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  2. -Modified Batross Pattern Plasma Rifle: A rare and powerful weapon that is able to fire plasma bolts of a green coloration that while not as powerful as the common plasma it has a corrosive post burn effect that is able to degrade both biological materials and rust metallic ones.
  4. -Hydrogen Fuel Cells (3): Ammunition for the plasma rifle, grants 30 shots for each cell. Unlike the laser power packs these cannot be charged on a socket. They are harder to find than the regular las pack too.
  6. -Arc Pistol: Arc Weapons are powered by bulky permacapacitors shipped from Mars' Great Repositorium. Some of these zinc-plated blocks store energy from the days when the Imperium was young. They discharge with a loud crack, firing bolts of blue-white electricity that can fry a man’s brain or overload a war machine's datacortex in a second.
  8. -Arc Permacapacitor (3): Ammunition for the Arc Pistol. It grants about twenty shoots each but since the energy discharge can vary depending on the machine spirit's temperament this number may vary. They can be recharged in a power socket but take way longer than regular laser power packs.
  10. -Phosphor Blast Pistol: One of the most horrific substances of ancient Mars was Phosphex. Its method of manufacture lost thousands of years ago, this highly-corrosive toxin burned with an intense flame that could not be extinguished, short of placing it in a vacuum. Though the crawling horror of phosphex weaponry is all but forgotten in the Imperium, the blinding white fire of phosphor weaponry is still utilised by the Skitarii to mark out high priority targets amongst the battlefield murk. The phosphor weapons fielded by the Skitarii are all that remain of this lost knowledge, a sanctioned replacement for one of the Machine God's creations. They may no longer be able to reduce a world to ash, but they still cover the enemy in luminous particles, making them easy targets for other Skitarii. If those struck by the burning spheres fired by these weapons are not killed by the initial trauma, they are soon felled by the light-guided volleys that follow.
  12. -Phospex Tubes (5): Highly delicate tubes filled with a concentrated quantity of Phospex. Each tube grants five shoots.
  14. -Chainsword: Built with a promethium engine, curved blades and a sword frame. This lightweight one handed chainsword. Can cut most enemies and light armors down. It has been upgraded with a flamer on top of the blade.
  16. -Omnispex: A really potent scanner with a pistol grip and a cannon like reader. It can scan vehicles, people or even buildings and find weak points.
  18. -Quality Rebreather: A mask that covers all the head and permits breathing in low quality or air poor environments. It isn't able to protect against damage and doesn't works on void. Muffles his speech lightly.
  20. -Skitarii armor: A steel based armor made with cables and sacred circuitry that it is able to generate a small amount of energy to feed the user's bionics. It has been reinforced with ceramic plaques that cover most of his body and are chemically treated to become heat and fire resistant.
  22. -Techpriest Robes: Like any other member of the Adeptus Mechanicus it wears a red hooded robe that denotes its faith in the Machine God. His robes have various symbols including the heraldry of his Forge World, The Inquisition, The AdMech and the Imperial Guard; it is also adorned with various mementos including a collar made of bolts and screws from his homeplanet, the crown made of sword blades from the deceased Flamesword and some others.
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