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  1. My career :
  3. [quote]Season 34 : R26
  4. First season in GPRO, not a very good start, put myself into negative balance to be sure to keep my driver.
  5. Comments : That was hard to get the right driver, and having a good strategy for every races, but hey that was my first season :) [/quote]
  7. [quote]Season 35 : R26
  8. First race of the season, and 7th place!!! Best result so far!!!!  It would be good to promote, it is possible, I hope so. This season, my driver is much better, so I'll try to keep him if I promote.  I hesitate about promoting, I don't have so much money, so if I promote, it might be hard...
  9. At the Race 6, before it, I decided to reset my account, so I can have more money, I hope it'll still be possible to promote, and I hope taking the risk to reset is a good choice.
  10. Comments : I'm not going to try to promote, I hope to keep my driver for next season, and if it works, then I'm trying to promote for next season [/quote]
  12. [quote]Season 36 : R26
  13. I really hope to promote this season, I still have my driver, Mario Summerton, and going for some good results for this year
  14. Race 1, I joined a team, Turn-n-Burn Racing
  15. Race 10, I'm first in the standings, with 75, normally I promote.
  16. A bit gutted that my 3 races without podium are only because some strategy fails, like i stopped on the last lap...
  17. Comments : Rookie 26 Champ!! Only 98 points, but i think it's better to save my money than trying to score the most points, and have like 10 millions less.. [/quote]
  19. [quote]Season 37 : A68
  20. My goal for this season is to retain, wait and see :)
  21. Race 7 : first point in Amateur!!!! Woohoo!!!   I just need a few others, and then i think i'll retain :)
  22. Race 17 : first podium!!! Enough points to retain
  23. Comments : I managed my finances quite badly in this season, threw away almost 60M, that will serve as a lesson, now i know what to do. [/quote]
  25. [quote]Season 38 : A68
  26. This won't be a promotion season, i'll try to get as many money as possible, will try to change my driver once again at the beginning though, not satisfied of my actual one...
  27. Race 15 : i upgraded my car, so i can finish in this race to have full money, and with low risks, to increase slighty my driver's motivation
  28. Race 16 : Aaaaaand I crashed in the first lap. Surely a combination of very high risks and forcing my way to the front who caused that crash.
  29. Race 17 : STUPID ME!!!!! I completely forgot to change my starting tyres, so i began with dry tyres in the wet... At the 1st pitstop, i was 27th, but at the end of this race, i finished in P10, but that wasn't enough to retain, i needed to finish in P9 in order to retain, and i had a 20 seconds gap with the guy in P9, which means i'm going to relegate...
  30. Comments : I'm sad to quit Chico Pizzonia, my driver, because he had alot of potential. [/quote]
  32. [quote]Season 39 : R105
  33. I'm back in Rookie, this will be a training season, and i'll prepare for the promotion in S40. This will be a fun season. I'm still going to try to get a few podium, my driver seems to be good enough to be able to finish at least one time on P3.
  34. Race 3 : Not going to be a fun season in fact. I already scored 14 points, and 2 podiums, and my driver is very good, and as i prefer to promote in S40, it means that i'll have to stop doing good races, by doing alot of pitstop per races... I'll begin to push on the last 4 races of this season, so i'll see how my driver will perform in S40, and bringing some good points for my team. Hopefully i won't finish this season in those promo spots, otherwise i'll get a money penalty...
  35. Race 9 : I (already) finished to train my driver as i wanted (can't train more because he'll be over 85OA), and he performs quite well. Going to stay around 10M, then in the last race i'll be in deep negative, and normally i'll keep my driver. I'm already at -6M, just having fun :)
  36. Race 17 : Well, this season is finished, that was a good season, my driver has 84OA, which means that i'll keep him during S40. I scored 46 points, and had to stop doing good races for the last 4 races.
  37. Comments : That was a pleasure to race against Finn and Louis, who will be my main contender for the title next season.[/quote]
  39. [quote]Season 40 : R105
  40. I feel confident, this will be my promotion season, and I shouldn't have too much problems to achieve that. I hope to have as many podiums as possible. Finishing this season with around 100 points, a lvl4 car and around 30M would be nice too, but it seems that it will be hard to do that, as it's a very expensive season. In my opinion, Louis will be the man to beat.
  41. Race 1/2/3 : My worst races ever. Between high riskers, managers with already a lvl2 car before even doing Race 2 and blockers, I only managed to score 4 points on three races. I was hoping for more.
  42. Race 7 : First win of this season. One of my best win ever. During the last 10 laps, my driver managed to block two guys behind him. My tyres could just have wobbled, but they decided to stay "normal". I also dedicate this win to a friend of mine...
  43. Race 8 : I lost this race by 2 seconds, because pitstop times were just horrible, more than 30 seconds for both pitstops. I'm a bit disgusted to lose because of this, but i'm quite happy to finish on the podium. I was the 57th fastest Rookie of the race, which is clearly good.
  44. Race 9 : Exactly the same thing happened on this race. I decided to go for a risky strategy, by doing 2 stops on the Hungaroring. I was a second faster, and sometimes even 2 secs faster than everyone else on normal risks. That would clearly have worked if my pitstops would have been good, so less than 25 seconds for both. 33th fastest Rookie, and 77th of the Rookie OBR. That's surely my best season ever.
  45. Race 15 : And another win! Fourth win and 12th podium this season. That was a full wet race. P19 in the OBR. Best ranking ever for me. I think I would have been ranked a bit better, if I didn't messed up the race on Brasilia. All I know is that I would have been a bit closer to the OBR top10. Maybe top10 of the best moaner ranking aswell :)
  47. It's Race 9, and I'm kind of satisfied of that first part of the season. It could have been much better, if my first three races would have gone as planned. I clearly got a great driver, but someone's got a better one. I think that it would be nice to finish each remaining as one of the 100, or even 50 fastest Rookie. Finishing in the TOP100 in the OBR would also be nice.
  48. Now we're before Race 17. Everything is going great. I think I realized all my hopes but one, which is having around 30M. I'm going to finish with around 22M. I did the last 7 races with no sponsors, and that would have helped to finish with more money. Would never have hoped to be so close to the top10 of the OBR. A shame I lost around 5 minutes in Brasilia, otherwise I would have been 7th (!) of the Rookie OBR, which is quite surprising. I think, and hope, that I'm ready for the next season, which will be in Amateur.[/quote]
  50. [quote]Season 41 : A66
  51. Well, that was my first season back in Amateur. I was hoping to retain, and I did it. I'd describe this season as my best one in Amateur. Before the first race of the season, I joined Scirocco. Redwood has been a great team to be in, and I know they got the potential to be a regular top100 team. New team, new teammates, new projects.
  52. Comments : After Race 12, I decided to go for a long-term plan. I'll change my driver, thus I'll be promoting to Pro later than planned [/quote]
  54. [quote]Season 42 : A66
  55. This season should be about retaining early, then changing a driver and test alot.
  56. Race 1 : That was a good race. I was hoping to get some points by pushing hard, and got 2 points. More points will be needed to retain.
  57. Race 2 : What a complete waste of CT. I suffered from blocking during the whole first stint, had a DM who cost me 12 places and an extra pit cost me 2 extra points. I'm hoping for a good third race to secure the retention, as planned.
  58. Race 3 : Qualy could have been better, but well this is an easy OT track. My driver seems to be very fast, so overtaking shouldn't be an issue. Wait and see :)
  59. Comments : Woohoo I got my first Amateur win! Time to say goodbye to Mirko. This season was my best one while in Amateur. But Season 42 will be the hardest challenge I've faced on GPRO yet...[/quote]
  61. [quote]Season 43 : A66
  62. Alright. I begin this season with 20M, a shit driver and a lvl3 car. That will be extremely hard to retain, but if I do that, I'll be in a good situation for the upcoming season
  63. It's been much of a normal, boring season. I managed to retain rather easily.[/quote]
  65. [quote]Season 44 : A66
  66. What can I say, besides it was a Season 43 V2 season. Oh, and this shit is pretty annoying to update.[/quote]
  68. [quote]Season 45 : A66
  69. Ohh yeah! Finally an interesting season. I still have a bad overall package, but the first race was quite interesting as I finished in P3. Our team just have beaten two records that are "highest team standings position (P6) and "most points in a race (41.8)". This season's going to be great.
  70. After Race 10, I was finally able to resign my driver and push like I would do in S46. I got 3 podiums including my first win with my actual driver. Glad to see that my long-term project is finally starting to work![/quote]
  72. [quote]Season 46 : A66
  73. Woot! I'm finally on my promo season! It's going to be much closer than expected. My first rival has another contract extension and I didn't expect that. It's not going to be my easiest season for sure!
  74. S46 R3 : So I got 2 back-to-back wins. This sounds great, but the gap against me and the second guy was by about 10 seconds on each race. Talk about being close!
  75. Sponsors are getting signed, S&F are getting way better, car is getting to a decent level, so I can say that the machine is running![/quote]
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