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  1. The bright noon sun shines through the tattered blinds as Eric sits defeated on his couch, lost in his own thoughts of what he should do. It’s been two weeks since he lost his job, and since then he’s feverishly tried to find any sort of work to no avail. He’s looked online, he’s looked through newspapers, and he’s even just wandered aimlessly through the city to try and find something, anything that will give him a steady income, but so far it’s all for naught. There have been no real good job openings available, and any that are haven’t been impressed with his admittedly lacking résumé.
  3. Two weeks, that’s all the time that has passed, yet Eric has already become paranoid and depressed about his situation. Almost every waking moment of his life since that fateful day has been filled with endless worry. He regularly asks himself “How long will I not have a job?” “How long before my landlord kicks me out?” “How long can I keep living like this?”
  5. “Oh God, what have I done to deserve this?”
  7. Eric has no life support: no friends, no family, no one. It’s just him in this cruel, cruel world, and there’s nothing that will stop him if he falls. However, as the days go by with him still unemployed, his hope starts to dwindles more and more and more for a miracle to save him. By this point, he probably would have decided to get it over with and finally end it all. But, there was one thing that kept him from giving in to his mounting depression.
  9. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
  11. Yes, when he’s not moping around his apartment or trying in vain to find a job, Eric tries to sit his ass in front of his TV and play Smash, at least for a little bit. Even with his enjoyment from his marathon session two weeks ago, it’s still been hard to get the time or motivation to actually start up the game. Oh, but when he did, he was able to kick so much ass with his Wii Fit Trainer that it was ridiculous. In fact, he hasn’t lost once since he lost his job. However, while he does get a few burst of joy out of it all, most of the time he’s too fixated on his own life struggles to really get any meaningful enjoyment from his favorite fighting game. And even then, what joy he got became more and more watered down until it practically felt like a chore.
  13. Yet, with all that said, he keeps coming back. He doesn’t really know why: Maybe it’s the satisfaction of victory, maybe it’s the reminder of a much simpler time, maybe it’s just a tradition at this point. No matter what it is, he’ll still pull out his white Gamepad and play a few 1 on 1 matches. It was one of those few things that he could keep him going, even during this turbulent time. Well, sort of…
  15. In actuality, while he’d never admit it, there is a reason for him playing Smash on Wii U that he’s well aware of, and that is for the Wii Fit Trainer herself. In all honesty, he kinda loves her. There was just something about her personality and her physique, that nice but not overly sexual body, which just made him feel at peace, for as strange as that sounds. Like he was meant to be with her. Now, this isn’t new, since these things, albeit in a far smaller scope, as well as curiosity were some of the reasons why he picked up the character in the first place, but since then his feeling for this fictional character have only grown more and more prominent as time went on, particularly after he became unemployed. He also felt a little envious of her; all she had to do was have awesome battles, all day long. There was no worry of money, there was no worry of whether or not she might not have a place to sleep the next day. All there was is fun fighting, and lots of it, which just makes him wish to be with her more. To possibly escape this world and join her in the world of Smash, no matter how nonsensical it sounds. By now, his life is so shitty that he doesn’t care.
  17. Unfortunately for poor Eric, even his Wii Fit Trainer and their amazing fighting prowess can’t help him out now. His landlord called him up earlier, informing him that he had only one more week to pay his rent before he would be forced to leave. He seemed Of course, he didn’t have the money, and nothing that he had could even be sold to make up for it, not counting the fact that anything he could sell he needed desperately. With one exception. If he sold off his Wii U and Super Smash Bros, then the total profit should be just enough to pay off the rent and stay in his apartment for another month at least. This could give him enough extra time to get another job, but at the price of losing the only thing that has been keeping him sane these troublesome two weeks. It’s a Catch 22, and there’s nothing Eric can do about it.
  19. He laid motionless for quite some time after that phone call, oblivious to the word around him, before groaning. “Why the fuck did this have to happen to me?” he yelled out, “I haven’t done anything wrong. I pay my taxes, I pay my rent, and I hold the fucking door for old ladies and help them cross the street and shit like that. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t do any hard drugs, I haven’t killed anybody, I haven’t stolen anything, I haven’t raped anyone, I haven’t assaulted anyone. I’ve done the best as I could, given the circumstances, and yet I’m treated like absolute shit. For What? What’s the reason behind this? Is this some sort of test against my faith, or against my sanity? If it is, then fuck it. I’ve had it up to here with this bullshit and I can’t take any goddamn more of it. I’m done, I’m fucking done. Screw everything, I don’t care anymore. Goddamn it all.”
  21. Eric had now hit his breaking point. For him, there was only one way out of this, one way to solve everything. He was going to end it all. There was no reason not to. He had no one there to help him see things straight or to motivate him to keep trying, no matter the struggle. All alone in his small apartment, it was just him and his distressing thoughts. He knew. This time, he won’t chicken out. This time, he’ll make sure he goes through with it. Thus, he stands up off his couch for the presumably last time, about to take these fateful steps into the unknown. He doesn’t know how he’s gonna do it, but decides that the window looks like a good place to start at least.
  23. Five steps away, four steps away, three steps, two steps, one, and there. He’s at the window. Now all he has to do now is…..
  25. Suddenly, Eric heard a boisterous knock at his door. Then another, and another. Confused, he just stood at his window still, now knowing what to do, or what to make of it. The last time someone actually knocked on his door was far long ago. He hasn’t ordered anything online in ages, and the last time he had friends was too far back to remember. But, here he is, with someone at his door. He considers whether or not to just ignore the person, and keep going according to plan, but what little humanity he had left decided to at least check to see what it was.
  27. “Someone probably just found the wrong apartment room. They do all look the fucking same…”
  29. Opening the door, he found no one staring back at him. Thinking he just was hearing things at the 11th hour, he started to close the door back up to continue with what he should have done ages ago. But then he noticed something laying at his feet: a foot long brown box with a small black card attached to it. Puzzled, though still curious, he brought the strange box inside and placed it on his couch. Sitting next to it, he pulled off the card and looked it over, noticing a small inscription on the back.
  31. “Your Reward”, it said, signed at the bottom “Xellows :)”.
  33. At first, he was just confused. Who was this Xellows, and why was he giving him a “reward”? It then dawned on him a bit later the battle he had many nights ago, and that message he saw after he won, which he has still presumed wasn’t real. Hell, he had practically forgot about it by now. But it looks it was real, as here was what he got for beating some random guy online. Then, the thought occurred to him: what exactly WAS his reward? What did he get for besting this player? By now, he really shouldn’t care, but somehow his curiosity pulled through, pushing his dark thoughts to the side as he pried the box open with his bare hands. What lay inside of it though certainly wasn’t what he expected.
  35. “Wii Fit U Plus? Wha-, Why?” He asked. It took a little bit, but then the reason behind this strange delivery hit him like a baseball bat to the head, and that realization only made him more disgruntled.
  37. “Oh, I see. You think you’re being so cute, now don’t you? All because I beat your sorry ass in a videogame with a certain character means you get to send me shit in the mail? Why don’t you send me some fucking money while you’re at it, you absolute sack of shit!!”
  39. Eric threw the game across the room, creating a violent ruckus as it careened against the opposing wall. Now more than ever he wanted to just to end it all, to leave this sorry excuse of a world behind once and for all. Even random strangers online were beginning to taunt him for no good reason. This is the final nail in an already tightly shut coffin with sharing his existence with this detestable species. He’s mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore.
  41. More motivated than ever, Eric gets off his couch and prepares himself to finish the deed that he wished he did long ago. However, the now beaten-up game box caught his attention from the corner of his eye, stopping him for a brief moment. In that brief moment, a surge of curiosity fills the poor man’s body. While his funds have never really allowed it nor has his interest rose above mild curiosity, he’s wanted to play the game series that his tried and true Wii Fit Trainer came from some time or another ever since Smash 4. And now, since he has a copy from the best-selling franchise right here in his possession, he might as well try it out. It would be his last chance to do so anyhow.
  43. Thus, Eric takes out the thankfully unharmed game and Balance Board from the damaged box and gets everything set up. For the first time in weeks, he finally has some purpose, some goal to strive too. It’s not much, to be sure, but it’s at least something. Now ready to go, he turns on his console, presumably for the last time, and boots up his new game. Little did he know that it would be an experience that would chance his life in every conceivable way.
  45. Strangely enough, there was no title screen; instead, the first thing that pops up onto his TV screen is the Wii Fit Trainer with her magnificent upper body staring calming right at him and giving him a caring smile. Eric was quite surprised and even became embarrassed, as if his disheveled appearance would make the computerized character leave him. He couldn’t help himself from blushing, as if he was back in high school again. What didn’t help matters was the electronic woman’s bombastic breasts, which seemed to be fighting to get out of her tight, blue tank top. He swears they weren’t that big in Smash, though he couldn’t be sure. Besides, he was mostly focused on her beautiful face more than anything to really get a good look at those two melons. He was so mesmerized in fact that he was started when his beloved began to talk.
  47. “Hello Eric” she said in her soothing, melodic voice.
  49. “What the f-“ Eric responded back. How the fuck did she know his name?
  51. “If you’re wondering, I know your name because I looked up your Nintendo Network Profile while this game was launching.”
  53. That information calmed Eric down quite a bit, at least enough to not shut off the console and chuck it out the window. She continued, “I also noticed you seem to really like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Is that why you have bought this game?”
  55. A prompt then appeared on the screen, asking him to tap either “yes” or “no” on the Gamepad to continue.
  57. “Well, I guess that’s why I got this thing, though who knows what on in that weirdo’s mind…” he said, tapping yes.
  59. “Okay then, I see you like me so much that you decided to buy this game” she said of his answer, which caused Eric to blush even worse than before. “Well, no matter. Step onto the Wii Fit U Plus Balance Board so I can calculate your weight, if you don’t mind.”
  61. He doubted he had the option, no matter how embarrassed he felt giving this really nice, hot girl such personal information. Yet, he still stepped onto the Balance Board like a good little servant, waiting impatiently while the game calculated how fat he was. He never considered himself out of shape, though he hasn’t exactly kept careful watch about such a thing, especially over the past two weeks, so he could be pretty overweight for as far as he knew. What was more concerning however was a strange numb feeling coming from his feet, like electricity was being shot through his body while he was standing there. However, he didn’t want to drag this out longer than it needed to be, and this thing was the only thing keeping his mind off of termination, so he decided to stay still while the game did its magic.
  63. After what seemed like an eternity of torment, which even led him to consider following through with his depressed thoughts once again, the game finally got a weight measurement off of him. To say the least, it wasn’t pretty.
  65. “Oh dear, it looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me…” she said, making him embarrassed beyond comprehension. Why did he even try this dumb game in the first place if he was only going to get ridiculed more and more and…
  67. “Well, don’t worry” she continued, snapping him out of his stupor, “I’ve never failed to make a customer fit. And you, Eric, won’t be the first, I can tell you that. So, I think we should get started immediately, is that fine with you?”
  69. Her hopeful attitude and her words of encouragement gave Eric that bit of encouragement that he’s been needing for the past two weeks. Suddenly, things didn’t seem as hopeless as did before. Suddenly, all of those painful memories and dark places he was at seemed so far away. The prompt to start up a workout regimen popped up on screen, and he was quick to pick “yes” just to keep being with his Wii Fit Trainer. He had been through so much by now; there’s no way in hell he’ll let this glimmer of hope slip away.
  71. “Great!!” she said after he made his choice, “I’m glad to see you’re so willing to get in shape!!” which she followed up with a stunning smile that gave Eric a sudden jolt, although this one felt pretty good. He couldn’t believe it: he was finally happy again. Really happy, actually. It’s been so long since he’s felt any joy that he thought that those feelings had all but died, leaving only pure depression and torment to take its place. But now, he realizes that they had only been lying dormant, waiting for a moment like this to come back in full force. He was in heaven on earth, and he didn’t want this euphoria to end. If only he could be with her forever…
  73. The Wii Fit Trainer proceeded to ask Eric whether or not he wanted to use her predetermined regimen or not, which he quickly agreed to. At last, it seemed like the game was about to start, and that he was going to actually exercise with this fictional woman he adored (a strange desire to be sure, but one that at least gets his mind off on anything other than his current situation, which is a win for him). However, just as it seems that they would start up the regimen, she asked him a pretty strange question.  
  75. “Hey Eric, your room is a bit too dark for my tastes. Could you be a darling and open up the windows and let some light in?"
  77. “What?” he replied. Now he was confused: Why would a videogame character want more light, let alone care? Did the game use a camera or something? He was starting to freak out again, like he was dealing with some sort of possessed game or something. Still, if it meant making her happy…
  79. “Uh, sure” he eventually responded. “Just hold on a second…”
  81. Getting across his room seemed like a much harder affair than it did no less than an hour ago. Maybe it was because that the Wii Fit Trainer seemed to be watching him all the while, or maybe that electrical shock he felt was now hampering his ability to move. Either way, he struggled along, eventually reaching the window after what seemed like yet another eternity of torture. However, something seemed off; he could’ve sworn the top of the window was up higher than it was before. In fact, looking around, practically everything seemed taller than they were just a few moments ago. This freaked him out, almost enough for to go completely mad and have all of this joy and bliss collapse down on itself in a moment of insanity. However, before that can happen, he hears her soothing voice calling out for him.
  83. “Come on, Eric, we don’t have all day. Are you going to get some light in here or not?”
  85. He couldn’t let her down, no matter how fictional she is. He just couldn’t.
  87. “I, I will. Don’t worry. Just hold on…”
  89. Her voice, despite its condescending undertones, was more than enough to refocus Eric on why he was over here in the first place. And so, with as much gusto as a knight saving the princess from the evil dragon, he opens up the blinds for the first time in weeks. The bright sun quickly illuminates the entire room, straining the poor introvert’s eyes. He then starts to regret his choice, and considers closing the window back up before he’ll go blind. However, the Wii Fit Trainer quite likes the brighter aesthetics, and makes that very clear.
  91. “Ah, much better, wouldn’t you agree?” she quips, reminding Eric why he made his decision in the first place. “Now get your butt back over here, we have some working out to do!!”
  93. As Eric walks the ways back to the TV, he fails to notice how his skin, which was only after two weeks had started to lose its brightness, had become almost immediately pale after just a few seconds standing in front of the opened window, while also becoming incredibly soft in the process. Likewise, he was completely oblivious when his body hair, all two weeks’ worth of it, started to recede back into his body, eventually leaving him completely hairless save for on the top of his head. Although, unlike before, these hairs will never grow back.
  95. “Are You Ready to Start, Eric?” she asks when he gets back onto the Balance Board.
  97. “Yes I am!!” he says with the upmost confidence.
  99. “I like your attitude” she responds, flashing him yet another gorgeous smile that left him star struck. In game, the camera finally pans away from a portrait shot of the Wii Fit Trainer, showing her entire beautiful body in all its glory standing on her own Balance Board inside the Wii Fit Studio.
  101. “Let’s get started. First, we should do some stretching to relax your muscles. For this regimen, just shoulder stretches should do.” She then demonstrated said shoulder stretch. It didn’t seem too ridiculous for Eric just yet, and before long he was stretching right along with her. However, as he did this, his shoulders did more than just loosen up. They actually scaled themselves down, making him overall smaller, and smaller, and smaller, and smaller. By the time the Wii Fit Trainer told him to stop, his shoulders had dipped down dramatically, as well as finalizing Eric’s new permanent height. However, he didn’t have time to reflect on what just happened, as she was already going on to the first pose.
  103. “First off, we have the gate pose. Kneel on the floor and then stretch out one leg. Then, reach both hands out to it as far as they can go. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then switch sides.”
  105. Eric decided to start off with his right foot, and then proceeded to imitate what the Wii Fit Trainer was doing on the screen. While he was doing this, this right thigh was actually beginning to inflate, gaining more and more fat as the stretch went on. It wasn’t a ridiculous amount, but enough to create a sizeable weight difference between the two legs when the pose was complete. However, this problem was alleviated when he switched sides, as his left thigh soon grew out to match its thick brother. By the time all was said and done, Eric had some killer thighs, ones that any gal would kill to have.
  107. “Next, we have the Warrior Pose. Place one foot facing forward on the Balance Board. Have the other about a foot away and facing sideways. Extend your arms out and then bend your front foot as far as it will go. Hold this position for 30 seconds, and then switch sides.”
  109. Like before, Eric started with his right foot in front, although this time the starting foot made no difference. As he held the pose, his hipbone began to push itself outwards from both sides. The more it pushed out, the more alluring and curvaceous his body appeared, even without a killer waist. On the flipside, his bulging hips were doing a number on his hipbone, which subsequently put him under a lot more stress and pain then from just pushing his muscles to the limit. By the time he switched sides, he was exuberant to finally let go of the pose, even for a moment, as he assumed the pain he was feeling was simply his muscles being worked harder than they have ever been before. Meanwhile, his hips were already beautiful, and were still growing rapidly as he began the stretch with his left foot in front. Thankfully for him, his hipbone began to modify itself to better fit its new size parameters just before it was about to snap in two, saving him from untold amounts of pain. When he finally finished up with his left foot, he had the hips of an absolute goddess, with thankfully no pain to show for it. The curves he know has are what male sex fantasies are made of.
  111. “I see you weren’t feeling too comfortable with that last pose” she said, with a look of concern on her face. “How about we work a bit more in that area with the chair pose. Place both feet on the Balance Board. Then, bend your knees and lower your hips. Hold this position for 30 seconds.”
  113. Eric couldn’t help but scoff at the position (or be aroused when she applied a demonstration), but after she chewed him out for being “so immature”, he went ahead and did it anyway. As he did, he felt a pressure emanating from his behind. Yet again, he assumed it was just his muscles being pushed to their limits, and didn’t give too much thought to it. However, little did he know his butt was fattening up, getting bigger and bigger with each second he held the pose. Unfortunately (depending on your outlook), the growth was minimal at best, though there was still a notable and sexy difference when his 30 seconds were up. In the end, he now has an ass that wasn’t mind-blowing, but perfect for a fitness buff: well-toned and not overtly bulgy, but still sexy enough to draw a man’s attention. And Eric couldn’t agree more, as his new ass had been pushing up against his pants quite tightly, making his member a bit more, well, stiff. Worse for him, the Wii Fit Trainer seemed to notice.
  115. “Calm down mister” she teased, “I doubt these exercises are THAT invigorating. That is, unless you’re looking somewhere else during these poses…”
  117. “Wha, what…no, no, no. I wouldn’t do that. I’m not like that. Just because you’re really hot-…I mean beautiful doesn’t mean that-“
  119. “Oh, stop babbling, I’m only messing with you. I know you wouldn’t do something like that. You’re too….courteous for that.”
  121. “Uh, tha-, thank you?”
  123. “You’re welcome. Say, how about we do some deep breathing for a little bit to calm our nerves.”
  125. The two did just that, taking in slow breaths in and out for about a minute. All the while, Eric’s voice started to rise with each breath he took. It was only negligible at first, but by the time the Wii Fit Trainer was ready to move on to the new set of exercises, his voice sounded like he was 12 again.
  127. “Okay, so what we’re going to do next are some arm and leg lifts. Get on your hands and knees and hold the Wii remote in one hand. Then, lift both the hand with the Wii remote and the opposite leg in the air slowly until they have risen about 90 degrees. Then, you bring them down at the same speed, and you repeat the process. Do about 15 reps for each side. You do have a Wii Remote, right?”
  129. “Yeah, it’s over here somewhere” Eric replied, blissfully unaware of his higher voice. Thankfully, the Wii Remote was in plain sight on the floor next to his coach, so he wouldn’t have to keep her waiting for too long. It was nice to be able to do actually do something for someone.
  131. He got on all fours, Wii Remote in his right hand, and began to do the arm and leg lifts just as she had told him to. However, while he was doing this, something strange was happening to his hanging manhood. For every rep that he completed, his dick and balls receded more and more into his body. It was a slow process, but it was without a doubt a stimulating one. With each rep that he completed, Eric felt hornier and hornier, yet he had no clue as to why. He just passed it off, assuming that pushing his body was making him feel things. All the while, he was unknowingly losing his masculinity with each passing moment. By the time he started on the other side, his manhood was already halfway lodged inside his body, and was still receding in lift after lift. Soon, there was barely half an inch left of his manhood, and even then it still proceeded to become smaller and smaller and smaller. Finally, with one last lift, his dick and testicles fully entered his body with a soft, wet pop never to see the light of day again. And yet, even while he is now genderless, he still hasn’t noticed. He was too preoccupied with how hard those lifts were (primarily due to his receding manhood) to really give much thought to it.
  133. “You okay there, Eric?” The Wii Fit Trainer asked him while he was collapsed on the floor. He eventually said that he was okay, and that he could still keep going on, despite her recommendation to get some water. Yet, something was different between the two of them. With Eric’s gender gone, all of his romantic feelings towards this fictional character had all but vanished in an instant. Thus, he acted a bit more natural, a bit less nervous towards her. He didn’t feel like he had to impress her in order for her to like him back, as ridiculous as that might sound. And, what’s more ridiculous, is she liked that. She liked that a lot.
  135. “Well, if you really insist, we can continue on with our next pose. Are you sure you don’t need any water?”
  137. “Yes, I’m sure.”
  139. “Okay then. Our next pose we’ll be doing today will be the tree pose. Place one foot on the Balance Board, then place your other foot up on your opposing thigh. Then, place your arms up above your head and clasp your hands together. Hold this position for 30 seconds, then switch feet.”
  141. When Eric placed his left foot on his right thigh, he noticed how much softer and cushiony it is. However, he didn’t think about that too much, as the Wii Fit Trainer called his attention and he began to hold the stretch. While he was doing this, drastic changes were affecting his body, though this time it was on the inside to his private parts. What remained of his penis inverted, becoming the receiver rather that sender, his prostate expanded to form a uterus, and his testes stopped producing sperm, instead becoming housing for hundreds upon hundreds of newly formed eggs that will last the new woman for decades. What sperm remained inside of him was completely eradicated. As the final changes happened to her reproductive system, estrogen began to flow tenfold across her body, converting the vast majority of testosterone in the process. And last, but not least, just as her 30 seconds were up and she was to switch feet, her skin opened up where her manhood lay no less than 10 minutes ago, revealing her brand new vagina, and likewise her female reproductive system, to the world.
  143. Eric’s next 30 seconds of the tree pose were much harder than the first, primarily due to her balance being stronger on her right side. But, she still pressed on, trying her best to hold the tough position for as long as she could. While this was happening, new hormones were bombarding this new woman’s body, changing much about her chemistry. In particular was her sexuality. What little feelings remained for the Wii Fit Trainer, along with all other women, were all but extinguished, disregarded as just experimental nonsense. Meanwhile, new longings took their place. Without her knowing it, her deep, sexual desires all involved men, with their strong muscles, tight abs, and large dicks. By the time she had completed her second tree pose, she had now become a woman, through and through.
  145. “Wow, I have to say that you did pretty well for a first timer, Eric” the Wii Fit Trainer said.
  147. “Why, thank you. I always try my best” Eric replied with a wide smile on her face.
  149. “I assume I don’t need to ask if you want to keep going.”
  151. “Nope.”
  153. “Alright then. Next up on the regimen is going to be some sideways leg lifts. Place both feet on the Balance Board. Then, lift one leg off of the ground, and move it sideways. At the same time, move your opposite arm upwards in an arch. Do 15 reps for each leg.”
  155. Eric wasn’t looking forward to doing more leg lifts after what had happened last time, but with the Wii Fit Trainer’s encouraging attitude, she was more than happy to give it another go. She started off with her left leg for once, and quickly got into the grove of doing one after another flawlessly. While she was doing this, the left side of her waist started to cave in, gaining more and more of a curve with each lift she did. When she finished off the left side, it was a sight to behold, though also a strange one to be sure, since her right side was still pretty bulgy. Thankfully, when she began to work lifting her right leg, that side too began to curve in more and more and more and more. By the time she had all of her leg lifts accounted for, she had the waistline of a movie star. Combine that with the hips of a goddess, and that totals up to an hourglass figure that just can’t be topped.
  157. “Are you ready to try some more deep breathing, Eric?” the Wii Fit Trainer asked her.
  159. “Sure, why not?” she replied, feeling a bit worn out after quite a few strenuous workouts. As both real and fictional woman breathed in and out in near perfect harmony, the former’s voice began to go on the rise yet again. By the time the Wii Fit Trainer started up the next pose, what little masculinity that still remained in Eric’s voice was all but lost, and her Adam’s apple was now all but invisible to the naked eye. There was no denying it: her voice was that of a woman’s. A woman version of her old voice, to be sure, but a woman’s voice none the less.
  161. “Next up” the Wii Fit Trainer says after the minute long deep breathing session, “we’re going to do the cobra pose. Lay down on the ground. Then, extend your elbows and lift your upper body off of the ground. Be sure to keep your legs and feet touching the ground. Hold this position for 30 seconds.”
  163. Eric had some problems at first, but as time went on she actually got substantially better at it, eventually pulling it off with perfect posture by the end. However, it wasn’t just practice; her back was actually permanently curving as she held the pose, pushing out her nice butt and flat chest more and more as time ticked on. Ultimately, she had gained yet another set of beautiful curves that accentuated her other sets of beautiful curves to their maximum sexiness, including a substantial pair that will soon define her figure soon enough.
  165. “Nicely done, Eric. I can already see some great improvement from where we started” the Wii Fit Trainer quipped, giving off yet another smile.
  167. “Really? I haven’t really noticed.”
  169. “Oh, it’s clear, you’re doing a much better job. Keep it up, and you’ll be perfectly fit in no time. Now, let’s do some standard push-ups. I assume that you don’t need any help explaining how to do these, right?”
  171. “Of course I do, I had to do them every single day in high school.”
  173. “Alright then, put your hands on the Balance Board and give me fifty!!”
  175. “What!?! Why?!”
  177. “Well, you said that ‘did them every single day in high school’.
  179. While she was pretty upset at having to do such a sizeable amount of push-ups on just her first workout in the game, she really didn’t want to argue with her in-game trainer. Thus, there she was, doing one push-up right after another over and over again. The strain on her arms came up almost immediately, which only worsened as her arms became more feminine, losing what little added muscle the gamer once had. As this was happening, her hands became more delicate, as well as slightly smaller, while her fingernails grew out to nearly double their original size. In the end, though these arms certainly weren’t made for an extensive amounts of push-ups, they were still really nice and really fit. And, through only the strongest of willpower, Eric was somehow able to push through her goal, practically collapsing onto the Balance Board after push-up #50. For the first time in recent memory, he worked hard for something and succeeded.
  181. “See” the Wii Fit Trainer gleefully said as Eric lay on the ground, “I knew you could do it. You just needed the motivation to do so.”
  183. “Fuck you” Eric responded back instinctively.
  185. “Watch your language, Eric” she snapped back, making a scowl on her face in the process, “and stop lying around. We have some more exercises we need to do. Or do you now want a water break?” she teased with a sly smile on her face.
  187. After one, or maybe three, cups of water later, the Wii Fit Trainer was now explaining to Eric one of their simpler poses to perform.
  189. “This next one is called the spinal twist, and it’s just how it sounds. Lay on your back and extend either of your legs over the other. Be sure to keep your back on the floor. Hold this position for 30 seconds, then switch sides.”
  191. It was a relief to do something much less taxing on her body, although she found it strange how she couldn’t feel her manhood brush up against her leg when she extended it. Though she put that worry aside for the moment in favor of focusing solely on relaxation and working her now curvy back, which she did with flying colors. She did so well, in fact, that did failed to notice how her masculine face was having a complete makeover. For starters, her skull became more ovular in shape, becoming much softer in the process, while her nose began to shrink more and more, settling down around half of its original size. Meanwhile, her eyebrows thinned out while also gaining a slightly brighter hue in the process.
  193. Eric switched sides, looking almost completely different in the process. However, the changes are not over yet, as almost immediately into her second spinal twist her eye lashes extend out, becoming much more feminine in the process. Then comes the big one: her eyes start to expand out, albeit meagerly, though still enough to make a noticeable difference. While this was happening, her irises changed magnificently, firstly by expanding out to fill her new eyeballs, and then by changing color, from a dull brown to an exuberant hazel. And with that, Eric’s face now no longer looks like her own, but like the Wii Fit Trainer showing her poses on the screen.
  195. After the 30 seconds were up, Eric was now ready more than ever to finish up this workout. Strangely enough, it seemed like the Wii Fit Trainer also wanted to wrap things up. When talking of their next exercise, the Sun Salutation, she explained the full process, yet then made clear that they were only going to do the first few steps, stopping at the forward fold.
  197. “Why’s that?” Eric asked, legitimately curious.
  199. “Well, you’ve been working hard all day for me, and I’ve decided to give you a little break before the end. You definitely deserve it.”
  201. She can’t argue with that.
  203. Thus, they basically did around 4 forward folds, holding them for about 20 seconds or so. All the while, another change was happening to Eric’s body, this time to her hair. Her usually short locks suddenly began to grow much more rapidly, quickly cascading off her head. Soon, they passed her shoulders and continued to go down, down, down. All the while, Eric was so focused on her exercises and the Wii Fit Trainer’s words of encouragement that he failed to notice, only catching a glimpse or two while bending over and getting up that only made her mildly suspicious. Still, by the time they rose for the second time, the real girl’s hair had now finished its growth spurt, reaching down well into her back. Yet, that was not all, as by the third forward fold her roots began to darken a bit, changing from brown to a shining black. This fantastical new color then proceeded to seep up her hairs while she was touching her toes, altering more and more of the brown into this silky color until it was all but lost, leaving only the beautiful darkness in its place. Lastly, just as the two women rise up for the last time a hair tie wraps up most of her hair into a long, flowing pigtail, fitting very well with Eric’s new look.
  205. And what a look it is. This person, who just one day ago was an average looking man, now has the physique of a goddess. From her hips to her face, everything she now has to offer is absolutely gorgeous. Yet, there’s still one more thing missing to make her and her transformation complete. Or, to be more precise, two big things.  
  207. After one final deep breathing session, one that adds a lower, softer tone to Eric’s voice, thus making her a note for note match to the Wii Fit Trainer, the two have finally reach the last pose for the day.
  209. “Are you ready, Eric, to finish this off?”
  211. “Now more than ever!!” she replied, not realizing how her voice now sounded just like the game character.
  213. “Alright then, that’s what I like to hear!!” the Wii Fit Trainer says with much enthusiasm. “The final pose for today will be the lunge. Stand with your legs spread out as far as you’re willing to go with your front foot placed on the balance board. Then, bend your back knee as far as possible without touching the ground. Hold this position for 1 minute, then switch sides.”
  215. “Wait, why I minute?” Eric requested. He didn’t get it: Why was she making this harder for her than the previous exercise?
  217. “No more questions, Eric, just do it. Trust me, it will be worth it in the end.”
  219. She sighed. “Well, shit” she thought to herself, “I’ve gotten this far. Might as well finish things up…”
  221. Quickly, she got into position, and then slowly brought herself down, attempting to keep a perfect height for as long as she could. However, just as she started to hold it, the biggest change of them all started up right on her chest. There, her nipples and areolas suddenly began to expand, reaching nearly double their original size when all’s said and done. But that’s not the fun part, oh no. The fun part comes along when her supersized nipples became somewhat sensitive to touch. Then even more sensitive. And more, and more, and more, and more. For as hard as he tried, Eric couldn’t resist feeling a little turned on as her now supersensitive tits lightly cascade against her too large shirt. She just couldn’t. Her breath became a little harsher, she could feel herself become sweatier, and soon enough holding her position was becoming too much to handle. She was nearly on the verge of caving in, and things had barely just begun. However, 30 seconds into the pose, her new nipples finally stopped becoming more sensitive, and even dulled down a ways to more tenable too. While still not a cakewalk, holding the lunge has, in the span of a few seconds, become infinitely easier for Eric. So much so that she things that things couldn’t get any worse. What she doesn’t know is that things have only just started.
  223. Eric is able to get through the rest of the first side without any more issues, looking pretty good in the process. In spite of this, she almost immediately returns to sexual suffering as soon as she bent her knee for the second lunge. Right at that moment, ridiculous amounts of fat, along with hastily developing mammary glands, start to congregate behind the girl’s nipples. This leads to her chest pushing out, creating breasts slowly but surely. At first, all there was were just two small orbs, but soon the size of these newly developing boobs doubles and then some. More and more fat just kept pilling on with no sign of slowing down, making the new girl’s assets continue to get larger and larger. Under just 15 seconds these beautiful boobies had reached B cup, and were still were going on strong. It seemed like there was no stopping these babies from growing as large as they damn well please.
  225. Meanwhile, Eric herself hadn’t really noticed her expanding pair on her chest. That is, at first. But then, as they ellipse into C cup range, the nipples protruding out from her swelling breasts had begun to press up against her shirt, reigniting the lustful spark that had caused her so much trouble less than a minute before. Worse yet is the fact that her boobs have even started to mess up her balance, enough to have to reconsider how to position herself in this form. Yet, through it all, she never had the bright idea of looking down, instead focusing on balance, on the Wii Fit Trainer, and on her soulful words. Still, she couldn’t deny the sexual feelings that were coursing through her body as her nipples begin to pierce through her shirt with even more intensity whilst her boobs fill up well into the D cup range. She begins to breathe harder, even letting through a few moans between gasps for air, her body was now drenched with sweat, and her new though unknown vagina is ready for some action. Even poor, oblivious Eric realizes something has gone awry, yet she refuses to take action on it. 20 seconds, that’s all that remains before she is down working out for today. She can’t just stop and see if something’s wrong. For god knows how long, she has worked, and worked, and worked. To just give up now would be a disgrace.
  227. Thus, here we are now: Eric, in the most difficult lunge of his life, having to fight against her tired muscles as well as her new, powerful sexual desires to try and hold the pose for a minute. Her boobs are ginormous, continuing to grow even after passing into E cup ranges a few moments back. Yet, this seemingly unstoppable growth seems to be slowing down, though might not matter in the end. The new found fat bulging out from her chest is giving her shirt the fight of its life, trying to hold itself together even as fat tries to escape through it. More notably, however, are Eric’s new enlarged tits, poking through his shirt like tiny daggers. The gargantuan pressure building up thanks to the still growing head sized breasts is only making the new woman hornier and hornier by the second. It will be close to see whether or not the woman can hold on long enough without cracking. It won’t be easy, but on then on the brightside, time’s almost up. Just a little bit longer…
  229. Ten.
  231. She moans as her breasts near their final size.
  233. Nine.
  235. Her legs start to shake, barely able to hold on for much longer.
  237. Eight.
  239. Her hands inadvertently close in on her chest to investigate, but she moves them back to her sides. No way in hell will she break her concentration now.
  241. Seven.
  243. She tries to slow her breathing, but to no avail.
  245. Six.
  247. She hears a rip on her shirt, then another, but refuses too long and see what happened. “Focus” she reminds herself…
  249. Five.
  251. Accidentally, she lets the lust get to her, almost causing her to climax. Even now, she still thinks it’s her exhaustion trying to get the better of her.
  253. Four.
  255. Her balance begins to falter. She almost falls over, saving herself just in time.
  257. Three.
  259. Her breasts reach their final size, ending up larger than her head, but that doesn’t stop her nipples from making her moan louder than ever before. She will have to cave in soon to her physical urges, whether she likes it or not
  261. Two.
  263. Her legs can barely hold on. Her back leg is about to give in. Her new sexy body is about to break.
  265. One.
  267. Her sex drive hits a maximum. Her body has hit its physical limits. If this keeps up, she’ll either inadvertently climax, causing her to lose her strength, or her strength will just dissipates on its own, following that up with a climax. Either way, things don’t look good. “FOR GOD’S SAKE” Eric screams out in her mind, “JUST FUCKING END!!!” Yet, even this close, her lofty goals still feel like miles away. She closes her eyes, and waits until she feels her legs buckle under her.
  269. Why did she do this? What was the point? Just to see how one of her favorite video game characters works in her own game? And for what did poor Eric have to go through? More punishing physical activity than he would ever want. If only he just left that door shut. If only he….
  271. “TIME!!”
  273. There it is: the word she has wanted to hear. It’s finally over.
  275. Eric was suddenly filled with more joy and happiness over his accomplishments than he has since high school probably, though she couldn’t well show that off. All of her stored up energy has been all but used up, leaving her standing on the balance board bent over and gasping for breath, almost ready to give in to the nice, cozy floor.
  277. “Now that…” she said in between long breaths, “…was a good fucking workout….”
  279. “Well, glad to see you like it” the Wii Fit Trainer, still in perfect form like she was at the start, “although I’d still appreciate it if you watch your language.”
  281. She then laughed a bit, while the in-game camera moved back once again to a portrait shot of the digital woman. “I’ve have to say I wasn’t expecting you to make it through that one. Usually, the large amount of changes going on has most people giving up before the end. But you just trudged on, and I like that.”
  283. Eric, still incredibly exhausted, wasn’t closely listening to what the Wii Fit Trainer was saying, only catching the vaguest of details. Eventually, the weakened woman replied with just a grumbled “Great…”
  285. “Come on, Eric. I understand that you may be tired, but at least have some ENTHUSIASM!!” She sighed, albeit in a lighthearted manner. “But regardless. Congratulations, you’ve finally finished up your regimen for today, and you also did a phenomenal job for a first timer. I hope you continue to use this program and my assistance to help improve your technique. See you soon!!”
  287. With that, the game seemed to quit out, dropping Eric back to the Wii U home screen. However, just before she could begrudgingly grab the gamepad and turn the console off, the Wii Fit Trainer suddenly reappeared on the screen with a large grin on her face.
  289. “By the way” she adds, “I hope you appreciate your new body!!! You’ve certainly earned it!!!” And as suddenly as she arrived, she disappears one final time, subsequently turning off both the Wii U and the TV in the process. Now all that remains is silence in the small apartment room, leaving Eric only to ponder the Wii Fit Trainer’s bizarre final words.
  291. But then, out of nowhere, she notices everything seems a little off. Her hair seems longer, her chest feels heavier, her stomach feels smaller, and there’s an unrelenting feeling of emptiness down at her crotch. Concern only continued to grow more by the second, and this time there’s was no kind, hypnotic videogame character to hide that. Eventually, Eric finally did what she should’ve done ages ago and looked down and her body.
  293. Just after that, at every corner of her apartment complex, in every hallway and room and possibly even in the adjacent buildings, one could hear a calm, motherly voice scream out in bloody murder, “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! WHAT THE FUCK HAS HAPPENED TO ME!!!!”
  295. Eric couldn’t believe it: there are two gigantic boobs, easily the biggest she’s ever seen, just hanging from HER chest. Worse yet, to her dismay, they were pretty fucking hot as well (at least, if they weren’t hers or if she had the proper equipment anymore). A part of her was telling herself to touch them, to give them a good squeeze, while another part cautioned against it, as if they weren’t real, but making contact with these large things would do so. In the end, curiosity got the best of her and she placed her delicate hands on new breasts, feeling their soft, sensitive surface against her fingertips. She couldn’t deny it; it felt pretty damn good. It felt so good, in fact, she inadvertently moved her hands all across her breasts, including rubbing her new nipples fervently. That got her really going. Before she knew it, Eric was moaning at the top of her lungs in pure euphoria as unfamiliar yet powerful sexual feelings flowed through her body freely, encompassing her very being right then and there. By now, any sort of curiosity which led her to doing this had all but been forgotten, replaced with only thoughts of animalistic lust.
  297. Because of these new, uncontrollable feelings, she did many things she didn’t think she was doing. One of said things was with her left hand, which slowly crept down her body just as things were about to reach a climax for the new woman. Eventually, it slid under her pants and began to finger her fresh pussy like a pro, at first giving Eric more libido. But then, she realized how alien these feelings were, especially with her crotch. Something wasn’t right. Something wasn’t as it should be. Soon after these thoughts came to her, whatever lust she had acquired in her little self-pleasuring session was all but lost, letting her regain her body and find out what the hell is so different down there.
  299. It wasn’t easy to find out the answer, thanks in great part to her breasts continuously getting in her way. Though, by the time she had found a way to hold back her breasts, suspicion of what was wrong had already crept into her mind, and when she looked down her pants to only find nothing but a small slit occupying where her junk used to lay, her suspicions were confirmed. Eric was now a woman; there was no question about that.
  301. Yet, despite what is right in front of her, she can’t believe that she is no longer a man. She was one just less than 12 hours ago. Hell, she was one just an hour ago. Yet, here she is, with a vagina and everything. Now a woman, by the every physical facet of the word. It just boggles her mind; she just can’t fathom how this could happen. Fuck, she’s still trying to grasp why she now has boobs as big as her head. But, it looks as if things won’t change anytime soon, so for now she’s stuck with them. This weird, foreign reproductive system along with all of its side effects and added assets.
  303. “Well” Eric thought to herself, “might as well keep trying to move on and act like this never happened…”
  305. But then she remembered. She remembered the dire situation she was in. She remembered all of the pain and agony that it and its subsequent choices had caused. She remembered what she was going to do to try and solve all of this. These problems, among an infinite amount more, seemed like they were light-years away just moments ago, when she was exercising with the Wii Fit Trainer or even when she was enjoying her new body’s assets. But now, they were center stage once more, like they’ve always been, leaving Eric in the same struggle she was in before she answered the doorbell and, albeit unintentionally, permanently changed her body.
  307. However, rather than continue where she had left off and finish it off once and for all, some positive thoughts started to creep into her mind. Ones that told her to not give up hope just yet, to find a way to persevere in times of trouble. That things get better, just wait. She didn’t really give much credence to these little thoughts, blowing them off as just nonsense, but they did give her the idea to at least consider her new options thanks to her new body. Unfortunately, they still aren’t pretty.
  309. As far as she knows, Eric, as a woman, doesn’t have any record of existing: no ID, no resume, nothing. Hell, she doubts that her landlord will really believe her when she says that she actually is Eric, just in a woman’s body. Or anyone else for that matter. It’s not like men get magically changed into women on a daily basis, right? So, basically, everything that she has built up that technically in her name as a man can’t be accessed, and is pretty much worthless. She’ll probably be kicked out as soon as someone notices that this lady is staying where Eric’s supposed to be, and without a usable resume just made getting a job a hundred times harder. There is another job opportunity that crosses her mind, a last resort option for those desperate women who have the looks, but she quickly dismisses that. She’d rather sell her Wii U that do THAT.
  311. Thus, it seems like poor Eric might actually be worse off than he was before, seemingly destined to walk the streets looking for a generous, lonely man to give her some money. And that, that is something she refuses to do. Unfortunately, the option that she concluded with before seems to be the only option she’s willing to take now. Even with all that joy, she still wants to end it all.
  313. “Fuck” she groans, so distraught in sadness and acceptance of her fate that she fails to notice her new high voice. She stands up off her tattered couch, believing to be the last time for the third time today, and was about the walk towards the window. But then, out of nowhere, she heard what she thought was a voice in her head. It was similar to the thoughts that crept into her mind, only much more powerful and much more impactful.
  315. “The box” it said in an authoritative voice. “Look into the box, Eric. You will find what you’ll need.”
  317. She didn’t want to listen. By now, the depression had seeped into her soul, becoming her very being. Anything as aimless as what this seemed like was just prolonging the inevitable. And, of course, the fact that it was a VOICE IN HER HEAD. If anything, she now completely believes that she has gone completely insane. However, the voice wasn’t going to back down that easily.
  319. “GO, ERIC!!!! LOOK IN THE BOX!!!!”
  321. Eric was just tempted to just run to the window, if only to get this asshole from yelling in her head. But, well, curiosity tempted him to follow these strange orders. Thus, she walk over to the cardboard box that held the Wii Fit U Plus game and looked inside. What she saw was quite possibly the most shocking thing she’s seen all day, which is saying something.
  323. Inside contains everything Eric will need to live his life as a woman. Aboslutely everything. There’s two pairs of shirts along with a bright blue tank top, matching the Wii Fit Trainer to a tee, along with three pairs of black sweat pants and three pairs of panties and three bras, including one sports bra. All of which are designated to fit her body perfectly. And there’s also a new resume, showing off many more solid credentials than his old one could ever dream of. And then, there’s the crowning jewel of the whole collection: a new ID and apartment lease, signed to a 24 year old woman named Erica Moore.
  325. “Oh…” she said, at a loss of words. “Oh….my god…..”
  327. Trying to regain her cool, she did some deep breathing, just as she practiced, and looked again at her new ID. “Well, shit” she spoke, stopping for a brief moment as she finally noticed her new voice, but quickly accepted the new motherly tone. “Eric to Erica, huh? It must’ve took about two seconds for someone to come up with that, didn’t it?”
  329. She then laughed, for the first time in ages. “Well, I guess its damn fine name for me now. So, yeah. Erica it is then!!”
  331. Erica is ecstatic. For the first time, someone’s cared enough to help her. Sure, the way of doing so was unconventional to say the least. But, as some would say, God works in mysterious ways. But still, she can’t believe the generosity that has been given to her.  Yet, little does she know, that the best is still to come.
  333. Continuing deeper inside the box, she finds near the bottom a simple small sheet of paper. On it contains another letter, although there one isn’t signed at the bottom. It reads:
  335. “Hope you enjoyed your little gifts”
  337. A thankful smile appears on her face, just as she then notices a bright white paperback below where the mysterious note was laying. If the title and blurb on the back is to be believed, the fairly hefty book details a plethora of yoga exercises, positions, and everything else exercise related she could want to know and then some.
  339. “A career option that might suit you now” was how the note charmingly described it.
  341. At first, Erica reacted the same way she had reacted beforehand: giddy. Really giddy. But then suddenly, just like many times before, her pessimism starts to creep in about the whole situation. She hasn’t seen her face to verify, but from the clothing to her voice she can tell she’s probably become a clone of the Wii Fit Trainer. Someone who specializes in exercises. And, while she can’t argue with the generosity, giving the new woman a book on such a subject seems….tacky. In fact, a lot of what she received could fall into that category. It makes this whole thing look like a charade that was played at the expense of a poor sap because some asshole got his ass handed to him at the one thing he still shined at. And this, this could be just the cherry on top.
  343. What joy and cheeriness Erica had bottled up inside of her in the past few moments was, for lack of a better term, ruined, replaced with only a newfound bitterness and disdain for the whole situation. Now, things didn’t look to cheery for her anymore. However, things were about to change, and were about to change dramatically for her mood, as out of the corner of her eye she notices a few small words at the bottom of the paper.
  345. “Look on back”
  347. “Okay, now what is it?” she mockingly pondered, though couldn’t help but have a small spark of intrigue for what was to come. She flipped the page over, and was immediately drawn to the top.
  349. “If you haven’t noticed yet, there is $20,000 dollars at the bottom of this box with your name on it. Look.”
  351. Shocked, she read over the two small sentences once more. She did so again, and then for third time just to make sure. Then, she tossed aside the paper and practically flew over toward the box. She couldn’t believe it; she just assumed she had combed through everything that would be in store for her today. But, sure enough, after going through more packaging that she really wanted to, she felt it: a cavalcade of paper. Pulling it out, she saw with her own eyes a small wad of ten $100 bills with Benjamin Franklin’s stern face plastered right on them. Searching through the rest of the cardboard revealed more and more of these small wads, total up to exactly $20,000 in cold, hard cash.
  353. At that moment, all of her resentment was gone. Long gone. What now remains is such a motley of emotions flowing through Erica on overdrive. Shock, disbelief, joy, excitement, appreciation, thankfulness, and so much more. So swept over with emotion, the woman couldn’t do much else to cry tears of joy right there on her shabby floor.
  355. This was a game changer for her. Now, she doesn’t have to worry about scrambling for money. Now, she can have leeway with not having a job (though her new resume should make that a non-issue). Now, her monetary problems are all but solved. After struggling to stay afloat for weeks, her perseverance has finally paid off. And she couldn’t be any fucking happier about that.
  357. After letting out her emotions for a few more minutes, Erica finally stands up with new purpose. By now, she has accepted her new life as a woman, but more importantly has also found light at the end of the tunnel and is ready to keep moving forward towards success. But then something crosses her mind. One thing that might just put a damper on the whole wonderful situation she’s in.
  359. “Wait, what AM I going to do?”
  361. Dumbfounded, she stands in the middle of her apartment, pondering on that very question with the focus of a wolf. While her resume says differently, she doesn’t have many skills that would be useful. Hell, she doesn’t really have any clue as to what she wants to do. This leaves her in a conundrum, one that seems to have no real answer to. That it, until she notices that book. The exercise one. The one that almost made her doubt that any of this was real. And now, the one that gives her an ingenious idea.
  363. “Well, hell” she says, “I might as well try the fitness industry. I mean, I’ve got the body. I’ve got a book that will teach me. All I need to do is put in the work, and I’m all set.”
  365. With that, she grabs the book off of the floor and heads towards the door, looking to find a more soothing place than this to study up. Besides, maybe she’ll find a good place to get a job along the way. Better yet, maybe she’ll find a place to lease out with her new money and set up her own fitness brand.
  367. “Erica’s Exciting Exercises, or some shit like that” she said to herself, then proceeding laughing at the ridiculousness of her proposed name. However, she still makes sure to remember the name, just in case.
  369. She now stands at the door, book in hand and determination in her eyes. She is ready. Opening the door with grace, she looks out into the hallway, into her future. This is it. This is the moment where everything changes. And, standing on the edge of this, she can’t help but to take the moment in for all that its worth. Then, Erica walks out of her apartment for the first time in ages with a spring in her step and a confident mindset, closing the door to her old life with the delicacy of a ballerina.
  371. Things will be different for Erica from now on. Thankfully, those things will all be for the better.
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