Xenos Hunters Session 41

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  1. #XenosHunters
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  11.         antoine The Khorne Champion swings his chain axes around, overwhelming Dolfus' defences in short order. The axes bite into the Knight's gorget and helm before severing the spine and sending a spiked helm drifting through the room. His body floats down towards the floor, bending at the knees as the magboots keep his lower leg in place. jets of blood fire from the stump of the neck, sending glittering...
  12.         antoine ...rubies scattering through the bridge in wide arcs.
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  14.         Anselm  ++DOLFUS!++ Anselm shouts. He almost falters, hatred swelling up, but he resolves to exact vengeance on the only man truly responsible for his Brother's attack...
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  16.         Anselm  strikes the glass shield protecting Oeris with renewed fury. ++Another!...++ he shouts as he swings, ++Death!... on your!... shoulders!++
  17.         Bellerophon     unplugs his MIU as the console and the ship lose power. Daemons on the bridge!
  18.         Bellerophon     grabs his heavy bolter sitting beside him
  19.         antoine As Anselm starts to crack the chambers glass weak point Oeris comments once more through the ship vox, "Before you are sucked into the warp rift, tell me. Where is Tellion? Aboard the Steel Talisman"
  20.         antoine ?"
  21.         antoine The last hit from Anselm's personal sword finishes the glass, sending its shattered remains throughout the room. The 10 centimeter high and 30 centimeter wide gap now a leverage point to peel back the armour on the chamber or fire directly on Oeris.
  22.         Balmung roars and cleaves his axe at the Thousand Son sorcerer.
  23.         antoine Balmung's axe leaves a huge gaping rent in the sorcerer's chest piece as the witch-traitor stumbles backwards.
  24.         antoine The Slanneshi Champion sends a jarring jab into Sister Elona before blasting bother the serfs with a sonic pistol that directs a painful blast at the pair, leaving Elona with the wind knocked out of her. The bizarre cacophony soon subsides as the Nurgle Champion brings back his powerfist while lining up Omniel.
  25.         antoine They glance off as Omniel's protective shield diverts the heavy strikes away from its owner.
  26.         Omniel  stands strong as his storm shield takes the brunt of the blows, driving his shears in a second time towards a knee joint.
  27.         antoine As Omniel holds off the Nurgilite the Khorne champion charges one of the knights in combat with Navarre, scoring a vicious blow on the marine.
  28.         antoine While this happens an awful stink fills the room and pustulent daemons crawl from the very walls, with bloated bellies and sagging skin revealing bloody, puss filled sores and a single crusty eye socket in each head. With them come a pair of hovering drone like daemonic vehicles that buzz around like flies
  29.         antoine The serfs strike back, Sister Elona darts in a few strike to keep the Slanneshi Champion busy while Joffery fires a digi-melta at the marine, scoring a solid blow and causing the gyrations of the marine's hips to change directions while he dances a dance of death.
  30.         Navarre attacks the Nurgle, now in combat with Omniel and a Knight.
  31.         antoine Navarre's attack bites deep into the Terminator's armour, disabling its powerfist arm and sending the Nurgle Champion reeling.
  32.         Anselm  vents, snarling. He is close to his prize, so close - yet his serfs are ailing. Guilt pangs at the Knight; he shakes his head, and immediately turns to run his sword through the champion combating his servants.
  33.         antoine The hum of the bridge continues to build as the daemons fully emerge from the hull.
  34.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Anselm, Balmung, Slaneesh, Nurgle, Omniel, Khorne, Wolf, Knights, Serfs, plague bearers,Tzeentch, Navarre.”
  35.         Anselm  cuts into the champion's abdomen, and shouts to his Knight-Brothers,
  36.         Anselm  ++Gregor! Sigismund! Recall yourselves, remember your duty and your honor! Now is not the time to fall into paranoia!++
  37.         Anselm  takes another swing at the champion with his personal sword, intent to hack off his torso from his legs.
  38.         Balmung slams his axe down on the Thousand Son crushing his head beneath his axe
  39.         Balmung ++Anselm kill the pink one then get on the daemons!, I'll take care of Angron's welp.++
  40.         Anselm  's personal sword tears through the Slaaneshi champion's flesh. Boiling gore and ichor sprays from the entry of the wound as the Knight fully snaps its spine in two. Unable to cut deeper with his swing, Anselm pulls the sword clear and lets the abomination fall.
  41.         Navarre ++Mortarion's ilk is proving to be most difficult to kill, like most of his kin.++
  42.         Balmung ++Cutting of their heads seems to work best++
  43.         Anselm  snorts. ++Let him watch his perfection spill out.++
  44.         antoine The Nurgle Champion hisses as vents on the rear of his armour pump ot a noxious fume that eats at your armour and soon, your skin burns as it reacts to the chemical, Joffery screams as he is assaulted by it.
  45.         antoine Savid's toss is far off though, landing on the far berm away from you before a huge plume of durt goes up and the Iron Warriors are supressed by the massive explosion, the Space Wolves take that to be the Signal and rise from their trenches to charge, howls fill the air as they cross the distance. .
  46.         antoine (retcon)
  47.         Omniel  drives his shears through the chestplate of the Nurgle champion, at the same time as his servo-arm comes down in a hammerblow to the heretic's back, driving him down until the diamond-edged blades burst out the other side, opened wide to tear him asunder.
  48.         antoine As the nurglite fall to the floor ad beeping is heard coming from the central chamber.
  49.         antoine floor, a beeping sound is*
  50.         Anselm  breathes in surprise. ++Damn it all! No!++
  51.         Omniel  ++Our quarry is not here.++
  52.         Anselm  leaps at his serfs, grabbing them together and hugging them close as he falls to the floor.
  53.         Balmung growls
  54.         Balmung ++Everyone off the bridge now!++
  55.         Navarre ++The teleport homer?++
  56.         Balmung growls ++As much as I hate it, yes. Omniell Tell the Ultramarines and the Raven Guard to get off the ship and head planet side++
  57.         antoine As the beeping accelerates the chamber explodes, ripping open the ceiling and spilling you all out into the open space, the irridecsent rift beckoning you join it.
  58.         Navarre would go to check on Anselm. ++Once we're aboard the Salamander's ship, I'll need to treat our brother. Someone vox that we'll need to use their apothecarion as soon as possible.++ Also, wouldn't the Raven Guard be part of the homer's teleport? Or are they not with us?
  59.         Omniel  nods. ++Understood.++ He switches to broadcast to the Ultramarines and Raven Guard. ++We have cleared the bridge. Recommend evacuation, make planet side if at all possible. Situation is urgent.++
  60.         antoine The daemons are obliterated and the Khornate Champion shouts and screams in rage as you pass beyond his reach, the knights are also propelled into the open space. It would not be a problem if only your armour was not compromised....
  61.         Omniel  takes stock of the situation and activates his grapnel to reel Anselm in, knowing the teleport homer is their best chance. ++Excuse me for this, Brother, but the situation warrants such impropriety.++
  62.         Anselm  is fully made a wreck by the explosion, with plates coming off his armor in gory chunks. He refuses to let go of Elona and Joff, however. He grunts over the vox as his auto-injectors activate, and rustles in the Techmarine's grasp.
  63.         antoine The mortals and Balmung's companion stoically hold their breath in the depths of space while two of the knights graps their necks as they begin to aspyxiate.
  64.         Navarre There's a deep impression that Navarre is swearing in his compromised armor. Whatever needs to be done, needs to be done quick!
  65.         Omniel  quickly works to activate the teleport homer, punching in the coordinates and all that.
  66.         antoine As you roll through space, you begin to drift apart but there is no escape from the all encompasing rift, the ship below you is drawn in like a moth to the flame.
  67.         Balmung ++Hurry up Omniel++
  68.         Omniel  ++The beacon is activated. It is up to the Teleportarium now.++
  69.         antoine Joffery and the last knight join the other two knights as they begin to suffocate in the cold void, the black is slowly replaced by the green, purple, red and blue hues of the everyshifting warp rift.
  70.         Anselm  panics. He shifts his serfs over into the crook of his arm, and motions for Omniel to take his hand.
  71.         Omniel  does so, skeptically.
  72.         Balmung grabs on to his wolf's tail
  73.         Navarre would try to grab the knights if he can.
  74.         antoine As you try to clump together life signs for a stronger signal you feel almost as if your soul is being tugged at before with a sudden bang of air being displaced you appear in the Dark Sons Teleportatium, Joffery is retching over to one side as the Knights and Sister Elona rip off their helms and take huge breaths of air. Balmung's Wolf looks none worse for wear other than its atrophied...
  75.         antoine ...right eye and goes about licking its gigantic paws.
  76.         Navarre pulls off his helmet. "Emperor's Cocyx! That was too damn close!" He seems to be standing, but it's terminator armor. It only has one mode. He'd look to see if there are any Dark Sons serfs around. "You! Contact your medicae and apothecaries! We have wounded here!" To another. "You! I need a sitrep on what is happening planet side."
  77.         Anselm  falls to his knees.
  78.         |<--    Bellerophon has left (Ping timeout)
  79.         Balmung takes off his helm and breaths deep
  80.         Balmung pets his wolf on the head
  81.         Navarre "That was not entertaining at all. Unlike the rest of you, I cannot just shut down."
  82.         Anselm  tears his half-ruined helm off, gnashing his teeth.
  83.         Navarre finally catches his breath, and goes to treating Anselm's wounds, then moving onto the knights afterwards.
  84.         Anselm  shudders, and violently pushes the Apothecary away. "Not me, them! Help them!"
  85.         Navarre Them who?
  86.         antoine Joffery begins to uncontrollably shake on the floor, frothing at the mouth as you speak
  87.         Anselm  "You stupid ass, save him! Or I'll gouge your eyes from your idiotic head!"
  88.         Balmung looks at the nearest Dark Son ++Did the Raven Guard and Ultramarines get off the ship?++
  89.         Navarre "Yes, yes!"
  90.         Navarre would move to treat Joffery!
  91.         Omniel  sits down heavily and begins the process of decontaminating his shears, wiping away the ichor and using his cutting torch to sterilize the blades.
  92.         antoine Joffery slowly recovers, as do the other marines. The Dark Sons marines are rare at this time, most are fighting on Thanato but some remained to hold off boarders. The Techmarine who worked the Teleportarium comes forth, his vox grill buzzing out "Reports indicate the main battle line is secured on Thanato. The Enemy fleet has lost 67.6% combat efficiency but has broken away and is heading...
  93.         antoine ...towards the Iron Collar. The troop and supply ships scattered in their advance and are headed to Thanato as we speak."
  94.         Navarre "What is the make up of enemy forces?"
  95.         Anselm  stands, hyperventilating. "We need to get down to the planet," he says. "Now. Brother Sinbad..." He takes a deep breath. "Brother Sinbad likely needs our help."
  96.         Navarre "Tactics, brother. We need to calm down. Clear our lungs, repair our armor. We'll be down there within the day."
  97.         Balmung ""Navarre is right, you won't be any good to us with chunks of your armor missing"
  98.         Anselm  snarls. "Within the day?! The battle could be decided in the next few hours! We still have a duty to do, this is no time to lick at wounds!"
  99.         antoine "Your brother Sinbad is safe, one of our tactical squads is in correspondance with him." adds the techmarine.
  100.         Navarre "See? Sinbad is fine. You need to learn to trust your brothers, Anselm. Trust in their abilities."
  101.         Balmung "Techmarine see to Anselm and his chapter brothers' armor and get some medical staff in here to assist with the mortals"
  102.         Anselm  thumps the near-shattered breastplate of the Raiment of Karstein, emptied of reason. "I must fight and fight and fight until I fall! I cannot rest, I cannot falter, or I must bear even more deaths on my shoulders!"
  103.         Balmung "Not until your armor is repaired"
  104.         Anselm  howls, "Hours or days at the least! There is no time!"
  105.         Navarre "Your armor is compromised. As is your health. We just been exposed to vaccuum. We need to recover properly. And a day isn't going to make much of a difference. They are arstartes. There is no enemy they cannot face."
  106.         Balmung 'Do you want to have more plague marines spew that toxic filth all over your unprotected self"
  107.         Anselm  "I must, I have to, I must..."
  108.         Omniel  "Brother Navarre, if the Knights are stabilized, I have some wounds which may warrant your attention."
  109.         Anselm  drops to his knees. His side aches fiercely. Pieces of his back are missing beneath his ruined plate. "Oh, Throne have mercy on me... Gregor, Dolfus..."
  110.         Navarre nods in agreement. "This won't hurt a bit." He says, and places a needle from his narthecium on the back of Anselm's neck. In micro-seconds, a sedative that even a space marine's mighty metabolism can not take is flowing through his veins.
  111.         Anselm  twitches, and slaps away Navarre's narthecium with a heavy hand. "You treacherous... lickspittle!"
  112.         Anselm  quickly gets back to his feet and backs away from the Apothecary, trying to shake his vision clear. "I cannot even trust you anymore to heal me! What can I rely on you to do?"
  113.         antoine The Dark Sons Techmarine seems unimpressed with you still in his teleportarium... his face in a perpetual grim frown.
  114.         Balmung ++I told him to do it.++
  115.         Anselm  huffs, fuming hot breath from his mouth and nostrils. "If you have any camaraderie for me, you'll get my serfs to a medicae ward."
  116.         Navarre "We need you calm brother."
  117.         Anselm  storms --rather, limps out, still a horrific mess to behold.
  118.         Navarre would look to the Techmarine. "Get some serfs to get Joffery and the sister to the Medicae. And I would like to know who our brothers are fighting, so I may plan our assault."
  119.         Balmung ++Tell those damn Ultramarines I want them on this ship as soon as they can!++
  120.         Navarre would also finally treat Omniel. "I cannot do much for your mechanical parts, brother techmarine."
  121.         Omniel  nods. ++My mechanical parts are well enough. Thank you.++
  122.         Navarre "Good. I'd hate to break them."
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