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  1. 7f43acc Update: ElectraBlue 4.0
  2. 7609cf6 gitignore update!
  3. 3a9bcd6 cpufreq: cpu-boost: Make cpufreq wq unbound
  4. ec2b25f Reduced CPU Load-Average
  5. 6e46597 cpufreq: interactive: fix to come out of hysteresis mode
  6. bfa0ff5 Optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm
  7. 466e5ef arm64: bpf: optimize JMP_CALL Remove superfluous stack frame, saving us 3 instructions for every JMP_CALL.
  8. 007d98a arm64: fix missing syscall trace exit If a syscall is entered without TIF_SYSCALL_TRACE set, then it goes on the fast path. It's then possible to have TIF_SYSCALL_TRACE added in the middle of the syscall, but ret_fast_syscall doesn't check this flag again. This causes a ptrace syscall-exit-stop to be missed.
  9. 9cc7906 arm64: entry: remove pointless SPSR mode check In work_pending, we may skip work if the stacked SPSR value represents anything other than an EL0 context. We then immediately invoke the kernel_exit 0 macro as part of ret_to_user, assuming a return to EL0. This is somewhat confusing.
  10. d18e073 arm64: Implement optimised IP checksum helpers * AArch64 is capable of 128-bit memory accesses without alignment * restrictions, which makes it both possible and highly practical to slurp * up a typical 20-byte IP header in just 2 loads. Implement our own * version of ip_fast_checksum() to take advantage of that, resulting in * considerably fewer instructions and memory accesses than the generic * version. We can also get more optimal code generation for csum_fold() by * defining it a slightly different way round from the generic version, so * throw that into the mix too.
  11. fdf81f7 mido: Enable CONFIG_ANDROID_BINDER_DEVICES
  12. 3ccb0aa UPSTREAM: capabilities: ambient capabilities
  13. 3c44cb4 UPSTREAM: selinux: enable genfscon labeling for tracefs
  14. 5b03d1c UPSTREAM: tracefs: Fix refcount imbalance in start_creating()
  15. 468c51f UPSTREAM: tracing: Have mkdir and rmdir be part of tracefs
  16. c5eb047 UPSTREAM: tracing: Automatically mount tracefs on debugfs/tracing
  17. 646c7bd UPSTREAM: new primitive: debugfs_create_automount()
  18. 9edb6fd UPSTREAM: debugfs: split end_creating() into success and failure cases
  19. 5476a9a UPSTREAM: debugfs: take mode-dependent parts of debugfs_get_inode() into callers
  20. 9eca10b UPSTREAM: fold debugfs_mknod() into callers
  21. e8b73c4 UPSTREAM: fold debugfs_create() into caller
  22. 8d9c411 UPSTREAM: fold debugfs_mkdir() into caller
  23. 05bc941 UPSTREAM: debugfs_mknod(): get rid useless arguments
  24. 3365fa2 UPSTREAM: fold debugfs_link() into caller
  25. cbb20b5 UPSTREAM: debugfs: kill __create_file()
  26. 9eeeffb UPSTREAM: debugfs: split the beginning and the end of __create_file() off
  27. 13903c9 UPSTREAM: debugfs_{mkdir,create,link}(): get rid of redundant argument
  28. e49b710 UPSTREAM: tracing: Convert the tracing facility over to use tracefs
  29. 97bb1f2 UPSTREAM: tracing: Move enabling tracepoints to just after rcu_init()
  30. f30bcd2 UPSTREAM: tracing: Separate out initializing top level dir from instances
  31. 7b25810 UPSTREAM: tracing: Make tracing_init_dentry_tr() static
  32. c3ea3ad UPSTREAM: tracing: Use IS_ERR() check for return value of tracing_init_dentry()
  33. 47738d9 UPSTREAM: tracefs: Add directory /sys/kernel/tracing
  34. 747ea74 UPSTREAM: tracefs: Add new tracefs file system
  35. 0140261 net: ipv4: Don't crash if passing a null sk to ip_rt_update_pmtu.
  36. fdb6a31 net: inet: Support UID-based routing in IP protocols.
  37. 67e2af7 net: core: add UID to flows, rules, and routes
  38. dbbaa43 net: core: Add a UID field to struct sock.
  39. 9e5ade8 Revert "net: core: Support UID-based routing."
  40. b98f8f9 Revert "Handle 'sk' being NULL in UID-based routing."
  41. 5c5b75e Revert "net: core: fix UID-based routing build"
  42. 7bd7d67 Revert "net: ipv6: fix virtual tunneling build"
  43. 242440f ANDROID: binder: don't queue async transactions to thread.
  44. b763e35 ANDROID: binder: don't enqueue death notifications to thread todo.
  45. 7ed2183 ANDROID: binder: call poll_wait() unconditionally.
  46. f2e097f ANDROID: binder: Don't BUG_ON(!spin_is_locked()).
  47. 66f6567 ANDROID: binder: don't check prio permissions on restore.
  48. e4054d0 Add BINDER_GET_NODE_DEBUG_INFO ioctl
  49. 5f59fb7 ANDROID: binder: add RT inheritance flag to node.
  50. 0db2abb ANDROID: binder: improve priority inheritance.
  51. 5b30312 ANDROID: binder: add min sched_policy to node.
  52. 8e68cdd ANDROID: binder: add support for RT prio inheritance.
  53. 8032ba5 ANDROID: binder: push new transactions to waiting threads.
  54. 74c1bdd ANDROID: binder: remove proc waitqueue
  55. afd8c34 FROMLIST: binder: remove global binder lock
  56. 8d97524 FROMLIST: binder: fix death race conditions
  57. c41fde8 FROMLIST: binder: protect against stale pointers in print_binder_transaction
  58. eca0ae4 FROMLIST: binder: protect binder_ref with outer lock
  59. 03ff82f FROMLIST: binder: use inner lock to protect thread accounting
  60. b220fc6 FROMLIST: binder: protect transaction_stack with inner lock.
  61. f7cb5af FROMLIST: binder: protect proc->threads with inner_lock
  62. ea09b39 FROMLIST: binder: protect proc->nodes with inner lock
  63. 48bd353 FROMLIST: binder: add spinlock to protect binder_node
  64. 38e2cdc FROMLIST: binder: add spinlocks to protect todo lists
  65. 17be5ca FROMLIST: binder: use inner lock to sync work dq and node counts
  66. a195ae6 FROMLIST: binder: introduce locking helper functions
  67. ce719dc FROMLIST: binder: use node->tmp_refs to ensure node safety
  68. 7a86cc9 FROMLIST: binder: refactor binder ref inc/dec for thread safety
  69. 24d981b FROMLIST: binder: make sure accesses to proc/thread are safe
  70. 3531e8b FROMLIST: binder: make sure target_node has strong ref
  71. 683428d FROMLIST: binder: guarantee txn complete / errors delivered in-order
  72. 46555ab FROMLIST: binder: refactor binder_pop_transaction
  73. c44eba1 FROMLIST: binder: use atomic for transaction_log index
  74. ff184e4 FROMLIST: binder: add more debug info when allocation fails.
  75. c01b3e1 FROMLIST: binder: protect against two threads freeing buffer
  76. 424d769 FROMLIST: binder: remove dead code in binder_get_ref_for_node
  77. 18ba1d8 FROMLIST: binder: don't modify thread->looper from other threads
  78. b5bdf06 FROMLIST: binder: avoid race conditions when enqueuing txn
  79. 657a85c FROMLIST: binder: refactor queue management in binder_thread_read
  80. 111b811 FROMLIST: binder: add log information for binder transaction failures
  81. 85eb69b FROMLIST: binder: make binder_last_id an atomic
  82. e84c279 FROMLIST: binder: change binder_stats to atomics
  83. 1027fa5 FROMLIST: binder: add protection for non-perf cases
  84. 3fff442 FROMLIST: binder: remove binder_debug_no_lock mechanism
  85. 2d525cc FROMLIST: binder: move binder_alloc to separate file
  86. 5ef84c5 FROMLIST: binder: separate out binder_alloc functions
  87. 2d3dded FROMLIST: binder: remove unneeded cleanup code
  88. 5aeb737 FROMLIST: binder: separate binder allocator structure from binder proc
  89. cb4014d ANDROID: binder: Fix code style
  90. 76e25e3 Revert "android: binder: move global binder state into context struct."
  91. fc9c3d4 ANDROID: binder: add hwbinder,vndbinder to BINDER_DEVICES.
  92. 9845911 UPSTREAM: drivers: android: correct the size of struct binder_uintptr_t for BC_DEAD_BINDER_DONE
  93. 4fd5582 android: binder: move global binder state into context struct.
  94. 8388cc6 android: binder: add padding to binder_fd_array_object.
  95. d3697d5 binder: use group leader instead of open thread
  96. 9f3460c ANDROID: binder: fix format specifier for type binder_size_t
  97. 687bdf1 android: binder: support for file-descriptor arrays.
  98. 1d4018b android: binder: support for scatter-gather.
  99. 3d2c789 android: binder: add extra size to allocator.
  100. a995e87 android: binder: refactor binder_transact()
  101. 7fbc5e3 android: binder: support multiple /dev instances.
  102. 0e34939 android: binder: deal with contexts in debugfs.
  103. e1f6b32 android: binder: support multiple context managers.
  104. e22a4b7 android: binder: split flat_binder_object.
  105. 131f501 binder: add barrier before enable preemption
  106. 63b266b android:binder: enable preempt before alloc_fd
  107. d339a0a android: binder: move preempt disable after mmput
  108. cbaecf02 android: binder: Disable preemption while holding the global binder lock.
  109. 5aab79f fix secure buffer memory leak
  110. fb2421f fix security issues in ipa wan driver
  111. 8b50a61 add safety check to avoid kernel panic
  112. ed87137 improve crypto target optimization flags
  113. 430419c fix negative idle time with config hz periodic
  114. c956a9b use clkflag no rate cache on qcom cpufreq
  115. 09c9c33 prevent false check on qcom cpufreq
  116. 9ddbe5cb fix show cpuinfo cur freq
  117. b318c7c fix possible memory leak in memshare
  118. 9682ac9 Linux 3.18.70
  119. 836fa14 epoll: fix race between ep_poll_callback(POLLFREE) and ep_free()/ep_remove()
  120. ced855dd drm/ttm: Fix accounting error when fail to get pages for pool
  121. a41badb xfrm: policy: check policy direction value
  122. 03ad0f6 wl1251: add a missing spin_lock_init()
  123. d96b7b9 CIFS: remove endian related sparse warning
  124. fc663bf CIFS: Fix maximum SMB2 header size
  125. 93626d6 cpumask: fix spurious cpumask_of_node() on non-NUMA multi-node configs
  126. 4f3cc7c i2c: ismt: Return EMSGSIZE for block reads with bogus length
  127. b4f9e48 i2c: ismt: Don't duplicate the receive length for block reads
  128. 3e938b9 Revert "Introduce AiO HotPlug v1.0"
  129. 531d1b3 Revert "AiO HotPlug: Update to v2.0"
  130. 0da8d7b Revert "AiO HotPlug: Remove all Dependancies"
  131. 6cc4a50 Revert "Hotplug: Added AutoSMP Hotplug"
  132. 8ddb9bf add adreno idler
  133. a1cee17 Revert "Introduce Adreno idler for devfreq-based Adreno devices"
  134. 72f1fe4 Revert "Adreno Idler: Disable adreno idler by default"
  135. e3b0394 Linux 3.18.69
  136. f46941f scsi: sg: reset 'res_in_use' after unlinking reserved array
  137. a1d80c9 scsi: sg: protect accesses to 'reserved' page array
  138. 87ce420 clk: si5351: Constify clock names and struct regmap_config
  139. c9ebabf x86/tools: Fix gcc-7 warning in relocs.c
  140. 1ff13bf x86-64: Handle PC-relative relocations on per-CPU data
  141. 98e69b2 arm64: fpsimd: Prevent registers leaking across exec
  142. 7a262f0 arm64: flush FP/SIMD state correctly after execve()
  143. 561b40b x86/io: Add "memory" clobber to insb/insw/insl/outsb/outsw/outsl
  144. be5d25d mm: cma: fix incorrect type conversion for size during dma allocation
  145. 861654f mm: cma: constify and use correct signness in mm/cma.c
  146. 026868e mm: cma: fix CMA aligned offset calculation
  147. d5d7e5b mm: cma: fix totalcma_pages to include DT defined CMA regions
  148. 896cab8 mm: cma: split cma-reserved in dmesg log
  149. a224b8e mm/cma: make kmemleak ignore CMA regions
  150. 6594e4f mm: cma: align to physical address, not CMA region position
  151. f8c0530 lib: bitmap: add alignment offset for bitmap_find_next_zero_area()
  152. 35de731 arm64: mm: abort uaccess retries upon fatal signal
  153. e7013f3 p54: memset(0) whole array
  154. 68a4309 gcov: support GCC 7.1
  155. 36aca82 gcov: add support for gcc version >= 6
  156. 8b71568 gcov: add support for GCC 5.1
  157. a942890 ALSA: au88x0: Fix zero clear of stream->resources
  158. 010f5f50 scsi: isci: avoid array subscript warning
  159. c63ce23 mido_defconfig: Disabled AIP hotplug Maza ni aaya bc :/
  160. 295326c mido_defconfig: Disabled AutoSMP Damn! It was lagging like hell xD
  161. 562a2e2 mido_defconfig: Enabled AiO Hotplug
  162. e1c1c74 AiO HotPlug: Remove all Dependancies
  163. 667ef2f AiO HotPlug: Update to v2.0
  164. dbd348b Introduce AiO HotPlug v1.0
  165. 40e93f8 mido_defconfig: Enable AutoSMP hotplug
  166. 6f2d2f4 Hotplug: Added AutoSMP Hotplug It is a hotplug driver by @mrg666
  167. 64c34f6 Revert "hotplug: Introduced AutoSMP hotplug"
  168. 7d78228 mido_defconfig: Enable zzmoove governor
  169. b34c681 zzmoove: Added zzmoove governor by @zanezam
  170. 569cb01 Linux 3.18.68
  171. c874dae ACPI / APEI: Add missing synchronize_rcu() on NOTIFY_SCI removal
  172. bd35466 staging: rtl8188eu: add RNX-N150NUB support
  173. 758b06a iio: imu: adis16480: Fix acceleration scale factor for adis16480
  174. 270f288 Bluetooth: bnep: fix possible might sleep error in bnep_session
  175. 8b7e75a Bluetooth: cmtp: fix possible might sleep error in cmtp_session
  176. e9736a3 Bluetooth: hidp: fix possible might sleep error in hidp_session_thread
  177. ad0caac perf/core: Fix group {cpu,task} validation
  178. c380a8f nfsd: Limit end of page list when decoding NFSv4 WRITE
  179. 305db68 cifs: return ENAMETOOLONG for overlong names in cifs_open()/cifs_lookup()
  180. dfbfe93 cifs: Fix df output for users with quota limits
  181. 1b70efe tracing: Fix freeing of filter in create_filter() when set_str is false
  182. f0a08de drm: Release driver tracking before making the object available again
  183. 21858a8 ALSA: hda - Add stereo mic quirk for Lenovo G50-70 (17aa:3978)
  184. 540d198 ALSA: core: Fix unexpected error at replacing user TLV
  185. 38440cb Input: trackpoint - add new trackpoint firmware ID
  186. f4b2d2e net_sched: fix order of queue length updates in qdisc_replace()
  187. 5bcb629 net: sched: fix NULL pointer dereference when action calls some targets
  188. b84651d irda: do not leak initialized to userspace
  189. 57c0594 tcp: when rearming RTO, if RTO time is in past then fire RTO ASAP
  190. 8a6d71c sctp: fully initialize the IPv6 address in sctp_v6_to_addr()
  191. 0a647c90 dccp: defer ccid_hc_tx_delete() at dismantle time
  192. aab6533 dccp: purge write queue in dccp_destroy_sock()
  193. dfb97a1 qdsp6v2: extend compilation with Os
  194. 70dd693 sound: soc: optimize for size
  195. 8ea7e74 sound: msm: qdsp6v2: optimize for size
  196. 9ebef1f drivers: i2c: Fix direct references to HZ
  197. 69adabc drivers: hwmon: Fix direct references to HZ
  198. 553aa80 drivers: platform: gsi: Fix direct references to HZ
  199. 99ce700 drivers: video: mdss: Fix direct references to HZ
  200. eae5bad drivers: ipa: Fix direct references to HZ
  201. e2a3b15 sched: LOAD_FREQ (4*HZ+61) avoids loadavg Moire. From
  202. 84bc985 block: I/O scheduler driver mod. delay setting noop when screen goes off.
  203. 647a4e5 Added support for TTL commit, CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_HL=y CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_HMARK=y CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_TTL=y CONFIG_IP_NF_MANGLE=y in defconfig included earlier
  204. 833f291 cpufreq: cpu-boost: Disable sched boost
  205. adfb3da cpufreq_interactive: remove boost functionality
  206. ea98ad4 mido: remove unused nfc
  207. eecc7ff thermal-core: Fix invalid sensor data being accepted
  208. 68d3630 qcom-cpufreq: Fix CPUs getting stuck at min freq when coming online
  209. 326320f drivers: power: bcl: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq
  210. 405214a qcom: msm-core: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq
  211. 5e1bac7 power: qpnp-fg: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq
  212. d6e2ac4 drivers: thermal: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq
  213. 9c49604 drivers: mdss: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq
  214. 692aeb7 power: bcl: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq
  215. 84547dd arm64: unlock HZ options
  216. 7e0bc20 mmc: toggleable software crc
  217. 3b4ffea drivers: fingerprint: boost cpufreq on unlock
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