What do you think, this is a penalty?

Jun 30th, 2020
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  1. What do you think, this is a penalty?
  2. Hey guys, since 20-30 days I saw some movements in my visits and I lost some visitors in my website. This is my GW stats:
  3. This is a penalty? What do you think?
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  15. Looks like penalty, but you should check if everything will be ok next week.
  16. From the stats, you are now in a point. And you was there before. So maybe the keywords you are targeting are trending kw's or they get most traffic in a special season.
  17. As you know this time of the year a lot of things change.
  18. If it's not the case, it can be a penality. Specially of you bought some links lately..
  19. From the stats, you are now in a point. And you was there before. So maybe the keywords you are targeting are trending kw's or they get most traffic in a special season.
  20. As you know this time of the year a lot of things change.
  21. If it's not the case, it can be a penality. Specially of you bought some links lately..
  22. Nope, I haven't seasonal keywords, only fluctuation from summer to winter but not too much. I didn't bought any links, I only do on-page seo, but since around 30 days my visitors passed from 900-1K/day to 600/day
  23. If you are just doing on page seo don't be afraid from a penality. Maybe u should just wait and see what will happens.
  24. What about cheking your SERP's stats and you rankings? As the traffic is not a sign. Maybe you still in your rankings but the search volume of your KW decreased..
  25. It's definitely not a penalty. If that would be a penalty there would be a quite huge drop. This is quite normal as Christmas is here, everybody has bought their gifts and are not browsing the internet that much. So calm down
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  42. What is the strategy to build Web 2.0 backlinks?
  45. Publishers do not have "their mojo back" because the tech companies have been so good to them, but rather because the tech companies have been so aggressive that they've earned so
  47. much blowback which will in turn lead publishers to opting out of future deals, which will eventually lead more people back to the trusted brands of yesterday.
  48. Publishers feeling guilty about taking advertorial money from the tech companies to spread their propaganda will offset its publication with opinion pieces pointing in the other
  50. direction: "This is a lobbying campaign in which buying the good opinion of news brands is clearly important. If it was about reaching a target audience, there are plenty of
  52. metrics to suggest his words would reach further – at no cost – on Facebook. Similarly, Google is upping its presence in a less obvious manner via assorted media initiatives on
  54. both sides of the Atlantic. Its more direct approach to funding journalism seems to have the desired effect of making all media organisations (and indeed many academic
  56. institutions) touched by its money slightly less questioning and critical of its motives."
  57. When Facebook goes down direct visits to leading news brand sites go up.
  58. When Google penalizes a no-name me-too site almost nobody realizes it is missing. But if a big publisher opts out of the ecosystem people will notice.
  59. The reliance on the tech platforms is largely a mirage. If enough key players were to opt out at the same time people would quickly reorient their information consumption habits.
  60. If the platforms can change their focus overnight then why can't publishers band together & choose to dump them?
  61. CEO Jack Dorsey said Twitter is looking to change the focus from following specific individuals to topics of interest, acknowledging that what's incentivized today on the platform
  63. is at odds with the goal of healthy dialoguehttps://t.co/31FYslbePA— Axios (@axios) April 16, 2020
  64. In Europe there is GDPR, which aimed to protect user privacy, but ultimately acted as a tax on innovation by local startups while being a subsidy to the big online ad networks.
  66. They also have Article 11 & Article 13, which passed in spite of Google's best efforts on the scaremongering anti-SERP tests, lobbying & propaganda fronts: "Google has sparked
  68. criticism by encouraging news publishers participating in its Digital News Initiative to lobby against proposed changes to EU copyright law at a time when the beleaguered sector
  70. is increasingly turning to the search giant for help."
  71. Remember the Eric Schmidt comment about how brands are how you sort out (the non-YouTube portion of) the cesspool? As it turns out, he was allegedly wrong as Google claims they
  73. have been fighting for the little guy the whole time:
  74. Article 11 could change that principle and require online services to strike commercial deals with publishers to show hyperlinks and short snippets of news. This means that search
  76. engines, news aggregators, apps, and platforms would have to put commercial licences in place, and make decisions about which content to include on the basis of those licensing
  78. agreements and which to leave out. Effectively, companies like Google will be put in the position of picking winners and losers. ... Why are large influential companies
  80. constraining how new and small publishers operate? ... The proposed rules will undoubtedly hurt diversity of voices, with large publishers setting business models for the whole
  82. industry. This will not benefit all equally. ... We believe the information we show should be based on quality, not on payment.
  83. Facebook claims there is a local news problem: "Facebook Inc. has been looking to boost its local-news offerings since a 2020 survey showed most of its users were clamoring for
  85. more. It has run into a problem: There simply isn’t enough local news in vast swaths of the country. ... more than one in five newspapers have closed in the past decade and a
  87. half, leaving half the counties in the nation with just one newspaper, and 200 counties with no newspaper at all."
  88. Google is so for the little guy that for their local news experiments they've partnered with a private equity backed newspaper roll up firm & another newspaper chain which did
  90. overpriced acquisitions & is trying to act like a PE firm (trying to not get eaten by the PE firm).
  92. Does the above stock chart look in any way healthy?
  93. Does it give off the scent of a firm that understood the impact of digital & rode it to new heights?
  94. If you want good market-based outcomes, why not partner with journalists directly versus operating through PE chop shops?
  95. If Patch is profitable & Google were a neutral ranking system based on quality, couldn't Google partner with journalists directly?
  96. Throwing a few dollars at a PE firm in some nebulous partnership sure beats the sort of regulations coming out of the EU. And the EU's regulations (and prior link tax attempts)
  98. are in addition to the three multi billion Euro fines the European Union has levied against Alphabet for shopping search, Android & AdSense.
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