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  1. > You gasp as Mocha Cream pulls back from the kiss, the sensation of her lips lingering on your own.
  2. > What-?!
  3. > Did she just-
  4. > Mocha squeaks softly, ears folding back as she tucks her head down - hiding her eyes from you beneath the curl of her mane.
  5. > "M-Master, I - I'll just -"
  6. > You almost don't react at first.
  7. > Still shocked at the lingering sense, the fading echoes, of her soft, warm, broad pony lips pressed against your own.
  8. > You almost don't catch her before she flees from the room.
  9. > Almost.
  10. "MOCHA CREAM!"
  11. > Your roar brings her to an immediate halt.
  12. > A hoof tumbles catches on the hem of her maid's uniform, turning the skidding stop into a tumbling fall that leaves her sprawled on her back.
  13. > When she gets up, another squeak - this time fearful - comes from her throat as she sees your glare.
  14. > One finger is jabbed down at the foot of the bed.
  15. "Here. Now. And shut the door."
  16. > She does, with trembling and shaking hooves as she tries to steady herself.
  17. > Not trusting her still-recovering magic to even that minor task.
  18. > And but the time she comes to your feet, Mocha is trembling so hard she is barely able to walk - huge brown eyes shimmering with fear.
  19. > "M-Master, I... I didn't - didn't mean-"
  20. > One hand is raised to silence her.
  21. "Mean or not, you did, Mocha Cream. What do you have to say for yourself?"
  22. > Three times she tries to open her mouth, and three times she closes it again before anything can come.
  23. > Was it the knowledge of the punishment she surely knew was coming, you wonder, or the idea of making you so angry in the first place that she feared?
  24. "I told you not to do that, Mocha. I told you to keep all of..."
  25. > Her feelings.
  26. > Her heart.
  27. "...that in check. And right now, I have half a mind to throw you right in one of the cells, let you think about what you did, and not send you back without tanning your hide."
  28. > A low moan, choked with the beginnings of a sob, is your answer as she prostrates herself at your feet.
  29. "But. You're still young and learning, so I'm going to be a fair bit more merciful."
  30. > You reach down, slipping your arms around her belly as you lift Mocha up.
  31. > She gives you a questioning look, head tilted and eyes still shimmering damply.
  32. > "M-Master, please... m-mercy?"
  33. "I'm sorry, Mocha. But that was - that was completely unacceptable. You're need to learn to do better."
  34. > With a whimper, her head thunks into your chest.
  35. > It's ruining her carefully-curled mane, to say nothing of the headdress.
  36. > But you can tolerate that, especially since what's going to happen will upset her anyway.
  37. > Stroking down her neck, you lean in and whisper:
  38. "Now, Mocha. You're going to be a good, strong mare and get through this, aren't you?"
  39. > "W-What are you going to d-do, Master?"
  40. > Her voice is muffled, head still buried in your shirt.
  41. "What did I promise the last time I warned you?"
  42. > "Y-You'd s-s-spank me, M-Master."
  43. "So I did. Across my lap, Mocha, and pull your dress up, tights down, and tail to the side."
  44. > Though she whimpers at the thought of it, Mocha Cream also obeys:
  45. > Turning herself to lay crosswise on your lap, and lighting her flickering horn to lift the hem of her uniform up and tights down.
  46. > Exposing your target fully.
  47. "Now, while I'm doing this I want you to concentrate on what you think you did wrong. Don't worry about counting; I'll do that. Got it?"
  48. > "Master, p-please d-d-don't-"
  49. > She's cut off as you deliver the first swap to her presented rump.
  50. > Immediately the pleading is replaced by a squeal of shock and surprise.
  51. > Mocha Cream is still coming into adulthood, you realize, and hasn't filled out yet.
  52. > Her rump is not as cushioned as if you were doing this to, say, Cadance.
  53. "Focus now."
  54. > Two, three - resounding smacks delivered to both cheeks.
  55. > You're modulating the force of the blows:
  56. > Not too much, as you really don't want to actually injure her; this isn't meant to bruise that deeply!
  57. > But not too little, either.
  58. > You aren't going to make this a lesson Mocha will have forgotten in a few hours either.
  59. > Five, six, seven - you're finding your pace now, delivering a rapid rain of scattered evenly across the squirming pony's rump.
  60. > And oh, is she ever squirming!
  61. > Squirming, whimpering, mewling with eyes squeezed shut as she tries to hold out the worst of the humiliation.
  62. "This - is what - we do - to little - mares - who don't - listen - to Master!"
  63. > Between the words, a steady drumbeat of blows fills the room.
  64. > Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen...
  65. > You're averaging the swats around, making sure they don't all land in one area.
  66. > Twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty seven - Mocha Cream's cries are becoming weaker now, closer to one continues sob.
  67. > Somewhere around thirty-two you finally call it quits.
  68. > Her entire rump is all but glowing red now, from each of the coffee-cup marks that mark her flanks to the thighs of her legs.
  69. "There, now..."
  70. > Gently letting Mocha's dress back down.
  71. ", we're all done. Do you understand what you did wrong, Mocha Cream?"
  72. > Lifting her head - revealing a face red from panting and splotched by makeup run wild - Mocha nods slowly.
  73. > "Y-Y-Yes, M-Mast-ter."
  74. "Good pony."
  75. > You do feel just a little bit bad about that.
  76. > Not enough to regret it, though.
  77. > Those thoughts are interrupted by Mocha throwing her forelegs around you in a fresh hug, nuzzling her her head against you as she weeps.
  78. > "I'm s-sorry, Master. P-Please don't h-h-hate me?"
  79. "Shh...."
  80. > Your hand - the same hand with which you'd just been delivering brutal punishment - rises to stroke her mane back and run down her neck.
  81. "You did wrong, and you had to pay for it. But I don't hate you, Mocha. I just want you to do better."
  82. > "W-Will, Master. I promise!"
  83. "That's my good mare."
  85. > "So, word is going around that you spanked Mocha Cream."
  86. > You look over at Cadance, one eyebrow raised.
  87. "Yes. She earned quite a punishment."
  88. > "I see."
  89. > The alicorn's face is unreadable.
  90. > "And tell me, Anonymous? Would you have done the same to me?"
  91. "Huh? Well, I wasn't going to use the whip on a thing like her."
  92. > "I see."
  93. "What, would you prefer if instead of the whip I took you out in front of the whole camp and put my hand all over your ass?"
  94. > Somehow Cadance manages to go bright red in spite of her already-pink coat.
  95. > "Master!"
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