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  1. [18:32] The Siberian Moose steals her from the room.
  2. [18:32] Millania Has been abducted again!
  3. [18:32] The Siberian Moose sits on the lap, smooches occur over face.
  4. [18:33] Millania Is seated in lap! Also smooches back.
  5. [18:34] The Siberian Moose wouldn't mind 'using' this cute lil' one.~
  6. [18:35] Millania Tilts her head a bit. Her knowledge of the common tongue stretches only so far. " Big deer "
  7. [18:36] The Siberian Moose sighs a bit, seems she chose a girl that didn't much that much of an 'intellect' at the moment. Sighing as she just pat her head a bit, free hand patting the girl's rear as well.
  8. [18:38] Millania Is super smart! Can make spears and knifes and loincloths! She blinked at her butt got pat. Soon pushing it out a bit into that hand. Her look that of a confused but curious one.
  9. [18:39] Millania: as*
  10. [18:39] The Siberian Moose couldn't help but chuckle at the reaction to the butt-pats, just moving to continue the nice pats. Her large hands easily cupping and groping over the fattier flesh back there as she sat back.
  11. [18:41] Millania It was damn obvious that Milla had been plucked out of some distant part of the world where civilizations rules and logic did not apply at all. She spoke but barely made sense and she had tons of scars on her body. " Big deer...soft hands..." She smiled a bit and pushed her butt out more.
  12. [18:45] The Siberian Moose couldn't help but chuckle as the girl pushed her butt out against those large hands as now both hands moved down to grasp and grope over the rather plump rear the tribal had. Smirking down at Millania as Moira casually introduced herself with a light smack to the rear, "I'm Moira, you?~"
  13. [18:47] Millania Oh this part she understood! " Millania " She said and pointed to herself then she pointed to the moose " Moira of the big deer folk " She nods and then blushes a bit as it seems that she starts to enjoy the hands on her butt.
  14. [18:49] The Siberian Moose chuckled down at the girl as she noticed the blushing, just smacking the rear a bit more every other minute. Her fingers pushing into the loincloth that the tribal girl had on her clothes, "Now now, be a good girl for me, then.~"
  15. [18:51] Millania " Millania " She once more pointed to herself before she let out a soft moan from the spanks. " Good? " As that hand moved into her loincloth, Milla seemed to connect two and two as she smiled and looked up at the moose with a grin. " Good "
  16. [18:54] The Siberian Moose chuckled at the girl as she finally clicked two and two together as she moved to smack the rear of the girl a bit harder before finally letting Millania get off her lap, leaning down and pressing her mouth against that nice lil' neck she had. Biting and nipping all over it.
  17. [18:54] System: Esme Valleau is offline.
  18. [18:56] Millania Froze a bit as she was nipped on the neck. Her first reaction was that she got attacked and therefore she had raised her arms and was about to strike. But as nothing more than a simple few love bites happened, Milla calmed down and then moved her arms around the moose instead. Seemingly trying to hug her.
  19. [18:58] The Siberian Moose grinned lightly at the reaction, just moving down to easily allow the hug as she wrapped a strong arm around that waist to keep her nice and close. Biting over that neck to make sure to mark that lil' tribal as if she was her own lil' plaything. Free hand traveling over the girl's waist before finally grabbing at that ass again, smacking it over and over.
  20. [19:02] Millania She jolted a tiny bit with each smack to her butt. The dark tanned skin wobbled a bit as the moose kept on smacking her. Milla let out a soft moan after the other with each smack while her own hands moved over to rub along the moose´s sides. She enjoyed this display of affection. Something she had not been shown in over four years.
  21. [19:08] The Siberian Moose continued the rather affectionate bites and smacks, before finally pulling off that marked and dark skin before pulling right off of Millania. Sitting back before finally standing fully up as she undid her pants, allowing the rather surprising foot-long of flaccid length and baseball-sized balls flopped out into the view of the tribal girl!
  22. [19:11] Millania Gave the moose a few more lovely strokes on the sides before she looked her over and soon saw something that she had never seen on a woman before. She tilted her head a bit and then leaned in to sniff at it. Started to inspect it with licks and pokes before she looked up at Moira " Moira....mate Milla? "
  23. [19:12] The Siberian Moose must say, finds the sniffing of such to be rather adorable for Mill.~)
  24. [19:13] The Siberian Moose chuckled at the girl's 'question' as she just responded with a nod down at the girl, letting her look over such a large 'thing' that rested in front of her features now. Standing there as she allowed the girl to do as she wanted with the large 'mating stick' that it seems the woman had...probably the largest that Millania had seen?
  25. [19:17] Millania Milla came from an all female tribe of proud savages. During her 18 years on the island she had only been with a man twice and both times were when the hunting parties had brought home stranded men who had drifted onto the island. So no, Milla had never seen one this big or on a woman. The curious savage of a woman soon took a firm grip around it and lifted it up before she just let go. Doing this a few times before licking her lips and then she raised it up to her lips and pushed her mouth down onto the head.
  26. [19:21] The Siberian Moose couldn't help but chuckle again at the antics of the girl, letting that member flop about as it was picked up and let go of over and over again. Soon moaning lightly as she felt the mouth of the tribe-raised girl take the soft head into it. Groaning as she casually placed one of her feet on the couch beside the girl to give her a better 'look' and positioning with that large piece of flesh just in her face now. Heavy balls flopping about with the movements of both participants.
  27. [19:24] Millania It was her first time with something this big. So she struggled a bit to fit much more than the head inside of her mouth to begin with. She used her hands to stroke the length slowly while her attention was given to the head. Licking around the tip while sucking on the head and pushed her whole body up against the moose. "Mhnph...shhnllurp mhn! " She struggled with the whole thing.
  28. [19:27] The Siberian Moose moaned a bit more as she felt the licking and suckling from Milla, though soon she noticed how much the girl struggled with the still-flaccid member. Sighing as she grinned, "Now now, if you really wanna do the 'right' thing...I'll help you.~" She insisted before one of her large hands grasped the back of Milla's head before starting to cram that soft member into the mouth of the girl. Forcing inch by inch down as it began to grow within the throat of Milla!
  29. [19:30] Millania She was rather inexperienced in general. The poor thing had only been with a man twice before and now she was trying to suck a dick for the first time. And it just happened to be one that was big enough to probably clobber someone to death with. As Moira took hold of her head and helped her take more of it, Milla blinked and began to gag on that thick yet semi flaccid cock in her throat. Her hands bashed against the moose´s legs now.
  30. [19:33] The Siberian Moose moaned a bit more as she felt the virgin-like confines of the girl's throat before feeling the bashing of her legs, sighing a bit as she slowly pulled her semi-erect member out and rested it atop the girl's face. Petting the back of the girl's head, "Apologies, hun. Got into it.~" She teased as she let that wet and meaty semi-erection just rest there over the girl's features. Letting a bit of pre-cum dribble out of the woman's member and over the face.
  31. [19:38] Millania Her face had turned red and she seemed to breathe in a funny way. Now whatever it was cus of the very recent throat stuffing or from something else? No one will ever know. But something had changed in Milla and she looked at the cock with a...hunger? in her eyes. Soon she pushed her face down to slurp and lick on the ballsack. Giving tender kisses and licks before she licked along the underside of the large cock until she finally found her lips around the cock head again. She then stared up at the moose and brought her smaller hands up to guide Moira´s bigger hands back onto her head. ".... " She just stared at the moose. Mouth full of cock head as she did.
  32. [19:39] The Siberian Moose had accidentally awakened the fetish of throat-fucking to the tribal?~)
  33. [19:39] Millania: (Mhn!)
  34. [19:41] The Siberian Moose was expecting the girl to be angry with her for being so rough, before blinking a few times as she moaned...feeling that mouth working over the hefty balls that Moira had swinging about. Soon watching Milla move back into position with her lips wrapped around the soon-to-be throbbing 2-foot erection! Spraying a bit of strangely delicious pre-cum into the girl's mouth and all over her tongue as her large hands were brought back to the girl's head. Smirking down at her as she placed her foot back on the couch to give herself a better angle. Chuckling before she began the real roughness that she could do, pounding that throat with two full feet of moose meat. Making sure that the girl's mouth fell in love with that slab of real meat.
  35. [19:47] Millania And there it went! Both her oral and throat virginity gone with the wind as the moose began to really get into the joy of face fucking the inexperienced savage. Milla gagged and choked heavily on that fat length but she did not seem to be willing to give up just yet. She even tried to further pleasure the moose by rubbing her ballsack with those smaller hands. Had this been four years ago then Milla would probably have tried to hurt the moose for being rough with her. But since she had spent some years now with the so called civilization, Milla was more understanding that some species and races were different.
  37. She gagged hard on that swollen slab of fuck meat as her head got brought up and down on it by those large and strong hands. Used as a human onahole for the rough beast of a moose. It went with a whole minute of nonstop face fucking before Milla once more began to bash on those hips of the moose.
  38. [19:50] The Siberian Moose had been enjoying the use of her new 'onahole', such an inexperienced mouth and throat were like a real treat that someone doesn't usually get to use in this kind of place. A kind of tightness that can only be found with someone seen as 'innocent' in the eyes of the masses here. Soon she did feel the bashes again, realizing it must have been a while...the girl probably was needing to breathe! Chuckling as she moved and thrusted a few more times before finally starting to pull that length out. Inch by swollen inch the throbbing two-foot erection of the moose left the confines of the hot maw of Milla. After finally pulling the last of the inches out, Moira rested that throbbing length in front of the girl to truly let her 'see' what's been inside her the last minute!
  39. [19:55] Millania Her face was a mess of mixed tears and saliva as well as some moose precum. All mixed up to make a nice make up on the tanned girls face. Milla looked up at the cock with heart shaped pupils and she let her tongue out to lick on the whole thing. Moving her tongue from the base and all the way up to the tip before going back down on those balls. Giving tender smooches and licks before she once more placed her mouth over the cock head and stared back at Moira. This time she did however hold up three fingers. As if telling the moose to wait. With each passing second she removed one finger until only one remained and she inhaled deeply and then removed the last finger and prepared for another round of throat stuffing.
  40. [19:55] The Siberian Moose has attained a 'worshipper'?~)
  41. [19:56] Millania: (Atleast someone who has seen the light of face fucking)
  42. [19:58] The Siberian Moose couldn't help but grin down at the girl as she worshipped over that throbbing member, licking and kissing over the length. Enjoying the feeling as she couldn't hold herself from laughing at the 'three-second' system that the tribal made to relax. Though the time of 'face-fucking' was over for now as she pulled her dick out of the girl's mouth with a 'pop' as she pulled Milla onto her feet, "Now now, good girls need to get bred as well.~" She teased as she motioned Milla to lean/rest over a nearby table as she moved along with the tribal girl, "Be a good girl for Moira and show me your 'breeding zone'. If you are good by the end of this, Moira will let Milla clean her dick off with her mouth.~"
  43. [20:03] Millania As the mention of breeding, Milla seemed to be hesitating for some reason. She moved both hands up to the cock. Moved one of them to the base and the other to the tip as if measuring something. Then she brought both her hands to her own body to measure from her own sex and up to where the dick would end up being if it went inside of her. She then looked up at Moira and spoke " No fit....Milla not big enough " She did however seem to be curious enough to try and so she bent over the nearest table she found. " more fit .." She said and looked back at the moose. All of her clothes dropped by now as she bent over the table to present her clean shaved pussy.
  44. [20:06] The Siberian Moose kept that smirk on her lips as she noticed the cute way the girl talked in broken sentences. Just watching that clean-shaven sex be shown to Moira, casually making her way over to grab that bare ass with one hand and pry open the pussy lips with one her her fingers, "There there, we'll see how far you can take it.~" She insisted as her free hand moved to grasp her own shaft to stroke a few times before aiming. The first push in forced the engorged head of her throbbing erection down past the pussy walls and right into the virgin-like vice that the girl's small hole had! Moaning a bit as she moved her hands off and pressed them on either side of Milla, pushing inch after inch in deeper!
  45. [20:11] Millania She gave a sort of heckheckheck face as she looked back at the other when she just shoved that dick into her pussy just like that. But what first looked to be annoyance soon turned into a face of pleasure as more inches went into her and she rested her head on the table for now. Her fat rump moved a bit as the big brute moose entered deeper and deeper into her cunt and soon it hit her womb entrance with ease. " Gah.." She let out but then shut herself up bit biting into the table.
  46. [20:13] The Siberian Moose enjoyed that cute lil' face when it appeared again, though was more focused on the tight lil' cunt she was using at that moment. Moaning every so often as she forced that swollen member as deep as she was able. Pushing into the womb of Milla as well with that kind of power and length with it! Panting lightly as she filled up that tribal womb with a heavy and engorged member. Enjoying the gripping of the girl's muscles from the inside for a few moments before beginning the rough thrusts.
  47. [20:16] Millania She could not do much more than just lay there and take it for now. The poor savage girl moved up and down over the table as the big moose thrusted into her with no mercy. Giving the poor girl a taste of what it was like to be mated by a big strong beast. Milla moved her hands out to grip at the table to keep herself somewhat steady. But in doing that she made the whole table start to move instead. "Ghnnhg!"
  48. [20:18] The Siberian Moose had been toyed with for a relatively long time now, just enjoying that tight pussy and womb of the tribal now. Both hands moved to grasp the smaller waist of Milla as she thrusted faster and harder after a few more moments. Smacking the plump and tan rear over and over now as she plowed into the wettening little pussy, "Mmm, you want Moira to breed you? You want her big dick to fill you with her children?~"
  49. [20:21] Millania Milla was not sure if she could even get pregnant by the moose. But right now the lust filled savage did not think too much about details and she just gave a grunt and a nod as she could not focus on much more than to not cry out from the pounding her poor womb and cunt was given. The size alone made her feel pain as well as pleasure and she simply refused to say that it hurt. Her pride as a woman was at stake and she did not want to complain about being fucked too roughly.
  50. [20:23] The Siberian Moose chuckled down at the girl as her speed and roughness became more prominent as she got the 'ok' from Milla, hands gripping that waist as she plowed more and more before finally moaning out. Pressing down against Milla's back as she began to press as deep as able, the tip of her member pressed against the far wall of the womb as she began to spray shot after heavy shot of her thick and fertile seed into the tribal. Leaning down and biting over the neck to truly mark the girl for herself.
  51. [20:27] Millania Milla could no longer hold it in as she felt the hot load after load of moose sperm enter her womb and flood her pussy to the point where it sprayed out from her stuffed cunt and onto the floor. She moaned out in the most primal and savage way possible for a woman of her size and build. A very beast like yet human moan as she climaxed herself and sprayed the table with her own juices. The bite into her neck added some discomfort but Milla just saw that as another mark to her already scar covered body. Scars and marks told their own stories. Maybe one day she would have kids of her own to tell those stories too.
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