Report: Why WikiLeaks and Snowden were Created

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  3. FILES:
  4. E mail regarding Folks
  6. MI6 toy Wayne Rimmer  
  9. June 10th 2018 Update BLOG ENTRY
  12. You see the MI6 piece of shit below? The problem they had was not only what I was doing on-line, not only their racist attack against me but the fact that I was very popular with my students. I was one of the most effective and more importantly one of the most popular teachers in Moscow. The same thing on the Voice of Russia, and these worms don't like that. It doesn't fit their narrative. They wanted to traffic my children and sell them. I stopped them. So they did what they do best they attacked at first my strongest point, that I am a heroic father and a wonderful parent who never gave up on his kids and never abandoned them. I was a single father and I survived and raised my kids under conditions of outright attack. The worm below like the Yura Salogub character and the 5th column at the Voice of Russia did everything they could to make people hate me. Running around with their little whisper campaigns as if I did not know what they were doing. Simply racist and evil. The worm below went around telling people I was fired because students were requesting to study with me, he then went around giving lectures on using humor in lessons, which is something he learned directly from me during his endless observations of my classes, where he was trying to find any reason no matter how small to fire me. Well I have been researching their network for years now and this little worm through his CFR relatives and Cambridge University recruiters is MI6. His name is Wayne Rimmer a piece of shit promoted by the 5th columnists he ran as "one of the most influential teachers in Moscow", nothing but an MI6 wanker, like Smith, Holland and the CIA's SNOW DEN.
  13. The CIA, MI6, MOSSAD and the rest all love lawyers and recruit them all of the time in Moscow. It is very useful for them in destroying people and covering up their crimes.
  14. Like this case below! This is how the CIA runs media in foreign countries. The head of the VOR was a friend of McFaul and my editor was a US citizen and here is me the first American with political asylum in Russia exposing US false flags. The lawyers they blame, I am not even talking about journalism here. I am a journalist and this was my source for a story exposing state sponsored False Flag Terrorism, and they were going to give him to the CIA. This was at the beginning when Folks wanted to remain Anonymous. They demanded to know his name or else they would not run the story. So I asked Folks and he said okay, tell them. Then they sold his name to the Americans. Not only is this treason but it is a violation of all journalistic ethics, rules and standards. I am risking my life publishing this but this is just some of the proof of the campaign the CIA waged against me and my family. The Russian people need to know who is running their media and in fact most of their government. I remind you I was not only a journalist but a geopolitical journalist.  
  21. STORY IN BRIEF: Globalist Zionists have taken control of the Russian media, I found out about it and tried to expose them and my son was thrown in prison to silence me as they had been trying to do for years, including by using CIA assets such as Edward Greenberg (Snowden) and because they could not get me because I was working for the Secret Services.
  23. (Why WikiLeaks and Snow Den were created) The REAL LEAKS
  25. All the money in the world cannot buy truth, all the lies in the world no matter how many times they are repeated can never replace truth and no matter how hard they try the truth can never be suppressed forever.
  27. This work is part of my final attempt to set the record straight and at least for my children to tell as much of the real story as I can, for those illegally serving the CIA in positions of power and those in the media serving non-Russian state and Masonic actors, have intentionally and systematically marginalized me, ignored my real contributions and completely covered up all of the multiple human rights abuses that I have had to suffer with and now my children have to suffer with for the entirety of our lives.  
  29. I take my disclosure and secrecy agreements very seriously and am revealing what is already known or the names of individuals who learned of my relationship and then proceeded to victimize my family for it.  
  31. Time to Tell Everything I Know
  33. My son is innocent and has been in prison for over three years now for a crime he did not commit in order to silence me and hide the knowledge of the treason and criminality of the organized CIA/MI6/MOSSAD crime syndicate that put him there. They thought I would be terrorized into silence and marginalized and forgotten and eventually after losing everything I would kill myself and they would have fulfilled the orders from their CIA/MI6 masters, but I am still here and I am now going to tell the whole story.
  35. It is funny and ironic that these corrupt traitors to Russia were never my principle targets, never once did I file reports about them or investigate their crimes, my investigations and reports and information gathering was directed at non-Russian targets, but their attacks and the damage they aredoing to the Russian State cannot be brought about without internal Russian agents. This is why I am kept in a legal state of perpetual nothingness, so I am easy to control and live in constant fear. I was protecting their country and in retrospect them, but they decided to target me for their Western masters and are so dirty and so full of filth and fear of the light that they decided to take me down. Was it for payment? Were they just following orders from their CIA masters? Their motivations are irrelevant now, they did what they did and now I will do what I have to do and finally tell you the entire truth and let the pieces fall where they may.
  37. Since 2007 I have written close to 100 letters to President Putin and they never get there. Complaints regarding corruption and the demand for bribes were sent to the bodies and individuals I was complaining about to have their validity determined which only further caused me problems with these individuals who only function was to issue me and my family documents but who, in order to cover up their incompetence, treason, ineptness and corruption, on orders from the US Embassy fabricated a criminal case against my son.  
  39. THE KKK/CPS/Penn State/CPS and Stormont Labs, Woodland, California/Grand Jury
  41. The story started much earlier but the decisions and events that directly ended up with me and my family being refugees in Russia started in New Berry Township, near York, Pennsylvania, home to a huge KKK training base.
  43. It started for me in October of 1992 when my son was 4 months old and I got a phone call at work that my wife had not shown up. The proceeded with me being awarded full physical and legal custody and then with CPS Woodland California launching a campaign to rid me of my ability to support my children by seizing all my income for what has become clear was the selling of my children for what I believe were genetic experimentation and for sale.
  45. After there was a mysterious fire in my home in Pennsylvania, where I had been active against the KKK and Neo-Nazi groups and had won a racial discrimination lawsuit against my former employer and also been almost beaten to death by nine skinheads in York, Pennsylvania, I made the decision to go back to California with my children and fight these people at CPS, who I believed once they were shown the original copies of my custody papers and divorce proceeding would end their persecution of us. Unfortunately this is exactly what they had wanted and I delivered myself and my children right into their hands.
  47. During the ensuing period of time, ending on October 22, 1995, when I was supposed to appear at a Secret Grand Jury that I had called (and I remind everyone I was an upstanding law abiding citizen and tested and qualified to be granted full custody under the strictest of conditions and had several work related security clearances and gun permits and the like) regarding what I discovered was a multi-million dollar scheme CPS Woodland California had in place which was defrauding the US Federal Government and their persecution and targeting of myself and my family as well as the murder in Sheriff’s Custody of my children’s maternal grandfather Marvin Griffith, I continued studying Russian and thought up an electro-magnetic engine which the US Navy was interested in and threatened to take on National Security grounds. I also decided I wanted to leave the US because I realized I would never find justice or escape the perpetual endemic American racism and did not want to raise my children in the environment.
  49. I decided that Russian Culture and the Russian language, which I was in love with (along with a Russian woman I had met named Galina) as well as Orthodoxy, were things I wanted my children to be raised with. The Russians I met were fine, honest, not racist and salt-of-the-earth people and I also thought I could perhaps be of use in Russia during the times after the collapse of the USSR, when I believed they would try to build a just and fair social democratic system based on equality, rule of law and justice, man was I wrong, but nevertheless I planned to leave the US and emigrate to Russia and marry Galina and had visas and everything ready, so when on October 22, 1995 (right before the long Thanksgiving weekend) when on my way to the Grand Jury hearing I was stopped by the Federal Protection Service (a body created by Clinton which served to target whistle blowers and protect the crimes of officials under the false umbrella of continuity of government) and then CIA, FBI Counter Intelligence, ATF, US Marshalls and DEA showed up, accusing me of working for the KGB/SVR (complete with photographs of me at the Russian Embassy in San Francisco), I told them whatever they wanted to know and agreed to work with them against these “not very nice” Russians after the long Thanksgiving weekend, and since they did not have anything to charge me with they were forced to let me go. Having missed the Grand Jury meeting of course and now possessing all of my property which they had seized, including money passports, my car and everything, and me with two small children, they were certain I would not go anywhere, the outlook appeared grim, so I left the US forever.
  51. It of course was a monstrous surprise for them when the following week I did not call in and then shortly thereafter the United Nations was demanding to know what had happened and that our passports be returned as we had not been charged with any crime. The United Nations knew about all of this and we were placed in a refugee camp in Belize, Central America. How I got there and got out of the US with two small children and no money or documents is detailed in my book and should be of interest to anyone with even a passing fancy for intelligence related matters and the world of spies, which unfortunately and unwanted by me I was now plunged into.
  53. How I went from Belize to Mexico to Cuba to Mexico and then ended up in Russia through a UN refugee program in Poland you can read about in my book. As well as my time on a Cuban military base with my children and the CIA coming out to take me back and being blown off by the Cubans, while the Chief of Station, red-faced and head about to explode explained to me with great rage and indignation that it was not written in my file that I spoke Spanish. The specially charted flight that was supposed to take me to Texas for some reason never got its passengers and I am sure the CIA did not forget.
  55. Post-Soviet Russia: The Western Installed and Enabled Russian/Khazarian Mafia “Elite”
  57. The 1990s in Russia was a time when the CIA and the West were consolidating their power in Russia yet there were still a few good people left in Russia and there were members of the Security Services who were not working for the CIA and not passing everything along to them. Russia has not become a full-fledged colony of the USA only because there are still some of those people in power today but they have to be very careful and I will never betray these good people therefore I will never release names nor will I ever out the Agencies I worked for, even after the arrest of my son which is exactly what the CIA wants, because if I do many good people including my son and me will die at the hands of the CIA lackeys.
  59. Almost 20 years I lived in Lubertsy and saw enough and heard enough and wrote down enough to know exactly what is going on there. Their machinations were tremendous, everyone was involved in grabbing apartments and land and homes and businesses and now I have to expose all of them and everything I know to save my innocent son. I tried to understand these people but I cannot understand officials who use their little positions to cause people suffering and destroy lives and whose only morality is stealing as much as they can.
  61. The situation in Russia is extremely complicated, inter-related and multi-layered but most thanks for the destruction of the USSR and the ensuing rise to power of the bandit class go to Gorbachev, Yeltsin and to Anatoly Chubais, who during the Post-Soviet privatizations in Russia, admittedly allowed the mafia scum and the traitors who sold out the Soviet Union, to entrench themselves in positions of power and money and to become the new power “elite”. Very few honest, patriotic or intelligent Soviet Citizens lasted in positions of power through the 1990s, in fact among the millions who died due to Yeltsin and Gorbachev, were these very honest Soviet Citizens and honest Russians.  Now perhaps you understand the depth of the situation I am in and how it could be that after 20 years of paying taxes and following the law one is not given a simple document without paying a bribe.
  63. I am in the finishing stages of a book I have written that I will be releasing for Christmas and which I have already done a preview of here: and have also written a more detailed account of the Lubertsy Mafia here on which this paper expands and which is further detailed in my book:
  65. The massive nature of the corruption and the sheer number of criminals and foreign agents is Moscow and Lubertsy is so high that President Putin and the Security Services are forced to allow them to operate with one General having told me in the ‘90s if they arrested everyone 98% of the population would be in prison. In the case of Lubertsy they would have to fire the entire administrations of almost all cities in the Moscow Region, where it is said all the mayors are Jews or Masons and everyone is part of the corruption pyramid, whose top we have identified, and the proper authorities would have to seize 90% of the property which was illegally privatized, including entire building in City B, where I lived.
  67. Unfortunately Russia has become a predatory capitalist oligarchy which is killing the Constitutional Democracy that it was supposed to have become and all of the forces communicate and assist each other through a network of “bosses”.
  69. Trying to pin down exactly what this “mafia” has become is almost impossible as they have added new masks and are hiding behind new movements or groupings and the all cooperate by default, they are Russian bandits who rose to power, Russian Mafia, Globalists, Neo-Liberal mostly Sayanim forces, Khazarian Mafia and CIA/MI6 plants and agents who are ALL happy to take money from the CIA, MOSSAD, MI6 and the Rothschilds while stealing as much as possible from the Russian State and the Russian people. This they call capitalism.
  71. It is this organized CIA installed and controlled mafia of “officials” that continues to marginalize myself and my family and ignore our real and horrendous plight while supporting fakes and CIA plants who pretend to be whistle blowers and Asylees. Given that I am targeted by CIA Psychological Operations and the people working in collusion with the CIA, as I will detail in this document and further detail in my book, I am forced to take this extreme measure and once again beg for the freeing of my son and for protection for me and my family by the Russian Security Services whom I have been loyal to.
  73. No One Should Ever Be Placed in the Position I Have Been
  75. It is with a heavy heart and extreme disgust that I am forced to write this document in order to save my son because none of the organs of justice or power wish to listen, investigate or prosecute the corrupt officials and individuals who I am being forced to name and are under even the most liberal of legal frameworks are committing treason against the Russian Federation and stealing from the Russian people. The Government of Russia has elements that have become so skillful and corrupted as to have in fact successfully subverted the government and all legal organs in certain spheres, and in reality the only solution to ending the treason and robbery from the people and the state is to implement extreme measures, such as the death penalty for corruption, theft of state resources and budgetary allotments. It has gotten to the point where in the building sector trillions of rubles can just literally disappear as we reported earlier.
  77. Of all possible scenarios and situations that attempts can be made to plan for it is one of the worst imaginable nightmare scenarios for any undercover agent or covert operations operative in the field, especially one in a deep cover, long term operation or an operation where the agent is completely isolated, autonomous and may have absolutely no contact with his or her handler(s) for long periods of time, I am referring to a case where only one or two people know the real identity or mission parameters of the operative and for some reason those who are the agent's only real contact disappear, are killed or disown the operative leaving him or her in the field and out in the cold with no evidence and no one to prove that the operative was in fact one of the “good guys”. This is analogous of what happened to me.
  79. Given that I am in almost exactly that situation you could classify this as a leak but it is not a leak in what has become the Western understanding of what a leak is. I am not seeking to expose the agencies I was recruited by or did work for, nor any illegality by the legitimate Russian Government, nor illegal programs or actions being carried out by the Security Services of Russia, I am forced to publicly expose corrupt, dirty, greedy and merciless scum who were brought to power by the CIA and MI6 after the collapse of the Soviet Union and have entrenched themselves in positions of power, wealth and privilege, yet whom the active organs of control seem powerless, or lacking in will, to stop.
  81. In order to save my son from the forces who have destroyed our lives and have thrown him in prison as a tool to either bring about my suicide or keep me silent, I am forced to reveal in part, my own operational background (if you can call it that as I am just an average guy who speaks four languages) and the simple fact that I have one, in order to gain public support and hopefully to cause an outcry loud enough so that those in power will finally listen to our pleas and so that finally someone will look at all of the evidence and the factors involved in his arrest and the targeting of my family by the corrupt elements I mentioned above! For there has been a coup in Russia by the same globalist Illuminati filth that has taken over the United States and most of the world and we have become victims of these scum.
  83. Exposing Myself to Protect My Son and Becoming the Story
  85. I must expose myself and the fact that I am the real leaker, I am the real Snow Den (a clever code name for a CIA operative whose only prior claim to fame was getting a 911 whistleblower named Birkenfeld and who was sent to Russia to get me) and JAR2 is the real WikiLeaks (also a cleverly thought up name because CIA Wikipedia is believed by all and the core mission of WikiLeaks is that it must be believed by all and be the only source for truth in order to effectively cover up and distract).
  87. I do not want to be the story, I never did, I wanted to live quietly and raise my children and have a little school and my dream was having a huge house for orphans by the sea where I would raise 50 kids, but none of that will ever happen. Now I have to be the story (which is a pretty good one by the way) and the telling of which actually takes a burden off my soul, it is in a way my catharsis.  
  89. I must also mention that I have already largely detailed the Lubertsy Mafia and the corruption that led to my son's arrest and that material has never been blocked and no request has ever been received and no legal notice was ever been given to take it down, for the simple fact that it is all true.
  91. My “Secret” Life
  93. According to FBI and CIA Counter Intelligence I was recruited by Russian Intelligence perhaps in 1986, perhaps in 1991 or 1992 or even in 1995, it doesn’t matter as far as this is concerned. Perhaps I worked for multiple agencies and had multiple controllers perhaps I did not (they will never know), that also does not matter to the issue at hand. The issue at hand is that I have been targeted since 1995 and in fact since childhood when I was sold by a Doctor I thought was my father into an MKULTRA program for MENSA kids, and CPS Woodland California tried to take away my children for sale on the black market and after receiving asylum I discovered corruption and treason and then my son was arrested to silence me. The issue here is the truth and the freeing of my innocent son.
  95. My first contact with anyone from the KGB may have been at the 1986 World Expo in Vancouver British Columbia after a visit to the Soviet Pavilion, or maybe it was not. Some of my next contacts included in Toronto, Texas, New York, in California, in Mexico, in Cuba, in Belize Central America, in Belorussia, Moscow and then in Lubertsy and Moscow of course, or maybe they were not. I have no intention of helping the United States CIA. That was the story they wanted about some super spy, when all I was, was a single father trying to raise my kids, then let that be the story they have. The electro-magnetic motor may have been developed as well and may have not.
  97. Thanks to what I have been forced into I have lived a triple, perhaps a quadruple life at times but I have always been honest and law-abiding and always refused to do anything illegal in Russia or against the interests of Russia or “my service”. In fact again, all my life I have always been a law abiding citizen and have never committed a crime, unless exposing criminals in the US Government and exposing mass-murder and criminal conspiracies is a crime. In the US all I had were some speeding tickets and parking violations in all of my adult life, which I go into more detail about in my book. Even now after my family has been destroyed and my service allowed it to happen I stick to my oath of secrecy except for I must reveal that I had a relationship because those who have destroyed my family with their secret whisper campaign did so because of my secret work which was leaked out, of this I am certain.
  99. My first controllers were not demanding but later ones were. It was because of one of these latter that my cover was blown. He was too curious or stupid and even contacted the US Embassy asking them questions about me and then told all his friends about me who were in the Lubertsy mafia. I do not know what happened to my original controller in Lubertsy, I was never told what happened to him but he disappeared and I was given this young guy.
  101. The truth is that my own controller sold me out and blew my cover to his friends and the US Embassy. The truth is that the person I thought I could trust just used me to further his own ends as did my ex-wife and her family. The truth is that the “Service” in Lubertsy is dirty as all hell. Then there is my student Sergey Fomin who is in the United States with asylum and saw me entering the “office’ one day and at his age there could be nothing else he would have known that would have allowed him to get asylum. Who sold me? I don’t know but that event was not undoable and someone is going to pay!
  103. I may have been passing information to Russian intelligence since the 1980s or not. I may have been transporting things for them or not, let that be to the creators of legends to fill in those details as they see fit, but apparently the CIA seems to have created a monster fantasy about me. When my young and stupid controller told me the US Embassy said I was a weapons trafficker and his Ukrainian friend from New Jersey tried to say I was a pedophile as per FBI instructions to try to destroy me since I worked in a school, this was before they stole that school, I knew without a doubt the Embassy would do anything to get me. These attempts failed as they were outright lies not based on any facts whatsoever, and led to Michael McFaul also attempting to have me arrested twice, and failing. So the CIA turned on their narco-mafia contacts and planted two tablets of ecstasy on my innocent son.
  105. My motivations and my reasons for working for the Russians were never money, I have from the very start attempted to expose CIA and US criminality and then there is the fact that my land is occupied by the USA and my people are experimented on by the CIA which is to this day committing genocide on us. My motivations also lie in the brutal unjust government and the events of 911 carried out by those in power and the my responsibility as a human being to fight the monstrous cabal that slaughtered 2,999 people on 9 11 and continues to slaughter billions and traffics and rapes and murders children as if it is simply business and it is their leisure time activity.
  107. Human Rights Disgrace of the Century
  109. For my children who did nothing wrong and for me who has been a public and private and secret supporter of the Russian State what these “officials” have done here in Russia to my family is a Human Rights disgrace of epic proportions. I am thus placed and forced into a position where I have to take the very dangerous step and perhaps a fatal one that they have perhaps even engineered for me and go after the traitorous officials who have destroyed my life and my family here in Russia on orders of the US Embassy and Western Security Services. All these people who hate Russia and have literally sold their country out have everything and live the good life while we have nothing and are patriots and are literally told to just die, I was even offered a rope by an official.
  111. Any and all standards of protection have been violated in my case, although I was given asylum as were my children we were never given the protections we requested and needed and were instead turned into playthings for the neo-liberal West loving elites who no doubt received lucre and favors for our persecution. For years we have been the laughing stock of FMS and the officials in Lubertsy who inhumane treatment of my family and I can be called nothing but outrageous. But all of these little sadistic mafia bosses have had their laugh and have used their little power to first use me as a slave for years, then rob us blind then simply destroy us.
  113. They all destroyed my family with the complete and total knowledge that I was working for one of the security services and these little mafia bosses hate the security service I was working for and thus took out their revenge on me and my children. Why they hate is because they fear or could never make the grade themselves, that is irrelevant but their hate was clear. After I received asylum they targeted me openly.  
  115. Not only has our treatment violated Russian Law and the Russian Constitution with regard to the treatment of refugees, but it has also violated the United Nations Charter and the United Nations and Geneva Conventions on refugees. No matter the origin of my country and no matter the fact that we are engaged in a new kind of warfare, our basic elementary human rights and our rights as refugees and to be free of persecution have been violated. Not only has the US never stopped targeting us  in violation to all statutes on refugees but their Russian agents have helped.
  117. The Real Snowden: a 911 Truther and former MKULTRA Target
  119. Again I am furious that I am forced into this position. I deal with conspiracies and global operations and exposing the illegality of governments and intelligence agencies and operations, and I am forced to expose my own very important secret work to defend myself from these little bosses who have a tiny bit of power to issue a document and fabricate narcotics prosecutions for their CIA masters.
  121. How do I know because I know my son, because I was warned and even received phone calls and because I know how the CIA works and now I have to tell you the whole story, not what I have told before, that was just the surface but it should have been enough, but no there has been no result so now I have to tell more and I am furious that I am forced to do so. I was also told by a source which I will detail in the book and further below.  
  123. My troubles with the US white supremacist Masonic Government started in reality when I was born as I am part of an ethnic group, Taino, which I was supposed to hide all my life and that is not supposed to exist and I have already written about my house being burnt down in Pennsylvania by the KKK and about how and why I left the US in 1995. What I can add is that I had invented an electro-magnetic engine which was of interest to the US Navy and which I was told could be simply taken from me in the interests of national defense. And then there is the story of me trying to expose CPS Woodland California and then Nancy Pelosi who told me to “If you give your children up as collateral my office will help you get your passport back” and were involved in child selling and human trafficking. It was my call for a Secret Grand Jury in 1995 and my attempts to expose CPS California for multi-million dollar fraud that caused the Clinton Federal Protection Service to come after me and for me to leave the United States. At that point they accused me of working for the Russians and thus I left the US because there was no way I was going to fight them and win.
  125. To hide my racial origins and be as white as possible my name was even changed when I was six by the person purported to be my father. My real name is not John. That is a revelation.  
  127. I have already told the story about Belize as well and I go into all the details in my book but it is important for this work to touch upon the fact that we lived in a United Nations refugee camp in Belize Central America, where the United Nations and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees assisted us in securing the return of our passports, and then in Cuba where I did some work for the Cuban Government in the area of computer networking, Internet development and other things, and where we were visited by the CIA Chief of Station and the head of the US Interests Section while we were residing on a Cuban Military base. During this visit the CIA COS demanded we return our passports and with the help of the Cuban Officers we basically told the CIA Spooks to take a hike. It was a very interesting encounter, during the brief visit the CIA hotshot told the Cubans to hand us over along with our documents and that there was a chartered flight that was supposed to take us to Texas. He also told me that it was not written in my file that I speak Spanish. When the Cubans refused on all counts, the Spooks face turned so red with rage and became so bloated I thought his head would explode. Apparently he must have been pretty high level and may have even flown down from Langley because he clearly had the attitude like this was the first time he had ever heard the word “NO”.
  129. It is important to go over this because this event shows how desperate the US was to get me back, even after the United Nations intervened when we were returned our passports, and this goes against the US characterization and the storyline their Russian CIA Agents follow that I am nobody, that I am not important and that the years of targeting are simply my imagination. They love to marginalize and discredit everyone they are against and they have been doing that to me for almost two decades now.
  131. Two summers ago memories returned to me of attempts by the CIA to use me as a Remote Viewer and experimentation on me by my own father, if in fact he was my father, and this means they have been watching me all my life because the experiments occurred when I was on 10-12 years old and then from 14-18 even more intense experiments were done. I ran away from the home where I was placed after being sold, a place called Sunrise House (House of the Rising Sun) in Fresno California and then was targeted for termination I believe, due to all of the accidents and near death incidents that were occurring every few months for years after that which I detail in my book.
  133. The eight of us (perhaps nine) at Sunrise House were the subject of mind control and psychic experiments and ongoing sexual abuse which became so common as to be considered normal, and we were all kept drugged up and on meds and were all MENSA kids. I should note that at 15 I was already studying Psychology, Flight Science, Business Administration and Computer Science, a strange skill set it seemed at the time. My targeting since childhood I believe was on Genetic grounds, thus this is important as to why CPS and Pelosi were so desperate to get us. There is also the ritualistic Illuminati aspect as my great grandmother was the last full blooded Taino Indian.
  135. All of these events are important and go to the information that must be in my file by now and show the reasons for the ever increasing CIA targeting of me and my family. It is all of these things and then my work exposing 911 and other events that make me certain beyond the shadow of a doubt that Edward Greenberg was sent after me. You see there are always many players and hidden actors in any drama and my life has been no different. If you read on this will be clearer.
  137. Counter Intelligence: Protecting the State from the 5th Column and Foreign Agents Directing the Targeting on Myself to Expose Their Networks
  139. Being a target of the CIA gives one a very unique perspective on the world around one self. There is the constant targeting and the constant attempts by agents and intelligence assets to gather information and physically target, nothing can be seen as a coincidence and any attack has to be taken with the utmost seriousness, as I have done, with the same seriousness and gravity that I have maintained my silence as to my relationship and continue to obfuscate and hide any real operational intelligence that could be used to damage Russia. I have no interest in protecting the CIA or their agents, they started this war and I will finish it.
  141. I am writing this report with the belief that on the Russian side there is still someone interested in the truth and in justice and in protecting the Russian State from internal threats and stopping those who have turned Russia into a mafia controlled entity based on bribes and corruption. There can be no healthy functioning state while the presence of corruption exists and everything I will write here will help to rid Russia of not only internal corrupt elements but those who are controlled by Western Intelligence Agencies.
  143. Every person who has attacked me since I have been in Russia should be of interest to Russian Counter Intelligence. From the officials at FMS to the MI6 plants at the Voice of Russia to my controller who literally outed me to the CIA, every single one of these persons by their actions has proven they are enemies of the Russian State and agents of the US and its bodies. Whether they damaged me to get visas or to protect their American passports or just because having a “US citizen” with no rights and totally at their mercy to play with as they wished, makes no difference. I am also writing this against the entire campaign of discreditation that was launched against me and my children. Everything you are reading here is true, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
  145. After Our Arrival in Moscow
  147. We were taken to a safe flat.
  149. I started working for BKC-ih in 1996 and was one of the founding teachers of the school.
  150. At first it was a decent job. I did the CELTA training again and was used to open affiliates all over Moscow and the Moscow region. I was sold like a piece of meat and people seeing my brown face and hearing my perfect North American English as I conducted show lessons for up to 300 people, were more than willing to sign up for expensive communicative English lessons with Native Speaker Teachers. In reality I was exploited and treated like a slave and although taxes were deducted from my salary they never really paid taxes to the state. The bandits and mafia made sure that the dollars we were being paid were all tax free after taking their cut.
  152. JAR2 Leaks Necessitating the Creation of WikiLeaks and Operation Snow Den
  154. Not only was I specifically targeted already but then I started trying to expose the CIA criminals. You have to understand the CIA is nothing but a criminal cabal, with their function being to secretly break the laws of every country in the world and now in the US too, in order to serve the interests of their masters, who are definitely not the American Government nor the American people.
  156. As for loyalty to the Corporation of the United States of America or the US Government I have none after what they put me and most importantly my children through and thus I have no problem publishing or exposing them, I do however have loyalty and feelings for the American people who have been manipulated and brainwashed for over a century in the same manner the Russian people are now being brainwashed and turned into mindless consumer slaves. Nor have I ever held to the belief that some “journalists” hold to, that information must be cleared or censored because the public may not understand or it is too damaging. So therefore I publish uncensored material and allow the reader and the consumer to come to their own conclusions. I also remind you who might say, “But it is illegal to release US Government Secrets” to which I say if the Government is corrupt and committing crimes it deserves to be exposed, also I have never worked for the US Government nor held anything but private commercial security clearances and lastly nothing that I have done is illegal in the Russian Federation, under whose rules and laws I have lived for over two decades.  
  158. I cannot give details about information I have given to the Russian Intelligence Services other than to confirm what the CIA, MI6 and the hundreds of Russian “officials” apparently already know, that yes there was a relationship. However I can give a few brief examples of the type of information that I have passed along and which I have already published on my site. Although my site is supposed to be unheard of and marginal our statistics are not too shabby and we maintain at least 3,000 original visits a day and almost a million hits every month. The other beautiful aspect of the site is that it allows for the services to anonymously pick up information something that became necessary with my controller’s insistence that I meet with him at the “office”.
  160. I will not say when I was recruited, how many times I was recruited or how many secrecy agreements I signed only that they were multiple, neither can I say which agencies I did work for or passed information to but I can say my first recruitment was very long ago and my work was expansive for an “outsider”. Unfortunately my original controllers have disappeared and a controller who had no idea what secrecy means sold me out and burned me to his “friends” and the US Embassy, either intentionally or by his own incompetence. I will repeat that I apparently take and took my recruitment far more seriously than the fool who burned me and add that he is no longer with the service.
  162. My first revelations on jar2 and what I was doing first prompted the attention of MI6 in 1999, then the CIA shortly thereafter and then the NSA at about the same time. I have never talked about anything I have done for the Russians before because the Russians don’t fool around and if I say one thing they do not like I will be dead but I am forced to make the revelations I am making here to try to end the detention of my son and to finally get Russian citizenship which I have earned and perhaps the social package I was promised when I was recruited and perhaps even more importantly to protect the Russian State and others in my position from the CIA/MI6 Networks installed in Russia. I also hope that people will finally wake up to the fact that Edward Greenberg/Snowden and WikiLeaks are fakes and what you are about to read should prove that beyond any doubt.
  164. Russia is infiltrated by these scum, like an infestation and there must be stricter, tighter and harsher security to protect the state from subversion. All Masonic and Illuminati forces must be liquidated, all corruption allowing for their infiltration must be stopped. You in the US must also understand the US has been taken over by the same filth. It is house cleaning time.
  166. My first revelation and the first big present I gave the Russians were the MI6 lists, these were lists of over 400 MI6 Agents whose covers were blown by me and the individual who passed me the lists, someone who is probably dead. One of my ex-wives, who was present when I was recruited, shortly thereafter physically tried to kill me, in a supposed fit of drunken rage which included stabbing me and placing a plastic bag over my face until she thought I was dead, which of course led to my divorce from her. Was she ordered or promised money by MI6 to kill me? Knowing what I know now I am highly suspicious as to the timing.
  168. During my marriage to her I was also robbed twice, each time under very suspicious circumstances. Once she led me into a dark park late at night for a walk and the other time I was robbed of my US Passport soon after calling home and telling her where I was sitting having a coffee after work. At the time it never occurred to me that these were not coincidences. During the first robbery the robbers took my entire paycheck but left me my passport after holding a knife to my neck and with beloved Marina standing calmly by watching, doing nothing and were organized enough to run away and jump into a waiting car. During the latter robbery I was able to physically detain one of the robbers until the police came but my briefcase, again my entire paycheck and my passport were never found. However I did learn that the robbers were from Ukraine which will be very important later.
  170. It is important to note here that the US Embassy in Moscow in 1996 issued me a new passport with NO PROBLEM!
  172. Banned in the West? Published on JAR2
  174. It must have become quite a serious “Security Breech” that every time there was a leak in the US that was then taken down it would appear on my Russian servers. I cannot count all the times something was taken down or suppressed or someone was arrested or even killed in the West, as in the case with several of the CIA budgets and the Agent Tom Osman revelations, where Gunderson, J. Orlin Grabbe, and Michael Riconosciuto where all taken out or neutralized, when I would then obtain the material in question (through methods I will not disclose) and publish it or pass it along. Unbeknownst to you or the general public were several such incidents where the information was too dangerous and/or of vital importance and ended up with the Russian Security Services and deleted by me forever.
  176. The following are some of what I feel were our most important leaks and which forced the CIA and the NSA to take measures including sending their agents to try to secure my capture and our forced exit from Russia and initiating false leaker platforms and false leakers to contain and distract from the damage using massive media support and endless promotion of their fakes. In essence the Limited Hangout Psychological Operations that are WikiLeaks and Operation Snowed-In and Snow Den.
  178. The MI6 Leaks, Their Inability to Take Them Down and the Creation of WL and Snow Den
  180. The MI6 lists basically devastated and left MI6 completely ineffective (it is important to note that the lists I released and that are on jar2 are not the only lists, there were several hundred more names of not only officers but agents, assistants, contacts, safe house addresses and front companies and operations), many of the officers were lords and held titles and worked as ambassadors and the like. The publication of their names led to untold problems and losses for MI6, including the loss of agent networks, front companies and operations. Even just last year a private MI6 front company was exposed and revealed and the three MI6 officers running it were forced to shut it down and go into hiding. Why they would operate under their real names and all but openly state they were MI6 is beyond stupid but thus was the case. You can find this incident on as well as the lists themselves which we have never taken down and which they are powerless to have removed, a very important fact about which I will expand on later and which led to the creation of WikiLeaks and the initiation of Operation Snowed In/Snow Den.
  182. In reality, at the time, this was the biggest leak of officer names in the history of intelligence, so to think there was no reaction and they just let it slide, would be ridiculous. They started WikiLeaks and sent Mike Smith.
  184. NSA Post Hypnotic Subliminal Scripts
  186. Shortly after the release of the MI6 lists I released an NSA instruction manual detailing a program called Post Hypnotic Subliminal Scripts. Thyis program was literally like MKULTRA on steroids and the fact that it was from the NSA shed an entire new light on an agency that until that moment did not exist. This was an original leak sent only to me and I immediately deleted the entire thread of delivery all names that identified the source and made myself forget how I got it and the name of the individual who passed it to me. This is unfortunate because I cannot even check if the person is still alive.
  188. How much damage this did I am not sure and the fact that it has gotten no attention just makes me even more suspicious and leads me to believe that this document caused my black listing.
  190. The Michael John Smith Files
  192. This was when my fake planted “friend” Agent Michael John Smith showed up asking me to publish files regarding his case for espionage. He was the last person in the world sentenced for spying for the Soviet Union. Unfortunately I trusted this person completely and even had him checked out and he was given a clean bill of health. However at the end of the day he turned out to be the key provider of information that was used to destroy my family and put my son in prison.
  194. He said MI5 was against him publishing all the files but he lived a happy uneventful life in the UK and nothing ever happened to him. He refused many invitations to come to Russia, which I found odd until towards the end when his actions proved he was with MI6 all along, the number of coincidences between what he knew and what I was being attacked for were just too great. He knew about all my leaks and work on the Voice of Russia and followed everything I did very carefully, looking back it is clear it was too carefully.
  196. His MI6 friend Tony Holland comes from the same town where the company is which originally registered the URL in Australia, again more in the book. This bastard wrote a letter to Russian Intelligence. Again they had no idea I was connected.
  198. The Remote Viewing Manuals
  200. I also early on published CIA MKSTARGATE coordinate remote viewing manuals which I will not even go into how they came into my possession. This only proved that MKSTARGATE was still an active program even in 2000. This is very important on multiple levels and again there will be more details in the book. This was how I was being used starting when I was ten.
  202. Multiple CIA/NSA/MI6 Budgets and Black Budgets
  204. For multiple years on end I provided full, complete and top secret CIA/NSA/MI6 budgets, black budgets and financial expenditure reports, including programs, fronts and agents to the Secret Services some of which I published on I will provide no details and must obfuscate the scope and breadth but this should give you an idea of the type of information we published on and that I gave to the Russians. Again I owe no loyalty to CIA and since they falsely persecuted me and attempted to take my children for trafficking and then did their best, not to investigate or prosecute the perps, but to cover up for the criminals in the government, by their own actions they made themselves my mortal enemy. Anything to shed light on their evil therefore is not only necessary but a duty for any free thinking and law abiding individual.
  206. The Diebold Codes
  208. I published binary code and information for computer programmers and security experts regarding the Diebold machines that were used by the 911 criminal cabal to steal the 2000 elections and all elections since then, the original publishers were arrested and these files were wiped from the Western segments of the Web.
  210. 911 Evidence, Photographs, Files, Videos, Audio, Transcripts, Scientific Reports and More
  212. My work trying to expose the 911 mass murder has been something I have not stopped working on since the day it occurred and I believe we have solved everything after 16 years but the same cabal which carried it out is still in power and there will probably never be a single real prosecution for the mass murder of 2,999 human beings and then millions more in the ensuing illegal wars for Israel. Nor will the Israeli perps ever be prosecuted for it was in fact Israel which was the core guilty party of 911.
  214. All of work exposing Bush, the CIA, 911 and the Neo-Cons, I believe, led to the statement by the CIA Chief of Station Joseph Moone at the time of my passport revocation, to close my “fucking site”.  
  216. CIA Front Companies
  218. This list continues to get daily hits from IP addresses in Reston, McLean and what is called Langley Virginia, as well as Washington, DC and New York City. This is a very important list as it exposed many companies which the CIA uses for illegal and black operations worldwide.  
  220. Cryptome Mirror
  222. For a short while until I had a falling out with John Young, after he was visited by the CIA and Was shut down for a few days leading me to suspect he was compromised, I ran a mirror for Cryptome org. I had been hosting many of his files and on at least 8 occasions, when he had received FBI, CIA or Secret Service visits or threats or legal demands, and had to remove material from Cryptome, I stubbornly kept it on-line and still do to this day.  
  224. Afghan, Iraq, Guantanamo files and Hosting WikiLeaks  
  226. I hosted and continue to keep on the servers all of the files associated with the Afghan and Iraq wars including the interrogation reports of Saddam Hussein, bush weird religiously themed daily Intel Reports and much more. I also hosted the Collateral Damage video when it was first blocked from WikiLeaks and recall it was one of the releases that got over 6 million hits in one day.
  228. CARNIVORE: Keywords and Location of Library Computers
  230. The publication of the CARNIVORE keywords led to the discovery of the 9 dictionary computers that FVEY uses worldwide. This of course was passed to the Russians as you can assume everything on jar2 has been. I am based in Russia by the way and my first server was on the same Internet Segment as the Lubyanka servers.      
  232. The Memoirs of Stella Rimington
  234. Largely the idea of Agent Borg or Michael John Smith and after a request from a controller, me and my son spent 21 days digitizing and translating into Russian the memoirs of Stella Rimington. We were basically used as slave labor by the son of a bitch who burned me. This is detailed in the book.      
  236. Snowden is a Show: The Real Leaker Was Me
  238. I believe I have given you enough information to come to the same conclusion any thinking person would after analyzing the events and the evidence and this has now been verified by multiple independent sources and a mountain of evidence that Edward/Greenberg (of the Maurice Greenberg Clan - House of Rockefeller) or Snowed-In as I call him and Snow-Den as the Intercept, was sent to facilitate my extraction from the Russian Federation for the CIA and to liquidate “threats to the United States of America” that were being carried out by first myself and then by investigative journalists, hactivists, activists, translators and the Voice of Russia World Service in particular.
  240. CIA Chief of Station Joseph Moone telling me to close my “fucking” site and events at the Voice of Russia including the appearance of Americans (and Russians with US Passports) from military intelligence in editorial positions proves this to me beyond any doubt whatsoever. More to come on this!!
  242. The MI6 Targeting Before the Revocation
  244. Until my citizenship was stripped and my US Passport was revoked the CIA was using MI6 and Ukrainian agents to target me. Russian MVD has the names of two, one Vampi and another whose jaw I accidentally broke when he attacked me and I was forced to protect myself. These were detailed on my blog and are detailed in my book.
  246. These attacks include multiple robberies and physical attacks.
  248. Rufina, my stalker, was also an interesting case, she followed me all over Moscow and kept appearing at the schools I worked at and tried and tried to get me and even my students to sign up for personal management under Scientology. This goes to show specific targeting by Illuminati Masonic forces. Scientology was banned in Russia but for some reason (bribes) they maintain a huge headquarters off Taganskaya Square, a fact that should be investigated.
  250. The Arrival of MI6 Wayne Rimmer  
  252. Under the operational guidelines of cutting off income and ending employment of targets one Wayne Rimmer arrived at BKC-Ih. Although I had taken TWO CELTA courses and had never had a single complaint Rimmer forced me to undergo monthly observations and came out to my school in Malahovka on a regular basis to pick apart my teaching with a microscope in the hopes that I would screw up and he could fire me. But in the end Cambridge University was forced to certify my branch, to his dismay.
  254. Revocation of my Passport Left me Open to CIA Targeting! But then the CIA had a problem, for some reason I received asylum. The first American in the Russian Federation to have been granted such. Now you know why! I worked for the Russians!
  256. Lubertsy City B and the Illuminati Destruction of Russia Continues Until Putin Appears
  258. After my first Russian wife Marina tried to kill me on several occasions I ended in City B in Lubertsy where I lived for 13 years. All of the details are in my book.
  260. Military City B
  262. City B was a closed military area (neighborhood) and the idea was that I would be safe there. All of the residents were officers or military personnel or their families so these were people that I supposedly could trust and the appearance of Americans or agents would be very unlikely.
  264. However this became the center of an organized criminal enterprise as privatizations of entire building and areas continued. For example my first landlord one Colonel Yevgeny Syugin was a typical example of what is now the “elite”. He was a Colonel in the Military Construction Forces and worked for Spetzstroi and thus using his position he was able to grab, and he bragged about this, more than 13 apartments and other real estate, including offices in Moscow and businesses. The scheme was that all of his relatives and in-laws and his wife (they always divorce so the apartments and properties stay with the wives and they do not pay taxes) were given apartments and registered in them the in reality they belonged to him and the families living in them always pay rent as they are always rented out.
  266. Like my ex-wives’ father who was had a mansion in Krasnodar Region, properties in Harkov, Ukraine two to four dachas, and about 8 apartments and lived in a 7 room apartment where no one was registered and where they could hide their cars and other wealth from any authorities who might happen to ever check. With the entire family being registered in a small apartment in Zhulebina where they could pay minimal taxes, and use the corrupt judges to fix their legal issues whenever they needed to. He claimed to be a General in my service it I thought it had been approved however at the end of the day they just needed that my name and US Citizen was written on my daughter passport who may not have even been my daughter. The family needed a way to get to the West and I was their ticket they thought.
  268. Wonderful family all lived in fancy flats and fancy dachas and had the latest new cars but no one worked they sat around all day and went shopping and drank beers and destroyed people’s lives for fun.
  270. The corruption in City B became legendary, everyone there does the same thing, they rent out flats with 11 months contracts so they do not have to pay taxes, they do not register people who rent their flats so the residents become illegals and have to pay bribes for registration and the police make millions covering it all up as do the tax “contacts” in Lubertsy under Rizhitsky who make sure no one pays taxes while collecting a small percentage for themselves. The only people who pay taxes are honest people who do not last long , like myself and even pensions disappear into offshore zones. There are even narcotics laboratories in city B yet no one in the Lubertsy Service wanted to hear about these.
  272. Then there is the criminal grouping called the Werewolves in Epaulets, spread out throughout Lubertsy Zhulebina and Lublino and which has its own judges and people in the Service to make sure they are never touched. My divirce and my sons ridiculous show trial where we were not allowed to see evidence or present evidence in his defense and were every hearing he had a different lawyer and where each state appointed lawyer said they would only work if I paid them a minimum of 30 000 rubles and where the hearing were all attended by laughing and smiling representatives of the US Embassy.
  274. When I confronted the judge that we had evidence to clear my son and that he had been set upm her response was “We can not look at that, then what? We would have to arrest 40 people and 40 people would be out of jobs.” So basically they see framing innocent Refugees as simply a job and the destruction of my son’s life meant nothing. This is all detailed in my book.
  276. This same court house on Ryazansky Prospect also handled my divorce which was illegal as we had lived in Lubertsy, but they do what they want, there is no just, if there is a paper saying I live on the moon they will follow that. Everything in Russia is now based on papers and documents so you can understand why not having an internal passport and registration makes you instantly a BUM as they call you.  This is not the framework of a democracy or a free country but the instrument of a primitive mafia bribe based tyranny of monied elites. The last example of the court was my divorce where the result with custody of “my” daughter being given to my alcoholic unemployed incompetent idiotic ex-wife, was her lawyers attempt to strip me of all  parental rights because I speak Russian with an accent. This was actually considered but then thrown out by the judge.
  278. Of course they all know each other and help each other out and the system has become so organized and works so well that the Security Services cannot even go after it. I mentioned bribes for example with my son and the first 9 the 4 then 2 million rubles they wanted to make it go away. These demands are now always made by a fixer, and they are always easy to identify, always a young guy with a crew cut and an air of unearned absolute authority, usually holding and constantly talking on a cell phone while hovering round some expensive foreign car like a BMW, who might come up and say straight up a price or even say one as you walk by. I was told 9 million as I walked by the Zhulebina fixer when I first met Daria Romanova. Her first question was “Do you still work for ####### the service and her second question was “does your son?” Then she proceeded to tell me my son was a dog and drug addict and the scum of the earth. She yelled at me for waking her up as she had been sleeping. I reported this to my service but they did nothing.
  280. This is their job, they keep a data base of car owners and business men to target and do this on a regular basis, then the businessman either pays the 9 million (standard me) or losing everything and dies in a prison colony. Welcome to post-Soviet Russia. Any foreigner thinking of investing in these areas would be out of their frickin minds. Like the investors of Marktauf in Lubertsy. All of this under the eyes of the Governor of the Moscow Region Metrafonov as I wa told, Rizhitsky and the Prosecutir General who sits in Lubertsy. Construction and flats and real estate are their favorite scams but the narcotics prosecutions is easy money for them.
  282. What the CIA and the Illuminati did to Russia was horrendous in the 1990s and the entire blame for what became of the former USSR and what is happening today can be traced back to privatization, Gaidar, Gorbachev, Yeltsin and directly to Chubais and his team of CIA officers who basically divided up the spoils of the Soviet Union among the most criminal elements in society, and the traitors and scum of the Soviet Union. The people were so brainwashed by Western propaganda and dreams of democracy and freedom and the false American dream that they were ready to kill their own brothers and sisters and their own leaders and brought about the destruction of the greatest power in history for Western masters who they believed cared about them but who were in reality just using them as nothing but tools to be used up and thrown away.
  284. What you are about to read are facts concerning an organized criminal grouping and an organized criminal campaign to target me and my family! I swear that everything you are about to read is true and correct to the best of my knowledge as is everything I have written so far.
  286. I was told about the death of an FSB Officer during interactions with an internal affairs officer and it is possible that this was my original controller, I do not know, and have no further details. This was the officer who promised me a flat and a social package and for whom I did most of my work until shortly before the revocation of my passport in 2007 when the young guy who outed me took over.
  288. After the Revocation the CIA Targeting Becomes Serial and My Career, Life and Family are Destroyed and I am Reduced to a Slave and a Beggar and Hiding With Bikers
  290. For two years I kept the fact that I had political asylum secret from my bosses other than my payroll person, because I knew the reaction would not be supportive and these people sold me as a native speaker from the USA with a blue passport and that is how they wanted to see me. They did not want a native speaker from the USA who was a Russian patriot and had political asylum because he served Russia. They made their money by selling and promoting English and unfortunately for many of them that meant promoting the USA.
  292. For 13 years I worked for this company and played the role of an ex-pat and no one knew about my site, which even today Russians are afraid of and many do not approve of. Unfortunately there are too many Russians that believe American propaganda and are in fact more patriotic towards America than many Americans are. I also successfully kept my relationship with the Secret Services secret and it was in fact my controller’s horrendously bad tradecraft that burned me, either intentionally or out of complete incompetence this fact cannot be ignored any longer and the citizenship, the social package and apartment I was promised as well as my pension should be granted. I already complained about this to the directors and the President and filed reports but it was all ignored as an inconvenient truth and the 5th column CIA agents simply branded me a LIAR.
  294. So for 13 years these people at BKC-Ih, the Malohovka mafia and Ludmilla “Let me tell you a secret” Kuranova used me as their American “boy”, meaning that that I did far more than simply teaching their children. I befriended their children of course and taught many for over a decade but I also did things like facilitate international money transfers, make thousands of private international calls for them, translate and rewrite all forms of official and business communications and make phone calls abroad. For over 13 years I thought these people loved me for me and trusted me so much because they liked me. No. They liked my blue passport. They saw me as part of their ticket or connection to America, the abstract America that many had sold their country out to, the abstract America and the CIA which helped and enabled them to get flats and become rich and brought them the false democracy they were so intent on and which they helped destroy the USSR for.
  296. The details of all the banks and companies and individuals I worked for, including Renaissance Capital whose American/Canadian founder was found floating in the Moscow River and during which I was introduced to Satanyahu, is detailed in my book, including a very interesting transfer of $40 Million dollars that I was asked to facilitate for a bank which is no longer in existence.
  298. Who in the 1990s in Russia had money for a Native American Teacher? Who were my clients and the parents of my students and even my students themselves? The monied and foreign connected “elites” and unfortunately many CIA connected Russian mafia elements and as it turns out direct CIA and MI6 Agents and those Russians called “thieves under the law”. So was it surprising that they all turned against me when my passport was revoked? No, but the shear level of the hostility and hatred was and their hatred for my Service to the Russian State was also surprising.
  300. Somewhere in the instruction manuals or during the lessons for Intelligence Officers and Agent Controllers I would hope that my “case” is mentioned as to how NOT to deal with agents and assets. One of my controllers, whom I have already mentioned repeatedly, was the textbook case how not to do this. Whether from laziness or sheer incompetence or whether he was covering up for his own act of selling me I will never know his motivations, but he used to make me meet him at the “office” of the service located next to the City Administration and some very very public installations including a perk where we could have met and many cafes and such.
  302. Consequently over the course of years of doing this and him always telling me don’t worry, I was seen by many students who worked in the Administration and one of my students Sergey Fomin, who is now in the United States with political asylum and I suspect sold me along with my controller as they were apparently all “friends” in one circle in Malahovka where I worked for 13 years..
  304. I was serving the state not this arrogant sanctimonious incompetent controller so I had to just be patient with his incompetence. The material I was providing was so important that the main goal was getting it to the Agency.
  306. I did complain that I was actually photographed entering the building, that he invited his friends in Malohovka, in particular Yura Salogub, the Ukrainian Agent from New Jersey who took my school and started a pedophile whisper campaign against me, for a meeting, in the office, with me… I HAD BEEN BATTLING FOR SECRECY AND WAS VERY CLEARLY TOLD TO FUCK OFF! THEN THEY ARRESTED MY SON TO SILENCE ME!
  308. Working for BKC-Ih in Malahovka Sergey Burubin’s Bandits and the Mafia Roof
  310. They were to me like gnats at first. Always demanding bribes and expecting favors and they would do things and I would have to just ignore them, now the gnats have taken over.
  312. You have to understand that in the 1990s anyone who did business in Moscow had to pay protection money to the various mafias and bandits. Even just to have an English school like I worked at, you had to have the approval of the local mafia to whom money was paid to, which then assured the business owner that you had the approval of, or protection from, all the mafias up the chain of command.
  314. BKC ih was the school I worked at for over 13 years, and in fact I helped to found the damn thing, but like all Russian businesses started or thought up or funded from abroad, the "foreign" partner always gets the shaft and many times, especially during the '90s, ends up floating in the Moscow River. Like the Canadian and American partners at Renaissance Capital where I also worked as an English teacher and I mentioned earlier and I detail in my book... Again it was at the RC job that I was actually introduced to Netanyahu so Renaissance Capital was a key money laundering point and key in taking billions of dollars out of Russia if it was part of the Jewish Mafia.
  316. There was also the American Language Center whose owner was Vardan Kushnir was killed and who was also a Ukrainian US Citizen who showed me his American passport and California Driver’s License in his fault where I was working on his school’s syllabus at the time, shortly before he was killed in 2005. His apartment had a perfect view of the Russian “White House” and was about 600 or so meters from the US Embassy.
  318. So the reason I know so much about the mafia in Lubertsy is because of Ludmilla “Let me tell you a secret” Kuranova who was the person paying the bribes and working as the “Local Organizer” for the school. She was the one who brought in the Ukrainians and Salogub so even though I considered her as a member of my family and worked with her for 13 years and drunk a million cups of coffee she had made me, her selling em out leaves me with no loyalty and nothing but a bitter taste in my mouth!  
  320. I was their best teacher for 13 years. I taught the children of everyone from the mayor of Lubertsy to all of the top criminal elite in Malahovka and the surrounding Moscow Region. It was not my concern who their parents were I cared about my students and for many of them I was the father they never had because most of their fathers were too busy or just did not give a shit about them. This includes one locally famous case where the father actually shot one of his sons and killed him. The poor family just lost another son a few months ago in a car accident. This Klinyaev family is detailed in my book, one of the “sports mafia” figures in the Moscow Region.
  322. I never talked about any of this to anyone and I never repeated what I heard or learned, I even earned the name of John the Grave, because they knew everything I learned I would take it to the grave with me, which would have be the case had someone not decided that it was okay to just roll me and sell me to the CIA and the have my son arrested to silence me. Their paranoia that my work for the service involved them has now led to their exposure.
  324. Again I have to repeat I was a CELTA Certified and Cambridge University Tested and Certified English Teacher with a 98% pass rate for all my students on Cambridge Exams and even with one student coming in second in an international English competition. It was not a choice for me who the parents were. I was the product BKC-Ih sold, like a slave, and the entire school and companies reputation rested on my successfully teaching their children, which I did very well, and in fact perhaps too well.
  326. Endless Bribes
  328. It must also be noted that not only was BKC-Ih paying bribes and protection money to Sergey Burubin and Pravo Poryadok (the local mafia) but I was regularly asked for bribes at the GBDD checkpoint which I had to pass every day on my way to work, sometimes they would just pull me in and say “Johnny give us some money for Vodka”. I learned over the course of 13 years that the entire road bribe system is a highly organized operation with all bribes being collected and then sent to the top of the pyramid where the top man was named Metrafanov. This is important because Metrafanov had a hand in getting the Voice of Russia World Service liquidated for the Rockefellers' and the CIA. I detail the scheme and the figures in my book.
  330. The Narco-Scum Police Mafia
  332. Like in almost all countries the CIA overthrows or meddles with there is always a illegal narcotics scheme in place (the CIA makes billions on illegal narcotics trafficking) but it is not just the money, they use drug traffickers, mafia figures, criminals of every kind, corrupt officials of every level and killers of every sort to fulfill their mission objectives.
  334. One such narco grouping was called the Werewolves in Epaulets, in Lubertsy and is operating today, another was in Lublino and is also still functioning as I found out one night when an “officer” at the police post onto the MKAD tried to throw a bag with white powder in it into my trunk as he was doing an illegal inspection. The scheme allows them to secure bribes of 9 million rubles and take the property of the “guilty” including flats and cars and businesses.      
  336. Being Locked in a Classroom at BKC-Ih Tverskaya With My Students
  338. After receiving asylum I was locked in my classroom with my students for several hours and we were illegally imprisoned and it took several phone calls to the security services to get us out. This was never investigated but showed the CIA/MI6 connection at BKC-Ih. Again they think they can do anything they want!
  342. Anna Kuranova and the Arrival of Ukrainian American Agent Yura Salogub
  344. As I stated earlier I tried to hide the fact I had asylum because I knew the reaction would not be positive in Russia but I did not think that people who I had considered to be friends would actually go of their own free will and sell me out to the Americans, but that is what happened. Again I cover this in my book in detail but the over-view is as follows: after Ludmilla Kuranova, a woman I worked with for 13 years found out I had asylum, her daughter showed up at the school. I was then invited to their palatial house to a dinner and I was quizzed about why I had received asylum. Their pretense was that they wanted to help me so perhaps I was a bit too sincere about my political feelings and such, I did maintain secrecy about my secret work however, and left thinking it was rather odd but that perhaps after 13 years they did want to help.
  346. The next day this very Anna Kuranova, whose husband had been a General and who lived in a house the size of a 5 story apartment block, went to New Jersey to meet Yura Salogub “A guy she met on the Internet” and within a couple of days returned with him.
  348. For a couple of months he proceeded to hang around the school office every day and pretended to be my friend, I was told how he had a Ukrainian wife and how Anna Kuranova and him had faked divorces and married each other and how he paid (50,000 I believe it was) for a passport from Pravo Poryadok and how now he was Russian, he wanted me to buy a passport too and was offering his services. I basically told him to fuck off and then one day I was locked out of my school.
  350. I thus found out that the school was no longer a BKC-Ih school and that because I was bringing in about 900,000 rubles a month the Ukrainians had decided to take it.
  352. Things ended up in court and this Salogub proceeded to run around the town and talk to everyone he could telling them I was a pedophile, as was told to me by my lawyer, after he was contacted by Salogub, then my lawyer said he was threatened by the mafia and told he would be killed if he kept defending me. He of course stopped, then I won the case, then the judge in the case disappeared, and the award I was supposed to be paid and the return of my possessions and teaching materials never occurred.
  354. Kuranova’s husband was just one of many generals who I crossed paths with. A General with a palatial home and dozens of apartments involved in selling military real-estate in the form of commercial investments, in other words robbing the state.
  356. CIA Agent Salogub: My Controller’s Friend?????
  358. This is where things get really interesting. My controller, who had gone with me to FMS to enquire why nothing was being done with my asylum request and who I think really tried to help, even though it was his direct fault my passport was revoked after he contacted the Americans about me and in his words was told they said I was an arms trafficker, called me in one day to the office. I should add that his appearance at FMS only exposed that I was working for them to employees of FMS Lubertsy, so now even more people knew including Gusev who my controller knew, but who was a good guy. So he called me in to the office and I show up and Salogub, Anna Kuranova and Ludmilla Kuranova are all sitting there with him. So now I was absolutely burned as his agent to two questionable people and a Ukrainian.
  360. Apparently the Kuranovas did not appreciate that I was suing them after they illegally rid me of my employment, took over the BKC-Ih school and stole all my property, a fact I had met with this Sergey Burubin about since he had also been my student, and he had told me the school was under Pravo Poryadok now. So the mafia protection had changed apparently. This is how things work in Russia and my controller knew all of this. So basically he burned me to protect the Ukrainian Odessa Based Russian mafia who now control Malahovka.
  362. So the first thing I asked my controller in complete shock was WTF was going on? I could not believe what I was seeing, and he told me Salogub was his friend and they lived and played in the “same circles”.
  364. Targeting by Internal Russian Players Who Knew
  366. Now that everyone at FMS knew of my service to the “Secret Security Service” one would have thought they would have helped, but the opposite was true and things only got worse. I was married at the time and despite that they continued denying me the most important document anyone needs to live a normal life and forcing me to take measures like this and endless letters to the President because they only work if they get a bribe. So my Controller went to FMS and then they spit on me and my family and thus my Service.
  368. Connections to #####
  370. You have to remember while all of this was happening I was working for the Secret Service and investigating and passing along everything that was happening. One of my biggest assigned “jobs” for which I received nothing whatsoever like the 21 days translating the fucking book, was investigating all of the connections ##### had in Moscow and the Moscow Region, and what I found was stunning, 10s of thousands of organization all interconnected and funded and controlled by CIA/#####. I should have gotten a medal as due to my research they were kicked out of Russia, but instead I got disowned. By my Controller who burned me.
  372. That is just a small part of the story and again I go into greater detail in my book. Including the people selling federal land and property and the construction scams they have going on in Lubertsy and the Moscow Region, this includes an entire neighborhood of building built for refugees and given to the Baturin(a) mafia family.
  374. Three Russias: An Oversimplification but Nevertheless Important  
  376. In reality there are more than three Russias but for the sake of simplicity, and of course you can read more in my book, we will only focus on three of them. I classify Russia number one as the general population and their cache of knowledge, understanding of the systems and processes relevant to their lives and their overall political will. Russia number two consists of the oligarchy and Weston neo-liberal forces who cater to and are slaves of the New World Order, the Globalists and the West. Finally Russia number three is the very small circle of real Russian patriots and those working in the shadows to save the country and the Russian people from the onslaught of the figures in group two. Russia two and three are in an all-out constant war, and have been for at least one hundred years and are fighting for the minds and the support of group number one. Russia number three operates more or less in secret and is often not overtly noticeable. Three consists of honest hardworking, salt-of-the-Earth Russians who love their country and try to survive as best they can.
  378. The Voice of Russia World Service in English
  381. I do not believe in coincidences so I do not believe it was an accident that I only found employment at the Voice of Russia World Service after I lost my school. The only question is was I placed there to uncover the 5th column or to have the 5th column destroy me and my family? This is what in fact happened. I detail everything about liquidation of the Voice or Russia in my book.
  383. It is important to note that I had an audience of about 480 MILLION and I was constantly hammering away at exposing 911 and US/CIA/NATO and the Israeli illegality.
  385. Deaths Associated With My Hiring and My Battle with the Illuminati at the Voice of Russia
  387. I cannot ignore that the person who hired me Yury Reshetnikov died a strange and unexpected sudden death with hours of hiring me. My first day at VOR was to attend his funeral.
  389. After that Karl Watts who defended my work and was healthy also died after sudden strange illness.
  391. Then my only friend at the VOR and one who was against the ZioNazis, economics expert Eugene Nikitenko and finally the only release editor who always supported me, Natalia Fyedorva who died on the day I was "fired". So my start at the Voice of Russia started with a funeral and finished with a funeral, sick symbolic Illuminati crap!  
  393. I do not believe these deaths were accidental but they have never been investigated.
  395. Two-Faced Editorial Policy
  397. Our written editorial policy stated that we as State Broadcasters were to follow the official position of Russia on all issues and we were supposed to serve the President of the Russian Federation. I took this very seriously. However after that was signed I was told that there are two other rules I must never break, these were not written but were stated to me clearly and in the presence of the secretary and the editor and the editor in chief, these tow rules were that we were never to discuss 911 and that in relation to Israel all reporting was supposed to positive and in the worst case neutral. I needed the job so of course I agreed, however at the time I did not know that it was in fact Israel behind 911.
  399. Hugo Chavez
  401. Official Moscow supported Hugo Chavez however the 5th column at the VOR went ballistic, in particular McFaul’s friend Andrey Bistritsky, when on the Facebook page I congratulated Hugo Chavez on his birthday (from the Voice of Russia). He was assassinated not long after.
  403. Bistritsky and McFaul and the Planned Military Coup of Russia
  405. Another one of my major revelations and major stories that I broke and that I uncovered with the help of the Russian press and Russian reporters and hackers was a planned military coup in Russia. The CIA was offering $600 Million to anyone who could arrange this and there were takers. I also exposed Michael McFaul’s meetings with non-system opposition members after his arrival in Moscow and also his Color Revolution plans and reported this to my Service as well. They were stopped dead and he was made ineffective and eventually expelled from Russia, but not before bringing Snowden in.
  407. You will not find it anywhere as it was kept secret by all sides but CIA/CFR McFaul attempted on TWO occasions to have me arrested and deported from Russia. This was after I had asylum. First he took my words in article and said I was threatening him. I had said that his days were numbered in Moscow if he continued to behave in such a manner, and they took the “his days are numbered” part and said I was threatening him. After that didn’t work they created out of the blue and with no evidence the claim that I had somehow physically threatened him and demanded my immediate remanding into US custody. That did not work either. So we have the CIA COS and the CIA CFR Ambassador both failing to get me. So they needed their best extraction/rendition agent which happened to be Edward Greenberg who successfully got Birkenfeld renditioned back to the US.
  409. The VOR Baseball Bat Meeting
  411. I was in charge of all the English language Social Media for the Voice of Russia World Service, this included the VOR Facebook Account and the VOR Twitter Account. I also had editorial rights to the VOR website where I corrected mistakes 24 hours a day 7 days a week. After one occasion in which I wished Hugo Chavez a happy birthday the Chairman went crazy and is the end I was called into a room with eight individuals I believe, two of them with baseball bats, and they physically detained me and made me give them the passwords to all of my person e-mail accounts, then my editor placed an American flag on my personal Facebook page after changing the password using my e-mail address. I reported this to the police and the Security Service but nothing was ever done. Except the editor disappeared shortly thereafter.
  413. The Management of VOR was Defrauding the Russian Government
  415. In the English service there were supposedly 198 employees however about a third were fake. My contract for articles was written in the name of my son they said because I already had to many jobs at the VOR and it would be illegal. I was officially a full time newsreader, but I was also the site editor, in charge of Social Media, a special correspondent, an investigative journalist, a sound editor and then a Geo-political commentator, writing very harsh and critical foreign policy pieces for the Russian Government against the West and NATO.
  416. After the baseball bat meeting editorial policy changed and we were allowed to delve into 911 and I hammered away on it for years.
  417. The fact that his name was on the article contract has led me to believe that the CIA thought it was he who was writing all of my articles and thus his arrest. I did not think they could be so stupid but it is possible.
  419. My First Article: SOPA and the Murder of Aaron Swartz
  421. My first article for the VOR was about SOPA and it was shared by Aaron Swartz on Reddit. It instantly gained more likes and more comments and more hits than anything else the VOR had put out in all of its services. I thought they would be happy but there were many many people who were very angry.
  423. I am not saying Swartz was killed for supporting me but it is yet another strange death that occurred after someone supported my work in a major way. We will get to Michael Ratner and others soon.  
  425. I Told Upper Management About the CIA Interface on Facebook and PRISM and Everything
  427. Part of my own investigations and computer work uncovered the CIA interface on Facebook and other interesting facts about the social media including PRISM, VISA and my favorite was the radio tower on top of the US Embassy. I could not believe at the time that these people had no idea what they were doing and who they were letting into a Russian Government body. I of course reported all this to my service as well.
  429. VISA Showed UP at the VOR
  431. Another way the CIA and West interfere in Russia is through banking and financial services. It is stunning that the Russian Government pays its employees using VISA and MASTERCARD.
  433. I am certain I was targeted by VISA when they forced an inspection of the company and in the end my card was cancelled and I had to change my name on the card. Then VISA disappeared my pension the money I am told went offshore somewhere to the US or Canada. Yes my Russian pension was taken by the Americans. Only no one will admit that.
  435. The Many Faces of Andrey Bistritsky
  437. Constantin Romodanovsky was a friend of Andrey Bistritsky and he had written him a letter and offered to help us get our citizenship. Everything was okay after the meeting with his representative Valentina Kazakova in place of him. We were told we would get citizenship within a few days to a week as we had already applied and followed the law and fulfilled all conditions. I detail this in the book of course.
  439. Me and my then girlfriend went to the Black Sea on vacation to celebrate. Then I see this Romodanovsky on television saying how Ukrainians are the best migrants and that certain races are different and not wanted in Russia and then the next day Snowden shows up and I am told to get back to Moscow and try to get an interview, and write an article. This was by Ekaterina Pavlova, whose husband works in President Putin’s Administration.
  441. My Work at VOR was Massive
  443. My interviews and articles covering US and NATO illegality and 911 and Anonymous and WikiLeaks were epic. My articles and the VOR started be cited and quoted in the New York Times and the major world media. McFaul even continued attacking my articles on social media, singling me out specifically. More targeted harassment after I already had asylum. Illegal.
  445. Then My Son is Targeted the First Time
  447. After we returned from the Black Sea we were very optimistic and thought we would finally be getting passports and able to normalize our status after 6 years, this was in 2013, but shortly thereafter my son was beaten by police in Lubertsy and they planted narcotics on him. This was the first time. A friend from one of the services gave us CCTV footage of the whole event and then it just went quiet. But the damage was done and they said our citizenship application were returned and not even looked at, Greenberg and the Cia had their first victory, but the CCTV video was not expected.
  451. It is difficult to count how many times I have started this document, most of what I am telling you I have already tried to tell you before and for the most part everything has fallen on deaf ears or been read by blind eyes as the case may be. However I made a promise to my son that I would release the whole truth in the hopes that finally someone will listen. The one key tying in the persecution and the targeting and the relentless illegal campaign by the US to target a person with asylum lies in the one true revelation that I have stated here, that I was working for the Russian Security Services and was burned. The CIA knew that, my secrecy agreements were only followed by me..
  453. Despite the serious damage that has been done I have managed to publish most of the story but until now I have not told it all or have not focused on points that most people have completely overlooked or have not seen the significance of, or as my enemies love to tell me NOBODY CARES! I must continue to keep my insurance files a secret and I encourage you to read my book when I release it soon but I hope that what I am partaking to you will cause enough resonance so that at least the Prosecutor General will look at the case of my son and perhaps allow him to finally be released after over 3 years for 2 pills thrown onto him by dirty investigators and witnesses who were all police.
  455. I recently tried many times to get the attention of Natalya Poklonskaya but it is like talking to a wall and yesterday on a phone in show the host of interview program featuring Poklonskaya said if you can’t beat your head against a wall and get an answer you should just die, in response to my message during the program, so that is the attitude in Russia, the complete and total lack of “conscience’ and even the most basic elementary human empathy, pigs like that are the new Russia and that is what this piece is all about, seeking you to ask WHERE IS THE HUMANITY?  
  457. How the Russians Were Duped by the Rockefeller Clan and Snowden
  459. For the Masonic Illuminati scum the truth is not important, racism and money are all that matter. These were very important motivations for the CIA to create the Assange fairy tale and Snowden, who in reality is a Greenberg/Rockefeller. The Zionists and the Jews in the West and in the Russian media all work together, and their only real allegiance is to the fake construct of Israel. I have seen this with my own eyes, they lie and lie and lie to get their way and then accuse others of doing exactly what they do.
  461. The Snowden story was that I was a threat to US National Security and I was trying to damage the US and Russia and even President Putin agreed that rogue elements should not be damaging US National Security. In his first speech about Snowden President Putin agreed that Snowden should not have a platform and that he should stop trying to damage the USA. Snowden was not doing that. He released only things I had already released or things everyone already knew. SO these comments were taken as an okay to shut me up and destroy my family.
  463. So Snowden was allowed into Russia after what I am certain were huge bribes paid by the CIA and the Greenberg clan and the truth movement that was coming from Russia and being aired to the world on the Voice of Russia World Service were killed forever.  
  465. Try to Defend the Country from Outside Threats While Being Attacked from Inside Agents: Fast Forward to December 2013 and the Maidan
  467. The Lubertsy mafia and many of the Russian Oligarchy and the Masonic Jewish Mafia in Russia were secretly supportive of the Maidan. This became very clear when the conflict started. It should not be a surprise then that a large percentage of the Lubertsy mafia, including the Wolves in Epaulettes and the grouping under Yaponchik had close, if not direct roots in and to the Odessa Criminal groupings. It was therefore not a surprise then that these groupings and the individuals in them would sell me and destroy my family, what was a surprise was that the corruption went all the way to the top and remains there today and even includes members of the judiciary.  
  469. When we were suffering through the liquidation of the Voice of Russia and after the infamous baseball bat meeting I sought real protection for my family and myself from the heads of the agencies I had worked for for over a decade but nothing visible was seen, yet in hindsight I do suppose they prevented a worse outcome than actually happened, namely I would have been killed or as it was intimated to me by a member of a military body, I was to have been thrown in the trunk of a car and driven to a CIA Black Site right across the border in Ukraine.
  471. The leaks on JAR2 and the VOR were that huge!
  473. Zionist Controlled Media in Lock Step With Operation Ukraine and Destroying Russia
  475. So we had the CIA lackeys in Lubertsy and then moved up to the MI6/CIA Illuminati Zionist Jewish mafia. The decision to demonize us was unanimous with no consideration to the fact that I was working for the Security of the Russian Federation and the Russian people and that all of the information I was leaking was showing the ILLEGALITY of the CIA and the US GOVERNMENT!
  477. My investigate work turned to Ukraine when it started and I discovered the plans to carry out the Kosovo Scenario, including the weapons caches for the Right Secotr. This was reported to Russian Intelligence and the operation was stopped. I also had reports as to the CIA involvement in the Maidan Snipers but that information was never published and the editors told me to forget it. I als had direct inside sources that saw 412 people killed in Odessa and I was told to forget this too and that is by far not all. I also had information on MH-17 being MH-370 that no will publish. The Voice of Russia and then Rossiya Sevodnya did not want the truth about Ukraine to come out because there were Russian/Jewish Oligarchs and CIA Backed Russian forces involved, the friends of the 5th column and the Sayanim who are only loyal to Israel. They are Luciferian Illuminati Globalists and they control almost everything in Russia and the world.
  479. Andrey Bistritsky Making a US Citizen the Editor in Chief
  481. After the baseball meeting and the police report working at the VOR was more than stressful but I thought I had the support of the Chairman Andrey Bistritsky who had called me the Che Guevara of the VOR in an interview. He was even with me on the Boston Bombing Flase Flag story which I broke to the world, but when all was said and done he was just another two-faced liar.
  483. In classic Globalist Neo-Liberal Illuminati style, Andrey Bistritsky made US Passport holding Victoria Alhimova Editor in Chief
  484. Yes all the VOR figures with UK, US and Israeli passports had a wonderful time destroying the first American with asylum in Russia and a stateless refugee. They loved it and so did the mafia. I will leave you with some examples of what people told me who knew I was working for the Russian Secret Services and were helping the CIA. They all found out from someone who worked in the Administration of President Putin!!! Who Pavlova?
  486. I was stunned by the fact that the Andrey Bistritsky, after all of my work including breaking the Boston Bombing, would hire American Military personnel for editorial positions. Even one CIA operative named Samuel McCilloch who destroyed every article I wrote and forbid publication of anything I wrote in order to cover up the Uklraine Operation which I was exposing.
  488. My last work attempted to savc e Roman Sleleznyev and I even met his wife and stopped his rendtition by about two weeks and developed a source in Malaysian Security and uncovered a CIA rendition airline called Vista Jet. This was real investigative journalistic work, Rossiya Sevodnya did not want that!
  491. Voice of Russia and Rossiya Sevodnya Quotes
  493. I wake up every day with nightmares of these monsters who I thought were my friends and who I thought were working with me to promote Russia and fight for the truth. All of these people were informed that I was working for the Security Services. BY whom? Maybe by the Malahovka mafia or MS “Let me tell you a secret” or even by the family of the person I thought was my wife. Or by McFaul and all the Americans who showed up at the VOR.
  495. Group of managing staff at Voice of Russia during the baseball bat meeting. - Give us the password to your private e-mails or you will not leave this room.
  497. E Nikitenko - The  staff  are  worried  about  their  US  visas  so  they  cannot  support  your employment  here.
  499. Estelle Winters VOR - We  did  not want  someone  with  asylum working  for  us  but the chairman forced us to accept you
  501. Victoria Alhimova - We will help ALL SECURITY SERVICES!  
  503. Sergey Sayenko - Do not get involved in politics it will end badly. Mossad always gets their man. Stop calling about your articles or we will fabricate a criminal case against you! And so what if people are dying in Donbass? Are you ready to die for some Ukrainians?
  505. Oleg Dimitrev - You wrote the letter? What Letter? Yes you wrote the letter. We can do what we like with you and to you. What are you going to do? Go to the United Nations? Apparently they received a copy of a letter I wrote to President Putin believing my confidentiality was being protected. We are all on an SBU Right Sector List. So what! You were poisoned? Prove it.  They will make your death look like a suicide. He was nobody just did a couple interviews and wrote a few articles that nobody read. A nobody really.
  507. Sergey Kochetkov - I can do whatever I like to you! If I don’t like you I can fire you! Whatever I want I can do! You are like some agitator on a stump! Your work was REAL journalistic work. We do not need that here. We sell information! That is what we do here! - I was poisoned in his office and I was coughing up blood for four days.
  509. Lawyer for Rossiya Sevodnya - You never were an announcer. Prove it! That organization no longer exists. On paper you were not even a writer. Good bye!
  511. Dmitry Kiselov RS - We will look forward not back! There must only be 9 voices in the world media. I don’t agree with President Putin on almost anything.
  513. The Apocalypse and the Bribe (Running Government as “Criminal Enterprise”)
  515. In reality not only did we have to deal with Snowden and CIA/MI6 targeting, but my refusal to pay a bribe and more importantly my complaint against those demanding bribes at FMS which were amazingly sent to the people I complained about were what led to my son's arrest and my family’s destruction. Someone high up approved his arrest after the US Embassy ordered it. The 900,000 then 9 MILLION rubles that were supposed to go to Molodievsky is supposed to be considered a normal function of getting citizenship and the entire system is corrupt all the way to the Presidential Administration apparently. This was made clear to me by the fact that the complaints of corruption that I filed with the Administration, rather than being properly investigated, were in fact sent to the individuals I was complaining against so that they could investigate them on their own.
  517. These "officials" hate the Security Services, they are afraid of the Services and they love to torture people, I remember going in and everyone just having a wonderful laugh because they destroyed our lives because they stole all the money for refugees because they are cool and have a little power because they can issue documents which poor defenseless people need to simply exist and without which they have no rights! Why should I file again when I ran around for 9 years already and the exact same Molodievsky is in power? The same mafia pigs who put my son away to silence my complaints are still in the same offices. What will change? Corruption has killed my family!
  521. Inspector Igor Igorevich Nikitin - We have orders that citizenship is not to be given to anyone with refugee status.
  523. Manager at FMS Lubertsy - We do not need "citizens" like you, after Romadanovsky’s big speech about which races are more preferable for “integration” into Russian society.
  525. Inspector FMS Svetlana - If you “file” for citizenship your refugee status will be revoked. I am against you and I said that. If I file, not if I get. Stunning.
  527. FMS Director Roman Donskoy - What should I do? I can give you a rope. To hang yourself! – After a meeting was arranged by a General in the Security Service to try to get their cooperation, this was the result!!!
  529. Meeting with Molodievsky - He sat there and said nothing looking at me like food as I explained everything and begged for help. Obviously the fact that I did not come with a bag of money was the cause for his complete lack of reaction. He knows exactly what is going on for ten years and is the one behind it. This was clear after I left his office.
  532. Meeting with Police Chief 1 after CCTV video of my son being set up was obtained - We hate investigative reporters and truth seekers. There is nothing I can do to help you!
  534. Meeting with Daria Romanova the Inspector Who Put My Son Away - The first thing she asked me was if I still worked with the “Service”, then she asked me if my son did as well. Then she proceeded to tell me that my son was a dog and a drug addict and scum. In the yard their fixer told me 9 million rubles would make it all go away.
  536. Uchastkovy Inspector S Retunsky, who handled my report of the theft of 60 000 rubles by my ex-wife who ordered me to divorce my wife and warned me to forget my daughter. He said if I did not they could arrange for me to be locked up in some room for the rest of life like in Stalin’s day and I would use my big head to think up plans for the government.
  540. Russian is the biggest and the richest country in the world and there are very few refugees here, After ten years living as a refugee in Russia I can only report that ANY program which says it is helping refugees is a fraud. There is no housing, no educational, no medical, no employment, no social, no legal nor any other kind of support. What is worse refugees have no rights whatsoever, are forced to pay bribes, are blackmailed with deportation or worse, are forced to live as though they are a salve class, have no international protection whatsoever, have no security protection or even elementary protection form states they are fleeing, and Russia absolutely not only does not follow UN Refugee guidelines but the officials in the system obviously do not even know such a thing exists. The United Nations is also to blame as they say once you get asylum then you are Russian problem. Under the Russian Constitution refugees are supposed to have the same rights as Russians, but when things like orders are given that no refugee can receive citizenship, this is an outrageous violation of human rights and even Russian Law, yet that is the way it is. Outrageous egregious and criminal. 10 yers I have tolerated the indignities and then the destruction of my family and I am a special case, I worked for the Security Services, of course in secret as a slave, but I can imagine the treatment other refugees receive like my son. Again the problem is systematic corruption, when the police and investigative services can all but openly fabricate narcotics cases using off duty police as in the case of my son, and demand 9 miliion rubles to "make it go away" and when even the judge knows how many people are involved (40 in my son's case and that the orders came from the US Embassy) there is a serious problem not with the victims, as they try to portray, that we are so bad, but there is problem with the system. As for assistance I have been told that there is an entire building development sector in Podolsk of homes, huge apartment blocks, for refugees but those were given to Baturina and the Baturin mafia, who are of course selling them. My children also have lived in Russia for 10 years as refugees and they never did anything against anyone and they now have no future. So what is the final analysis?  
  542. I explain all of the repressive and rights stripping mechanisms in my book. It is against this backdrop that I am preparing to die because I can not leave Russia and being allowed what is needed to live including employment is not allowed for me. Will my son or I be killed for writing all of this? Sadly that question is what has stopped me from speaking out but my son told me silence has not helped and has let me finally take this step. Again I was told to be silent about everything I know, about SUrikov and his mansions and 7 flats, about City B where generals literally stole hundreds of flats and made themselves millionaires, about Rishitsky the mayor of Lubertsy and the criminal organization he has turned that city into, about the theft of flats from poor people and the predatory capitalistic cannibalistic capitalism and banditism that are destroying Russian, but I have now taken the step and it is all detailed in my book. This document should be of interest to the Security Services and the Investigative Bodies of the Russian Federation. It is time to end Mitrofanov's bribe pyramid and the corruption and cronyism in Russia or the country will be lost. I am only one person but there are millions in worse condition than I. The first step? End the registration and the propiska system. YOU CAN NOT DEMAND REGISTRATION AND RESIDENCY STAMPS IF PEOPLE ARE NOT GIVEN APARTMENTS OR HOMES!!!! IT IS INSANITY!!! And this is the very foundation of the corruption scheme! That and the issuance of documents because in Russia with the internal passport, even officially, you are only a bum. That is the official designation of refugees. May the lord have mercy on your evil souls, more mercy than you have shown to the weak and the poor!
  544. The worst part of the purgatory they have put me and my family into, is the daily and constant psychological torture that any day I could be given to the Americans, now that my son is to be deported as he was framed for one of the few crimes that allow for that, regardless of the fat that I have asylum and that I have served as their agent and their propaganda tool for over 2 decades. THis was not what I was promised when I was recruited and I demand what we were promised even if the officer making the promises is no longer around. I am not a criminal and we are human beings and we have human rights!!!
  546. When I officially reported the open targeting of my family and all of the illegality going on this was the answer I got.  
  548. Security Service Quote
  550. Sergey V - Your son was beaten by police? He was set up? Just forget your son! Don't make noise! It will not help you! You will do what I want or you will be returned to the US on a special flight through the US Embassy.
  552. This is not only outrageous but criminal! We are being targeted by Ukrainian nazi Secret Service forces and their agents and CIA operatives in Russia. THis is outrageous!
  554. I ask my Serbian, Indian, Chinese, Cuban, Venezuelan or any other friends who can protect me and my family to please contact me. If you can even just take my children I would be very grateful as my son will be tortured if he is deported and my daughter has no future in Russia whatsoever since they refuse to give her an internal passport even though she has lived here all her life. I do not expect any assistance and I am ready to die which is why I wrote this all down and wrote my book. Despite being forced to spend my entire life as a "foreigner" and a "refugee" I am an honest man and have never broken the law. I paid taxes for 20 years in Russia and about 20 years in the USA and ask the question "for what"? If the most elementary human necessity can not be given and right until the very end we have been shown we have no human rights.
  556. I wrote to President Putin maybe five letters begging him just to help my son and daughter and even before he was arrested I wrote a letter saying my family was being targeted by Ukrainian nazis and CIA agents in Russia and unfortunately those letters were all ignored. So Edward Snowden and his whisper campaign against us has won. The son of a bitch even demonized my son. Greenberg is working with the Russians and hyas convonced them that journalists and the CIA's enemies are also Russia's enemies. And they listen $$$$$
  558. My resume is available on jar2 com and now you can add that I have worked for/with the Russian Security Services for over 20 years or not, if my skill set is of interest to you I am urgently seeking employmentю
  560. Final Intel? The New World Order is actively planning an armed insurrection in Russia, the elimination of President Putin and the destruction of the Russian State.  
  562. NOTE: LULSEC and ANONYMOUS and CYPHERPUNKS deserve mention but I do not want to implicate anyone in anything. SO they too may or may not have been involved in some of these leaks.
  564. STORY IN BRIEF: Globalist Zionists took control of the Russian media, I found out about it and tried to expose them and my son was thrown in prison to silence me as they had been trying to do for years, including by using CIA assets such as Edward Greenberg (Snowden) and because they could not get me because I was working for the Secret Services.
  566. ADDITION: From Sep 3rd, 2014
  568. NOTE: The factual account below does not include the Masonic New World Order Illuminati nature of the antagonists, nor does it focus on the fact that all of the employees in the Russian media are Jews and in fact the running joke now in Russia is that to wok in the media all you have to do is say you are a Jew.  
  570. The Truth about liquidation of the Voice of Russia World Service
  572. Over just a few months significant changes have taken place in the Russian news services. From specialists who carefully monitor the Russian mass media and the Kremlin, to the casual observers who like to watch events in Russia, nobody could have failed to notice that something dramatic has occurred.
  574. On 9th December 2013 came the surprise announcement that the Voice of Russia and the RIA Novosti news agency were to be liquidated. The subsequent changes were expected to be massive, and designed to consolidate all information flow and propaganda under Kremlin control.
  575. However, it is only now becoming clear just how insidious is the nature of the merger, which leads one to doubt whether President Vladimir Putin or his chief propaganda man, Dmitry Kiselyov, really do know what is happening within the new organisation. Accurate information is not being reported to these top men, and they are obviously being misinformed about the real situation.
  577. President Putin has waged a defensive war against the encroachment into Russian society and the Russian state by the CIA, NATO, USAID and U.S. NGOs. Putin’s defence would appear to have been effective, at least on the surface, but in reality the war has already been lost when we analyse the current state of the Russian media.
  579. Consider Operation “Room With a View”, which was a plan to bring about the liquidation of one of the most strategic targets of the CIA in its war with the USSR. Like Gladio, Northwoods and 9-11, Operation Room With a View was apparently never shut down, despite the political changes that have occurred within the former USSR’s territories.
  581. Operation Room With a View envisaged the destruction of the CIA’s single largest information opponent - the Voice of Russia - and was so named because it was a secret goal of the Rockefeller family, one of the chief financiers of the plan, to own an apartment overlooking the Kremlin and Red Square, on the site of what was the VOR at 25 Pyatnitskaya Street.
  583. To accomplish such a goal would indicate the complete destruction of the Russian State and demonstrate the domination of Russia by the US. The Voice of Russia has now been liquidated, and it is only a matter of time until the state owned property at 25 Pyatnitskaya Street is sold off. This coup de grace will mark a final victory for the CIA and the Rockefeller family in their long running war against the Russian state.        
  585. It is a prime strategic objective of any state or entity, wishing to dominate over a target country or power, to seize control of the state media - this applies in any sort of war; cold or hot, overt or covert. This principle is even truer today than it was at the height of the Cold War, as we live in an age of information technologies. Any alert observer can see how these United States neo-conservative 9-11 coup powers have continued to implement their plan for total world domination, they wage illegal wars of aggression and replace leaders and regimes at will, and any media outlet that sheds light on this illegality becomes a target itself.
  587. The classic war scenario has been seen many times before: the victor seizes all the state media outlets, and begins transmitting on the defeated party’s airwaves, hence declaring the complete defeat of its enemy. This process has been going on by stealth within the Russian media since the end of the Cold War.
  589. It was a decree issued by President Putin himself that led to the liquidation of the Voice of Russia, but this decision represents a victory for the CIA that had them celebrating for weeks. The fact that RIA Novosti was to continue as it was, served as the literal icing on the cake for the CIA and the Rockefellers, and all the other neocon Russia haters, as this agency was already under their control. But it does not end there; with Putin’s so called "propaganda man and hero of Russia", Dmitry Kiselyov in reality another Masonic Freemason Zionist serving the New World ORder, running the whole thing under the name of the US infiltrated Russia Today, this was a big bonus for the CIA.
  591. Sources who formerly worked inside these organisations are now talking about what they know, and as the organisations no longer exist their disclosure agreements do not apply. The story being told is that the liquidation of the Voice of Russia was like a bloodbath, and a real coup for the western corporate media, the CIA and those forces intent on damaging Russia.
  593. On the surface, the appearance was that the anti-Kremlin RIA Novosti and the US apologist Voice of Russia were being liquidated because they did not effectively promote Russia or the Russian state. However, this was only partially true in the case of RIA Novosti, which took an almost openly anti-Kremlin and anti-Putin stance, its liquidation was long overdue. The situation with the Voice of Russia was quite different, as that organisation had to be infiltrated and taken apart to give the appearance that it had been compromised and was against the Kremlin, in order to justify the liquidation order being necessary.
  595. For those interested in the Soviet Union and later Russia watchers, Radio Moscow, which eventually became the Voice of Russia (the official voice of the Russian Government), was always a direct source for information about Russia and a reliable place to learn about the opinion of official Moscow. Therefore the complete liquidation of the Voice of Russia, the first worldwide broadcaster in history and an icon in the history of world media, into nothing more than a page on the RIA-Novosti website and a couple of channels in English speaking countries, may have been unexpected.
  597. Radio Moscow and the Voice of Russia had for a long time the status of being household names, whereas the liquidation of RIA Novosti, a little known brand in the West, with its anti-Kremlin editorial policies, was less obviously going to be noticed.
  599. For information consumers, and others active in the global mass media or information dissemination fields, who were worried by corporate and government control of the mass media, in particular by the US Government and the governments of its allies, the Voice of Russia and Russia Today were seen as perhaps two of the last bastions of media freedom in the world. Both of these outlets covered issues, people and opinions that no one else would, and this was one of the key reasons why they were targeted by the CIA.
  601. Those who want a more independent, strong and free media, compared to the West’s fabricated narrative and mainstream media corporate propaganda, were hoping that the liquidation would lead to a stronger more independent and truthful body and an end to the western neo-liberalism that was creeping into Voice of Russia programming. It was also obvious to all that there was a softening of the Russian position, in an attempt to appease the West and appear “inoffensive” to those brainwashed by the US MSM.
  603. Many news consumers, experts, politicians, information activists and those concerned with issues unpopular with the US Government, relied on the Voice of Russia for a balanced view and an alternative and more importantly an honest narrative of the events of the day. In many cases VOR was one of the few sources of reporting on issues banned from western mass media outlets. Sadly those media consumers must be extremely disappointed if they had hoped for a more robust and independent media alternative.
  605. For the supporters of WikiLeaks and for those who fight for truth in the media and for information to be free, unfortunately more freedom is not on the cards. The CIA, the globalists and their army of oligarchs and CIA moles have apparently won.
  607. If the CIA, NATO, the US Government and the Western mass media, who are waging information warfare worldwide, were worried about their narrative being challenged then they can breathe a sigh of relief. The truth has been relegated to the least important place in the Russian or English language press, or in other words to page 23, if it is there at all.
  609. The destruction of the Voice of Russia occurred from within and it was a process that took place over some time. Despite the robust and pro-Russian editorial policies of the Russian language service, whose editorial guidelines started with the phrase: “We are here to serve the President of the Russian Federation”, the infiltration of anti-Russian elements took their toll. There were attacks on the credibility of the VOR through other services, and these attacks were designed in such a way as to either put blame on non-Russian staff, or to give the appearance of “soft-propaganda”, or to simply “please the audience”.
  611. The key target for the CIA was of course the VOR’s English Service and those who staffed it. There have been many popular presenters over the years, from Kiril Watts, aka Karl Watts, the founding voice at Radio Moscow International, to an American “refugee” John Robles who according to his own words “assisted the Russian intelligence agencies”. But many of the staff of Kremlin propagandists, KGB cooperators and VOR personalities were on secret CIA lists either as targets for recruitment, as persons of interest or even marked for outright assassination.
  613. Through USAID media connected NGOs, influence could be exerted on political parties such as the Yabloka Party run by USAID poster boy Boris Nemstov. Through the placement of CIA and MI-6 assets in upper management positions the CIA and its “special partner” MI-6 were able to infiltrate and manipulate editorial policy and the content of the VOR. Even the former chairman was manipulated through his “friendship” with CIA colour revolution architect Michael McFaul, who had been sent to Moscow to carry out a regime change operation against President Vladimir Putin.  
  615. The office of the Yabloka Party, located a block and a half from 25 Pyatnitskaya Street was an ideal location to monitor the VOR and to meet sources. The CIA was also able to monitor the entire building at 25 Pyatnitskaya, which was hooked into an NSA surveillance net. The site contained over 2,500 computers, and thousands of microphones and video cameras, as well as a magnetic card entry system. Everyone who worked at the VOR, and everything that went on there, was instantly known to the NSA/CIA.
  617. Russian Counter-Intelligence was aware of the situation and they implemented counter measures to block the surveillance. However, the NSA, aided by access through “back doors” into Windows XP, which was installed on every computer at the VOR, the monitoring of social media, access to the telephone servers, RF monitoring and access to VOR servers, meant that the NSA was able to monitor and even interact with every process going on at the VOR.
  619. The CIA was able to place assets in all the key areas, and these agents were used to alter information in reports, to discredit or kill stories, and even to threaten and intimidate staff to present the news in a way that aided the US. There are also suspicions that some staff have been assassinated, as was the case with Karl Watts. Mr. Watts was targeted at a café in Egypt when he was on holiday and had been on a CIA hit list for decades, although he was not easily accessible and due to his status during Soviet times he would have been too dangerous to liquidate.
  621. People who worked in VOR’s Internet Department have stated that there were “secret editorial” policies in place. Staff were given verbal instructions about how to operate, but no written record was allowed to be kept in case these instructions became known to others. One example indicating subversion, and an attack on the sovereignty of Russia, was the constant placing of American flags on the home page of the VOR website. According to sources, this concern was noticed and commented on by many staff over the years, and was reported with other editorial policies and suspicious activity against the Russian state to the law enforcement bodies, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office and even the FSB.
  623. Many of the staff at the VOR had participated in the Bolotnaya Protests, and these people have actively been involved in promoting or suppressing various issues and persons in support of the CIA and NSA - in other words they were acting like Fifth Column operatives. According to one source, many of the staff were also vehemently opposed to President Putin and this was reflected in editorial policy and the message that was being broadcast.
  625. One of those who was active in the Bolotnaya Protests, Linda Miles, is now a key figure at Radio VR, and she was brought on board by Maxim Krassovsky, another Fifth Columnist working at RIA-Novosti. Krassovsky turned up in 2010, when the VOR was just beginning to regain its former glory. Sources inside the VOR have said that the editorial polices Krassovsky brought with him led to a “softening” of the message, the extensive use of social media, in order to facilitate NSA surveillance, a reduction in reporting NATO stories, and also no questions about 9-11 or American neo-conservatives.
  627. Another interesting figure is a translator named Mikhail who was a leading asset for CIA operations at the VOR. Recruited through contacts in the People’s National Party, the Russian nationalist organisation, his style of translating was very effective in discrediting the VOR and the Russian Government. According to sources he was banned from the site but not until he had successfully done much damage to the station’s message over many years.
  629. In accordance with the secret policy guidelines, the translators and those producing transcripts would often misquote or make seemingly innocent errors, resulting in text that would state the exact opposite of what was actually said. For example, when the issue of NATO missile defence plans was being discussed, many officials were being translated as making statements in favour of NATO, when what they actually said was quite the opposite.
  631. Information on the sources of stories and interviews were continuously passed on to the CIA, and this led to several deaths and attempted assassinations. Even when dealing with vulnerable sources, the full name and contact information of all sources was required to be in the possession of VOR upper management, who then passed the information on to the CIA. Such information included the details of key WikiLeaks members, the Occupy Movement activists, and many others.
  633. During the final years of the VOR, there were several instances of extreme measures being taken to cripple the effectiveness of the organisation. On one occasion a member of staff, who was responsible for the VOR Facebook page, was called into a meeting and threatened with a baseball bat because she had spoken out in support of Hugo Chavez, at the time when the CIA was in the process of liquidating him. On multiple occasions the website was completely redesigned in such a manner that links were lost, material disappeared and the Google ranking dropped. It was apparent that such action was taken for the purpose of suppressing and eliminating information, stories and material that was damaging to the CIA.  
  635. MI-6 even sent in an operative who had worked for the BBC Russian Service and was tasked with keeping stories about MI-6’s involvement in Moscow out of the news.  
  637. According to several former employees of the Voice of Russia, whose jobs were affected by the shakeup at the VOR and who provided information for this report, the greatest changes began with the appearance of Mark Stolyar, Victoria Alhimova and Ekaterina Pavlovna.
  638. These individuals were given complete control and unlimited authority to make whatever changes they desired to the Voice of Russia.
  640. Several former employees considered these changes to be equivalent to subversion and they filed complaints with the Russian Investigative Committee and even the Federal Security Service. Apparently these complaints were not pursued, and the complainants were conveniently brushed aside, ignored or marginalized, which was made easier in the confusion as VOR went through the breakup process.
  642. A long list of employees were judged to be “too old” or “too Soviet” in their views on defending Russia and its political position, and they were dismissed along with entire departments. The destruction of VOR was systematic: Russian culture programmes, historical programmes, music programmes and even Russian Orthodox Church programmes, all were axed and cut from the schedule. Notable commentators like Valentin Zorin and others were quietly removed from the station, although they had spent their lives promoting the Russian State and the Russian Government.
  644. Under the triumvirate of Alhimova, Pavlovna and Stolyar everything Russian at the VOR was eradicated and anyone pro-Russia and pro-Putin was marginalised, threatened, sacked or simply forced out. Their policy was to demand an unquestioning compliance with any order they issued, and this caused many staff to leave, especially those who understood these individuals’ hidden agenda.  
  646. Before the liquidation there should have been no place for neo-conservative western views and opinions, as these had nothing to do with Russia and are in fact contrary to the official Russian position on major issues. But such views began to creep into the station and into the content of the Voice of Russia. With the appearance of the Washington bureau there followed endless hours of broadcasts by people who infiltrated the VOR, like US CIA analyst Thom Hartman. Although many staff and listeners protested against these unwelcome changes, nothing would be allowed to stand in the way of the aims of this Fifth Column within the organisation.
  648. According to one source Alhimova, Pavlovna and Stolyar all hold American passports and no one really knows where they originated from. Stolyar was apparently recruited by the CIA in Ukraine, Pavlovna’s husband works in the Russian Presidential Administration, and Alhimova appears to be the key controller or the fall guy. Stolyar and Pavlovna now have positions at the Echo Moskvy radio broadcaster.
  650. During their tenure, and before the liquidation order from President Putin, these three people successfully closed down all of the centralised apparatus of the Voice of Russia including the news bureau, from which all language services obtained material with which to present a unified voice. All shortwave broadcasts were also completely closed and the entire message from the station was softened.
  652. The entire organization, that took decades to build, recently celebrated its 80 year anniversary. At its peak the station broadcast to 800 million listeners worldwide, to 160 countries in 38 languages, and now it has been completely gutted. Mission accomplished, almost.
  654. When the triumvirate’s operations were at their peak there was the risk of them being exposed by several staff members. Complaints were made to the FSB, which was when technical support on the ground was needed by the NSA. Following the arrest of several CIA agents in Moscow, who were actively trying to recruit internal ministry officers and others, in an effort to identify the leak they were trying to plug in their Moscow operations, Edward Snowden then arrived on the scene. Snowden effectively caused a distraction from several issues that were embarrassing to the US, and which were also receiving airtime on the VOR.
  656. The key issues in which Snowden caused a distraction were the story on the VOR that President Putin had been threatened by Saudi Prince Bandar, and the fact that the CIA had ordered the chemical attacks in Syria as a pretext for an invasion. Due in large part to the VOR the Syrian invasion had to be cancelled.  
  658. Snowden was also instrumental in ensuring the communications security of the Fifth Column at the VOR. If you go to the home page of the VOR there is a permanent banner stating “Thank You Edward”. Yes thank you indeed. He helped to protect the entire CIA team at VOR.  
  660. The timing was also important. With the operations by the CIA taking place in Ukraine and the downing by the CIA of Malaysian Flight MH-17, the problem of investigative reporters or commentators exposing inconsistencies around events is regarded as very undesirable by the CIA, as it does not want any complications at this critical stage in its operation to destroy Russia.  
  662. This is clearly the case at RIA, as there is no more talk about Nazis in Ukraine and no “conspiracy theories” concerning flight MH-17. You will also not find any stories about US illegality or the crimes of the CIA and the US Government. Everything is under control, just the way the CIA wants it to be.
  664. Many of the staff who remain in the organisation had hoped and believed the statements by the Russian media, internal pronouncements and statements by the new management that the liquidation of the Voice of Russia and RIA Novosti was to form a more effective “pro-Russian” media outlet. This was welcome news for those who protested about the “westernization” and gutting of the Voice of Russia.
  666. The appointment of Order of Russia winner and an individual who is described as “the Kremlin’s top propaganda man”, Dmitry Kiselyov, as the head of the new media organization had many in the Western media establishment worried and many of the western planted media manipulators trembling in fear, but their fears can be assuaged. In reality it is the neo-liberal western apologists and appeasers who have won the media war inside Russia while real Russian patriots are continuing to be removed one by one.
  668. Perhaps Kiselyov, who is apparently wanted by the Ukrainian SBU, the Right Sector and is on the US sanctions list, is not fully aware what his underlings are up to and that CIA planted agents are actually running editorial policy, although inside sources say he has been warned. Regardless, if one is to judge by content and the staffing at the new conglomerate under the name of RIA Novosti and not “Rossiya Sevodnya”, it is clear the West has won the media war.
  670. Media watchers may have wondered as to the naming of the new agency “Rossiya Sevodnya”, which quite literally means Russia Today. Although we are supposed to have forgotten that RT used to be called Russia Today, this naming is clear evidence that RT has successfully staged a power grab in the Russian media. This also allowed the world the insight that even RIA-Novosti, which many believed was independent, is also a completely Kremlin funded news outlet.
  672. For Margarita Semonyan, the Kremlin Media sweetheart and Hero of Russia Kremlin propaganda man Dmitry Kiselyov, the liquidation and conglomeration is of course a good career opportunity, but for the thousands of employees, writers, commentators, news people, presenters, translators, operators and others who poured their hearts and souls into the Voice of Russia, and were cast aside like yesterday’s trash, the liquidation has been devastating.
  674. The current situation is also a win for the neo-liberal pro-western anti-Putin Bolotnaya crowd, part of the CIA’s fifth column in Russia and for the US State Department, which under the direction of Hillary Clinton stated that the media war was lost. Well, Hillary can celebrate her victory.
  676. The Voice of Russia was being pronounced in the same breath as RT in the recent past as the only places where people in the West could hear the truth about, not only Russia, but about events and issues that were of great concern to millions of people worldwide, but which were ignored or banned by the MSM in the West. With now only one voice (RT) the West has little to worry about, and with the complete destruction of the VOR’s international multi-language short wave network there is now no alternative source for information other than the soft politics of RT and the CIA controlled RIA Novosti.
  678. Now to find news and opinions about Russia there is only one place to go, and it is seriously doubtful that President Putin would be happy about the destruction of Russian patriots in favor of western appeasers - unless this is a sign that Russian has in fact acquiesced and surrendered in the media war. Judging from Russia’s strong statements on issues in the Russian media it is more likely that Putin and Kiselyov just are too busy to actually pay attention to what has been happening, and that their advisors have all been recruited.  
  679. The Russian media is now completely locked down and censored and the loss of the Voice of Russia is a testament to who is really behind the censorship.
  681. DOCUMENT IN PROGRESS.... Coming up THE END OF THE VOICE OF RUSSIA AND THE ARREST OF MY SON People brought in from US Marines Intelligence as editors, living with the NIght Wolves, the orders from the US EMbassy to arrest my son and the theft of what was left of my property and my car by Sergey Kuzimin and the Lubertsy mafia .
  687. 02202018
  688. Дорогой Сергей Кузмин 7967 021 9081 и твой Люберецский нарко банда Оборотный в Погонах. Ты украл мой машена Шевролет Каприс 92ого года мотор V8 5.0 мои инструменте 5 мониторов и мой телефон Микрософт Lumia я уже устал ждать когда ты вернёшь моя вещи @mvd_official @KremlinRussia
  690. The NWO and Lustration in Russia to Facilitate the Re-Writing of History and the Subversion and Destruction of the Russian State for the NWO by CIA/MI6/MOSSAD Assets
  692. February 18, 2018 - What happened to me and my family looks bad for Russia and that is why they think I will not talk about it or write about it, but the problem is not Russia, the problem is a 5th column of traitors who are trying to subvert Russia for the New World Order and who are hiding in Russia as Russians and patriots so they are not questioned to destroy Russia from within. They also think that because they have power and money and have already put my son in prison on orders from the US Embassy that I will not talk and that I will be too scared to talk, but unfortunately for them I do not care anymore and I am not afraid, even after being attacked, drugged and beaten on New Year's.
  693. I will not write a long piece here because all of the details are now in my book and I have already published them elsewhere as well but I will comment on the very fact that it was all planned out and not just targeting me (I am grateful to Nikita Milhaikov for finally putting the last piece of the puzzle in place) in an operation that was what is called Lustration.
  694. Lustration: The term "lustration" derives from the Latin for "purification." In the transitional justice literature, it refers to a means by which some countries deal with a legacy of human rights abuses: through the mass disqualification of those associated with the abuses under the prior regime. However in the Russian application it applies to the victims of human rights and other abuses and the ridding from the ranks of those who are not in agreement with the New World Order plans for the Russian State. In other words the lustration happening in Russia is one where the dirty elements "cleanse" the system of anyone who might oppose their plans and actions.
  695. The Lustration in the case of the Russian media was very very clear and directed at those of us with very specific characteristics but other than my word until now I was not able to cite even one single source to corroborate my claims against some of the richest and most influential people in Russia who are members of the untouchable "elite" Zionist Jewish neo-liberal America loving class tasked with bringing the New World Order to Russia.
  696. With the case of what I have been through and what I have seen the classic meaning of the word "Lustration" does not entirely apply for what has happened in Russia and in particular in Moscow also has elements of ethnic and racial cleansing and punitive actions against anyone who may be against the criminal subversive forces attempting to bring about the New World Order's conditions to Russia and the Russian State in order to facilitate its destruction and conversion into another resource and wealth donor to the New World Order.
  697. In a wonderful video by Nikita Mihailkov which I have linked to on my Russia Report page at the link near the top this entry, he talks about the Neo-Liberal plans for the Lustration of Government Officials, an act which would be the equivalent to treason in most countries in the way that it was presented and by whom, along strictly age lines, and in particular, with the exact parameter that includes my generation, namely people born between 1965-1975.
  698. To be precise this use of age was exactly what Mark Stolyar, Oleg Dmitrev, Ekaterina Pavlova, Margarita Semonyan and Dimitry Kiselev decided to use to get rid of me and most of my other colleagues at the Voice of Russia, and hearing it from Mihailkov was very vindicating given where and by whom these policies are being implemented.
  699. The real agenda and the real Lustration is racial and ethnic but the ideological one is to only allow those in the media who will help in bringing in the New World Order and who are first and foremost loyal to Israel and the Zionist Agenda. The entire Russian media is now completely controlled and run by those who call themselves Jewish and who server first and foremost Israel and the New World Order.  
  700. The age parameter was important because people of that age remember the tactics that were used in the media to dumb down and program the public and manufacture consent to destroy the Soviet Union. It was also people of my age who were the most vocal to the sweeping changes the globalist Zionists were carrying out in the Russian media. Unable to create and think up new technologies and methods the NWO lackeys are using the same exact topics to divide the Russian people and help the NWO demonize Russia to facilitate genocide and war on the Russian people. Just like in the 80s they are demonizing Stalin and attempting to re-write and dirty Soviet History, they are trying on their endless talk shows and political discussions on television, to rewrite and dirty the Victory in the Second Great Patriotic war and they are trying to normalize nazism and spread homosexual and sexual perversion propaganda under claims of free speech and "We want to show the people how stupid these things are!" This is totally fake and false and I am stunned that they are allowed to get away with it.
  701. Other parameters they were looking for were patriotism to Russia and we were asked to write essays on how we felt about Russia and what we would do to advance its position in the information sphere. Everyone who was patriotic or had good solid ideas was terminated. My case was worse because they used me to formulate propaganda operations and developed editorial policies which were then turned around and used against Russia. They of course did not want any Muslims and they did not want an real Orthodox people or well read people or people who new history or had encyclopedic information in their heads about history or the illegality of the United States. Staff were also given pluses and kept who went to the Bolotnaya and were vocally anti-Putin which was stunning to me.
  702. Everything I have just written covers crimes and treason against the Russian State and should have been looked at seriously and with great alarm but the Globalist now control Russia and it appears that it is not going to be possible to bring these traitors to justice!
  703. They want young stupid easily manageable Jewish people who they can manipulate and who hate Russia and Russians deep in their hearts, and that is who works in the Russian media now. They even get awards for being heroes of Russia when they are in reality trying to destroy her!
  704. Unfortunately for the people responsible the attempt to poison me and arrest my son failed and even more unfortunate is that all of the information here was given to the proper authorities who have done nothing. So why am I even fighting them? They should have never destroyed my family and had my son arrested.
  705. The letter to the left is from a CIA operative named Max McCulloch who was brought in from US Navy Cryptography Anti-Russia Operations to work as a "Content Editor" his hiring and the hiring of CIA Officer Paul Craig Roberts to handle Russian propaganda should have been seen as treason. They were literally and openly subverting the state just by their very presence on Russian State media, but the globalists get away with anything and everything. Sergey Kotchetkov, who poisoned me in his office, told me himself, we can do whatever we want and if I simply do not like you I can fire you. Well he did but that firing was illegal and him poisoning me was attempted murder. Yet I am the bad guy who has to keep fighting to clear my name, I am the one who they stopped from getting Russian citizenship, even though I gave over 20 years of service to Russian Intelligence, and they knew this and they still did it.
  706. This information MUST be checked by the investigative authorities and miore importantly by the FSB and Counter Intelligence and my son freed. This is all detailed in my book!
  707. I swear that everything contained above is 100% true and correct to the best of my knowledge and will provide my book and all supporting evidence to the proper law enforcement and investigative bodies upon any request. Given that Ekaterina Pavlovna is being used by the CIA, I believe unbeknowst to her, and the fact about where her husband works, this is a direct threat to Russian National Security at the highest level.
  708. John Robles II
  709. Note: Echo of Moscow is the main distributor of Russophobic anti-Russia propaganda in the world. Based in Moscow, paid for by Russian tax dollars and run by GazProm Media. Which leads to the question of who is really in control of Russia. Millions of Russians detest the Neoliberal scum who bash Russia on this station day in and day out, and it is only listened to by the Neo-Liberal Russia haters who are organized, controlled and enabled by this media outlet. It is the main focal point and the main distribution outlet for the CIA and US State Department to spread propaganda and give instructions to their assets in Russia. I any normal country no such outlet would ever be tolerated, however even though everyone knows there is nothing done to stop them. I am at my end trying expose these traitors to Russia when nothing is done. In any healthy democratic country with a strong security apparatus this outlet, like I said would not be tolerated. The only solution is liquidating ECHO Moscow and installing media controls to stop the spread of Russophobic propaganda and ethnic hate against Russians. There is no other way! They must be stopped!!!  
  710. Note: For over three years the 5th column manipulated the site statistics, for me in particular deleting likes and comments, and systematically destroyed and got rid of every single patriotic, Orthodox and pro-Russian program following the guidelines of the US State Department as briefly outlined below.
  711. Note: Forgot to add Victoria Alhimova, my US Passport holding editor who told me "We eill help ALL special services" in reference to the CIA and FBI when I was breaking the Boston Bombing!
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