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  1. # Resource strings used by the <stripes:errors> tag when there are no nested tags
  2. stripes.errors.header=<br/><div class="box box-error"><b>The following errors occurred:</b><ul>
  3. stripes.errors.beforeError=<li><b>
  4. stripes.errors.afterError=</b></li>
  5. stripes.errors.footer=</ul></div>
  7. # Resource strings used by the <stripes:errors> tag when displaying errors for a
  8. # specific field (e.g. <stripes:errors field="password"/>). If not supplied the
  9. # values above will be used instead.
  10. stripes.fieldErrors.header=
  11. stripes.fieldErrors.beforeError=<span style="color: #b72222;">
  12. stripes.fieldErrors.afterError=</span><br />
  13. stripes.fieldErrors.footer=
  15. # Resource strings used by the stripes:messages tag
  16. stripes.messages.header=<br/><div class="box box-info">
  17. stripes.messages.beforeMessage=<b>
  18. stripes.messages.afterMessage=</b>
  19. stripes.messages.footer=</div>
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