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Repack Java SE Dual x86 & x64 rev.3

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Feb 1st, 2017
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  1. Usage: <jre-dual-setup.exe> [Switches] [Java Installation Options]
  2. All switches are optional. If no switches are specified, the setup program will
  3. install x86 and x64 packages in 64-bit systems. Only x86 package will be install
  4. in 32-bit systems by default.
  6. /ai Quiet mode, install only x86 package and display only extraction dialog.
  7. /ai2 Quiet mode, install only x64 package and display only extraction dialog.
  8. /ai3 Remove older version of Java 8 only.
  9. /ai4 Remove this repacked version of Java only.
  10. /gm2 Disable extraction dialog.
  11. /sfxlang: Set the display language to be used by this program, if possible. Example: /sfxlang:1040
  12. /h | /? Display this help.
  14. Java Installation Options:
  15. Property Values Description
  16. ================================================================
  17. INSTALLDIR Folder/directory into which the files are installed.
  18. STATIC 1,[0] Perform a static installation.
  19. WEB_JAVA [1],0 Configure the installation so downloaded Java applications are,
  20. or are not, allowed to run in a web browser or by Java Web Start.
  21. WEB_JAVA_SECURITY_LEVEL [H],VH Configure the installation's security level for Java applications
  22. in a browser or run with Java Web Start.
  23. WEB_ANALYTICS 1,[0] Allow or disallow the installer to send installation-related statistics
  24. to an Oracle server.
  25. EULA 1,[0] If a Java applet or Java Web Start application is launched, then
  26. prompt the user to accept the end-user license agreement (EULA).
  27. RebootYesNo Yes,[No] If disabled, then the installer will never prompt you to restart your
  28. computer after installing the JRE. However, in most cases, the
  29. installer does not need to restart your computer after installing the
  30. JRE.
  31. NOSTARTMENU [1],0 Specify that the installer installs the JRE without setting up
  32. start-up items.
  33. SPONSORS [1],0 Install Java without being presented with any third party sponsor
  34. offers.
  35. AUTO_UPDATE, JAVAUPDATE, 1,[0] Enable the auto update feature.
  38. NOTE: The number within the [ ] is the default value. 1/YES - ON, 0/NO - OFF, H - High, VH - Very High
  40. © Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
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