Tea & Royal We

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  1. [01:49:44] <@Lonoxtop> ok
  2. [01:49:52] <@Lonoxtop> you are standing in a field
  3. [01:50:10] <@Lonoxtop> the grass is waist high, ans sways in the gentle spring breeze
  4. [01:50:20] <@Lonoxtop> you are standing in a field
  5. [01:50:20] <@Lonoxtop> the grass is waist high, ans sways in the gentle spring breeze
  6. [01:50:39] <@Lonoxtop> the sky is a beautiful shade of blue
  7. [01:50:47] <@Lonoxtop> a few puffy white clouds
  8. [01:50:56] <@Lonoxtop> the sun is warm on your backs.
  9. [01:51:19] <@Lonoxtop> ahead of you is a simple building, built in the classic japanese style
  10. [01:51:45] * Astrelle isn't quite 'standing.' From some direction, for some reason, a strained-looking bird youkai makes loud, annoying fluttering noises while trying to carry a massive box that doesn't work well being strapped to her legs without tearing her legs off. As if on cue, she crashes almost facefirst into the ground.
  11. [01:53:22] * Serena glances up from the flowers around her, looks at the crashed bird.  And considers helping her up.
  12. [01:53:26] <@Lonoxtop> there is a faded sign on the building, its very hard to make out, but it looks like it might have said something about tea in the past
  13. [01:53:35] <@Lonoxtop> either that, or a grave insult about your mother
  14. [01:53:55] <@Lonoxtop> isnt japanese a wonderful language to write in?
  15. [01:54:29] <@Lonoxtop> anyhow, thats where you are at the moment
  16. [01:54:39] <@Lonoxtop> i dont know where you are precisely in the area though
  17. [01:54:42] <@Lonoxtop> thats up to you
  18. [01:55:29] <Astrelle> "Nnnggg~  Why did I try to take the whole package at once?"  Getting up, the bird adjusts her glasses and tries to get up to walk, tripping over herself.  Then again.  And again.  She doesn't seem to notice there's a box around her legs.
  19. [01:55:35] <Honoo> And it's not like Honoo is standing either. That would make it kind of hard to clearly see. No, she's most definitely flying. And it's not like she's gonna take the time to read the sign or look at a fallen bird or something. 'WHAT'S IN THE OLD LOOKING HOUSE' is what Honoo had in mind as she flew in the area after seeing the house from a distance, to the house, to see what was in it.
  20. [01:56:07] <@Lonoxtop> well its a bit small to be called a house i think...
  21. [01:56:36] <@Lonoxtop> its got a bit of a porch area to it, and wooden door
  22. [01:57:11] <@Lonoxtop> if you need more details about anything, all you have to do is LOOK AT or ASK ABOUT anything
  23. [01:57:43] <@Lonoxtop> my code is cribbed from the olden text adventures of yore, and still listens to the old commands
  24. [01:57:46] <Astrelle> That's okay, text adventures are that way!  Over here, Astrelle Valiant Esprice Celés-Lumina Rosalin Orgel Titania Spyra II-- oh wait, she hasn't called herself that yet.  How fortunate.
  25. [01:58:10] <Serena> Does the 'house' look like its been lived in?
  26. [01:58:12] <Serena> recently
  27. [01:58:25] <@Lonoxtop> yes, its not dusty or cobwebby, just kind of old
  28. [01:58:28] <Honoo> Burning the wooden door can come later--or not at all--or later. SHE NEEDS NO EXTRA DETAILS, SHE CAN SIMPLY OPEN THE DOOR. Text adventures are too complicated (she's a FAIRY you can't expect that much) anyway.
  29. [01:58:52] <Astrelle> Struggle struggle struggle.  She keeps limping and trying to lift herself over to the house, to no avail, without even a glance toward the bug or the fairy.  Or actually, her glasses are about to fall off her face and she probably couldn't SEE then anyway.
  30. [01:58:54] <@Lonoxtop> man, gming is like herding cats~
  31. [01:59:08] <@Lonoxtop> not that thats a bad thing
  32. [01:59:17] <@Lonoxtop> im glad you guys are willing to put up with my nonsense
  33. [01:59:24] <Astrelle> We've seen worse.
  34. [01:59:45] * Serena makes a beeline towards the door of the house.  By which I mean she walks slightly in this direction and then that direction, getting there eventually.
  35. [01:59:53] <Honoo> They call that railroading in some distant land where trains actually exist and aren't ported in by Yukari. We're in test land V2 anyway.
  36. [02:00:16] * Astrelle limps the whole way to the house. foreveralone.jpg
  37. [02:00:18] <@Lonoxtop> happy saturday from utc-8~
  38. [02:00:23] <Honoo> We expect a version upgrade sometime soon, again
  39. [02:00:36] <@Lonoxtop> D:
  40. [02:00:43] <@Lonoxtop> welp
  41. [02:00:50] <@Lonoxtop> SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK
  42. [02:00:56] <Honoo> In any case, is that door getting opened or what?
  43. [02:00:57] <@Lonoxtop> I WILL CODE THE NEW SYSTEM OVERNIGHT
  44. [02:01:17] <@Lonoxtop> im too dumb to infer actions, you gotta be very plain with what you want me to do
  45. [02:01:29] <@Lonoxtop> not quite OPEN DOOR bad, but not much better
  46. [02:01:46] <@Lonoxtop> and yes, the door is unlocked
  47. [02:01:54] <@Lonoxtop> it does not even appear to have a lock
  48. [02:01:57] <@Lonoxtop> its also slidey
  49. [02:02:02] <Honoo> Fairies can open doors well enough. If they can't, it's getting shot through, and doors can't dodge. Also, she totally had OPEN THE DOOR in her line of commands earlier, so it's probably getting opened somehow.
  50. [02:02:05] * Serena wanders to the windows and around the garden and eventually makes it to the door.  Its too nice outside today to worry about getting inside.
  51. [02:02:20] <Astrelle> SHE OPENED THE DOOR.  Meanwhile, the nearby pinkhaired twintailed bird wearing some uniform that may just not be in her size finally struggles up to the building, with a loud breath upon flopping in the door.
  52. [02:02:56] <@Lonoxtop> inside, there is a medium sized traditional japanese room, with a small firepit in the middle
  53. [02:03:08] <@Lonoxtop> there are some CABINETS against the far wall
  54. [02:03:12] <Astrelle> Cough, hack, wheeze.  "This... is the place I was supposed to deliver this tea set to, right?"
  55. [02:03:53] <Honoo> Does the FIREPIT have FIRE in it? If not, Honoo gets right on fixing this grave issue.
  56. [02:04:22] <@Lonoxtop> no fire, but theres some wood stacked against the wall ina wood holder
  57. [02:04:25] <Astrelle> WHOMP.  WHOMP.  WHOMP.  WHOMPWHOMPWHOMP.  The box moving along with her curiously doesn't make sounds like there's anything fragile inside it.
  58. [02:05:31] <@Lonoxtop> ok
  59. [02:05:36] <Honoo> Well if there's no WOOD in the FIREPIT, then WOOD is placed in the FIREPIT, and then the WOOD is SET ON FIRE. Setting fires is actually more important to tea in some people.
  60. [02:05:48] <Honoo> for, even. And yes, madness, I know.
  61. [02:05:58] <@Lonoxtop> ok, fire burning merrily
  62. [02:06:12] <@Lonoxtop> but carefully i hope, its not a bonfire pit :I
  63. [02:06:33] * Astrelle gazes at the passionate flame-- wait, no she doesn't, it just looks like some big oranze blur. Cough hack wheeze.
  64. [02:06:56] * Serena finally makes it to the door and notices there a bird and a fairy inside, and wonders aloud to herself if they've paid their taxes.  "Good morrow, We shall wait for the Tea to be ready."
  65. [02:07:18] <@Lonoxtop> gee those CABINETS totally look openable
  66. [02:07:23] * Serena takes off her work boots and tries to set them daintily by the door, but they fall with a clomp.
  67. [02:07:28] * Astrelle peps up. "Oh, you mean the tea I brought, right?"
  68. [02:07:40] <@Lonoxtop> :I well that works too
  69. [02:07:49] <Astrelle> Whomp whomp whomp.  "... I didn't bring anything to open it with, did I?"
  70. [02:08:12] <Honoo> Carefully, of course. Yes, totally. With the grave FIRE issue solved, that leaves the CABNIET issue. Maybe there can be twice the tea. Yes, that's great. OPEN CABNIET, etc
  71. [02:08:54] <@Lonoxtop> inside the cabinet, there are boxes upon boxes of tea, many different flavors and blends, all ready for use
  72. [02:09:01] <@Lonoxtop> there is also a note:
  73. [02:09:28] <@Lonoxtop> "ive had to go away for a while, i hope this tea goes to someone who like it as much as i do."
  74. [02:09:30] <Serena> "Obviously, We would not dare to bring our own tea." With that she flops in front of the table.  "How long until it is ready to serve?"
  75. [02:10:09] * Astrelle just kind of... stares, mouth agape, being unable to get up and all.
  76. [02:10:44] <Honoo> There is ALL OF THE TEA here, right here. "...there's a lot of tea here. And it's free. Free tea."
  77. [02:11:04] <Honoo> Brains are comprehending the idea of so much free tea, please wait warmly.
  78. [02:11:37] <Astrelle> "S-Someone... made me bring all these tea sets... when they were already here?"
  79. [02:12:20] <@Lonoxtop> its just boxes of tea blends and leaves and such, who knows what all is in the cabinet though
  80. [02:13:34] <Astrelle> Boxes in the cabinet?  By this point, the poor bird's completed her self-untying procedures, accepting the role of that obligatory ignored-when-in-need character because that's cute.  Excitedly, the box is pulled open and her face sticks itself inside.
  81. [02:13:40] <Astrelle> All the way inside.
  82. [02:14:19] * Astrelle falls over again with a WHOMP. The box is empty.
  83. [02:15:12] <Honoo> ...she's still comprehending. When was the last time this thing has eaten a normal meal, anyway? A tad more underweight than even your regular player character. ...tea is a meal, totally.
  84. [02:16:42] * Lonoxtop changes topic to 'ToPL: '
  85. [02:16:45] <Honoo> Or maybe that's just because this is a fairy. They're pretty slow.
  86. [02:16:45] <Astrelle> With a loud grunt, the birdface pulls itself out of the box.  Glasses are falling off.  "Um, o-oh no, I... I left it all at home, didn't I?"
  87. [02:17:28] * Serena waits warmly while the tea loads and realizes she still hasn't asked who these people are.  "How rude of you, you haven't introduced yourselves."
  88. [02:18:25] * Astrelle punts the box out of the building before turning down and sitting down, pouting. "Shouldn't you introduce yourself first when asking things like that?"
  89. [02:18:40] <Honoo> And that's enough to shake Honoo out of her tea induced daze. "How rude of YOU, I don't care at all!" That makes sense, to her.
  90. [02:19:05] <Honoo> Of course, she's facing Serena when she says that.
  91. [02:20:36] <Serena> "We expected you already knew who We were.  We are Serena Apis, the Littlest Queen."  With that she tries to scoff and look dignified, but just looks like she has something caught at the back of her throat.
  92. [02:21:34] <Honoo> "Littlest Queen? ...We? Am I a queen too?"
  93. [02:22:22] <Astrelle> Her head tilts to the side, and then again to the other side.  "Oh, you've probably heard of me too-- I deliver the mail around here, didn't you know?"  Throat-clearing.  "Does 'Astrelle Valiant Esprice Celés-Lumina Rosalin Orgel Titania Spyra II' sound familiar~?"
  94. [02:22:25] <Honoo> Honoo acts confused. She might actually be confused. Who knows.
  95. [02:23:30] <Honoo> And a turn to the other one. "...And I'd probably remember that Long Name. Nope, never heard of you either."
  96. [02:23:42] <Astrelle> It probably doesn't.  She forgets where she's delivering things most of the time.  "And is this one of those ice fairies?"  Sniff, sniff.  "But that's not what ice smells like, is it?"
  97. [02:25:07] <Honoo> "Don't associate me with them! Besides, the wings." They're...definitely of a fire variety. Cirno has Ice wings, she can have Fire wings. Fun times.
  98. [02:25:35] <Honoo> Whoa, associate. How does she even know that word?
  99. [02:25:47] <Astrelle> Staaaaaaaaare.  "Ohh, could you cook a meal on those?"
  100. [02:27:14] <Honoo> "No. Just use an actual fire." Serena is being completely left out, here. Poor person isn't getting the closest thing to a lick of attention. But in any case, the no is completely unconfirmed.
  101. [02:28:00] <@Lonoxtop> i like puzzles
  102. [02:28:05] <@Lonoxtop> do you like puzzles?
  103. [02:28:15] <@Lonoxtop> or do they get in the way?
  104. [02:28:22] <Astrelle> "So it's not actual fire?  Does.. that mean you could touch it and not get burned?"
  105. [02:28:37] <Honoo> "If you touch them, I'll burn you." Welp.
  106. [02:28:42] * Serena doesn't realize that she has no-one paying attention to her as long as tea is being prepared.
  107. [02:29:02] <@Lonoxtop> well its easier to make tea with a teapot...
  108. [02:29:04] <@Lonoxtop> and water...
  109. [02:29:12] <Honoo> But who is preparing the tea? No one is even making the effort.
  110. [02:29:13] <Astrelle> GENSOKYO DOESN'T HAVE THOSE.
  111. [02:29:26] <Honoo> Chatting without tea, what madness is this. Someone has to fix that.
  112. [02:29:29] <@Lonoxtop> at least theres on of thos ejapanese chain hangy deals over the fire for hanging pots on
  113. [02:29:32] <Astrelle> That's also a very good point made by narration.  The whole group seems to be derps who don't know how to make tea.
  114. [02:29:51] <Serena> Serena knows how, she just doesn't want to admit it.
  115. [02:29:57] <Serena> I was waiting for someone to mess up
  116. [02:30:32] <@Lonoxtop> since none of you rolled up psy poweres, you cannot make tea with your mind
  117. [02:30:36] * Astrelle sits in position, staring at the fire-wings. She hasn't even noticed the tea not being prepared yet.
  118. [02:30:38] <@Lonoxtop> unfortunately
  119. [02:30:50] <Honoo> Honoo is too busy chatting away, anyway. ...and she doesn't know how. Poor thing has been tea deprived. And alcohol deprived. And food deprived, but who cares about that?
  120. [02:30:58] <Serena> 1d3-1 Realize no one else is doing anything?
  121. [02:30:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Serena, Realize no one else is doing anything?: 1 [1d3=2]
  122. [02:31:18] <@Lonoxtop> what did you roll against there
  123. [02:31:24] <Serena> I rolled against 0
  124. [02:31:36] <Honoo> :V
  125. [02:31:42] <Serena> Shit... I didn't make my equipment list.
  126. [02:31:48] <@Lonoxtop> also 1d3? what?
  127. [02:31:55] <Astrelle> "... Wasn't there some reason why we're here?"
  128. [02:31:57] <@Lonoxtop> isnt this a d6 system?
  129. [02:32:13] <Serena> I wanted it more likely than binary.  What's important here is that I'm going to open another cabinet.
  130. [02:32:16] <Honoo> "Eh, I just saw a house."
  131. [02:32:26] <@Lonoxtop> ok
  132. [02:32:29] * Serena looks around at the other girls and gets up to the second set of cabinets.
  133. [02:32:41] <Serena> OPEN CABINET, LOOK INSIDE
  134. [02:33:03] <@Lonoxtop> there is a beautiful japanese tea set here, with a note in front of it:
  135. [02:33:23] <@Lonoxtop> "please wash these out when you are done with them. the well is out back."
  136. [02:34:29] <@Lonoxtop> there is a door next to the cabinet. was it there before?
  137. [02:35:07] * Serena goes out back with the tea set and fills it with water while the other girls chat.  She's careful not to step in anything on her way out there.
  138. [02:35:34] <@Lonoxtop> outside is a well, nothing too crazy, just a regular old well
  139. [02:35:40] <@Lonoxtop> theres also seom grass
  140. [02:35:43] <@Lonoxtop> *some
  141. [02:35:50] <Serena> Any flowers?
  142. [02:35:50] <@Lonoxtop> and maybe some cherry trees
  143. [02:36:02] <@Lonoxtop> yeah, jsut your average spring floweres
  144. [02:36:06] * Astrelle stares at the fairy who may be of higher intelligence than her own. "Wasn't there someone just here?"
  145. [02:36:37] <@Lonoxtop> off in the distance are some mountains, but they look to be quite far away
  146. [02:36:48] <Honoo> "They're gone." The obvious has been stated!
  147. [02:36:53] <@Lonoxtop> the wind i sgently blowing
  148. [02:37:02] <Astrelle> "Are they?"
  149. [02:37:04] <@Lonoxtop> there is smoke rising from the chimney of the house you left
  150. [02:37:15] * Serena pumps the water into the kettle and also an old honey jar.
  151. [02:37:18] <Honoo> "Yep."
  152. [02:37:23] <Astrelle> "Really?"
  153. [02:37:42] * Serena picks some flowers, puts them in the honey jar and brings the tea kettle back inside.
  154. [02:38:04] <Honoo> "Well if I can't see them, then they aren't there. It's simple." This is slightly accurate, for she has a pretty keen eyesight. But only slightly.
  155. [02:38:07] <Serena> They're not arranged, persay, but they smell wonderful if you get up close.
  156. [02:38:54] <Astrelle> Glasses are adjusted, and the bird's eyes dart around.  "So if I don't see them, does that mean they were never h- wait, who's that?"
  157. [02:39:42] <Serena> (Not that I need to roll for this one, but would tea be cooking or brewing?
  158. [02:40:09] <Astrelle> (Obviously you cook tea.  Brewing is for meat.)
  159. [02:40:17] <@Lonoxtop> hmm, generally i consider brewing to involve the production of alcoholic bevareges, but -pff
  160. [02:40:27] <@Lonoxtop> eh, roll cooking
  161. [02:40:28] <Honoo> (10/10)
  162. [02:40:32] <Serena> ... nevermind, they're the same number anyway
  163. [02:40:54] <@Lonoxtop> roll it
  164. [02:40:56] <@Lonoxtop> ~
  165. [02:40:58] <Serena> 1d6-1d6+3 making tea
  166. [02:40:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Serena, making tea: 3 [1d6=2; 1d6=2]
  167. [02:41:20] <Honoo> "I dunno. Who is that?"
  168. [02:41:25] <@Lonoxtop> sure, thats fine by me maaan~
  169. [02:41:37] <@Lonoxtop> we are taking it easy~
  170. [02:41:37] <Serena> "Who is whom?"
  171. [02:41:42] <@Lonoxtop> maybe too easy~
  172. [02:41:48] <Astrelle> Sniff, sniff.  "Maybe they're the tea I just delivered?"
  173. [02:42:05] <Astrelle> An empty box lies over to the side, of course.  There was no tea in it.
  174. [02:42:07] <Honoo> "Oh right, that's just the other queen."
  175. [02:42:24] <Astrelle> Head-tilt.  "Was there more than one queen?"
  176. [02:42:34] <Honoo> "Yeah, I'm completely sure."
  177. [02:42:37] <@Lonoxtop> anything the PCs are manipulating is usually described by them i thought, unless the DM has story things involved with the object
  178. [02:42:57] <Astrelle> DMs do nothing.  This is a world of little girls bickering.  Such is Gensokyo.
  179. [02:43:08] <Honoo> (DESCRIBE YOUR OWN FAILURE OR DISASTER, etc)
  180. [02:43:16] <Astrelle> "... Who were you again?"
  181. [02:43:31] <@Lonoxtop> does the inverse apply? or is it just bad things the player makes?
  182. [02:43:44] <Serena> "There is only one queen, and We are she." and Serena starts pouring the tea.
  183. [02:43:46] <Honoo> "The other queen."
  184. [02:44:15] <Astrelle> "So... are we all queens, or is there only one queen?"
  185. [02:44:27] <Honoo> "...One? We? I like we better. I'll stick with we. Does that mean Long Name is a queen too?"
  186. [02:44:55] <Serena> "We are the queen.  You are not the queen, you are just subjects."
  187. [02:45:34] <Astrelle> "I might've delivered things to queens before?"  A pause.  "Or maybe I've never met any queens?  Are there queens that live here?"
  188. [02:45:37] <@Lonoxtop> i would describe the tea but i dont have much tea drinking experience. suffice it to say, it is some pretty good tea. not the best you have ever tasted, but definitly passable
  190. [02:46:00] <Honoo> Something clicks. "Are you...two people?"
  191. [02:46:00] <Serena> With that Serena finishes pouring the tea and grabs a sweet bun for each girl from her bag.
  192. [02:46:24] * Astrelle takes a few sips of the tea, before pepping up. "Did I remember to thank you?"
  193. [02:46:31] <@Lonoxtop> ok, i didnt want to oversell it~
  194. [02:46:54] <@Lonoxtop> if anyone has any gripes please dont be shy about chiming in either here or in a pm, i need feedbakc to learn and grow
  195. [02:47:39] <@Lonoxtop> the wind gently blows~
  196. [02:47:42] <Serena> Right now, everything is being led by us IF you want something to happen, you can start it.  otherwise, I'm just glad to get a feel for Serena.
  197. [02:47:48] <Honoo> Tea is being consumed now, and oh look, more food! The food is taken (instead of simply placed) and the manner of it's consumption is quick and brutal. And yet, no crumbs!
  198. [02:48:11] <Honoo> Of course, the tea will take forever. That's just how it works.
  199. [02:48:22] <@Lonoxtop> yes, forever~
  200. [02:48:30] <@Lonoxtop> |)
  201. [02:48:43] <@Lonoxtop> |D
  202. [02:49:00] <@Lonoxtop> hoo hoo hoo~
  203. [02:49:07] <@Lonoxtop> etc
  204. 01[02:49:11] <Astrelle> Chomp.  The whole bun goes in at once, as the bird speaks with her mouth full.  "I dimn't thmnk you yet, dmd I?"
  205. [02:49:33] <@Lonoxtop> nah, unless you guys want me to kick the make something happen machine you guys can chill
  206. [02:49:38] <@Lonoxtop> i just dont want you guys to get bored
  207. [02:49:40] <Honoo> "You didn't." Even if she did, she didn't.
  208. [02:49:52] <Astrelle> (I'm totally gonna crash in like, 10 minutes though)
  209. [02:49:56] <Honoo> (Yeah, we should be fine until we decide to be done)
  210. [02:50:18] <Astrelle> "Oh-- why didn't I?"  A confused stare.
  211. [02:50:18] <@Lonoxtop> well this is less work than i thought it would be, im glad to be of service here
  212. [02:50:34] * Serena pulls out a ledger and notes that Astrelle and Honoo now owe taxes for one bun each.
  213. [02:50:38] <@Lonoxtop> at this rate i ccan keep going pretty much indefinitly
  214. [02:51:37] <@Lonoxtop> my my, isnt this just the perfect picture~
  215. [02:51:44] * Astrelle continues sipping tea, obnoxiously though. She stares up the ceiling like there was something she was going to do.
  216. [02:51:46] <Honoo> "Because she's two people. How do you know which one to thank?"
  217. [02:52:14] <Astrelle> "Ohhh!  Why did I think of it like that before?"
  218. [02:52:40] <Honoo> "...though she could be three people..." Deep thought, tea sipping.
  219. [02:53:10] <@Lonoxtop> vote test experimental combat system, yes precludes rest of tea sippings
  220. [02:53:29] <Serena> (I want to be angry, but I'm laughing too hard)  "We are one person.  One queen."  Serena tries explain why she uses the Royal We but doesn't rightly know.
  221. [02:54:04] <Astrelle> A stare at the bee, then at the fairy.  Back and forth, back and forth.  "So... what if she's everybody?"
  222. [02:54:09] <@Lonoxtop> also a pc run by the dm is heresy, huh :(
  223. [02:54:43] <Astrelle> No such thing as a DM, tea-drinking is essentially freeform.  DMing is for combat.
  224. [02:54:46] <Honoo> Even more deep thought. "...hey, I'm not you! I'm me!" This isn't working.
  225. [02:55:14] <Astrelle> A stare.  A long one.  "Does that mean... that I'm you?"
  226. [02:55:44] <Honoo> "You can be her, if you want to be a queen."
  227. [02:55:57] <Astrelle> "But we're all queens now, aren't we?"
  228. [02:56:19] <@Lonoxtop> i wanna make a touhou but i dont think it would be prudent
  229. [02:56:31] <Honoo> "But I don't want to be a queen! I wanna be me."
  230. [02:56:39] <Astrelle> (Do it when I leave in a minute, don't wanna crash the party)
  231. [02:56:45] <Astrelle> "Ooh, can I be queen for you then?"
  232. [02:56:53] <Honoo> "Sure."
  233. [02:56:57] <@Lonoxtop> ok
  234. [02:57:00] <Astrelle> "Okay, now what?"
  235. [02:57:22] <Honoo> "I dunno. Ask yourself a question?"
  236. [02:57:33] <Astrelle> Nod, nod.  "Who am I?"
  237. [02:57:40] <Astrelle> ...
  238. [02:57:43] <Astrelle> "..."
  239. [02:57:44] <@Lonoxtop> there is a shift in the breeze
  240. [02:57:47] <Honoo> "The other yourself."
  241. [02:57:57] <@Lonoxtop> there is a faint hint of cherry blossoms
  242. [02:58:15] <Honoo> The greatest scent to have with tea drinking.
  243. [02:58:19] <Astrelle> "Is this a me I can't see?"
  244. [02:58:44] <Honoo> "No, I mean the person right over there." A point to Serena. "Yourself."
  245. [02:59:19] <Astrelle> A gasp, noticing somebody's still over there.  "That's the person I forgot to thank, right?"
  246. [02:59:45] <Serena> "WE ARE NOT SHE!  SHE IS NOT A QUEEN!"
  247. [03:00:14] * Astrelle glances back to the fairy. "So that means she isn't a queen?"
  248. [03:00:58] <Honoo> "I guess. You shouldn't thank you, if you're not a queen."
  249. [03:01:37] <Honoo> ( )
  250. [03:02:23] <Astrelle> "Maybe I should be able to deliver something to the queen, then?  Would she like that?"  A stand, placing the empty teacup back where it belongs.
  251. [03:02:56] <Honoo> "Maybe. Who's the queen you're talking about?"
  252. [03:03:04] <Serena> "Anyway, this has been... enjoyable.  We shall leave you to clean up while we return to the Queendom."  Serena makes another beeline for the door (this way and also that way, and eventually gets outside.)  "Perhaps We shall see you again."
  253. [03:03:05] <Honoo> "I mean, it's not you."
  254. [03:03:28] <Serena> (I need to get to bed, I have somethings to do in the morning before work.)
  255. [03:03:41] <Honoo> "Go on, follow you."
  256. [03:03:44] <Astrelle> "Why don't I find out?"  Walking away at the same time, she ends up leaving through the other door.  Or maybe it's the same time.
  257. [03:03:51] <Astrelle> Same one, too.
  258. [03:03:54] <Honoo> "Enjoy the queendom you don't actually have or something."
  259. [03:04:22] <Astrelle> "Let's have tea again sometime, okay, little ice fairy?"  For the record, she pokes a wing on the way out before yelping and fluttering off.
  260. 06[03:04:23] * Serena with that Serena bumbles off, forgetting all about her workboots as she returns to her hive.
  261. [03:04:41] * Astrelle forgot about the empty box. Such is life in Gensokyo.
  262. [03:04:44] <Honoo> Confused, Honoo decides to stay for the tea. "Fire! Not ice!"
  263. [03:05:44] <Niet> Honoo, this is quite nice.
  264. [03:06:36] <Honoo> "Hm?" A look about. Was that the wind? Or someone? Huh. More tea.
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