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  3. My Time In California
  9.     Every summer for the last ten years I have gotten the chance to travel the 1904 miles to visit my mother in California. We always go to my favorite restaurant, and all the fabulous stores in the mall. I have to say thou the part I look forward to the most is getting to spend time with my mother.
  10.     The thing I always want to do first is go to china town. There enlist my favorite kind of food, Dim-sum! That is where they push around carts with plates of many different bite sized goodies. My all time favorite is undoubtedly the Char Sui or as we call it steamed bbq pork buns.
  11.     Once my dim-sum craving has been fulfilled I am more than ready to burn those calories shopping in the mall. My mom usually works every morning I am there so I will walk to the nearest bus stop and hop on. Once I am at the mall I get to go to all my favorite stores picking out my soon to be new favorite shirt and shoes. Even thou I know I cant afford it I will walk by all the very expensive stores and just day dream for a moment.
  12.     My mother may work all week but we do find plenty of time to spend together. Enjoying the quit evenings spent eating in or cooking together. Sitting and watching movies that make us nearly pee our pants. I especially enjoy the warm winter nights outside on her back porch just enjoying the California breeze.
  13.     Even thou I only get to spend one week a year with my mother, which is never enough. California is one of the most fabulous states to visit. The delicious food, the fabulous stores are nice, but the whole trip is only wroth while because of the time I get to spend with my mother.
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