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Jul 16th, 2020
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  1. This is a message about the recent Blue Whale Challenge that has resurfaced just recently.
  3. We covered this game back in 2017, when an administrator of the Blue Whale Group was arrested in Russia, following the deaths of 2 Russian teen girls who had completed the controversial online suicide game, the Blue Whale Challenge. Administrator's would target vulnerable young people in suicide groups and manipulate them into joining a group for the game. Once they've been accepted, they will give you 1 to 50 challenges which can vary from simple to extreme. The administrator's end goal of the game was to get the person to commit suicide, which eventually lead to the group's being shut down.
  5. Now there are people adopting the fake name Jonathan Galindo with a profile picture of a Goofy cosplayer, who's real alias is DuskySamCat and has nothing to do with the Blue Whale Challenge. Similar to the 2017 Blue Whale challenge, these people will first contact you randomly and ask if you want to take part in a few challenges, which will be progressively more extreme than the last one. They're mostly harmless and at the most will only send you your real IP address if you click their IP grabber link. The worst they can do is send you your approximate location based of your IP address data, but it's still best to be careful. You should definitely use a VPN as this masks your IP if you happen to accidentally click any links they send you. If you have young family members or know people who do, then warn them of the danger's when talking to accounts linked to the Blue Whale Challenge.
  7. We have provided a link in the description to our previous video on the Blue Whale Challenge, if you'd like to educate yourself.
  9. Please proceed with caution and stay safe out there.
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