Cute Samurai, Ugly Zombies

Sep 27th, 2012
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  1. [16:32:59] <Plutonis> *unravels scroll* So now we are at a quite chronologically screwed-up quandary, aren't we? Well, last we saw our warriors, they ventured deep into the Satomi clan's lands in search of their master... However, with the exception of few undead patrols, few living souls, either human or pokémon, were found on those badlands. They are now approaching a dark fortress... The Necrohol of Yokohama,
  2. [16:32:59] <Plutonis> the place where almost all the dead in Ransei converge! Many mausoleums and tombs can be seen on this gigantic graveyard, which fills all of you with uneasiness...
  3. [16:36:04] <Hitomi> It's kind of bad (the chronological aspect, anyway), but could honestly be worse! As for the dead, uneasiness is a word. It's less that 'there's dead people everywhere' and more 'there's dead people that might jump out everywhere, and perhaps enough sheer numbers to pose a very big problem'. As such, she is paying very, very close attention to her surroundings.
  4. [16:36:57] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro always pays close, very close attention to his surroundings, or at least tries to anyways!
  5. [16:44:12] <Atsuko> Atsuko's eyes run over the graveyard. "Take caution, everyone! We're on their territory now..."
  6. [16:44:52] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Indeed we are, my lord. We should move cautiously."
  7. [16:45:32] <Hitomi> "Right." She was already doing this, so she opts to distract herself with talking less and actually keep a lookout for...well, anything, really. Still as death. Heehee.
  8. [16:47:51] <Plutonis> An ill-smelling wind fills the air... Kimura's unit speeds for scouting and prepare an ambush, while you notice that the further you go, the older the tombs appear to be... And at a not-so distant part before you all, there appears to be various black obelisks, pulsating with eldritch power. All of them however, are turned to the same point in the Necrohol, an enormous dark structure that
  9. [16:47:51] <Plutonis> appears to be both a mausoleum and a castle.
  10. [17:00:01] <Plutonis> Atsuko can feel something grabbing his feet by the way.
  11. [17:02:07] <Atsuko> "HELLO there! He suppresses a yell as he takes as much of a step back as he possibly can... If not just hopefully break his feet out. Pulling back the drawstring of his bow, he launches a blast of air at the feet below. "They've commenced their attack! Keep mobile at all times!"
  12. [17:02:43] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Understood, my lord! Are you alright?"
  13. [17:03:54] <Plutonis> "Don't be hasty, boy." You can hear the same deep voice as the one who possessed Yoshimoto coming from the now armless body that lurches out of the ground. The zombie has a burning black tag as well, festering with dark magic. "Heeheee... You know in what kind of trouble you are, boy?"
  14. [17:04:41] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "You will speak to our lord with respect. And he's nowhere near in as much trouble as you are."
  15. [17:06:05] <Hitomi> "Just the undead in a world of undead. Let's not panic." ...Trouble? They're in a lot of trouble. Why would he even ask? War is trouble. Yet at the same time--let's not be distracted with this train of thought. "Just need to make some people that forgot to rest in peace despite being dead. It's troubling, but so is war in general. And yes, you're worse off."
  16. [17:06:12] <Atsuko> "Far less so than you are for invading our lands and defiling the corpse of Lord Yoshimoto," ... Hold on, is Yoshitake or Satomi his first name? Whichever it is, that's the one he addresses this guy as!
  17. [17:06:24] <Plutonis> "Is it." He points to the door of the dark mausoleum far ahead. "If you didn't noticed, you are at my territory, boy. There are thousands of dead bodies here, including one i am raising just to finish conquering your little land." The zombie cackles. (Satomi is the clan)
  18. [17:08:44] <Plutonis> Three of the obelisks start to glow as they pump dark magic on the soil. Hundreds of dead bodies rise, as you can see an old man wearing an armor made of bone at the mausoleum's door. He is surrounded by necrolytes, and it appears they are in the middle of a ritual. The zombie slowly crumbles into dust. "Heehee... I'll make good use of your cadavers, though."
  19. [17:12:40] <Hitomi> "...You sound rather sure of yourself. How hard was it to make those things, anyway? ...The obelisks."
  20. [17:13:57] <Plutonis> "They are old magic, girl. Older than the pretentious fireballs you make..." The zombie falls apart as the army of the dead arms itself near the obelisks. It appears they will grow in number even faster if something isn't done!
  21. [17:15:38] <Hitomi> "Well, the neat thing about my fireballs is that the charms used to make them are completely expendable. Your little towers, on the other hand...much less so."
  22. [17:17:21] <Plutonis> It doesn't respond. It appears Yoshitaka is too busy doing whatever creepy ritual he's chanting at the moment!
  23. [17:17:22] <Yukyu> "Pakupatsu!! Waiiiiiiiiiit a sec!" Oof! A big coat flops onto the ground leading a unit- wait, that's a PERSON. It rolls around on the ground a bit before pushing back up, revealing a girl who, though probably not somebody who would belong on a battlefield, at least seems to belong on it more than a seven-year-old would. She dusts herself off, forgetting some dirt-on-face. "Don't worry, uh, we came to help!"
  24. [17:19:56] <Hitomi> "...Allllright, then. I won't even ask. Glad to have you along." SURE. WHATEVER WORKS.
  25. [17:20:01] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro cocks an eyebrow at some sort of loli general.
  26. [17:20:52] <Hitomi> "Don't accidentally become a captive or anything. ...Then again, I don't think this guy takes prisoners."
  27. [17:21:53] <Atsuko> The 'fwump'-like sound draws Atsuko's attention away from the zombie before him for long enough to look. "Ah, Yukyu, you've come to help!" His attention returns to the zombies before him as he mounts his horsie. God, horsies are awesome. I want one. "We've no time to waste! The zombies grow in number with each passing second! As such, go forth, men!"
  28. [17:23:12] <Hitomi> He...knows this person? ...Won't even ask. The troops are signaled to ready their bows, it's go time!
  29. [17:23:15] * Yukyu :<s a bit as she points and nods, sending soldiers to cover ground, albeit a bit shakily. "I'll... try hard! Hope I don't mess up..." Mutter mutter.
  30. [17:23:23] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro nods to Atsuko.
  31. [17:27:33] <Yukyu> "Alright, all set!" This weirdo little girl mutters some weird phrases to herself, eyes closed, and runs ahead. "Ooh... this is her, right, Pakupatsu? And... a bodyguard? I'm Yukyu! Sorry we didn't get to talk more first."
  32. [17:28:49] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "I see... We'll I'm not one to turn down assistance on the battlefield, but watch yourself, young lass."
  33. [17:29:13] <Hitomi> "No problem, this isn't the place for that anyway." In every different possible way.
  34. [17:31:01] <Plutonis> The zombies start to shuffle in your directions... BATTLE STATIONS EVERYONE!
  35. [17:42:31] <Plutonis> (You can start btw)
  36. [17:45:32] <Yukyu> The MYSTERIOUS NEWCOMER's unit heads straight for the skeleton spearmen!
  37. [17:46:08] <Yukyu> 10d10+400 "You do know how to do this, right, guys?"
  38. [17:46:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Yukyu, "You do know how to do this, right, guys?": 458 [10d10=8,8,8,7,1,7,8,3,6,2]
  39. [17:46:50] <Atsuko> (Oh!) "Charge forth, men! Cut down the zombies where they stand!" Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop! Atsuko's horseback soldiers rush forth to crush the bowmen. ... What can possibly go wrong? Well, a lot of things. But versus these bowmen? Not much.
  40. [17:47:29] <Atsuko> 20d10-137+1600 Pokemon AND Weapon SE
  41. [17:47:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, Pokemon AND Weapon SE: 1585 [20d10=7,5,2,7,7,3,2,5,3,8,7,6,5,10,10,6,9,8,9,3]
  42. [17:47:47] <Plutonis> (Geodude is actually weak to ground, tree)
  43. [17:48:09] <Yukyu> (Yeah, that WAS applying the weakness)
  44. [17:48:12] <Yukyu> (uguuuu)
  45. [17:48:36] <Plutonis> (no? should be +800)
  46. [17:48:47] <Plutonis> (sword x spear)
  47. [17:49:00] <Yukyu> (oh I was only applying one of them I'M DUMB)
  48. [17:49:06] <Yukyu> 10d10+800 TRY THAT AGAIN
  49. [17:49:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Yukyu, TRY THAT AGAIN: 857 [10d10=10,6,7,5,8,3,6,2,2,8]
  50. [17:49:30] <Plutonis> 12d10+125 counter at yuki anyway~
  51. [17:49:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, counter at yuki anyway~: 177 [12d10=1,9,4,3,1,6,3,5,1,3,7,9]
  52. [17:50:12] <Plutonis> The bowmen zombies are completely anhilated! The swordsmen appear to be on the skin of their teeth though.
  53. [17:52:09] <Yukyu> (Oh ploot, was that including their NVE? Because ground totally resists)
  54. [17:53:01] <Plutonis> (132 damage then)
  55. [17:54:35] <Hitomi> Of course, someone didn't finish the job. So, let's help her finish the job! A hail of arrows to support the weakling!
  56. [17:54:40] * Yukyu hides behind the swordsmen waggling her giant sleeves!
  57. [17:54:46] <Yukyu> Sort of like a Fire Emblem Druid.
  58. [17:54:50] <Yukyu> Without the 'being a Druid' part.
  59. [17:55:20] <Hitomi> 20d10+1600 Jesus christ how horrifying
  60. [17:55:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, Jesus christ how horrifying: 1723 [20d10=7,9,10,7,3,7,10,8,3,5,4,5,3,9,3,6,9,2,3,10]
  61. [17:56:17] <Plutonis> (Well, the boss is the second closest thing to a FE druid)
  62. [17:56:45] <Plutonis> Well that's overkill. The bone creatures are easily dispatched!
  63. [17:56:50] <Hitomi> (SOON ENOUGH, I'LL BE THE DRUID. Also that's exactly like a good deal of bow users, too.)
  64. [17:57:07] <Hitomi> Well clearly normal killing isn't enough. Mangle the bodies so much they're unusable!
  65. [17:58:20] <Plutonis> The pylons irradiate more dark energy on the place though... More zombies arise!
  66. [18:00:57] <Plutonis> A cavalry unit moves to attack Yukyu!
  67. [18:01:19] <Yukyu> "Mukyuu~!"
  68. [18:01:27] <Plutonis> 14d10+250
  69. [18:01:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 14d10+250: 326 [14d10=10,8,9,7,4,5,2,7,6,1,7,3,5,2]
  70. [18:01:55] <Plutonis> Arisen zombies meanwhile rise up from the ones Atsuko destroyed and attack him!
  71. [18:02:07] <Yukyu> 9d10+94 counterattack, ow
  72. [18:02:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Yukyu, counterattack, ow: 132 [9d10=2,7,4,5,10,3,2,1,4]
  73. [18:02:33] <Plutonis> 10d10+250
  74. [18:02:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 10d10+250: 303 [10d10=4,6,3,3,5,5,6,5,8,8]
  75. [18:03:02] <Plutonis> (shouldn't it be more, tree?)
  76. [18:03:15] <Plutonis> (oh wait nvm)
  77. [18:03:21] <Yukyu> (yeah, ground is NVE vs bug)
  78. [18:04:30] <Atsuko> 21d10+420 Oh... Okay, that wasn't THAT terrible. But still, OWW! ... Oh yeah, I got an extra 20 soldiers from what'sitcalledtheuhhTemporarypower!
  79. [18:04:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, Oh... Okay, that wasn't THAT terrible. But still, OWW! ... Oh yeah, I got an extra 20 soldiers from what'sitcalledtheuhhTemporarypower!: 542 [21d10=1,5,2,9,8,8,8,7,6,9,1,8,1,9,8,2,4,9,7,1,9]
  80. [18:05:15] <Atsuko> ... So 432 damage after zombiedefenses.
  81. [18:07:41] <Plutonis> The reanimated skeletons head to Mitsuwa instead and sword him!
  82. [18:07:59] <Plutonis> 10d10-50
  83. [18:08:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 10d10-50: 3 [10d10=10,7,9,8,1,5,8,1,3,1]
  84. [18:08:11] <Plutonis> ...Not a lot of damage though.
  85. [18:08:41] <Plutonis> (wait, no should be 203 damage, carvanha doesn't resist rock)
  86. [18:08:49] <Plutonis> (After defenses)
  87. [18:09:27] <Atsuko> (Carvanha doesn't, but Wooper does.)
  88. [18:10:23] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> and now for my counter...
  89. [18:10:51] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 25d10+500
  90. [18:10:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 25d10+500: 638 [25d10=9,9,5,1,2,6,2,7,2,7,3,7,9,2,3,1,8,10,8,9,4,4,4,8,8]
  91. [18:11:49] <Plutonis> (Player turns!)
  92. [18:14:46] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro moves over and attacks the calvary!
  93. [18:14:52] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 25d10+1000
  94. [18:14:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 25d10+1000: 1134 [25d10=2,3,6,7,1,5,10,9,9,4,1,7,8,1,2,6,4,6,9,9,3,6,3,3,10]
  95. [18:16:53] <Plutonis> The cavalry is almost destroyed. Satomi appears to be laughing at your frustration from where he is though!
  96. [18:16:57] <Plutonis> (Fff)
  97. [18:19:31] <Atsuko> "My men shall see to destroying these obelisks as swiftly as possible!" With that, the mounted warriors round about the spearmen and strike at the obelisk!
  98. [18:19:51] <Atsuko> 19d10+392 Let's make rubble of this shit!
  99. [18:19:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, Let's make rubble of this shit!: 517 [19d10=7,9,9,8,8,6,9,3,2,10,3,6,9,4,4,9,7,10,2]
  100. [18:20:52] <Plutonis> The obelisk is damaged! Some dark energy seeps out of it and towards the mausoleum...
  101. [18:21:55] <Yukyu> 7d10+73 "Let's... pay them back!"
  102. [18:21:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Yukyu, "Let's... pay them back!": 117 [7d10=6,7,6,5,6,7,7]
  103. [18:22:15] * Yukyu sends swords after the cavalry! And then huddles in terror.
  104. [18:23:21] <Plutonis> 1d10+14 will that even bypass defense
  105. [18:23:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, will that even bypass defense: 21 [1d10=7]
  106. [18:23:32] <Plutonis> (The answer is no)
  107. [18:24:23] <Yukyu> Plink! "... Did we do it?"
  108. [18:24:27] * Yukyu peeks over a sleeve.
  109. [18:24:46] <Plutonis> Of course, little cutie.
  110. [18:25:43] <Hitomi> Hitomi gets in range to potentially provoke an attack from a diviner, then shoots some more zombies dead!
  111. [18:25:58] <Hitomi> 20d10+1600 they didn't deserve this
  112. [18:25:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, they didn't deserve this: 1710 [20d10=3,3,5,4,3,2,10,5,7,6,5,9,9,5,7,6,1,4,7,9]
  113. [18:26:03] <Yukyu> (yes they did)
  114. [18:26:11] <Plutonis> (At who? skeletons:)
  115. [18:27:00] <Hitomi> The only ones she could aim for, the skeletons! They're technically zombies.
  116. [18:27:13] <Plutonis> More zombies join the ones that Atsuko ignored... And head to protect the obelisk!
  117. [18:27:35] <Plutonis> 7d10+150-191
  118. [18:27:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 7d10+150-191: -1 [7d10=5,3,6,10,5,6,5]
  119. [18:27:41] <Plutonis> (WELP)
  120. [18:28:16] <Atsuko> 19d10+382-75 And those zombies wonder why I didn't bother with them...
  121. [18:28:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, And those zombies wonder why I didn't bother with them...: 407 [19d10=2,7,10,6,4,7,1,4,3,5,7,10,7,1,5,10,1,7,3]
  122. [18:28:19] <Plutonis> Ghouls head out to attack Mitsuwa meanwhile!
  123. [18:28:39] <Plutonis> 14d10+290-249
  124. [18:28:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 14d10+290-249: 103 [14d10=2,3,5,7,9,5,7,2,1,6,2,1,10,2]
  125. [18:28:50] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> BULWARK
  126. [18:29:23] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 25d10+500 counter attack
  127. [18:29:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, counter attack: 635 [25d10=6,6,1,3,4,3,2,9,5,2,3,4,10,4,10,8,9,3,9,3,3,6,10,4,8]
  128. [18:30:50] <Plutonis> (wait, shouldn't it be reduced?)
  129. [18:30:58] <Plutonis> (since they are swordsmen v spear)
  130. [18:31:24] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (No. look at mons)
  131. [18:31:27] <Atsuko> (Ground > Poison; type effectiveness again)
  132. [18:31:51] <Plutonis> (oh ap is 500, not 250. nvm)
  133. [18:32:03] <Plutonis> (Player turns!)
  134. [18:35:08] <Atsuko> 19d10+382 Let's try that again... And Atsuko steps over to the sidejuuust a little bit afterwards... To the Obelisk!
  135. [18:35:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, Let's try that again... And Atsuko steps over to the sidejuuust a little bit afterwards... To the Obelisk!: 471 [19d10=1,2,10,6,8,8,6,1,8,4,2,1,4,3,9,5,3,7,1]
  136. [18:38:27] <Plutonis> The Obelisk cracks a bit more!
  137. [18:38:59] <Hitomi> 20d10+800 Hitomi shoots some ghouls!
  138. [18:38:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, Hitomi shoots some ghouls!: 922 [20d10=8,10,3,6,10,8,7,4,9,3,2,10,8,7,3,4,7,3,9,1]
  139. [18:40:08] <Plutonis> Pew pew! More ghouls are brought back to dust!
  140. [18:40:42] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro charges the dark obelisk!
  141. [18:40:46] <Yukyu> "They're still standing?! Then let's..."
  142. [18:41:03] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 24d10+483
  143. [18:41:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 24d10+483: 604 [24d10=7,5,7,5,8,1,9,1,9,7,5,5,10,3,8,3,1,5,3,5,1,8,4,1]
  144. [18:41:15] <Yukyu> 7d10+292 on the swordsmen
  145. [18:41:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Yukyu, on the swordsmen: 329 [7d10=4,2,7,8,5,9,2]
  146. [18:42:59] <Plutonis> They are brought to heel as well.
  147. [18:44:38] <Plutonis> Yoshitaka and his acolytes are currently heading east meanwhile! Are they wanting to buy time...?
  148. [18:44:55] <Plutonis> (You maggots now!)
  149. [18:47:54] * Yukyu rushes to the pillar and starts having guys throw swords at it! "Pakupatsu~! We're coming to help!"
  150. [18:48:06] <Yukyu> Er, the obelisk.
  151. [18:48:22] <Yukyu> 7d10+146 WHATEVER
  152. [18:48:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Yukyu, WHATEVER: 181 [7d10=5,9,2,4,1,8,6]
  153. [18:49:52] <Atsuko> "You read my mind, Yukyu! Mitsuwa, you and I shall also converge upon the center pillar!" Ponies are rushing forth!
  154. [18:49:56] <Plutonis> The pillar isn't really that damaged... It starts pumping more fel energy on the corpses below!
  155. [18:50:41] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Smash this abomination in the name of our lord!"
  156. [18:50:57] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 24d10+483
  157. [18:50:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 24d10+483: 635 [24d10=3,2,7,10,9,7,9,4,10,2,4,8,3,2,5,8,10,2,8,6,10,10,5,8]
  158. [18:51:01] <Atsuko> 19d10+382
  159. [18:51:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, 19d10+382: 493 [19d10=7,5,6,7,3,1,6,10,10,4,3,2,1,10,2,7,10,10,7]
  160. [18:53:26] <Hitomi> Hitomi finishes the job!
  161. [18:53:43] <Hitomi> 20d10+400 Do you really need a roll? No? Have one anyway.
  162. [18:53:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, Do you really need a roll? No? Have one anyway.: 499 [20d10=7,2,5,4,2,7,7,6,5,10,3,7,10,6,1,5,1,2,4,5]
  163. [18:54:26] <Plutonis> The Pillar is destroyed! All the dark energy coursing through it is sent on a black wave towards the Mausoleum!
  164. [18:57:09] <Hitomi> " On one hand, if we leave those things there we'll be flanked by more rising zombies when we manage to approach...on the other, breaking these things may very well make something in there grow more powerful, which we'll have to deal with eventually..."
  165. [18:57:11] <Plutonis> However, the other two ones reanimate two new groups of zombies... At least the dark energy on one of the graveyards is dispelled though.
  166. [18:58:16] <Plutonis> You are being flanked by more rising zombies, so Hitomi's prediction is not that off!
  167. [18:59:03] <Hitomi> Even when they aren't approaching their base, they're still flanking! Lovely.
  168. [18:59:07] <Plutonis> 15d10+300 attacking Hitomi!
  169. [18:59:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, attacking Hitomi!: 390 [15d10=4,7,1,7,10,5,2,6,8,2,5,10,6,8,9]
  170. [18:59:16] <Plutonis> (190 damage)
  171. [18:59:58] <Hitomi> Sadly, she can't counter attack! But 190 isn't a big deal, right? Right.
  172. [18:59:59] <Plutonis> (Player turns!)
  173. [19:14:11] <Hitomi> 18d10+362+362 Hitomi whittles the spear holding zombies! By blasting them with 1,1Hydro Shot.
  174. [19:14:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, Hitomi whittles the spear holding zombies! By blasting them with 1,1Hydro Shot.: 807 [18d10=2,8,4,1,1,7,7,2,5,6,2,8,10,2,6,2,2,8]
  175. [19:16:15] <Plutonis> The ghouls are heavily weakened i guess.
  176. [19:16:40] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro charges the ghouls!
  177. [19:16:41] <Hitomi> That's actually 445! Herp over here, derp over there.
  178. [19:16:51] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 24d10+483
  179. [19:16:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 24d10+483: 624 [24d10=6,2,8,5,8,2,7,7,4,5,9,6,10,4,1,3,7,3,8,1,9,8,8,10]
  180. [19:18:53] <Plutonis> 8d10+168 counter
  181. [19:18:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, counter: 208 [8d10=6,7,4,1,10,3,2,7]
  182. [19:19:14] * Yukyu uguus on over to the spearmen from below!
  183. [19:19:36] <Yukyu> 7d10+292 ~!
  184. [19:19:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Yukyu, ~!: 331 [7d10=8,2,9,2,6,8,4]
  185. [19:20:10] <Plutonis> 3d10+60 countering the uguu with blaargh
  186. [19:20:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, countering the uguu with blaargh: 82 [3d10=9,6,7]
  188. [19:20:26] <Plutonis> Not a good blarg. Zombie status: Killed
  189. [19:20:39] <Yukyu> They might have been good friends ;~;
  190. [19:21:10] * Atsuko clip-clops forth! For the Satomis' heads! ... Or something like that.
  191. [19:21:14] <Yukyu> Lied, it's actually 1.8 guys. So one, and then most of another buy he still has one limb left or something.
  192. [19:26:39] <Plutonis> 7d10+151 at Ichiro!
  193. [19:26:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, at Ichiro!: 208 [7d10=8,10,8,10,3,10,8]
  194. [19:27:09] <Plutonis> Some of the zombie spearmen try to helplessly attack Ichiro while Yoshitaka continues to flee!
  195. [19:27:13] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro gives no fucks and counterattacks
  196. [19:27:22] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 24d10+483
  197. [19:27:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 24d10+483: 596 [24d10=4,6,8,2,1,5,6,7,2,1,2,2,7,6,6,9,6,4,8,5,3,10,1,2]
  198. [19:30:28] <Hitomi> 18d10+362 Hitomi continues to chase the Badguy! She orders her troops to fire upon the structure, as they go around it.
  199. [19:30:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, Hitomi continues to chase the Badguy! She orders her troops to fire upon the structure, as they go around it.: 470 [18d10=5,8,9,1,4,10,5,2,6,7,10,4,8,7,7,2,6,7]
  200. [19:30:30] <Yukyu> The swordsmen and their escort go for the... oh, that's backwards, isn't it? Whatever, they put the spearmen down!
  201. [19:30:45] <Atsuko> "Continuing to flee is only prolonging your army's defeat, Yoshitaka!" Atsuko darts forth, parking his horsemen where the Satomi can't really duck past them... While making sure not to accidentally trample his sister. ... Or any of her soldiers.
  202. [19:30:47] <Yukyu> 7d10+290
  203. [19:30:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Yukyu, 7d10+290: 327 [7d10=8,8,4,1,2,10,4]
  204. [19:31:08] <Atsuko> 19d10+382
  205. [19:31:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, 19d10+382: 470 [19d10=10,4,4,1,1,1,10,1,8,5,6,7,1,3,6,7,2,4,7]
  206. [19:31:46] <Yukyu> "And... go down! I'm glad we weren't too late..."
  207. [19:32:25] <Plutonis> 4d10+46 zumbiuuu~
  208. [19:32:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, zumbiuuu~: 72 [4d10=7,4,6,9]
  209. [19:32:37] <Yukyu> Right on the dot 0 damage. Gotta love it!
  210. [19:33:54] <Plutonis> Satomi Yoshitaka growls. "Hmph, it appears my minions did weakened you enough. Die now girl." His necrolytes lift up charms much like Hitomi's and summon a rain of dark fire upon her!
  211. [19:34:03] <Plutonis> 15d10+300
  212. [19:34:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 15d10+300: 358 [15d10=2,4,2,3,1,3,1,1,3,5,8,6,7,7,5]
  213. [19:34:39] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro charges the vile pillar!
  214. [19:34:57] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 24d10+483
  215. [19:34:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 24d10+483: 634 [24d10=5,7,6,3,10,9,7,8,1,10,3,7,7,4,10,9,8,1,4,10,4,3,6,9]
  216. [19:36:36] <Plutonis> (Shuku? won't counter?)
  217. [19:36:37] <Hitomi> This is what she was waiting for! Hell, it's what she was trying to bait earlier! Burning Aura!
  218. [19:36:52] <Plutonis> (also how many soldiers you lost?)
  219. [19:37:11] <Plutonis> (48?)
  220. [19:37:13] <Yukyu> (oh goddamnit he's Nessiah isn't he)
  221. [19:37:43] <Plutonis> Some of the dead bowmen return as... His own diviners! GUESSED RIGHT TREE.
  222. [19:38:04] <Yukyu> (GOD DAMN)
  223. [19:39:04] <Hitomi> 18d10+362+181 I went from 362 (1810) to 326.6 (1633) taking 177 damage! I never remember which direction to round! And here's damage!
  224. [19:39:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, I went from 362 (1810) to 326.6 (1633) taking 177 damage! I never remember which direction to round! And here's damage!: 653 [18d10=7,7,10,9,5,3,9,8,9,7,5,9,1,1,4,6,8,2]
  225. [19:41:42] <Plutonis> Ow. Player turns now!
  226. [19:43:44] <Atsuko> Atsuko's men charge for the head of the Satomi, with intent to lop it off!
  227. [19:43:59] <Atsuko> 19d10+382+382+382+382 I don't know how much this multiplies to!
  228. [19:43:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, I don't know how much this multiplies to!: 1611 [19d10=7,6,1,4,7,1,9,4,8,4,1,1,4,5,1,9,2,6,3]
  229. [19:44:49] <Plutonis> Yoshitaka activates Call of the Dead! Half of his units killed last turn return to life!
  230. [19:45:24] <Atsuko> NOPE! Countertactics says 'FUCK YOU!'
  231. [19:46:00] <Plutonis> The diviners and zombies are completely destroyed! But...
  232. [19:46:58] <Plutonis> "You... You won't win... I already managed to channel enough power, and you broke a seal and damaged the others..." A dark cloud swallows Yoshitaka as he disappears and reappears at the Mausoleum's door.
  233. [19:47:55] <Hitomi> "Knew something was up...but I suppose it can't be helped."
  234. [19:48:15] <Plutonis> The two remaining pillars crumble as the fell energy powering them is brought to the doors, unlocking it! Yoshitaka quickly runs inside... Quite quick for an old man like him!
  235. [19:49:09] <Plutonis> Hitomi can feel a terrible energy emanating from the place, and so does Ichiro! An aura unlike any other dwells inside that place!
  236. [19:49:44] <Yukyu> "Well, that's it for the dangerous part. Good thing we made it." This young girl collapses to her knees in relief.
  237. [19:50:22] <Plutonis> The zombies however, slowly crumble, the dark magics binding them to this place slowly coming undone. It appears all the evil energy animating them has been funneled to... Whatever is inside there!
  238. [19:50:35] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "...This isn't good."
  239. [19:51:00] <Plutonis> It really isn't.
  240. [19:51:43] * Yukyu gets back up and dashes to Atsuko's side. "Pakupatsu!! Are you alright?"
  241. [19:51:45] <Hitomi> He oiled his joints! That's probably possible. "...Ah, with our luck, that isn't the dangerous part. The next part is. If we don't strike this evil at the core now, it may very well come back to haunt us. Literally and figuratively speaking. Lovely. ...And in case you people don't feel it, something BIG is in there. Or at least a big power. One or both of the two."
  242. [19:54:12] <Atsuko> "I'm quite alright, Yukyu, and I hope the same of you... However, as Hitomi and Ichiro said, it's far too early to be thinking of that. It seems the real battle still lays before us!" Tendou is drawn once more, preparing for... whatever's in there.
  243. [19:55:42] <Yukyu> "Well of couuuurse!" Those giant sleeves swing around. "I came as soon as I could when I heard about all this.... zombie stuff! Buuut you're right, it's not over yet."
  244. [19:57:19] * Yukyu pushes an apricorn ball out of a sleeve, brandishing it, while looking up in thought. "Ichiro.... Itchy? Hitomi...."
  245. [19:57:39] <Plutonis> Inside the mausoleum you can find thousands and thousands of caskets and coffins, with mummies and dead bodies lying everywhere... On the center of it though, there is a large stairway leading to a pedestal with a single ornate black coffin. Yoshitaka is near it muttering a spell while all the dark energy in the mausoleum fills it. "You... You think you beat my strongest troops, didn't you?
  246. [19:57:39] <Plutonis> Ha! This Necrohol houses every single important dead in Ransei, and this one is the most important of them all!
  247. [19:57:40] <Plutonis> "
  248. [20:00:02] <Hitomi> "I didn't, really. But at least I'm pretty sure we will be now." Shrug. Fearless!
  249. [20:00:24] <Plutonis> roll WIS/INT, y'all
  250. [20:00:53] <Atsuko> 1d20+2 WIS It was suggested heavily enough that she might as well have been
  251. [20:00:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, WIS It was suggested heavily enough that she might as well have been: 16 [1d20=14]
  252. [20:01:11] <Hitomi> 1d20+3 Hitomi rolls.
  253. [20:01:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, Hitomi rolls.: 7 [1d20=4]
  254. [20:01:17] <Yukyu> 1d20+6 INT Ha, didn't expect actual stats, did you?
  255. [20:01:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Yukyu, INT Ha, didn't expect actual stats, did you?: 25 [1d20=19]
  256. [20:01:50] <Hitomi> I-it's OK, her brother--AND THIS GIRL--can take care of it. Uuu~...
  257. [20:01:55] <Yukyu> Mukyuu!
  258. [20:02:05] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20+2
  259. [20:02:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 1d20+2: 11 [1d20=9]
  260. [20:02:57] <Plutonis> Hitomi and Ichiro can't read what's on the casket it seems. Damn those old-looking and dusty letters!
  261. [20:03:23] <Yukyu> "Ki... yo... ooh! Why would you even DO that?!"
  262. [20:04:44] <Hitomi> She could haphazard a guess based on Ki and the lack of presence of the proper people returning from scouting. Of course, she can't be sure yet either!
  263. [20:05:17] <Atsuko> The bow is SO aimed at Yoshitaka's head once he catches onto what's on that coffin. "You've truly gone mad, haven't you?!?"
  264. [20:05:42] <Plutonis> "Hah! This charm i have, and all the dark power i gathered from the Obelisks you broke... Obelisks meant to keep him from syphon out all dark energy and prevent him from returning! To be honest i would never return him to life, but you force my hand!" He opens the casket, revealing a shriveled mummy inside. Only skin and bones remain on its inhabitant as Yoshitaka pulls out another dark
  265. [20:05:43] <Plutonis> talisman and puts it on its head.
  266. [20:07:10] <Yukyu> "O-Or you could always NOT bring Kiyomori Taira back to life and then... you know, they'd probably treat you nice as a prisoner..."
  267. [20:07:40] * Yukyu hides behind Atsuko ;~;
  268. [20:08:01] <Plutonis> Now, roll CON everyone!
  269. [20:08:08] <Hitomi> reaction check later and YEP. Lesson learned: be careful about scouting.
  270. [20:08:20] <Hitomi> 1d20+2 Hitomi rolls.
  271. [20:08:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, Hitomi rolls.: 21 [1d20=19]
  272. [20:08:23] <Yukyu> 1d20+1 whoop
  273. [20:08:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Yukyu, whoop: 21 [1d20=20]
  274. [20:08:28] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20
  275. [20:08:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 1d20: 1 [1d20=1]
  276. [20:08:31] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> D:
  277. [20:08:34] <Atsuko> 1d20+0 Hilarity ensues!
  278. [20:08:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, Hilarity ensues!: 2 [1d20=2]
  279. [20:08:38] <Claus> (Pfff it was inevitable.)
  280. [20:08:44] <Plutonis> (What kind of guardian has neutral Con)
  281. [20:08:50] <Plutonis> (or bodyguard even)
  282. [20:08:53] <Yukyu> (Hey, my first Guardian did too!)
  283. [20:09:05] <Hitomi> It should actually be +3--do you want to reroll that--er...hmmm...HMMMMMMM...
  284. [20:09:17] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Yeah... Im considering pumping it a bit...)
  285. [20:10:10] <Plutonis> Well, that's a bit too late. As soon as the talisman touches Taira's corpse, an explosion of darkness fills the room. Choking miasma fills the air, and both Ichiro and Atsuko fall in the floor, starting to lose consciousness. As the blinding fog starts to disperse...
  286. [20:13:20] <Plutonis> You see the mummy standing up near Yoshitaka, its hand touching his chest... But oh dear! It's INSIDE his chest! The Taira mummy quickly removes the Necromancer's heart and devours it, removing the dark talisman with another hand. "This... Is not a fitting sacrifice. The dark magics from this age are not as strong as before it seems. But no man can control Kiyomori Taira. Not on this
  287. [20:13:21] <Plutonis> millenium." He wipes the blood off, noticing you. "More churls."
  288. [20:14:04] * Yukyu GULPS and starts dragging poor Atsuko backwards by an arm.
  289. [20:14:05] * Atsuko more or less instantly drops to one knee, soon onto the other alongside his hands as a coughing fit ensues. "You're... making a huge...-" ... WHELP.
  290. [20:14:40] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Ack!"
  291. [20:14:52] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro coughs and falls like a sack of potatoes.
  292. [20:16:56] <Hitomi> Or it could be someone else. Huh. Whatever the case may be. "Lovely, we've awakened one of those ancient evils, even combined with it rising against the one that controlled it right after awakening. Can you really blame us for being mean-spirited?" She's not about to show signs of weakness and let her guard down here!
  293. [20:17:56] <Yukyu> "Welllll if you don't mind we'll just be... going... back... now..."
  294. [20:17:58] * Yukyu dragdragdrag.
  295. [20:18:17] <Plutonis> "You two grovel. This is commandable." As the heart's blood dries up, you notice that Taira's eyes have reformed with part of his chest's flesh. "An old man's life force... Not enough for me." He points to Hitomi and Yukyu. "You fought this man, i can gather from his memories. However, he was foolish not to submit me. Will you do the same?"
  296. [20:19:25] <Yukyu> "W-Well, uhm..."
  297. [20:20:45] <Hitomi> "This is one of those 'die now or die later' questions, isn't it. Only both choices lead to my shell walking around for a few extra years or something. I think I'll pass, thanks."
  298. [20:21:49] <Yukyu> "I... think we all have better things to do than dying right now. Uh, sorry..."
  299. [20:22:10] <Plutonis> *submit himself to
  300. [20:22:43] <Hitomi> Yeah, knew that should have gone there. Response remains the same!
  301. [20:25:51] <Plutonis> "Then you will die. I am not with my vigor of youth, but..." The mummy inspires some of the miasma filling the air. Ichiro and Atsuko can move, although a bit sluggishly. "Your blood might give me what i need." He snaps his fingers as two
  302. [20:26:38] <Plutonis> Pokémon, an Yamask and a Cofagrigus lift themselves from the pile of dead.
  303. [20:26:51] * Yukyu keeps trying to shake Atsuko awake, sniffling ;~;
  304. [20:30:21] <Plutonis> 4**WARNING WARNING**
  305. [20:30:41] <Plutonis> 4REVIVED TYRANT
  306. [20:30:49] <Plutonis> 4KIYOMORI TAIRA
  307. [20:30:57] <Plutonis> 4**WARNING WARNING**
  308. [20:31:02] <Plutonis> (Dex/Speeds)
  309. [20:32:02] <Hitomi> Let's get this show on the road! A Lapras/Masami is sent out, mostly for the purpose of taking hits! Dex 12, Speed 4!
  310. [20:32:27] <Plutonis>
  311. [20:32:59] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> Dex 18, Speed 10 (Genbu the Wartortle!)
  312. [20:33:03] * Atsuko 's body trembles as he struggles to rise off the ground... This probably doesn't get him very far off the ground, or even off his knees. "My apologies... But you won't drawing our blood... Not now, and not ever!" Jirou is what comes out from Atsuko's Apricorn Ball! (Dex 14 / Speed 10)
  313. [20:33:07] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (At least when Im able to get my ass off the ground.)
  314. [20:34:29] <Yukyu> "It's now or never! Nappy...!" A bunch of scrolls fall out of Yukyu's giant sleeves. And an apricorn ball does too, which pops open to reveal an 1,1Eevee! (Dex 12, Speeeeeeed 4)
  315. [20:34:40] <Hitomi> It's just a bit, guys. You can still do things. "If you're having difficulty, then just leave it to me." She makes a slightly flashy show of fire! SHE'S HEATING UP.
  316. [20:34:48] <Plutonis> Ichiro and Atsuko appear to be a bit weakened by the miasma still... (-2 to all rolls for two turns)
  317. [20:35:17] * UboaServ sets mode: +q Plutonis
  318. [20:36:10] <Hitomi> "...though you still kind of need to order some Pokemon to help me out. Not invincible, as nice as that'd be."
  319. [20:36:46] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Kiyomori | Ichiro | Atsuko | Kiyomori | Hitomi | Yukyu || Jirou | Genbu | Ancient Servitor | Dark Warden | Nappy | Masami |'
  320. [20:37:31] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Gah, Sorry about that."
  321. [20:37:41] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro slowly rises, and tosses out Genbu's Apricorn Ball.
  322. [20:38:24] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "You alright, my lord?"
  323. [20:38:43] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro coughs.
  324. [20:39:08] <~Plutonis> Taira channels eldritch power from his hand. "I am only one tenth as strong as i was, lass. You will help me achieve my former power, and your men will grovel to me if they know better." He sends a dark ball towards Atsuko, Hitomi and their Pokémon! It explodes, drawing them to a dream-like state.
  325. [20:39:11] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Dark Void
  326. [20:39:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Dark Void: 8 [1d20=8]
  327. [20:39:25] <~Plutonis> (Erryone asleep. Ichiro!)
  328. [20:39:38] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20 sleep check?
  329. [20:39:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, sleep check?: 12 [1d20=12]
  330. [20:39:45] <Hitomi> LOVELY. Is this worth spamming Probability Control?
  331. [20:40:11] <Atsuko> (You're not asleep, Omega.)
  332. [20:40:17] <~Plutonis> (You weren't asleeped, bro)
  333. [20:40:31] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Oh.)
  334. [20:40:35] <~Plutonis> (Just the siblings and their pokes)
  335. [20:41:02] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Well then. We'll just have to stop you here and now then."
  336. [20:41:10] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20-2 Spear Attack!
  337. [20:41:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, Spear Attack!: 2 [1d20=4]
  338. [20:41:15] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> nope.avi
  339. [20:41:33] <~Plutonis> Being slightly blinded doesn't help, doesn't it.
  340. [20:41:39] <~Plutonis> (Atsuko's sleepy check~)
  341. [20:41:41] <Atsuko> 1d20-2 Wake up, you blundering idiot!
  342. [20:41:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, Wake up, you blundering idiot!: -1 [1d20=1]
  343. [20:42:12] <Claus> (Oh dear)
  344. [20:43:59] <~Plutonis> Kiyomori then sends another wave of Miasma at Yukyu, Ichiro and their Pokémon!
  345. [20:44:07] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Poisonpowder
  346. [20:44:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Poisonpowder: 7 [1d20=7]
  347. [20:44:21] <~Plutonis> (AC 6)
  348. [20:44:38] <Yukyu> Mukyuuuu that should hit both
  349. [20:44:40] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro dodges easily, but Genbu isnt so lucky!
  350. [20:45:28] <Atsuko> Nappy's Lum Berry activates! Yum yum yum yum yum! ... Burp.
  351. [20:45:44] <Yukyu> (Thank you, I TOTALLY forgot about that)
  352. [20:45:57] <Hitomi> 1d20 Rise and shine, sleepyhead!
  353. [20:45:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, Rise and shine, sleepyhead!: 11 [1d20=11]
  354. [20:46:11] * Yukyu pulls a Kokoro and holds turn! While trying to pick up a scroll and coughing. Cough, cough.
  355. [20:46:16] <~Plutonis> (Nope)
  356. [20:46:20] <Hitomi> Or not.
  357. [20:46:33] <~Plutonis> (Jirou's still sleepy?)
  358. [20:46:38] <Atsuko> 1d20 Let's see if he is!
  359. [20:46:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, Let's see if he is!: 7 [1d20=7]
  360. [20:46:56] <~Plutonis> (Ha ha. Genbu! Takes poison damage!)
  361. [20:46:57] <Atsuko> ... Yep. Too busy dreaming about boobies.
  362. [20:47:40] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (What are ancient servitor and dark warden?)
  363. [20:47:52] <Atsuko> (Yamask and Cofagrigus)
  364. [20:48:02] <~Plutonis> (DW=Yamask, AS=Grigus)
  365. [20:48:14] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Take a bite out of em, Genbu!"
  366. [20:48:23] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20 bite on AS
  367. [20:48:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, bite on AS: 14 [1d20=14]
  368. [20:48:40] <~Plutonis> (Hits)
  369. [20:48:53] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 2d10+8+10
  370. [20:48:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 2d10+8+10: 32 [2d10=4,10]
  371. [20:50:06] <~Plutonis> One of the Ancient Servitor's arm is bit, but it tries to ignore the pain. Both it and the Dark Warden infuse bad dreams at Hitomi and Atsuko's minds... (Nightmare'd)
  372. [20:50:20] <~Plutonis> (Nappy and Masa!)
  373. [20:51:20] <Yukyu> "That's it! Get ready, aaaand..." Yukyu points to the Yamask and starts reciting from a scroll, words getting faster and faster until they don't sound like words anymore!
  374. [20:51:26] <Yukyu> 1d20 Bite on Yamask!
  375. [20:51:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Yukyu, Bite on Yamask!: 1 [1d20=1]
  376. [20:51:28] <Hitomi> 1d20 DREAMLAAAAAAAAAAAAND
  377. [20:51:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, DREAMLAAAAAAAAAAAAND: 4 [1d20=4]
  378. [20:51:34] <Yukyu> COME ON
  379. [20:51:37] <Hitomi> Double nope, across the sky.
  380. [20:52:32] <Yukyu> "Uh... ooh, what was that word again?" The spell fizzles.
  381. [20:52:45] <~Plutonis> "Death await all of you." Taira chants a dark incantation as you all feel like your wounds are being kept opened...
  382. [20:52:50] <Yukyu> But wait!
  383. [20:52:54] <~Plutonis> 1d4+1 TURNS WITH NO HEALS
  384. [20:52:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, TURNS WITH NO HEALS: 2 [1d4=1]
  385. [20:53:42] <Yukyu> 1d20+6 Flawless Classification with the held turn on the yamask! Browsers are unfreezing...
  386. [20:53:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Yukyu, Flawless Classification with the held turn on the yamask! Browsers are unfreezing...: 16 [1d20=10]
  387. [20:54:04] <Yukyu> Oh, +2 more on that, it's WIS too.
  388. [20:54:16] <Yukyu> Which stat is its highest and which is its lowest?
  389. [20:54:34] <~Plutonis> Defense/Speed!
  390. [20:54:38] <Hitomi> DEF and Speed. Calling it--called@
  391. [20:54:38] <Hitomi> !
  392. [20:54:44] <Yukyu> WORTH A TRY
  393. [20:55:00] <~Plutonis> (Ichiro and Atsuko btw)
  394. [20:55:12] <Atsuko> 1d20-2 Let's... Try this again, DiceMaid. Please?
  395. [20:55:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, Let's... Try this again, DiceMaid. Please?: 3 [1d20=5]
  396. [20:55:19] * Yukyu stuffs a scroll back in a sleeve. "Okay, let's try a different one..."
  397. [20:57:00] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Oh. Uh hmmmm)
  398. [20:57:03] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20-2 SPEAR ATTACK
  399. [20:57:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, SPEAR ATTACK: 12 [1d20=14]
  400. [20:57:12] <~Plutonis> (Hits!)
  401. [20:57:39] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Do I take a penalty on damage rolls?)
  402. [20:57:46] <~Plutonis> (Yes)
  403. [20:58:21] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 2d10+8+6+6+4-2
  404. [20:58:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 2d10+8+6+6+4-2: 29 [2d10=1,6]
  405. [20:58:39] <~Plutonis> Taira creates a purple fireball and flings it at Ichiro, not very fazed by the spear thrust!
  406. [20:58:42] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Hex
  407. [20:58:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Hex: 16 [1d20=16]
  408. [20:59:06] <~Plutonis> *Atsuko
  409. [20:59:15] <~Plutonis> 4d12+16+15 damage
  410. [20:59:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, damage: 68 [4d12=7,12,9,9]
  411. [20:59:38] <Atsuko> Aaaand... That's gonna leave me with 1 HP ;_;
  412. [21:00:06] <~Plutonis> (Nightmare, remember?)
  413. [21:00:14] <Atsuko> Inclusive to that.
  414. [21:00:25] <~Plutonis> (Hitomi and Yukyu~)
  415. [21:00:40] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> HUP! REPEL!
  416. [21:00:53] <Yukyu> COUGH, COUGH. Held again!
  417. [21:01:09] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro deals 124 damage to Taira
  418. [21:01:47] <Atsuko> 1d20 Let's see if Jirou wants to wake up in the meantime, since he's after Hitomi in the queue...
  419. [21:01:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, Let's see if Jirou wants to wake up in the meantime, since he's after Hitomi in the queue...: 3 [1d20=3]
  420. [21:01:52] <~Plutonis> "Hargh!"
  421. [21:02:30] <Hitomi> 1d20 Let's take care of Hitomi while we wait, since Hitomi is before him! Sleeping is fun.
  422. [21:02:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, Let's take care of Hitomi while we wait, since Hitomi is before him! Sleeping is fun.: 13 [1d20=13]
  423. [21:02:41] <Hitomi> Somewhere, Dicemaid is laughing.
  424. [21:02:41] <~Plutonis> "Were i at a third of my strenght... You would not be breathing by then..." His eyes turn completely dark while saying that.
  425. [21:02:57] <~Plutonis> (you needed a 14... harsh)
  426. [21:03:04] <~Plutonis> (Guess it's Genbu!)
  427. [21:03:05] <Yukyu> (Dicemad)
  428. [21:04:20] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20 Bite on DW
  429. [21:04:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, Bite on DW: 3 [1d20=3]
  430. [21:04:26] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Nope.avi)
  431. [21:04:31] <~Plutonis> The Servitor and the Warden stab their own bodies as they curse Genbu and Jirou with some unearthly darkness.
  432. [21:04:55] <~Plutonis> (Back to Nappy/Masa)
  433. [21:05:48] * Yukyu reads the rune again and finally stops after a good, long chant! "Okay, Nappy, it's time for THAT! Do like me!"
  434. [21:05:52] * Yukyu yaaaaawns.
  435. [21:06:04] <Yukyu> YAWN!
  436. [21:06:18] <Yukyu> On... whoever can be hit, the mons preferably.
  437. [21:06:19] <Hitomi> 1d20
  438. [21:06:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, 1d20: 19 [1d20=19]
  439. [21:06:32] <Hitomi> Masami is luckier than Hitomi! Isn't that nice?
  440. [21:06:34] <~Plutonis> Both of them are hit!
  441. [21:06:43] <~Plutonis> And the Lapras FINALLY wakes up.
  442. [21:06:44] <Yukyu> Meanwhile Yukyu swirls her finger in the air clockwise and points at Genbu, imbuing him with magic! "Now, try again!"
  443. [21:06:51] <Yukyu> 1d20+6 TACTICAL STRIKE
  444. [21:06:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Yukyu, TACTICAL STRIKE: 26 [1d20=20]
  445. [21:07:03] <Hitomi> TACTICS!
  446. [21:07:03] <Yukyu> The turtle can use another at-will move!
  447. [21:07:14] <Hitomi> Actually, it was only asleep for a turn. Funny thing, really.
  448. [21:07:41] <Atsuko> The Eevee kinda just groggily wobbles into the middle of the arena and plops over on her side before doing just that. A glazed look falls over her eyes as she has that sreepy smile slowly creeping over her face.
  449. [21:08:02] <Yukyu> "Great!"
  450. [21:08:50] <Hitomi> In any case, might as well fish for Ancientpower at the moment. Ancientpower, get that jerk that sent it to sleep in the line of fire and hit as much as possible that gets in the way!
  451. [21:08:59] <Hitomi> 1d20 A SHOW OF ANCIENTPOWER
  452. [21:08:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, A SHOW OF ANCIENTPOWER: 5 [1d20=5]
  453. [21:09:13] <Hitomi> Worth a shot. Should still hit something, though.
  454. [21:09:23] <~Plutonis> Hits the Yamask!
  455. [21:09:33] <~Plutonis> And Taira as well.
  456. [21:09:35] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20 biting DW
  457. [21:09:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, biting DW: 18 [1d20=18]
  458. [21:09:42] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> FLINCH GET
  459. [21:09:45] <Yukyu> (TEAMWORK!)
  460. [21:10:09] <Hitomi> 2d10+8+13 Special damage is special, yet stunted
  461. [21:10:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, Special damage is special, yet stunted: 37 [2d10=7,9]
  462. [21:10:10] <~Plutonis> (Damage you zoofes)
  463. [21:11:10] <~Plutonis> The Yamask is still awake, but will the bite finish it off?
  464. [21:11:24] <~Plutonis> Taira looks PISSED though.
  465. [21:12:02] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 2d10+8+10
  466. [21:12:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 2d10+8+10: 21 [2d10=1,2]
  467. [21:12:18] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Kiyomori | Ichiro | Atsuko | Kiyomori | Hitomi | Yukyu || Jirou | Genbu | Ancient Servitor | Nappy | Masami |'
  468. [21:12:46] <Hitomi> AND HE SHOULD BE.
  469. [21:12:54] <~Plutonis> Taira sends out a dark ball that explodes at both Masami and Genbu!
  470. [21:13:00] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Dark Pulse
  471. [21:13:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Dark Pulse: 7 [1d20=7]
  472. [21:13:10] <~Plutonis> 3d10+12+15
  473. [21:13:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 3d10+12+15: 40 [3d10=4,7,2]
  474. [21:13:40] <Hitomi> Masami tanks it, quite like a boss.
  475. [21:13:53] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "You know what do do, Genbu."
  476. [21:14:10] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro and the wartortle smile.
  477. [21:14:16] <~Plutonis> Genbu bites the creature's mask off, as it fades into darkness...
  478. [21:15:08] <~Plutonis> (Ichiro and Atsuko)
  479. [21:15:13] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro cannot act.
  480. [21:15:23] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> Genbu uses mirror coat! 58 damage to Taira!
  481. [21:15:27] <Atsuko> 1d20 Oh, hey, look! Maybe I can finally wake up and not die to Nightmares or something?
  482. [21:15:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, Oh, hey, look! Maybe I can finally wake up and not die to Nightmares or something?: 9 [1d20=9]
  483. [21:15:33] <Hitomi> Ha! Waking up.
  484. [21:15:38] <Hitomi> Good one.
  485. [21:15:52] <~Plutonis> Well, Atsuko gets on a REALLY bad sleep.
  486. [21:15:55] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Genbu cannot act this turn.)
  487. [21:16:00] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Kiyomori | Ichiro | Kiyomori | Hitomi | Yukyu || Jirou | Genbu | Ancient Servitor | Nappy | Masami |'
  488. [21:16:47] * Yukyu sets him down gently against a wall.
  489. [21:17:19] <~Plutonis> The reflected energy burns off half of Taira's face meanwhile! The skin on it fades only to let the left part of his head to be a grinning skull. "I will drown all of you on the unending dark of nightmares."
  490. [21:17:55] <Yukyu> "The... unending... dark..."
  491. [21:17:59] * Yukyu facescrunches.
  492. [21:18:18] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro returns Genbu. "You've done enough, Friend."
  493. [21:18:44] <~Plutonis> "Dark Flames of the Seventh Hell." His body emits a fiery shockwave that hits Ichiro, Yukyu and Nappy!
  494. [21:18:49] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Inferno!
  495. [21:18:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Inferno!: 19 [1d20=19]
  496. [21:18:53] <Yukyu> "Eek!"
  497. [21:18:55] <Claus> (ow)
  498. [21:19:16] <~Plutonis> 4d12+16+15 oh god you guys are really... Thank goodness that's not a crit, but... BURNED!
  499. [21:19:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, oh god you guys are really... Thank goodness that's not a crit, but... BURNED!: 61 [4d12=10,3,6,11]
  500. [21:19:33] <Hitomi> 1d20 Meanwhile, back at the ranch
  501. [21:19:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, Meanwhile, back at the ranch: 1 [1d20=1]
  502. [21:19:39] <Hitomi> Guess who isn't waking up!
  503. [21:19:40] <Yukyu> Still down ;~;
  504. [21:20:04] <Atsuko> 1d20 Requesting more dream boobs, Jirou is... Botherer isn't, though.
  505. [21:20:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, Requesting more dream boobs, Jirou is... Botherer isn't, though.: 17 [1d20=17]
  506. [21:20:07] * Yukyu covers the scrolls, at least!
  507. [21:20:19] <~Plutonis> (WAKES UP)
  508. [21:20:32] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro burns up his next turn. "Bring it on you chucklefuck!"
  509. [21:20:34] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> REPEL!
  510. [21:20:49] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 110 damage
  511. [21:22:37] <~Plutonis> Even more of his body is scarred off! "Enough! I shall drink your lifeforce, impudent whelp!" He grabs Atsuko's neck with his left hand and lifts him off, readying the right one for some good old heart-removing...
  512. [21:22:57] <Atsuko> Jirou wakes up, drooling profusely and with the stupidest grin on his face... Not that anyone else is much awake or conscious to notice it. And so, he grudgingly awakens from his fantasies and focuses on the task reality has at--Whoa whoa what now? AAAAH!
  513. [21:23:40] <Hitomi> THE REALITY OF THE SITUATION: HE MAD.
  514. [21:23:44] <~Plutonis> Until an arrow pierces his right eye! From the midst of the graves you can see... Kimura! "Guess i shouldn't have left until now... Was aiming for the perfect shot."
  515. [21:26:38] <~Plutonis> Kimura jumps off at Kiyomori's direction, unsheating his tachi and aiming for the tyrant's left eye... And manages to pierce it as well! "Aha! You won't harm lord Atsuko as long as i... *glurgle*" To the horror of you all, Taira's hand that was going to kill Atsuko ends up impaling Kimura's chest, taking his heart off from the other side. The mummy throws Atsuko at Ichiro like he was a
  516. [21:26:39] <~Plutonis> ragdoll and removes the archer's heart.
  517. [21:27:18] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> At least he died like a bamf.
  518. [21:27:24] * Yukyu zzzzzs through it
  519. [21:27:32] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Oh fffff wrong channel.)
  520. [21:27:44] <Hitomi> Well, not to Hitomi's. She's sleeping.
  521. [21:28:56] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Kimura!"
  522. [21:29:02] <~Plutonis> "To be harmed like that... It appears you children learnt a lot during the last few centuries." Atsuko and the others start to regain consciousness at an awkward position since the Daimyo was thrown at his bodyguard like a bean bag. They wake up to see Taira devouring Kimura's heart.
  523. [21:29:14] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "You'll pay for this monster!"
  524. [21:29:25] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro grabs Atsuko, and sets him down gently.
  525. [21:29:34] <Hitomi> 1d20 how well does she wake up
  526. [21:29:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, how well does she wake up: 11 [1d20=11]
  527. [21:29:35] <Yukyu> "Unnng... ohh! Pakupatsu!!"
  528. [21:29:48] <Hitomi> Just well enough, apparently. Yay!
  529. [21:31:23] <~Plutonis> "In due time." Taira's body starts to rejuvenate, the young man's blood starting to flow into his own. Flesh, muscles, the eyes... What was once a decrepit mummy now appears to be an elderly yet well-built and muscled man, his beard overflowing. "Hrrrrgh! Those wounds... To this damage being done to me is unthinkable, but at least i am now getting closer to my former self."
  530. [21:32:05] <Hitomi> ...Of course, that doesn't stop her from finally managing to actually avoid having to hurl. AND THEN HE ENDS UP STRONGER. "Wh...oh you have to be kidding me." Her amused levels have dropped to zero. She is mad. SO mad.
  531. [21:32:52] <Yukyu> "Owww... gross." Guess whose eyes are diverted?
  532. [21:33:25] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro is used to gore, unfortunately.
  533. [21:33:30] <~Plutonis> Taira laughs while licking the blood on his hand. "Grow, children! I am now interested to see how strong you will be before i suck the life of your bodies. But i have more important things to do, ensure a dominion to make." With an evil and deep cackle, he explodes in a pitch-black bonfire.
  534. [21:34:04] <Atsuko> Atsuko's eyes slowly focus into view as he awakens... His eyes fixated right upon the impaled body of Kimura... And following the trail of blood to where it ends... With Tairo's bloodstained lips... Atsuko gulps deeply as he scrambles to his feet as quickly as his body can possibly allow, hoping to aim Tendou at this monster before... Wait...
  535. [21:34:10] <Atsuko> We had a CELEBRATION after this shit?!?
  536. [21:34:19] <Yukyu> TIME FUCKERY, GOTTA LOVE IT
  537. [21:34:22] <Yukyu> MASTER RIGHT HERE
  539. [21:34:38] <Yukyu> CELEBI GOT SHIT
  540. [21:36:35] <Yukyu> "Uh... aww oh no, he didn't REALLY just do that, did he?" Yukyun starts picking up scrolls and shoving them back in her sleeves.
  541. [21:38:08] * Plutonis changes topic to ''' - - Next game Tues 18. Tuesday rewards: 5500 XP, 4500 Z, LEVEL 1 Friendship with Paixe. Thursday Rewards: 5500 XP, 5000 P, 15000 C, Satomi's Stash! Youkai Rewards: 4500 XP, 4000 P.'
  542. [21:38:29] <Hitomi> "...Dammit. Really? 'Leave it to me', I said. And then I suddenly wake up to see all of this." That's all that needs to be said, really!
  543. [21:38:42] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Ugh, unfortunately. I wish I was hallucinating."
  544. [21:39:02] <Yukyu> "S-Sorry. Guess I messed up too."
  545. [21:39:46] <Hitomi> "At least you were actually awake for it..." Mumble mumble.
  546. [21:39:52] * Plutonis changes topic to ''' - - Next game Tues 18. Tuesday rewards: 5500 XP, 4500 Z, LEVEL 1 Friendship with Paixe. Thursday Rewards: 5500 XP, 5000 P, 15000 C, Satomi's Stash: ! Youkai Rewards: 4500 XP, 4000 P.'
  547. [21:43:47] <Atsuko> The bowed hand slowly returns to a neutral position. "It's not your fault, Yukyu... This wasn't your battle to be fighting in the first place." Though his words are encouraging, Atsuko's tone of voice is audibly otherwise.
  548. [21:44:15] <~Plutonis> The lifeless body of Kimura lies on the floor, completely drained of blood. The Cofagrigus and Yamask are inter, as if they were never reanimated to start... Meanwhile, Yoshitaka Satomi is himself a dried up mummy, his life and soul consumed like your companion's. Despite his dabblings on the occult, even you can't help but feel pity for one who had such a terrifying end.
  549. [21:46:27] * Yukyu scoops up the Eevee and starts to head out, :<ing. "Sorry, I just wanted to help..."
  550. [21:48:13] <Hitomi> Hitomi is in a terrible mood. Thankfully, she'll do well to recover after spending like a full day studying. Straight. For now, she's grumbling and looting this god damned place.
  551. [21:51:59] <Atsuko> Atsuko will... PROBABLY go back and make her not feel like such a horribly useless piece of shit later. For now, he merely carries on in silence, reflecting on what just transpired... And just what the fuck he's supposed to tell his people!
  552. [21:53:15] <~Plutonis> [/session]
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