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Dec 11th, 2019
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  1. -Byond Key:IsaiahTheFilmer
  3. -IGN:Tasiki
  5. -Discord Name: Captain Meep
  7. -Race: Saiyan
  9. -Why do you want this race/rank/tech/item
  11. : I absolutely love roleplaying as a earth saiyan, and with this application, I may not even know I'm a saiyan ICly.
  13. -How do you think you can improve RP with this race/rank/tech/item
  15. : Bringing a suspicious tone to RP, a strange infant appearing from no where, or perhaps found with his pod,
  17. -Do you agree not to use this for OOC purposes?
  19. : Legit, dont think I can, but I agree.
  21. -How experienced are you in roleplaying?
  23. : Been doing this since I started using the internet, so... *Extreme*
  25. -Do you have any outside activities such as school/work that stops you from being on during times of the day
  27. : Not usually, but on occasion I won't be able to get on for a day or so. I'm usually active, however.
  29. -Now I would like you to write me a roleplay involving the use or life of the race/rank/tech/item, it must be at least one paragraph of ten sentences. This roleplay will be IC and used on your character that you have already. If it does not fit your current character in anyway, then perhaps try to RP more until it does.
  31. A hand, with an arm of scales, reaches out from the darkness, to grab a wine glass on their floating chair. The wine was firmly placed in the cupholder, but was retrieved with ease by the owner. As the chair floated out of the darkness, it becomes apparent, they are exitting a space ship, infront of a palace. A saiyan palace. An arcosian, along with a group of guards surrounding them, approached the palace entrance, as two saiyans quickly bowed, opening the giant doors, revealing a throne room. The king, sitting in a throne, that was elevated off the ground, with a staircase leading up to it, spits out a drink in surprise. Quickly, a death beam launches to a Tuffle in the middle of the room, a jester, hitting them in the chest. The shot was well placed, sending the Tuffle crumpling to the floor, dieing. The arcosian lowered their hand. "I did not expect you to arrive so soon." The king said. "Perhaps you should clear your schedule. I can arrive whenever I chose to. You need to be ready. Have the communicators I left your men not been checked? I warned you of my arrival ten minutes ago." The arcosian responded.
  33. "Are you here to send off a saiyan child?" The king asked the Arcosian, warily. He did not agree to such terms, sending a saiyan into space once a year, in a sick game to conquer weaker planets, with simple infants. The king had infact, been warned of the Arcosians arrival, but simply had not taken action, thinking they had more time. "Yes, show me the five you have gathered." The arcosian demanded, a higher pitched voice, that carried a menacing tone had been coming from the Arcosian. Now visible, they were alot like Frieza in appearance, possibly due to being the same species, but instead of having purple parts of their body, they were yellow. The king was mostly covered in a cloak, a crown on his head, as he sat in the chair. He forced a calm look on his face, trying to keep the lizard from knowing just how terrified he was.
  35. The king pressed a button on his throne, speaking into a microphone that arose from the side. "Send the children out, immediately." The king demanded, into the microphone, sitting up as he did so. He sat back in his chair, as two saiyan women, quickly pushed the children into the room, in a cart that had a cloth inside of it, catering to the one year olds inside, before leaving, as fast as they arrived. "Pick one." The king said.
  37. The arcosian approached the babies, all happily asleep. After a moment, he pointed toward one who bared the nametag; "Tasiki."
  38. "This one shall be sent to the Jungle planet." The arconian hissed. "I shall have the other four recruited into my arsenal, and trained once they are of age, to conquer other worlds." The arcosian waved his hand dismissively, before two soldiers quickly rushed from the group of six around him, grabbing the cart. They began to push it towards the exit, heading toward the alien ship. "Make sure 'Tasiki' is sent to Jungle at once." The arcosian finally commanded, before looking back towards the king. "Next time you dont recognize my impending arrival, I will have your head." he said, before turning to leave.
  40. The Arcosian ship enters the atmosphere, as a door on the side opens, sending a spacepod out into space, and towards the Jungle planet. Around a week passed, the saiyans needs being took care of inside of the pod, by the automated systems, that regularly fed the child, to keep them healthy. The aliens on the Jungle planet quickly detected the incoming pod, sending another pod to quickly intercept it, and bring it to the leader. "Another one? Shall we kill it like the last?" A blue alien, simply dressed in rags asked, turning their head towards a much taller, bigger alien, dressed in what appeared to be a tuxedo.
  41. The bigger alien thought for a moment, before stating; "No. Perhaps we spare this one. It will make their attackers angry. We shall send it to a planet, and allow it to blend in with their people, for some time. Feed it, restock its food, and send its pod to planet E-774. Remove its tail aswell." And so the command was listened to, the aliens unaware that the saiyan could regrow its tail, simply cut it off, before placing it back into its pod. After some arguments among scientists, they instead, swapped it with a more primitive spacepod, putting the child in it. The child would be fed, but their pod would most likely be destroyed apon landing.
  43. Soon, after the swap was made, the pod was launched into space, barely escaping the atmosphere, and simply using its own momentum to go through spare. Miraculously, it avoided wreckage amongst other ships, and meteors, before finally approaching earth, prepared to unleash a one year old infant apon the world. The pod cut through the atmosphere, curving, and turning, receiving significant damage from the friction in the air, before finally sliding across the ground, and creating a small crater, with a line that followed it, in an open field, amongst a desert, ejecting the child out of the pod. Tasiki stood, in the heat, with nothing but rags on. Would he survive? Would he perish? Time may only tell.
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