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  1. clocks A B C
  2. can be anyone
  4. in an apartment complex, either in a room or in the hallway
  5. A & B are walking and talking, the conversation [see below] is something between stating random statements at each other and being randomly confrontational, without stopping movement. there is a consistent chaotic energy in how they talk
  6. A & B pass by/bump into C who is carrying something heavy, unintentionally causes C to drop the heavy thing on their foot
  7. C starts yelling in pain, a constant yet loud and angry roar
  8. A & B exit the room or building without even acknowledgely it and casually shut the door behind them as they continue forward. muffled yelling continues to be heard
  9. A & B get in a car outside the apartment and start it up. but right as the car goes forward it immediately does an impossibly sharp turn into the building at max speed.
  10. driving through the apartment complex, crashing through an endless series of walls and things and people. mayhem. screams
  11. A & B continue to talk as they continue to drive through everyone
  12. car breaks through the other end of the building which immediately cuts off into the edge of a large cliff. car drives off cliff
  13. A & B continue to talk as the car rotates as it falls through the air
  14. car lands upside down on a building like a chemical factory or a power plant or a fucking orphanage or a puppy factory or something or nothing at all which causes an explosion
  15. immediate cut to TEH EDN, like mid explosion sound
  18. A: Walk and talk.
  19. B: Walk and talk.
  20. A: The incontinent exercise, words hold meaning.
  21. B: The phantom, exterior like fish eggs.
  22. A: Like a flower fully bloomed in the summertime I will trample you mindlessly.
  23. B: I will pound you into the finest powder.
  24. A: Now there's 6 billion of me versus you nice job dumbass.
  25. B: I have no idea what having a dry mouth feels like.
  26. [pause to get in car and start driving]
  27. A: Deep thrust, let your body fly, let it "pop."
  28. B: As I was saying-
  29. A: SPREAD.
  30. B: I will find you, and I will find you,
  31. A: YOUR.
  32. B: and I WILL cry loudly in front of you in public.
  33. A: My house, my rules.
  34. B: You live in a house of LIES.
  35. A: At least I know how to live
  36. [car drives off cliff]
  37. B: oh you wanna go bro? i'll suck your dick
  38. A: i'll suck YOUR dick
  39. B: i'll fill you up bro don't test me
  40. A: i'll milk you dry before you even hit the ground
  41. B: bro
  42. A: bro [car lands and explodes]
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