Memeking x Some Chick B

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  1. [16:44:27] <Mimi-chan> So for WHATEVER foolish reason, Michelle tags along with your group on the march north fighting against her homeland, but it's okay because all she kills are monsters and slutty dancers.  However, she'd LIKE to kill a horse-riding shota if it were the option, but for some strange reason the presence of a certain luchador foils these plans.
  2. [16:45:19] * Kotta sweats nervously (because of the luchador)
  3. [16:45:41] <Mimi-chan> well get to his, uh, antics soon enough, believe me
  4. [16:45:48] <Kotta> ;-;
  5. [16:45:50] <Mimi-chan> So what did you intend to do?
  6. [16:49:02] <Kotta> While the group stopped by the village, Kotta tracked down Michelle (after telling everybody something like "i'm gonna go talk to the role girl if i wind up dead in some alley y'all know who to jump on wink wink") for a talk. Maybe. Better do it on horseback in case she decided to attempt to abuse her ~20% crit rate or something.
  7. [16:50:44] <Mimi-chan> She wouldn't need to crit even because ~brave weapons~, but lucky for you these things don't usually factor in game mechanics so you have a fighting chance in freeformville.  That said, you find her outside of the town being an angsty loner who hates Acaiah and broods about wanting to go back home instead of actually doing it.  S-She'll get there eventually, i-it's not like she's FOLLOWING you all or anything.
  8. [16:52:09] <Mimi-chan> However, brooding and being lonely also gives you an excuse to be more alert, and she cracks an eye open as soon as you walk in on her sitting alone in a dark corner in an abandoned fort or something.  Yeah, that sounds appropriate.  "Back for more?"
  9. [17:00:07] <Kotta> Shrug. Shit gets old eventually, and by this point Sylvera was probably starting to get sick of patching the two up even she hadn't already. "Eh. Not right now. Just gonna ask straight out: It's not going to take that much longer for us to reach neutral ground, what're ya gonna do?"
  10. [17:01:55] <Mimi-chan> "Probably go back home and deliver a report in shame about how my squad got wiped out."  Michelle speaks nonchalantly.  "Or if I run into my idol Mina-sama - kyaaa! - I'll report directly to her instead and then she'll kill you all.  Why, you wanna fight again?"  Despite the excitement in her fangirlhood, she still manages to keep a dull tone somehow.
  11. [17:07:16] <Kotta> Another shrug! "So in other words, yer ignoring the part where they ask ya how you managed to hitch a ride from the Acaian/Ordannonian bunch that had been tearing through yer battalions, huh? Given how yer been acting, ya'd already realized the problem with that, haven't ya?"
  12. [17:09:21] <Mimi-chan> "Nah.  I've been fighting neutrals and never landed a single strike on one of my countrymen.  'Sides, you're supposed to do whatever you can to survive, right?"  Glaring in your direction, she lets out a sigh.  "Okay, out with it.  You CLEARLY want something from me, don't you?  Hurry it up, kid."
  13. [17:18:41] <Kotta> Kotta raised an eyebrow at that last outburst, pondered it for a moment, then sighed as he started to realize how much his words sounded like blackmail. "Hmph. Not FROM you, but damn right there's something I want. After all this time ya have spent right under our noses, can't exactly let ya strut back to yer army friends and tell 'em everything about us now, can I?"
  14. [17:21:09] <Mimi-chan> "Oh, so you did want to fight.  Coulda just said so."  Yawning and stretching, she stands up, hefting her spear.  "'Cause I'm gonna go back home, and damned if I'll let some puny wizard kid stop me."
  15. [17:26:58] <Kotta> Kotta also shifted his stance, preparing to retaliate, though he still didn't seem overtly hostile. "Yeah, that's one way I could handle this! Though, actually, if you promise to just go home home, like back to yer family and let go of all this being a soldier business, then I ain't gonna bother ya no longer."
  16. [17:29:12] <Kotta> Like, really? Sirrolant military just makes young girls fight on the front lines just like that? What the hell was with women and being ok with all this fighting business?
  17. [17:29:47] <Mimi-chan> "Wh-"  Mimi grits her teeth.  "What the fuck?  You killed my wyvern and now you think you can kill my PRIDE too?  Think again!"  Fueled by anger, she thrusts her spear forward, but despite having insane LCK manages to lodge it into a wall instead.  "What do you know about my family, anyway?!  You think I can just waltz back after failing spectacularly and endure being scorned by my whole homeland like it's nothing?"
  18. [17:29:48] <Flamy> Ask your sister that.
  19. [17:29:52] <Mimi-chan> nice
  20. [17:39:37] <Kotta> In response to Micchi's ineffectual attack, Kestrel reared to action and began to gallop around the lancer...or attempted to, only to be surprised by its owner pulling on its reins and forcing it backwards! "W-Well...Um..." Kotta was actually rendered speechless by the outburst, and looked away nervously. "Since you were part of an invading army, I'd assumed you were one of those nutsy 'sack everything in sight'
  21. [17:39:37] <Kotta> types..."
  22. [17:45:20] <Mimi-chan> "Huh?  No, no no, that's stupid," she waves the idea off, looking in the other direction as well.  "We invaded because we were following orders, but we'd never get civilians or innocents involved.  It's just, since I have no squad to call my own anymore, there's no reason to keep up the advance 'cause there's not much I can do by myself.  You HAD the option to tie me up or execute me anyway, y'know!"
  23. [17:57:08] <Kotta> "Like hell! Look how much you've been resisting! I've no idea why everyone else didn't just immediately tackle you to the ground the moment they saw you show up at the hot sp--" oh whoops getting off-track "Ahem. A-Anyway, ya aren't that bad when not being a Sirrolantean soldier, I guess. andsorryaboutthewyvern"
  24. [18:00:31] <Mimi-chan> "wh-" Her faces flushes red and steam practically comes out her ears.  And then she transforms into such a tsundere that she might as well spontaneously grow twintails.  "W-W-W-What do you think you're doing, saying all that out of the blue?  You're just trying to distract me so you can blast me with another spell, a-aren't you?"  Snarling like a wolf, she holds stance with her spear hoisted for a good moment or so, but assuming she isn't actually hit with a tornado during that time, loosens her pose.
  25. [18:02:33] <Mimi-chan> "Well... War is hell and all that, you were just doing what you were supposed to do.  I-I guess.  And... you're right, surviving like this will probably make them brand me a filthy traitor back home and they might not even listen to any 'reports' I give.  I don't care though, I'll take whatever fate has in store.  I have no reason to not be dead, anyway."
  26. [18:02:50] <Kotta> Kotta lights a fire underneath Michelle 1 time(s) with his MiniFire and waits for them to boil for 0 damage, dealing critical damage if he rolls 0 or below! The target stares blankly at the attempt, forgetting about their next 0 attack(s)!
  27. [18:02:53] <Kotta> wait wrong macro
  28. [18:03:10] <Mimi-chan> nice
  29. [18:13:10] <Kotta> "What, ya want me to treat ya like some kinda sanctioned Sirrolantean butcher or something?" Kotta jabbed back, nonplusses by Micchi's response. "Well, fine. Yer right, I dunno anything about yer home situation and whatnot, so run all the way back and cry to yer Mima-sama or whatever. 'Course, while you do that, I'mma play my part of stopping this filthy role scum from spying on us for free as well!" Kotta
  30. [18:13:10] <Kotta> dismounted, flipped open his tome, and smirked as Bind activated and his wind aura thing presumably started kicking up a bunch of snow and/or dirt or something.
  31. [18:13:23] <Kotta> <insert netplay 1v1 here>
  32. [18:16:00] <Mimi-chan> ok man i'm still giggling
  33. [18:16:02] <Mimi-chan> good work
  34. [18:16:09] <Mimi-chan> good work good work good work good job good work
  35. [18:16:58] <Kotta> kek
  36. [18:18:33] <Flamy> but why
  37. [18:19:07] <Mimi-chan> Yeah I'd actually roll it for funsies but it would be one-sided af so I manually decide that you do a SHITTON of damage and she finally procs miracle for once, leading the conflict to a more-or-less stalemate because >mage surviving hits from a SUPER brave lance.  "You're... still pretty good... kid."  She huffs out in ragged breaths, too tired already to actually do any damage.
  38. [18:20:30] <Kotta> so does that mean micchi didn't actually get anything done or was there actually an exchange of blows
  39. [18:21:27] <Mimi-chan> hmmm, i like to think of it as one of those axeman-style missfests where nothing actually does real damage but you'd still be tired from all that jumping around anyway, thus, closer to the former
  40. [18:22:14] <Mimi-chan> "Okay... fine.  Even if you're idiots for sparing me, I'm not one, so I'm not just gonna throw my life away.  Fine, I'll prioritize going home and maybe if I feel like it I'll conveniently forget to spill info on your formations and ranks.  How's that, you happier now?"
  41. [18:28:39] <Kotta> "Heh...That's...more like it..!" The wind mage grinned inbetween rasped breaths (breathing hard when the air is cold fucking hurts trust me i have), kind of surprised that he actually managed to come out of that without any spear-related scratches (there were probably other scratched from jumping around though). He hopped on his horse, healed Micchi with the Physic staff (which he rudely snatched right out of Sylvera's hands last sesh), and started to leave. "I'll...hold ya to that!"
  42. [18:30:12] <Mimi-chan> Micchan blinks in confusion as if unsure if she's dreaming or that actually happened, but snaps out of her daze.  "W-Wait!"  The role -fuck you got me saying it now too - shouts before you're out of sight.
  43. [18:31:01] <Mimi-chan> "Uh... I mean, that is... er... Thanks.  I guess."
  44. [18:34:48] <Kotta> Kotta turned his head back as he heard the shout, though the horse kept on going. "I-I ain't need no gratitude from a role, damnit! Just stop calling me a kid!" He yelled back as the distance continued widening.
  45. [18:35:49] <Mimi-chan> "I dunno what else to call you!"  She shouts back, becoming gradually louder as the distance broadens.  "I was so mad I never asked your name!"
  46. [18:37:17] <Kotta> "Fine! It's Kotta! Actually, I guess I don't know yours either!" More semi-distant yelling!
  47. [18:38:29] <Mimi-chan> "Michelle!  I'll stop calling you 'kid' if you stop calling me a damn 'role' already!"
  48. [18:40:55] <Kotta> "You said Michelle? Fine!"
  49. [18:41:38] <Mimi-chan> "Yeah!  Kotta, huh?  Sounds just as weird as you!"
  50. [18:43:09] <Kotta> Kotta raised a hand and...did something. From this distance, it was unclear if that was supposed to be a wave, a thumbs-up, a middle finger, or some combination thereof.
  51. [18:43:25] <Kotta> wait thumbs-up makes no sense in context
  52. [18:43:27] <Mimi-chan> The 'hang loose' sign
  53. [18:43:37] <Kotta> ok replace that with shaking fist
  54. [18:43:38] <Kotta> also waht
  55. [18:43:54] <Mimi-chan> Yeah, you know, like the thing spider-man does when he shots web?
  56. [18:44:08] <Kotta> oh the metal concert thing
  57. [18:44:44] <Mimi-chan> yeah kinda
  58. [18:46:40] <Kotta> so /B?
  59. [18:46:53] <Kotta> >takes all the way until B to get to any-name-at-all basis
  60. [18:46:54] <Kotta> amazing
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