already!"
  196. [13:58:01] <Theta> 2d6+2
  197. [13:58:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+2: 5 [2d6=1,2]
  198. [13:58:07] <Kain> Dodge!
  199. [13:59:25] <Kain> The badly injured Qu wiggles his fork. Quick Cast property!
  200. [14:00:04] <Kain> He sucks in a good deal of air... then fires a rapidly moving seed at Theta!
  201. [14:00:18] * @Lenore is continuing to chant...c'mon...
  202. [14:00:23] <Kain> 2d6+44 Earth M.Arm damage
  203. [14:00:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Earth M.Arm damage: 49 [2d6=2,3]
  204. [14:00:29] <Kain> Seed Cannon'd
  205. [14:01:23] <Theta> OOf. He's not looking too hot.
  206. [14:01:26] <Kain> The other Qu begins casting blue magic as well, with Quick Cast!
  207. [14:01:56] <Kain> S/he focuses and sends out a wave of lasers that spiral up and around, then home in on Lenore!
  208. [14:02:17] <Kain> 2d6+33 M.Arm damage from Homing Laser
  209. [14:02:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, M.Arm damage from Homing Laser: 37 [2d6=2,2]
  210. [14:02:26] <Kain> 1d2 Confusion chance, 1 yes 2 no
  211. [14:02:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Confusion chance, 1 yes 2 no: 2 [1d2=2]
  212. [14:02:42] <Kain> Player turns
  213. [14:03:13] <Theta> "Lenore, you continue to do what you do best, I'll ensure we do not fall," the winds envelop the two of them, and closing wounds and easing bruises.
  214. [14:03:16] <Kain> (By the way, so you know Lenore has Quick Cast too, it replaces One MP cost)
  215. [14:03:20] <Theta> 2d6+24 healing to each
  216. [14:03:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, healing to each: 36 [2d6=6,6]
  217. [14:03:27] <Theta> (Fuck shit cunts nigger)
  218. [14:03:34] <@Lenore> (OH.)
  219. [14:03:34] <Theta> (SDFKLJHFHAF)
  220. [14:03:34] <@Lenore> (Well then)
  221. [14:03:34] <Kain> (Arcane Weapons now have a different property, named 'Quick Cast' instead of 'Imbued Spell'. Once per combat a character using an Arcane weapon may activate this property as an Instant action, causing the next spell they cast to be treated as a Standard action instead of a Slow action.)
  222. [14:03:47] <@Lenore> (HMMMM)
  223. [14:03:48] <@Lenore> (Okay then.)
  224. [14:03:48] <Kain> Poor theta
  225. [14:03:54] * @Lenore first has her slow action go off!
  226. [14:04:53] <Theta> (That woulda made the elemental field LIGHTNING)
  227. [14:05:06] <Theta> (but done no damage in itself, just seal + knock back)
  228. [14:05:38] <@Lenore> 2d6+48 "Your continued transgressions shall only bring you pain!" Lightning bolts hit the two Qu, before...
  229. [14:05:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, "Your continued transgressions shall only bring you pain!" Lightning bolts hit the two Qu, before...: 56 [2d6=4,4]
  230. [14:05:43] <@Lenore> Quick Cast!
  231. [14:06:23] <Kain> One goes down!
  232. [14:06:29] <@Lenore> 2d6+72 "Will you ever learn? The heavens seek heathens to judge at all times!" Lightning on the remaining Qu!
  233. [14:06:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, "Will you ever learn? The heavens seek heathens to judge at all times!" Lightning on the remaining Qu!: 83 [2d6=6,5]
  234. [14:06:42] <Kain> K-KAPOW
  235. [14:06:47] <Kain> the remaining Qu goes down as well!
  236. [14:07:03] <Kain>
  237. [14:07:13] <@Lenore> (...actually it should've done 12 more damage on each since Theta got me back to full health. OH WELL)
  238. [14:08:17] * Theta puts the hammer away, dusts off his hands. "Well now, good sir Marcus, what you suggest we do with...these QU's."
  239. [14:08:20] <Kain> 450 gil to both of you, 1 exp (everyone will get one xp from their routes, no worries)
  240. [14:08:48] <Kain> The smoke clouds clear, and the two thieves fistbump while standing next to the pile of Qus.
  241. [14:09:15] <Kain> Marcus: "Let's see... ship security should be on their way any second now. We'll handle them and make sure these guys are thrown in the brig."
  242. [14:09:51] <Kain> Marcus: "Not bad, though, not bad at all. Was that all of'em, Blank?"
  243. [14:10:17] <Kain> Blank: "Aside from the one in the miniship? Yeah, think so."
  244. [14:10:58] <Kain> Marcus: "Tch, we don't got a way to pursue that one. He's probably going to go report back to the Glutton."
  245. [14:12:00] <Kain> Marcus: "Should be pretty smooth sailing from here, though."
  246. [14:12:56] <Kain> You can see a few Nezumi in armor approaching.
  247. [14:13:12] <Kain> Marcus: "Go on, go on, we'll talk to the fuzz."
  248. [14:13:31] <@Lenore> "Um, okay..."
  249. [14:13:47] <Theta> "Alright, then...guess we should return to our quarters, with haste."
  250. [14:13:49] <Kain> Marcus: "If you got questions about anything, see us before you get off, otherwise seeya when we seeya."
  251. [14:14:37] <Kain> Marcus: "Let's go, bro."
  252. [14:14:54] <Kain> He and Blank wave at the guards and go over to talk to them.
  253. [14:15:16] <Kain> Anything before you reach Lindblum?
  254. [14:16:11] <@Lenore> Finish that glass of water...and...
  255. [14:16:51] <@Lenore> "Um, Theta...sometime after we're done in Lindblum I want to visit Treno."
  256. [14:18:16] <Theta> "Mmmm. Alright. About what those two gentlemen mentioned to you?"
  257. [14:19:18] <@Lenore> "Yeah...that was probably my brother."
  258. [14:20:06] <Theta> "You imagine he has worked himself into a dificult situation, or just...wish to see him?"
  259. [14:20:24] <@Lenore> "Both."
  260. [14:22:29] <Theta> "Alright, I have no complaints there."
  261. [14:24:21] <@Lenore> "Good." She nods. "Now, um, I need to take a nap to get this headache away, so...wake me up when we get to Lindblum, okay?"
  262. [14:26:02] * Theta nods. "Rest well, then, Lenore."
  263. [14:26:30] * @Lenore POMF.
  264. [14:26:40] * Theta sits outside the door, in the hallway, and sands the newly made hammer as quietly as he can.
  265. [14:26:45] <@Lenore> As soon as they get to their room, that is.
  266. [14:28:26] <Kain> It's a pretty quiet trip the rest of the way to Lindblum. You're not disturbed, other than for a moment when the guards stop by and make sure you're uninjured.
  267. [14:29:03] <Kain> Several more hours pass, and finally, in the distance, you see a city towering above the landscape of the plateau it rests on, above the Mist Continent valleys.
  268. [14:30:23] <Kain> Dozens and dozens of airships steam through the mist-free skies, and as your airship approaches the airship gate of Lindblum, you can see the castle at the pinnacle of it all. That was a lot of uses of the word airship!
  269. [14:31:29] <Kain> The passenger barge pulls in to one of the city's many docks, and you're all let off with farewells. Blank even tosses you guys a map of the city before he and the other members of Tantalus vanish into the crowd.
  270. [14:32:10] <Kain> And from here on out...
  271. [14:32:13] <Kain> well, that
  272. [14:32:14] <Kain> is for next time!
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