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mgs5 ending

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  1. The song The Man Who Sold The World already hinted in that direction. Not saying I completely saw it coming, but I expected some kind of twist regarding the accident.
  3. I didn't really care about its ramifications for the Metal Gear Universe, I guess. I remember saying "aha" to myself when the timeline popped up and explained BB being into MG1 as well as MG2, but that was about it.
  5. But I did like it a lot, because of how it fit into the overall themes of the game: feelings of loss and a pain of something that isn't there yet. We know the game is all about vengeance, so for the twist to be that Venom's feelings of revenge were imagined, that is pretty strong.
  7. I also loved the double entendre in the scene in the mirror. Big Boss is talking to Phantom Big Boss, but it's also like Big Boss is talking to the player: "This story - this legend - is ours." "I am you and you are me." "We are Big Boss". Really good ending of the series. Great writing too.
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