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  1. [justify][IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]
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  4. [center][size=5][b]Introduction[/b][/size][/center]
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  8. [justify][size=3][size=4]The generation of ORAS, regarding the tier of Ubers, could be described in other words as the generation of offense. This certain playstyle has amazing results against balance or even stall, because of the great offensive Pokemon that were brought to it. The idea behind this core is having a really offensive and fast trio with solid synergy, which can take down most of the threats in the tier of Ubers.[/size][/size]
  10. [size=3][size=4]It has a pretty simple way that works. The plan is pivoting with U-Turn Landorus-Therian and gaining momentum that way, by choosing Deoxys-Attack or Dialga , depending of course on your opponent's switch in. Dialga offers you a hard hit with Draco Meteor or the chance to set up rocks and it is preferably used when opponent chooses a Fairy typed Pokemon, or Pokemon with access to priority moves. In pretty much every other case, you can choose Deoxys-Attack and nuke something with STAB LO Psycho Boost, or any other hard hitting move from its versatile movepool.[/size][/size]
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  13. [center][size=5][b]Sets[/b][/size][/center]
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  15. [center][IMG][/IMG]
  16. [size=5][size=4]Landorus-Therian (M) @ Choice Scarf[/size][/size]
  17. [size=5][size=4]Ability: Intimidate[/size][/size]
  18. [size=5][size=4]EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe[/size][/size]
  19. [size=5][size=4]Adamant Nature[/size][/size]
  20. [size=5][size=4]- Earthquake[/size][/size]
  21. [size=5][size=4]- U-turn[/size][/size]
  22. [size=5][size=4]- Stone Edge[/size][/size]
  23. [size=5][size=4]- Explosion / Sleep Talk[/size][/size][/center]
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  25. [justify][size=5][size=4]This is a pretty standard set for Landorus-Therian. It was access to STAB Earthquake which can deal significant amount of damage to various threats such as Primal-Groudon or Mega Gengar. Stone Edge is there to hit Pokemon immune to Earthquake, such as Mega-Salamence, Ho-Oh, Giratina-O etc. Explosion can deal big damage to pretty much anything, while U-Turn as explained before can be used to gain momentum. Sleep Talk can be used on teams that are Darkrai weak, so that Landorus-Therian can be the sleep absorber. Last but not least, its ability Intimidate makes it easier to be switched it against physical Pokemon of the tier, such as Arceus, Primal Groudon or Mega Salamence.[/size][/size]
  27. [size=5][size=4][b]EVS[/b]: 252 Speed Evs, guarantee that Landorus-Therian can outspeed main tier threats such as Mega Gengar, Darkrai, Xerneas, Mewtwo forms and Arceus Forms. Also, it can outspeed any choice scarfed Pokemon with 90 Base speed (if they do not run speed boosting nature). The 252 + Evs on Attack, are used for the simple purpose of Landorus hitting as hard as it can and get guaranteed 2HKOs on threats such as Primal Groudon.[/size][/size]
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  29. [center][IMG][/IMG]
  30. [size=5][size=4]Dialga @ Shuca Berry[/size][/size]
  31. [size=5][size=4]Ability: Pressure[/size][/size]
  32. [size=5][size=4]EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe[/size][/size]
  33. [size=5][size=4]Timid Nature[/size][/size]
  34. [size=5][size=4]IVs: 0 Atk[/size][/size]
  35. [size=5][size=4]- Draco Meteor[/size][/size]
  36. [size=5][size=4]- Flash Cannon[/size][/size]
  37. [size=5][size=4]- Stealth Rock[/size][/size]
  38. [size=5][size=4]- Thunder Wave[/size][/size]
  39. [/center]
  40. [justify][size=5][size=4]This is really amazing on offensive teams. Stealth Rock is easy to set up due to Dialga's typing and bulk, while at the same time works great on offensive teams that would prefer to have an offensive Primal-Groudon set. Having access to Draco Meteor and Flash Cannon, both STAB moves, gives the opportunity to hit hard almost anything in the tier and at the same time allows Dialga to deal with the common Defog and Magic Bounce users in the tier. Thunder Wave is a status move that can mess with numerous Dialga switch-ins (Ho-Oh,Lugia, Primal Kyogre and more). Thunder/Fire Blast can be used as well, in combination with Modest Nature, so that Dialga can hit with super effective damage some of its switch ins (Ho-Oh, Lugia, Primal Kyogre/ Ferrothorn,Klefki). Both of those moves have a lower accuracy rate, so Thunder Wave is advised. Shuca Berry helps Dialga take a hit from either Primal-Groudon or Mega Salamence (if it carries Earthquake) and then hit back with Draco Meteor.[/size][/size]
  42. [size=5][size=4][b]EVS[/b]: 252+ on Speed so Dialga can outspeed most Primal Groudon and tie with the offensive ones, while it can outspeed as well many defoggers such as Giratina or other Arceus forms. 252 on Special Attack do be able to hit hard Primal Groudon, and OHKO many threats like Mega Salamence, Rayquaza, Xerneas etc. [/size][/size]
  43. [/justify]
  44. [center][IMG][/IMG]
  45. [size=5][size=4]Deoxys-Attack @ Life Orb[/size][/size]
  46. [size=5][size=4]Ability: Pressure[/size][/size]
  47. [size=5][size=4]EVs: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe[/size][/size]
  48. [size=5][size=4]Rash Nature[/size][/size]
  49. [size=5][size=4]- Psycho Boost[/size][/size]
  50. [size=5][size=4]- Extreme Speed[/size][/size]
  51. [size=5][size=4]- Superpower[/size][/size]
  52. [size=5][size=4]- Ice Beam / Knock Off[/size][/size]
  53. [/center]
  54. [justify][size=4]Life Orb enhances both physical and special attacking moves of Deoxys, making it an amazing offensive threat. Psycho Boost is its primary STAB move and deals amazing amounts of damage to everything that does not resist it as a type. Superpower hits all types that wall Deoxys's stab, Dark and Steel, but causes its Attack and Defense to drop by one stage.Ice Beam is used for the coverage of Flying and Dragon types, including Mega-Salamence and Yveltal, while it helps Deoxys dealing some important damage to Mega-Sableye. Knock Off hits the third type that resists its stab; Psychic type. This works great on Pokemon that rely on their items to have a good presence, including Latios-Latias/Giratina/Lugia. Extreme Speed provides Deoxys with a strong priority move and gives it the chance to KO many weakened opponents.[/size]
  56. [size=5][size=4][b]EVS[/b]: In terms of EVs, Deoxys-A hits as hard as possible with Psycho Boost while also being faster than base 130 Speed Pokemon such as Mega Gengar and Mewtwo. With the boost of Life Orb, Superpower can OHKO Darkrai. Deoxys-Attack can also run 68 Attack Evs & 188 Speed, so it can KO Arceus-Normal & Dialga with Superpower, or Bronzong with Knock Off. It depends on the preference of the user.[/size][/size][/justify]
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  58. [center][size=5][b]Team Options[/b][/size][/center]
  59. [hr][/hr]
  61. [justify][size=4]As it is stated already, this core is used on purely offensive teams, so the use of Arceus-Normal is a must since it can really provide important offensive pressure. For a sweeper and since there is no mega already, Mega Salamence can be used, or even Xerneas. Mega Gengar is an option as well since it can trap passive/bulky Pokemon (like Arceus support formes, Chansey, Ferrothorn etc) that wall the team. For the sixth slot, since the core and its potential partners are weak to fairy typing, Primal Groudon is an ideal option, because it can at the same time check Xerneas and provide offensive pressure as well. Stall teams with Mega Sableye can cause some issues. Mega Sableye walls both Landorous-Therian and Deoxys-Attack, but it can not switch in safely to bounce off the rocks of Dialga due to its special attacks. A way to have a better matchup versus stall is using sets like Rest-Sleep Talk Xerneas, or Thunder Wave-Swords Dance Primal Groudon.[/size][/justify]
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  64. [left][b]Thanks for reading! [/b]
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