Visiting Klaxohime

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  1. >”Zero-Two, lets go visit Klaxohime today.” Hiro suddenly tells Zero-Two
  2. >”Huh? Why, Darling you know I don't like it when you see her again. That skank will likely try to steal you away again.” Zero-Two frowns at the very notion of visiting her.
  3. >”Come on now Zero-Two, she's been all alone for all those years awaiting for Virm and she never bothered to make friends in the meantime. Besides its probably healty for as well to do something else besides I don't know, sitting in her cave.”
  4. >”Fine, Darling.” Zero-Two begrudgingly agrees.
  5. >One trip to Hime's cave later.
  6. >Zero-Two and Hiro end up hearing a strange noise coming from the throne room.
  7. >When they enter it they find Klaxohime sitting on the throne with some kind of Klaxosapien Laptop pleasuring herself with her tail.
  8. >”Hah, hah, hah,” Her breathing becomes heavier the more she inserts her tail inside and with each breath her horn lights up.
  9. >”Ahhhhhnnnnn~” Suddenly she loudly moans whilst cumming unaware that Hiro and Zero-Two could see it all.
  10. >”Are we interrupting something? Are you that desparate that you can only pleasure yourself?” Zero-Two smugly states whilst Hiro just blushingly looks away from the scene he just saw.
  12. >”Huh?” Klaxohime suddenly looks down to see Hiro and Zero-Two standing there.
  13. >”We decided to come for a surprise visit, but it seems we came in a bad time.” Hiro shyly says
  14. >Klaxohime just looks at the two and realizes that they saw it all. The feeling of shame of being seen like that causes her to blush.
  15. >”You, you, you Perverts!!!” Klaxohime ends up throwing all kind of things at them with her tails.
  16. >”Perverts? Big words for someone that was busy masturbating to something.” Zero-Two says whilst she and Hiro dodge the incoming objects.
  17. >”If you really want to get some pleasure then why don't you ask the professor? He'd gladly do it.” Zero-Two continues bullying her.
  18. >”No way.” “Even I won't allow that, Zero-Two.” Hiro and Klaxohime synchronize their complaints about that plan.
  19. >”Ahem, so why did you come here, Human and clone?” Klaxohime says whilst trying to act like she normally would.
  20. >”We decided to give a surprise visit to see if you were allright. I know that nobody besides Dr Franxx even thinks about visiting you so I thought you'd be lonely.” Hiro says with a beaming smile
  21. >Klaxohime ends up smiling upon the realization she has visitors that aren't Dr Franxx. Whilst meanwhile Zero-Two is searching through her games.
  22. >”Huh? What is this?” Zero-Two suddenly grabs a box with the text, Darling in the Franxx visual novel, play as Hiro and choose who to romance. This limited edition box includes the rare Klaxohime route.
  23. >Zero-Two stares at Klaxohime with a deadpan look who quickly panics and uses her tails to steal the box to hide it.
  24. >”Darling. I think its for the best we leave again. She's still alive so we can go away.” she says in a deadpan voice.
  25. >”But Zero-Two we just got here and whilst I agree we saw something, well how do I say it, umm interesting. It doesn't mean that we should leave right away.”
  27. >Klaxohime's tails are moving restlessy behind her whilst Zero-Two and Hiro discuss about staying here. The reason for that is not because she's just happy for having vistors but mainly because she's still horny.
  28. >”To think that I the princess of the Klaxosaurs was seen in such a shaming way. Especially by him, him. Hmmm? Were those horns always so big, does that perhaps mean he's also bigger down there? Wait why am I thinking that, but still he's most definitly a suitable male now.” Klaxohime's thoughts are heading in an other direction whilst she is leaking more and more.
  29. >”I'll get you something to drink and some food, ugh and a table plus some chairs. I really need to make this cave more visitor friendly” She says before jumping in the snake
  30. >”But Darling. She was playing some weird game.”
  31. >”Now now Zero-Two, we're guests so its not nice to search through someone else her stuff, even if that person was masturbating when we came in.”
  32. >”......” Both of them are suddenly quiet
  33. >”She needs a door or something doesn't she.” “You are absolutely right, Darling. She needs a door.”
  34. >A large howl echoes through the cave signaling that Klaxohime is about to return.
  35. >Several Klaxosaurs enter the cave bringing a Table some chairs, plates, drinking glasses, cutlery even a refrigerator was brought.
  36. >”I don't mind you two visiting, but next time please call in advance. So you I don't end up showing my shameful side to you.”
  37. >The Klaxosaurs are seen filling the glasses with Klaxolemonade and all kinds of Klaxofood is prepared for them.
  38. >Zero-Two and Hiro look rather surprised to see the enemies they used to have fought now preparing food and drinks for them.
  39. >”To think I'm forced to spike the food and drinks of my visitors just for some sexual relief. Perhaps his thing down there is even larger than it is in the visual novel.” Klaxohime's lewd thoughts are all over the place.
  41. >”They don't even have honey, Darling~”
  42. >”Stay nice Zero-Two. I know you want some 'punishment'. But if you keep insulting her then I'm not going to give you what you want like 'that time'.”
  43. >Zero-Two suddenly twitches after hearing punishment and that time.
  44. >”But this place is sure is pretty right, Darling. All those blue and black colors and its umm very spacious.” Zero-Two suddenly starts acting very nice as if her personality has changed.
  45. >Klaxohime just looks at Zero-Two in surprise before glancing to Hiro, who just winks as if saying don't think about it.
  46. >Small talk just continues while they all eat and drink happily.
  47. >”Still hu.. Hiro, what did you mean with Zero-Two wanting punishment?” Klaxohime was still curious how Zero-Two's behavior changed after him saying that.
  49. >”Hmm? Oh that, you see back when we came back from bombing Virm I ended up giving her a spanking and she ended up liking it so now sometimes she wants me to repeat that.” He says as if saying the most normal thing in the world
  50. >”Darling? Why are you telling her that? Thats our little secret, moh~ Darling.” Zero-Two found it odd that Hiro suddenly became so willingly to talk about that. Indeed Hiro wouldn't normally talk about it, but after all the food and drinks were spiked with aphrodisiacs he became more willing to talk about it.
  51. >So tell me more about it, how exactly do you spank her and do you do more to her?” Klaxohime who is overcome by lust can't resist asking.
  52. >”I also tickle her and deny her from orgasming time to time.”
  53. >”Hmmmm.” Klaxohime suddenly starts grinning mischievously “How about you show me it in detail and I'll tell you some interesting things regarding Klaxosapien biology, I'll even add in telepathy lessons.”
  54. >Hiro is seen in thought. Telepathy was really nice to know, besides having more knowledge about their biology won't be a bad idea especially since their might be some weak spots to tease Zero-Two with.
  55. >”Darling, this is wrong, I'm feeling weird. Don't tell me you are actually going to show her all of that.”
  56. >Zero-Two's breathing becomes heavier every second.
  58. >”You.. you.. what did you do with the food?” Zero-Two nervously asks Klaxohime.
  59. >”Ohoh, you can tell. Well you are my clone so I'd be disappointed if you didn't notice. To answer your question I spiked all the food and drinks with aphrodisiacs, but not your normal human kind, I've used the extra strong Dino variant.”
  60. >Hiro's horns and fangs are suddenly growing and everyone who saw it knew, Hiro's in heat.
  61. >In a flash he rips off Zero-Two's clothes leaving her completely naked and forces her on his lap.
  62. >Zero-Two was used to a spanking but what came wasn't a normal one. Instead it was one fueled by  high levels of dinosize and several Klaxosaur aphrodisiacs.
  63. >The sound of the the spanking Zero-Two got echoes through Klaxohime's cave. And all Klaxohime is look at how the normally strong willed Zero-Two is now overcome by pleasure as her butt becomes redder and redder from the spankings.
  64. >Klaxohime realizes if Hiro were to do this to Zero-Two or herself that they wouldn't be able to survive and instead starts using her telepathy to try and return some of Hiro's sanity. All whilst she is masturbating at the sight of Zero-Two getting spanked.
  65. >”Darling, Darling, Darling.” Zero-Two keeps moaning. “It's too much, you are breaking me, I'll never be able to sit down ever again. Aaaahhhh~”
  66. >”Zero-Two? What am I....”
  67. >Zero-Two's painful moans plus Klaxohime's telepathy returns Hiro sanity.
  68. >”Sorry Zero-Two. are you allright?” Hiro says as he flips her over
  70. >”She just fainted, Hiro. My that was quite a spectacle, how will you take responsibiliy for this?” Klaxohime shows her pussy leaking quite intensively.
  71. >”I won't cheat on Zero-Two like that. Unless Zero-Two tells me otherwise  I won't do it with you, no matter how cute you are.”
  72. >”Ccccccute?” she blushes slight and coughs “You are saying that, but you can no longer hold it back can you? Besides this is all for your sake as well. If I don't help you with releasing your urges who knows what happens with Zero-Two.” She coyly states
  73. >”Nonetheless I...” Before Hiro can finish his sentence Klaxohime is on top of him and sealed his mouth with a kiss.
  74. >”How many times did you came from this last time I kissed you like this?” Klaxohime's thoughts echo around due to her telepathy.
  75. >Hiro who was at his limit can no longer hold it in and starts kissing her back and inserts his massive DinoDong into her.
  76. >”Ahn~” Klaxohime tries to hold back her moans as she receives the first dick in her entire existence.
  77. >Her tails suddenly start moving towards Zero-Two and enter her 3 holes.
  78. >With each push Hiro makes into Hime the tails make the same motion inside Zero-Two.
  79. >”You know, Hiro. I also like teasing others, how about I wake that girl up and we both give her some punishment?”
  80. >”Punishing Zero-Two together with Klaxohime?” He would be lying to say he wasn't interested. His Dinosize inside Klaxohime ended up shooting a large volley of semen from that mere thought.
  82. >”I take that as a yes.” She breaks the kiss and smirks. She closes her eyes and her horn starts glowing and in turn Zero-Two's horn reacts to it and she slowly wakes up.
  83. >”Darling?” Zero-Two tried saying but the words didn't come out the reason why was because of Klaxohime's tail inside her mouth and after looking up she found 2 more tails inside her pussy and butt.
  84. >”Seems the bad girl is awake again. What a bad wife to leave her husband in heat like this. Seems we have no choice but to give you some punishment, right Hi~ro~”
  85. >”You are absolutely right, Hime-chan~. We have to make sure to teach her some manners as well.”
  86. >Zero-Two can only lay in shock on seeing Hiro and Zero-Two both grin at her whilst he has his dick inside Klaxohime
  87. >Suddenly Zero-Two feels herself lifting up in the air, the tail that was in her mouth gets pulled out
  88. >”Darling? What is going on. Why are you and her....” But before she can finish Hiro's pulls out from Klaxohime and in movement forces his dick down her throat.
  89. >Klaxohime meanwhile starts forcing in more tails in Zero-Two's pussy and butt at the same time whilst using the remaining ones to give her a spanking.
  90. >They keep going it this for minutes when suddenly a remaining tail suddenly enters Hiro's butthole, who cums in Zero-Two's mouth from it.
  91. >”I told you, Hiro. I love teasing others as well.” She tells him giving the biggest smug look possible that makes Alpha's smug look like a small smile.
  92. >Hiro removes his dick from Zero-Two's mouth after cumming to make sure she won't choke.
  94. >”I'm getting addiicted to this, Zero-Two. Can we have Klaxohime join in more often on our little fun time from now on? ”
  95. >Zero-Two is rather unhappy about 'Darling wanting 'her' to join in, on the other hand she did quite enjoy having Klaxohime's tails inside her, plus she can perhaps help in turning the tables regarding Hiro.
  96. >”Fine, Darling. I'll allow it, but only since you are such a pervert who can't help himself when horns and dinogirls are involved.”
  97. >That answer shocked Klaxohime, who was trying her best to steal Hiro away and she pulls out her tails that were inside Hiro and Zero-Two.
  98. >”You really mean that? Even after everything I did? You'd still want me to join in sometimes?”
  99. >Small tears from happyness roll down her face as she says that.
  100. >The now freed Zero-Two then pounces onto Hiro before giving a small glance to Klaxohime.
  101. >Zero-Two forces Hiro's dick inside her and then rolls over so she lays on her back and Hiro on top of her.
  102. >”Ahh! So that is what you want me to do~.” Klaxohime wipes away her tears and smirks. She attacks Hiro from behind, her tails entering his mouth and butthole whilst she is standing behind him.
  103. >”Now to give this perverted dinoboy a spanking.” Both girls say with smirks on their faces
  104. >Hiro's face becomes red from shock and fear yet also arrousal. He tries voicing his protests but is unable to.
  105. >Klaxohime's hand moves towards Hiro's butt and starts touching it.
  106. >”Now that I look closely, this butt seems to be made for a spanking. Have you never tried it Zero-Two?”
  107. >Zero-Two just shakes no and Klaxohime then moves her hand back just to hit Hiro's butt with her full strenght behind it.
  108. >Tears shoot into Hiro's eyes from the pain yet he also enjoyed it a lot.
  109. >”No cumming Darling~ else this won't be a punishment.”
  110. >”SLAP, SLAP, SLAP” The sound of Hiro's butt getting spanked can be heared everywhere.
  111. >Sometimes Hiro gets spanked by Klaxohime's tails and then by her hands.
  112. >Ünable to hold it all back he ends up cumming inside Zero-Two.
  114. >”Ne~ Darling, what did I just say about not being allowed to cum.”
  115. >Zero-Two looks at Hiro with an angry face and forces him off her.
  116. >”Hold him down for me Klaxohime. It's my turn to spank him now since he didn't listen.
  117. >Klaxohime obliges and her tails exit Hiro's mouth and butt and flips him over so Hiro's butt is now in front of Zero-Two.
  118. >”I know I went too far Zero-Two, but please.”
  119. >”Please what, Darling?”
  120. >”Be gentle.”
  121. >”Nope~”
  122. >In a flash Zero-Two's hand crashes down on Hiro's butt, as if someone was hammering an Iron object in a forge.
  123. >Klaxohime got excited again and ended up leaking cum out of her vagina grabs Hiro's head and forces him to lick her cum.
  124. >The roles were completely reversed for Hiro who is unable to hold himself back from cumming.
  125. >The three of them end up climaxing at the same time as the other, horns fully glowing at the same time.
  126. >They let go of Hiro and the three take a moments break to catch a breather
  128. >Zero-Two and Hiro both know its time to give Klaxohime a punishment this time.
  129. >Hiro grabs Klaxohime's from behind and inserts his Dinodong into her butt whilst Zero-Two forces her to lick her pussy.
  130. >Klaxohime's tails start moving trying to free her from her current predicament, but Hiro just grabs and hold them down except for one which he directs back into Klaxohime's vagina.
  131. >Klaxohime can no longer control all her tails besides the one inside her vagina due to the pleasure.
  132. >”Time to give this spoiled princess a spanking don't you think, Darling~?”
  133. >”Thats exactly what I was thinking as well Zero-Two.”
  134. >”Time to whip that delicious throne butt of yours in shape, Hime-chan.” Hiro states
  135. >”His hand moves down upon Klaxohime's black butt, he doesn't hold back even one bit.
  136. >With each spanking she receives her eyes grow wider. Furious licking Zero-Two's pussy to distract herself to no avail.
  137. >She quickly lost count of the amount of times she got spanked, her limit was reached but she couldn't cum due to her own tail inside her vagina.
  138. >Tears appear in her eyes, the pressure in her vagina was increasing.
  139. >”Ahhhhhhnnnn~ I'm cumming.” Her thoughts can be heard a by everyone due to telepathy however they could be considered everyone's thoughts as they were all at their limit.
  140. >In a final act of revenge Klaxohime transmits the pleasure she felt into their brains causing them to feel the same thing. The 3 dino's end up cumming simultaneously. With Klaxohime cumming so much even her tail gets forced out of her vagina.
  142. >All 3 of them end up laying on the floor, their breathing is heavy.
  143. >”Hah, hah, hah. We definitly need to do this more often.” Hiro is the first one capable of speaking
  144. >”Darling is right, hah. I still dislike her but I can't say that I didn't enjoy this. Next time I'm the first one to receive Darling's dick though.”
  145. >”60 Million years and longer without having a dick inside me, you better take responsibility and do this more often Hiro. “
  146. >”One thing for sure, Hime-chan. Your cave is excellent to have sex in. Still needs a door and some more furniture though.”
  147. >Laughter ends up being heard through out the cave.
  148. >Meanwhile far away from Klaxohime's cave inside the room of a tall blonde man wearing glasses.
  149. >”They finally stopped going at it. I mean how did they even make so much noise and why am I the only who heared it. Am I being punished somehow? I just want to be able to sleep for once.”
  150. >Goro keeps complaining about his lack of sleep, not knowing Hiro is the one responsible for it since he accidentaly always has the sounds projected into Goro's brain.
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