Tits: Queen Taivra (Fuck Taivra)

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  1. You’ve knocked the resistance out of Taivra.
  3. The queen stumbles back, jabbing the tip of her spear into the ground and leaning hard against it. “You... you fight like a beast,” the queen groans, barely standing. Her harem gasps in shock, clutching at the queen’s legs as Taivra struggles not to stumble.
  5. “I yield, offworlder. I yield,” she sighs, letting her spear clatter to the ground at your feet. Without the long shaft to support her, Taivra slumps to the ground, sitting down at the edge of her throne’s dais. All of a sudden, the once-proud warrior queen looks a lot less self-assured. Almost humble in her defeat.
  7. You hear a shout behind you. Grabbing your arc caster, you spin around just in time to see Dane pulling Jack through the curtain towards the palace’s gates. Shit! Some of the guards try and grab them, but the towering ausar throws them aside like grainsacks, and all you see is your erstwhile battle partner’s bare ass and tail bursting through the curtains.
  9. You sigh. Can’t leave the nyrea to go after them... not unless you want a repeat fight when you get back. You’ll have to settle up now, while you still can.
  11. You turn back to Taivra, and find that she’s dragged her injured bodyguard over to her: she’s pulled Queensguard’s helmet off and rested the knight’s head in her lap, stroking her black hair with one hand and binding her wounds with the other.
  13. “Be still, dear,” the queen whispers to her bodyguard, stroking the warrior’s hair. “It’s not as bad as you think.”
  15. Glancing up at you, Taivra sighs wearily. “I clearly underestimated you, Isuka. And the ruthlessness of your cousin’s guardian. A mistake I will not make again. But for now, I am at your mercy. Let my people go unharmed, and I will do whatever you wish.”
  17. First thing’s first: you step past the defeated nyrea and plant your hand on the probe, letting it read your DNA and confirm you as its rightful owner. Your Codex receives a data transfer a moment later, loaded out with the next set of coordinates you need to continue your quest! Now that you have what you need, what do you do with the nyrea...?
  19. You grab the defeated queen’s spear and level its jagged tip at her chest. She’d have made you her sex slave had you lost, so it’s only fair you at least get to sample her at least he once. You curtly tell her that you’ll leave her people in peace if she surrenders her body to you - a prospect she should be intimately familiar with.
  21. “I suppose you’ve earned it,” the queen admits, beckoning one of her submissives over to tend to Queensguard. She stands after that, geting pushing the tip of your spear out of the way. “I’ll come willingly. To my chambers, then?”
  23. Oh, no. You want every last one of Taivra’s followers to see what happens when you get between a Steele and her prize. You grab the queen’s wrist and twist her around, shoving her down onto the dias at the foot of her throne. She grunts, biting back a yelp of surprise as she’s forced down, and your hands grab the hem of her mail panties. One good yank and she’s bared to the air, her full cheeks swaying and a forearm-length shaft of pink ovipositor dangling between her legs. You grin, seeing a dark ring of asshole winking at you between her cheeks, though no feminine sex in sight. She gives you a darkly reproachful look over her shoulder, but does not resist as you decide just how to take your pent-up lusts out on the amazonian insect...
  25. (Tentacles)
  28. You slink forward, dropping your Atma Armor Mk. I, plain bra, and plain panties by the wayside and smiling down at the defeated huntress. Her body is simply amazing, firm and toned in all the right places, but curvy and fuckable in all the others. Her breasts are full, heaving underneath her padded bra, and her panties bulge with the throbbing haft of her tremendous ovipositor cock. But that’s only the icing on her cake: your eyes are drawn to the wriggling mass of green vines attached to the base of her spine, bundled around the top of her rump before billowing out behind her like her tattered cape.
  30. Nice and easy, you wrap your hand around a few of her tentacles and run them through your fingers, making the woman moan throatily. Her hips wiggle invitingly, an unconscious gesture of approval as your fingers find their way to her cock-like tips. “I can’t decide if you’re gentle... or a vicious beast,” the queen murmurs, rolling onto her belly and letting you play with her tentacles. Surprisingly demure for the once-haughty queen. Her betas cheer and start to grope at themselves, getting ready to enjoy the show of a lifetime. Suddenly, you’re not sure if you’re about to publicly humiliate the queen, or just excite her court into a rutting frenzy.
  32. Either way, though, you’re going to have a good time.
  34. The green tendrils squirm in your grasp, beading with watery white pre as you stroke them. You’re not sure if these things change much when they’re erect, but you want to make sure they’re as stiff as they’re going to be when you get down to it. You’re not satisfied until you’ve gotten your hands on all twelve of her tentacle cocks, stroking and caressing, even letting your mouth find a few of their crowns to kiss and suck them. Your hands eventually find their way between the queen’s legs, following the curves of her ass down to the tumescent shaft of her ovipositor cock.
  36. Taivra gasps as you grab her dick, sucking in her breath as you massage her shaft from the knotty base to her spiny tip. Your hand comes back covered in brightly-colored, hot slime - the nyrean equivalent of fem-lube, no doubt. You grin to yourself and reach down between your legs, smearing the sticky substance all over your fluid-drooling vagina, using Taivra’s own juices to lube yourself up. Grinning happily, you grab a few of Taivra’s squirming tails into a bushel and drag them back towards your slicked-up hole, finally ready to have some fun!
  38. Looking over her shoulder at you, the queen flashes you a surprisingly lustful purple-lipped smile. “I wonder how many you can take?”
  40. That sounds like a challenge - one you just might take. You beat her in battle, so what about beating her in the bedroom. Or the throne room, as the case may be. You squeeze her tentacles’ bodies, just enough to remind her who’s in charge even if you’re the one getting penetrated. A moment later and you feel three slender cockheads pressing against your pussy, each one wriggling and pushing independently from the others like they’ve all got minds of their own - and all trying to bury themselves in your welcoming hole.
  42. You struggle to keep them under control, slowly guiding the three slender shafts until their crowns are stretching the lips of your slavering pussy. Biting your lips to hold back a moan of pleasure, you slowly guide the tendrils into your lubed-up hole. They keep on squirming all the way, grinding against your vaginal walls, searching out sensitive places to rub themselves on like bloodhounds - in the blink of an eye your restraint evaporates, and you’re left panting and moaning like a cheap ausar whore. The three serpentine cock-tendrils spread out, stretching you out as far as they can. The sensation is overwhelming, making you scream as the tentacles explore every inch of your hole, refusing to give you a moment’s respite until they’re buried deep enough inside to make your gut bulge. Your pink slit is now somewhat loose.
  44. An open mouth is practically an invitation to a woman with a bushel of tentacle cocks. Before you can close your lips, you’ve suddenly got two tendrils rushing towards your throat. You gag and sputter, drooling spittle around the two thrusting shafts that are trying to open up your clenching throat. Still more tentacles squirm around your rump, using their surprising strength to spread your cheeks and start to press in. Even if you wanted to stop them - and you don’t - you’re not sure you could anymore. So much for you being in command... Tentacles go everywhere after that, ramming every cock into every hole on offer, trading out when one’s near to cumming or another’s been left out of the action too long. Your backdoor is a little more used to insertions.
  46. Tavria just smiles at you, rocking her hips and thrusting her tentacles as hard as she can into your spasming holes. For all her power, the queen is a creature of pleasure, exerting forces on you like nothing you’ve felt before. Under such a sensuous assault, you can’t help but cum - and cum hard. Your body convulses around the queen’s tentacles, squeezing and cumming and screaming your pleasure to the heavens.
  48. Limp like a ragdoll, you flop listlessly back. Tentacles squirm in and around you, blasting you with streaks of pearly tail-spunk at the same time they baste your insides. All you can do is moan and buck your ample hips against the thrusting parasites, eager for all the cum you can siphon off the queen.
  50. When your climax has passed, and the queen’s cocks have stopped pumping you full of spunk, you slowly manage to pull yourself up. Tentacles pop wetly out of you, indignantly squirting spunk onto your asscheeks and face as you grab your gear. Breathlessly, you tell Taivra to deliver the probe to the village outside - your people will come get it later.
  52. “Of course, Isuka,” she murmurs, rolling onto her back. You shoot her a look, and indignantly grab her spear - if there’s one thing to cement your victory, it’s capturing your opponent’s weapon. You take a few cum-sodden steps towards the door before she finally calls after you that she’ll honor your request. You smile, and out you go. Nothing else dares to oppose you as you make your way out of the palace, back past the guard post at the gate and out into the deep caves.
  54. Time to find out what your dad has in store for you next!
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