[RGRE] Apple Bloom and Farmhand Anon

Sep 3rd, 2020
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  1. Wrote this last year. I thought about continuing it, but I never did.
  3. >RGREqG
  4. >Apple Bloom grew up on a farm with her sister and brother
  5. >Never got a chance to have a boyfriend because she was always so busy - either she was working on her school stuff, or she was working on the farm
  6. >No time for a boyfriend
  7. >No time to invite a boy to prom
  8. >She knew how lucky she was to have the time that she had to hang around with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo
  9. >Working on a farm with her brother and sister meant that she grew up with a strong sense of family, that's for sure, but she also grew up incredibly sexually frustrated
  10. >As was expected of her, she worked full-time on the farm after she graduated from Canterlot High
  11. >She was 19 years old now (she didn't like talking about that year she had to repeat a grade because they'd hit a bad year on the farm and needed her help), and her life was dedicated to the farm.
  12. >That was fine.
  13. >She didn't have many aspirations that weren't farm-related
  14. >She'd like to see the farm expand and make money to support her family, of course, and she found the hard work satisfying.
  15. >Just being able to hold a big bushel of apples and know that it was her hard work that allowed them to even exist made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside
  16. >...but feeling warm and fuzzy inside was part of her problem.
  17. >Because ever since they got that new farmhand to work, she's felt uncomfortably warm and wriggly whenever she's around him.
  18. >See, the farm hits a bit of a snag when Big Mac moves out after he gets married.
  19. >The Ponyville branch of the Apples has always been small
  20. >Their parents had been expected to have a bunch more kids than just Big Mac, Applejack, and Apple Bloom herself, but tragedy struck before they could do that
  21. >Sometimes their extended family sent help when they could (such as their cousin, Babs), but the last few years had been harsh and most of their closer relatives (geographically speaking) had too much work to do to spare anyone to help Apple Bloom and her immediate family.
  22. >So, after mulling things over for longer than they needed to be mulled, and after a lot of teeth-gritting... Applejack made the decision to hire from outside the family.
  23. >That's when Anon entered Apple Bloom's life
  24. >He was around her age; maybe a few years older
  25. >Apple Bloom went from working with Applejack and the occasional female cousin (Big Mac mostly handled the finances and driving apples to the marketplace) to suddenly working on a day-to-day basis with a male who wasn't related to her.
  26. >He's as strong as any woman, which means he's keeping pace with them in terms of farm work
  27. >Now, it wasn't abnormal to see women walking around without their tops
  28. >Especially on hot days
  29. >ESPECIALLY when they're working hard, such as on a farm
  30. >But what Apple Bloom wasn't expecting was seeing Anon do the same
  31. >Normally, he just doesn't wear anything that's too heavy or loose; that means tight shorts, and either a t-shirt or a tight husband-beater.
  32. >Apple Bloom thought she'd get a nosebleed for sure when she saw his abs peeking out from under his shirt whenever Anon would reach up to grab something or lean backwards to crick his stiff spine.
  33. >But the day Anon started walking around topless like a woman, Apple Bloom thought for a panicked second that she was going to straight up bleed to death
  34. >She had no idea a nose could produce that much blood, and Anon WAS NOT HELPING when he rushed over (pecs glistening with sweat) to see if he could assist in stopping the flow.
  35. >But Apple Bloom was a red-blooded woman at heart, and a big part of her couldn't believe her luck
  36. >She had on her family's farm a man who worked until he was all hot and sweaty, walking around and showing off his body without an ounce of shame.
  37. >He didn't even care if she stared at him!
  38. >Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo would be so jealous if they knew!
  39. >She felt awful about it afterwards, since she was taught by her sister to always respect men and not to treat them like sex objects.
  40. >She must not have been very subtle about her staring, because not long after Anon ditched his top, Applejack pulled her aside and gently scolded her
  41. >They had a very frank conversation together, and Applejack told her little sister that as long as Anon is working for them and carried his own weight, then whatever he wears isn't that big of a deal.
  42. >"He ain't hurtin' nobody, little sis."
  43. >So, Apple Bloom tried to ignore him whenever they work together
  44. >She tries to avoid him when possible, just to avoid the temptation of a half-naked man
  45. >But sometimes she has to work together with him, since there are jobs that are a two-person job.
  46. >She's forced to stand there, watching him strut around
  47. >Bending over
  48. >Stretching his body
  49. >Tempting good, honest, hard-working young women such as herself
  50. >And Anon is always so friendly with Apple Bloom
  51. >Chatting with her while they work, joking with her and helping out whenever he can
  52. >Apple Bloom, having never had time for romance (and whose only experience with sex being limited to that toy she shamefully had Sweetie Belle order online for her), is starting to wonder if Anon is doing this on purpose
  53. >Maybe he's waiting for her to make the first move and make an honest man out of him
  54. >Why else would be be doing this?
  55. ---------------
  56. >Be Apple Bloom
  57. >You're not gonna lie; you were mighty disappointed the first time Anon was given his list of chores.
  58. >A bit of eye-candy would have livened up the farm, and you know from experience that creatures of the fairer persuasion ain't exactly one to tackle hard work.
  59. >When Anon took the job, he was probably expecting... heck, y'all don't KNOW what he was expecting.
  60. >But whatever it was, it sure as applesauce wasn't a barn full of hay that needed to be loaded up into the loft.
  61. >You haven't worked with men before, but your big sister has.
  62. >And she told you that right around now, you should be expecting him to give you a disbelieving look, as though it were unreasonable to expect him to do farm work down on a farm.
  63. >Then, he'll try and avoid doin' it and just wander around, trying to look busy.
  64. >Finally, in a few hours, he'll quit and walk away.
  65. >Nothing but a big waste of time; and now YOU'LL have to do the hay.
  66. >But butter your butt and call you a biscuit, because Anon just nodded and got to work!
  67. >You and Applejack shared a surprised side-glance, and you felt your respect for Anon already growing.
  68. >Not in that condescending way that Scootaloo respects men; Anon had straight up gone beyond your expectations.
  69. >This here was a boy who just plain wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty.
  70. >Applejack said she was going to stay behind and make sure he didn't hurt himself, and shooed you off to do your own chores.
  71. >You'd been content to sit there and watch (secretly hoping for a brief exposure of some part of his body), but it looks like that just plain wasn't in the stars for you.
  72. >Maybe Applejack was thinking something similar, because she never followed around farmhands like this in the past.
  73. >Of course, they'd all been women, and Applejack trusted them enough not to do something stupid and hurt themselves.
  74. ---
  75. >Be Apple Bloom, a few weeks later.
  76. >It was a hot day.
  77. >The dog days of summer, your Granny used to say.
  78. >A day so hot that the trees were prob'ly thinkin' about bribin' the dogs.
  79. >These were the hottest days of the year, and some of the most profitable work was being done right now.
  80. >That means you can't just go inside because you're too hot, and so you have to take matters into your own hands.
  81. >And the best way to cool down is to use the ol' water pump that's right smack dab in the middle of your farm.
  82. >Naturally, you and Applejack had long since removed your tops.
  83. >It was pretty common to see women working without a shirt on, on account of how it keeps'em from overheating.
  84. >Without the number of your kin 'round to help shoulder the load, you found yourself unable to reach the pump as early as y'all would have liked.
  85. >As embarrassing as it was to admit it, the heat was getting to you, and you were thirsty enough to drink a glass of orange juice... not that Applejack would ever allow that in the house.
  86. >You were getting just a little woozy from the heat when you decided to go spray yourself with some water from the pump, and you weren't surprised to see Anon trolling around.
  87. >He was a new employee, after all; and a man on top of that.
  88. >Men are delicate creatures, according to Applejack and Granny.
  89. >They get overwhelmed easily, and physical labour just plain didn't agree with them.
  90. >Back in Granny's day, they wouldn't have even allowed Anon to go anywhere near a pitchfork; unless it was so that he could fetch it for one of the women-folk.
  91. >Anon had probably gotten hot and tired, and you'd bet dollars to doughnuts that while this was your first trip to the water pump, this was Anon's 3rd or 4th trip.
  92. >You didn't normally allow help (hired or a lent family member) take that many breaks, but you and Applejack tend to make exceptions for men.
  93. >Most women did.
  94. >Anyway, Anon's presence wasn't what was unexpected.
  95. >The way he was nude from the waist up, on the other hand, was.
  96. >He had his back facing you, which you were thankful for; you didn't want him to see the look on your face at the sight of his exposed body.
  97. >You'd seen nude (and mostly nude) men before
  98. > those magazines that Sweetie Belle snuck out of her sister's boutique and hid under the loose floorboard in your old clubhouse.
  99. >But seeing a real exposed man in the flesh?
  100. >Sister, that was a whole 'nother experience.
  101. >The boys at school would tease the girls by wearing t-shirts, since those exposed their arms so well.
  102. >But you don't think you've ever seen bare shoulders before; not on a man, anyway.
  103. >You could see the firm muscles rippling under the skin, attached to flexing shoulder blades.
  104. >It was downright indecent, and you owed Anon the dignity of not making him expose himself to you unknowingly.
  105. >Maybe Scootaloo was rubbing off on you after all...
  106. >You had decided right then and there that y'all weren't thirsty or hot no more, and you would go for a 5 minute stroll before coming back.
  107. >Plenty of time for Anon to make himself decent for the women-folk once more.
  108. >Unfortunately for you, y'all done stepped on a dry twig while making a hasty (but dignified) retreat.
  109. >Anon's head whipped around, and it wasn't long before his body followed suit.
  110. >If the face you made when Anon's back was turned was bad, then the one you're sure you were making was even worse.
  111. >You could see EVERYTHING.
  112. >That boy was wearin' pants so tight, y'all could see his religion!
  113. >Without a shirt, you could practically see to the promised land!
  114. >Abs.
  115. >Pecs.
  116. >Biceps!
  117. >Glistening with the cool water fresh from the pump, which dribbled across his skin like beads of condensation on a cold glass of apple juice.
  118. >And if you could, you'd drink that farmhand up just as quickly as you took a pull of a glass of the only decent type of juice there was.
  119. >Blood rushed to your face as a fierce blush overtook you, making you live up to your family name.
  120. >That there minor case of the vapours came back to you in full force, and the world wobbled before your eyes.
  121. >The heat
  122. >The thirst (and the "thirst")
  123. >The sexy indecent farmhand
  124. >The blood rushing to your head
  125. >It was like standing up too quickly, and the world seemed to pitch over to the side as you stood perfectly still.
  126. >You caught sight of Anon running over, and you felt him catch you in his firm arms.
  127. >"Woah! Easy, now! Are you-oh, jeez... Apple Bloom, you're burning up."
  128. >You felt yourself being dragged; to where, you didn't know.
  129. >But the answer presented itself in the form of a splash of cool water on your bare upper chest.
  130. >It was like a balm on burnt flesh (and, with the clear blue sky and the noon-time weather, that probably wasn't much of an exaggeration), and it was barely two minutes before the world stopped spinning.
  131. >Once you got your bearings straight, y'all realized you were all wrapped up in Anon's arms.
  132. >Your side was pressed against his bare chest, and you darn near got woozy all over again.
  133. >Anon pressed the back of his hand against your forehead and then gave you another blast of cool pump-water.
  134. >"How are you feeling? Do you need me to get you somewhere cool? I can fetch your sister."
  135. >Of course the boy would have paternal instincts.
  136. >(Y'all say "boy", but he couldn't be more than 3 or 4 years older than you.)
  137. >Goin' by what Granny tells you, that means he'd make a good husband.
  138. "I-I'm fine. Ah'm just used to havin' a few more workers on the farm this time of year, and I done forgot that I needed to cool down with the water pump."
  139. >You sit up, and the world remains firmly in place.
  140. >You do your best to look Anon in the eye, but his state of dress (or lack there-of) was all kinds of distractin'.
  141. "Th-Thank y'all," you mutter out, trying to make your tongue work properly in a mouth that suddenly felt too small for it, "Thank'ya kindly."
  142. >You get to your feet and offer Anon your hand; with a smile, he takes it and you haul him back up.
  143. >To your embarrassment, he nearly tugs you right back down.
  144. >That boy's built like a brick shithouse, and a part of you admires that.
  145. >"If you need to.... to, uh... wow."
  146. >Anon's eyes kept darting to your chest, which was weird.
  147. >What was special about your breasts?
  148. >Women went shirtless all the time!
  149. >It ain't lewd or nothin'; not like a man's torso.
  150. >But still, you glanced down at your chest; just in case you had somethin' on you.
  151. >By the time y'all looked back up, Anon was already taking a gander somewhere in the distance over your shoulder.
  152. >He looked about the same way you felt; confused, like you couldn't find your ass if you had both hands in your back pockets.
  153. >"Y-Y'know," he gulped, "A-Apples."
  154. >Now if there was one thing your sister done taught you, it was to remember that men were fragile and prone to emotional fits.
  155. >You do your best to overcome your embarrassment and show the proper concern for your farmhand, hopin' that he won't be overtaken by a case of hysteria.
  156. "Are y'all alright, mister farmhand?"
  157. >Anon just nodded real frantic-like, as if he was tryin' to shake his nose off his face.
  158. >"Yeah! Just... just enjoying the view."
  159. > look over your shoulder and come face-to-face with an excellent view of absolutely nothing.
  160. "...'kay."
  161. >By the time you look back, Anon's already walking away like you was a snake and he was a mouse.
  162. "Boys are so confusing," you mutter to yourself.
  163. >You reflect as you use the pump and get a few big gulps of water that some things never change, even after you graduated from high school.
  164. >But the sight (and touch!) of a completely shirtless Anon was something y'all ain't never gonna forget.
  165. >Matter of fact, it'll probably replace the pictures y'all memorized from Sweetie's nudie magazines.
  166. >But as you walk away and go back to your chores, you give yourself a big ol' pat on the back for keeping your composure in the face of an indecent man.
  167. >Maybe you outta start introducing yourself as "Apple Bloom: The Suave".
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