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  1. The corpse of megalith Peulvan contains:
  2.      the lava dome of Megalith Peulvan (new)
  3.      a scroll of 'magnify' (new)
  4.      boots of tourmaline (new)
  5.      the glowing tourmaline gloves of well-being (new)
  6.      some tourmaline pentagram-knuckledusters (new)
  7.      a pair of tourmaline legplates (new)
  8.      a maul named 'Klub Dodskalle Samt' (new)
  9.      an enchanted tourmaline wand (new)
  10.      the tourmaline wand of a terramancer (new)
  11.      an indeterminate body part from a tourmaline galeb duhr
  12.      an abstract statue embodying the World (new)
  13.      a scroll of 'cursed fog' (new)
  14. (  2) a trophy that looks like the boss, megalith Peulvan [2020 Edition] (new)
  15.      an ikin
  16.      Tirisil's missing spellbook (new)
  17.      a charred piece of currency from the Ithrix homeworld
  18.      an irukere ifa
  19.      a summoning pentagram
  20.      (Broken) the fragmented remnants of a powerful artifact (new)
  21.      a chalky anti-paralytic
  22.      a huge sack labeled 'LOOT' (new)
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