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  1. [7:12 AM] Durandal †:
  2. (since I want to make this Minor Gate something more special)
  3. [7:12 AM] Durandal †: What does this mean.
  4. [7:12 AM] Goliath: Is there a chance you can lend the Oracles a one-time use Barge for said event? With development of it and all
  5. [7:13 AM] Goliath: 'Tmeans the event I annoyed you for days
  6. [7:13 AM] Goliath: K'Hara and Commune are into it, and development started from today.
  7. [7:13 AM] Durandal †: No
  8. [7:13 AM] Durandal †: "more special"
  9. [7:13 AM] Durandal †: What are those words.
  10. [7:14 AM] Durandal †: They mean what.
  11. [7:14 AM] Goliath: It means no "hurr durr pvp event"
  12. [7:14 AM] Goliath: More variants for official events
  13. [7:14 AM] Goliath: Convoy, exodus, etc
  14. [7:15 AM] Durandal †: Ok because for a second I was concerned you wanted to make some kind of a bigger gate.
  15. [7:15 AM] Goliath: No lmao
  16. [7:16 AM] Goliath: I need a bigger ship in return though :joy:
  17. [7:16 AM] Durandal †: I don't know about a barge.
  18. [7:17 AM] Durandal †: You might be able to SRP 5kers for the event or something.
  19. [7:17 AM] Goliath: Welllllll
  20. [7:18 AM] Goliath: I had in mind to use the Barge for said convoy event, where Commune and Oracles protect said ship from Order attackers
  21. [7:18 AM] Durandal †: So what I keep coming back to is,
  22. [7:18 AM] Goliath: Crusiers and all.
  23. [7:19 AM] Durandal †: How do all the corporations etc in Sirius not have a barge
  24. [7:19 AM] Durandal †: But Oracles and Commune do.
  25. [7:19 AM] Goliath: I mean
  26. [7:19 AM] Goliath: One-time use. With RP background which will happen in time
  27. [7:19 AM] Goliath: That or
  28. [7:20 AM] Goliath: Use crusiers as transports
  29. [7:20 AM] Goliath: :joy:
  30. [7:20 AM] Durandal †: Dude.
  31. [7:20 AM] Durandal †: Just use transports as transports.
  32. [7:20 AM] Durandal †: Why does everyone have to try to be special.
  33. [7:20 AM] Durandal †: It makes me want to shove my entire body through a meatgrinder.
  34. [7:20 AM] Goliath: Because everything is stale and repetitive.
  35. [7:20 AM] Goliath: Nothing new shows up nowadays.
  36. [7:20 AM] Goliath: Only nerfs and rebalancing.
  37. [7:21 AM] Goliath: No offense intended
  38. [7:21 AM] Durandal †: Ok well we are trying with this "new" shit but every time we need to sit down and discuss "ok should we give official faction/person X special thing Y to do Z once!?" it takes ages for a day of payoff and frankly I don't see any reason Oracles and Commune would have a barge.
  39. [7:22 AM] Durandal †: I already said "hey, go make this gate, it's 100% guaranteed to go to a new place with new content"
  40. [7:22 AM] Durandal †: And you're going "but I want it mooooore special"
  41. [7:23 AM] Durandal †: I'll bring your request to the rest of the story team and maybe the GM team and see what they think of the matter.
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