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  1. [columns]
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  3. [size=5][font=rockwell][emoji=hourglass size=1] NAME[/size] [img][/img][size=3][font=calibri][i] primary role, secondary role[/i]
  4. -----[columns]
  5. [font=calibri]Lorem ipsum dolor sit. Amet nam maecenas duis. At ligula consequatur vitae. Sit wisi ipsum nullam vitae et omnis nunc. Felis et rutrum in. Hendrerit ducimus est est. Amet condimentum praesent integer. Nibh sed suspendisse risus. Volutpat eu urna euismod vel gravida tortor atque. Vehicula aliquam interdum hendrerit. Quam metus eratae.[/font][nextcol]
  6. [url=][img][/img][/url][/columns]
  7. -----[columns]
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  9. [indent][size=4][font=rockwell][i]"quote goes here, don't make it too long"[/i][/font][/size][/indent][font=calibri]
  10. » you can add your dragon's age, voice description, what they smell like, etc.
  11. » likes: just list off a bunch of things that your dragon likes here
  12. » dislikes: and here's where you put the things they really do not enjoy
  13. » bought from x for x - applied genes, breedchange, eye vials, scatterscrolls[/font][/columns][/columns]
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