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  1.       SELECT
  2.         persisted_date.id_date, org_holiday.org_id, org_holiday.is_holiday, org_holiday.holiday_name, org_holiday.is_easter, org_holiday.is_year_start_mark,
  3.         org_holiday.compensation_shift_for_work, org_holiday.day_in_lieu_for_work, org_holiday.holiday_region,
  4.         persisted_date.YEAR, persisted_date.day_of_week, persisted_date.month_number, persisted_date.is_weekend
  5.       FROM
  6.         org_holiday
  7.           LEFT JOIN
  8.         persisted_date ON org_holiday.id_date = persisted_date.id_date
  9.       WHERE
  10.        org_holiday.is_holiday = 1 AND org_holiday.org_id = {orgId} AND persisted_date.id_date >= {START} AND persisted_date.id_date <= {END}
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